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  1. Just noticed my fridge has six egg cup holders built into one of the shelves. So I'm going for Thursday April 6th.
  2. I hope they treated you well, it was the Rutland side of the family that I'm related to. Fantastic piece of kit my toaster, looks ridiculous in a normal kitchen but always gets a reaction from visitors.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I will thus fill my rucksack with only bog roll & hand sanitiser. Pre-prep for Glasto I suppose.
  4. Now's not the best time.
  5. Away, you might break a nail reaching for it. I'm off to Indonesia for a month, I think they only have long drops & hose pipes.
  6. I know the sad case of the soggy microwaved sandwich bread. But if you put a fork into the toaster top where the bread goes you can pull the bread out before it gets fully toasted.
  7. 2011 started off muddy, damp, rained during arrival on Wed & U2. Saturday things took a turn for the sunny & by Sunday the ground was pretty dry in most parts & it was t-shirt weather.
  8. I bet @LondonTom has tried Anyway, one night on it, next night slightly less on it. Although sometimes I'm knackered on a Wednesday & used to slide into my sleeping bag slightly earlier than I would have liked. The night J.E.S.u.S played was a big one.
  9. When I lived in Leeds it was called a bap. It is definitely a bun.
  10. Sliced bread was first sold in 1928. Use a knife to jimmy a few open & whack them in.
  11. @Will-2609 19,245 posts in less than 6 years. That's procrastination.
  12. You can put it in the toaster frozen you know?
  13. That is a bit odd. I guess they don't like scrumpy?
  14. It's the only chocolate I will eat & very rarely for special occasions eg Glastonbury. Flatmates have always told me bread goes off faster when kept in the fridge. I keep mine in the freezer as we've got an industrial Rowland Rutland toaster used in hotels etc because someone in my family owns the company.
  15. In B&B's the little packs of butter are never kept refrigerated.