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  1. Foals

    Subbed by Bendtner on loan.
  2. Foals

  3. Foals

    Excuse me, but "you lot" sort of makes us sound a bit like you might be referring to us as a "tribe"?
  4. Foals

    This ones for Neil...
  5. Foals

    Simply question buddy...
  6. Foals

    Are you vegetarian?
  7. Foals

    You obviously haven't been outside either   Edit: at least since when the clocks went back
  8. Foals

    Oh bore off Neil & grow up. It was a homophobic & racist post.   Reflect all you want & go listen to Arcade Fire. & calling people tribes on a forum isn't exacatly PC. Nobody other than you would ever think saying something like that would be gang bullying because hopefully most of us posters are better than that, we just happened to say it. There wasn't even any attacks as you so mention. Stop smoking so much & you wouldn't be so paranoid.
  9. Foals

    If it is, Neil is baked beyond belief.
  10. Foals

    Because he posted a horrible post & we just happen to post the most on here... go figure. The herb is strong in this one.
  11. Foals

    You couldn't be any further from the truth Neil. Edit: what twattery has occurred, what attacks? You must have read the PM I sent you about his post.
  12. Foals

    Smoking the herb early today?
  13. Foals

    Has he ever said who he saw?   Matt42 has met him though, outside.
  14. Foals

  15. Download 2016