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  1. Neither have I? Have I?
  2. When Sasha dropped this in The Glade 2010. First time I'd been, my best friends was showing me around & we'd just wandered over from The Flaming Lips. I think @russycarps was there too.
  3. I didn't know Bono is also Storm from X Men
  4. Would love to see The Shamen
  5. Girl or boy, a few of these it's going to come back up
  6. This is what I think my team look like when we wake up at Glasto
  7. I have indeed & then threw up in the sea One of those really frothy chunders
  8. Weren't the writers of South Park in a band called DV DA?
  9. I've had 4 Bintangs & I'm sunburnt
  10. Been in the sea. Muse
  11. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rub it in. I'm back packing on a budget, not Eat Pray Love. plus Chelsea are only 4 points clear since I left
  12. Tax rebate! Can't wait for Busted
  13. It's officially on
  14. I'm really curious how much room this new cinema is going to take up & if it will affect the other areas.
  15. So that spare £1k I had... yeah I'm in Bali right now & Gili T is like a crap Glastonbury on the beach.