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  1. Thanks, going to have a kip at Brighton station & get the 5:30 train home. If the bag sesrches are as bad as it sounds I'll take it easy getting there tomorrow. I'll smash it.
  2. I'm stuck on a delayed easyJet flight that LGW staff have forgotten to bring the stairs to so I've missed my last train home. Going to be an even longer day tomorrow Been like this for 45mins, obviously I'm sat down
  3. Well this was a bad decision the day before Glastonbury
  4. I had to lend my friend a tent & a coat. We'd previously had a google search at the flooding from previous years prior to going!
  5. Same. My mates who saw my holiday esque like (with added dust) facebook pictures & then decided Glasto was a must for them the next year were a tad dissapointed
  6. £240 for me, not including travel & a crate of cider + bottle of rum. The £40 is because I owe my friend for something. Guesstimating around £300 spent over the week.
  7. Been using these since recommendations from people on here & when I got my first smart phone. I keep everything in my granny trolley so often gets kept on the ground so I have cool cider everytime I pick up alcohol & money for the day - as someone has already mentioned - I too use it as a bank & certain less of a queue & ballache as finding an ATM
  8. Of course. Going to put something special in it just for you too.
  9. I claim my pint this year from @Woffy & @Wellyboot See you next week :-)
  10. Cutting my toe nails, trimming my pubes & having one last knock out in the evening.
  11. Nips innit. How hot is @Woffys missus?
  12. I'm paniking, booked a trip to Edinburgh to meet up with a girl I met in Bali & have to start proper packing now
  13. Jim'll Paint It Tee
  14. This got delivered yesterday & the "are you my mummy?" Must have weirded out some young kids as I found that episode pretty dark. Not as bad as them weeping angels though.
  15. 5 days left & my last day of college! Then off to Edinburgh before flying back the day before Glastonbury