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  1. @Woffy you owe me a pint
  2. "Exactly 4 months we'll be back"
  3. @eFestivals I never got my eFests mug btw
  4. "For all the fucking cows"
  5. Sorry Neil! I know you're there, my friend from BBC Somerset saw you. I just meant you weren't going to a gig to get laid
  6. Grohl said "should/shall we play this at Glasto/Glastonbury"
  7. Not having a go. See you in June, I owe you a pint of Otter's Beaver or whatever it's called.
  8. Glasto mention
  9. tbf I've been to a gig which I hated just to get laid. Neil ain't in Frome
  10. Isn't that the point of going to see a band though, to enjoy it?
  11. I'll probably be banned again but it make me think "what a waste of a space that could have gone to someone who actually wanted to be there". But that's Neil. Got any hash?
  12. Neil must be having an epic time at this Foo's gig if he has time to reply on here.
  13. Popped over to my parents house, caught my mom & dad cuddled up on the sofa watching the Foo's gig on his Samsung Galaxy. Said my friend was at the gig right now & the fact it was being streamed live blew his mind. Edit: what blew my mind was that my mom knew Grohl was the drummer in Nirvana!
  14. Matt gave me a (via his Dad who taught me how to play bass) ticket to their Ally Pally gig. I'm still certain they are playing Glasto. I'll unleash info but am flying to Bali the day after so wi-fi permitting
  15. Well I was told fibs by Matt & Chris, headline NME is a great spot for YM@6.