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  1. Pendulum
  2. New XX album is alright
  3. Bit boring at Bestival when I saw them but only knew 3/4 songs at the time. Younger friends were loving them though in weird just standing there in amazement at how awesome they are way. I went off to see some drum & bass
  4. If Gazza was a football team he'd be a Kaizer Chief
  5. We used to do "port challenge" on the minibus coming back from local rugby games at uni. A lovely twany downed in 20mins is a fine thing.
  6. He's also doing Crossrail/HS2. Here's what his firm currently say about it all.
  7. Talking to my father, it looks like it's going to be a "mega project" much like the Thames Tideway he is currently working on. & yes if an archeological importance is found then changes will have to be made to the proposal much like when building shafts in London recently & coming across mass graves of Black Death victims. That will supposedly be dealt with via scanning the ground before hand
  8. My father, just recently retired as a tunnelling engineer, has been asked to go back to work on the Stonehenge project by his former employers. So there might be something in it. Plus he needs the bunce for his new house.
  9. Neil I might have to report you
  10. See Ticket driver let us all drink on the coach to Glastonbury, unfortunately the bog got broken but he pulled over a few times & it was only from Reading. National Express coach driver went ballistic at me when he caught me drinking on the way to Leeds this year, said he would have kicked me off if it wasn't for me loading all my gear on first. Other than that incident I put tent, separate holdall of booze, large rucksack & I put a small rucksack (with more booze) under my legs. Tbh I think it depends on the driver & other passengers needing the space in the hold.
  11. I hope it's not glass :-)
  12. I was going to post sonething witty & intelligent but Gazza's post has actually made me lose brain cells
  13. It is, I know, I've been Edit: I preferred Wireless too
  14. Ed can headline, just bought his back catalogue (along with Radiohead's) & there's enough there that I expect him to play (the singles) to make me happy seeing him. I even like his two new singles. I'll cross my fingers he'll bring some special guests along although we might have to tie up @Martin Ashford if Taylor Swift is lurking around end of June.