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  1. I forgot about that (missed it at Leeds). They both told me they were definitely subbing R&L before & they ended up 3rd below Macklemore. Perhaps I just bump into them before things are finalized.
  2. I was only joking but I spoke to Chris & Matt earlier this year & they both said they aren't doing R&L but Glasto instead
  3. It's You Me At Six
  4. I'm only here for the R&L line up
  5. You gotta pay the troll toll
  6. Efests for lyfe
  7. What are you up to on Hallowe'en?
  8. First post in a while but I'd like to say thanks to a lovely efester who got my ticket for a friend & I. I'm going to Glastonbury 2017! ps the friend that also got a ticket thanks to this legend also bought me a BMTH/Enter Shikari ticket today too. Happy days
  9. Matt kirshen's really good. He looks a lot younger than he is. He has his own podcast somewhere to check him out.
  10. I'm sorry but that is just sexist
  11. Sarcasm. Plus someone got banned for something similar. Eggshells.
  12. I'm appalled at DirtyChorizo's last post. Good job I didn't open this at work.
  13. & wraps
  14. Anyone not out on a Friday?
  15. Hi N. Me please if possible. Is "Bisque" available?