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  1. Oh btw, I'm on Doom Bar tonight.
  2. " Cabbage have been described as “Manchester’s most exciting new band” " I bet they are right vegetables.
  3. I always read your profile name as "Zac Quim"
  4. Been trying to get much teaching observation days in schools to start a PGCE next September. I just couldn't afford to do it this year, especially if I took the offers from Bristol & UWE. I think I'm going to take up St. Mary's in Twickenham offer (if they offer again) as it's only down the road from me. Other than that, work, saving money for a holiday, getting a Glasto ticket via an efester (we have a very active efests facebook group chat), trying to look after my ill mom, two stag do's (Cardiff & Newquay), two weddings, & worked at Leeds fest, not a lot. I should be saving for uni & a new laptop but I might bung it on a return flight to Indonesia.
  5. What i find interesting about Rihanna is that she went from singer who released one song I vaguely remember but can't name to massive super star off just one song Umbrella (which afaik other huge female artists turned down). She could have released music of her own farts at the time & it would have still sold in the millions.
  6. Hello. Been a while since I've been on here. I'm supposed to be working but am obviously not & enjoying a pint of Spitfire.
  7. Bugger off @Will-2609
  8. Is Rihanna as still super massive as she was about 3/5 years ago? I know she could headline V Fest easily but I don't listen to Radio 1 anymore. She's a bit poor live from what I've seen on the TV/youtube.
  9. My favourite, probably 2013. The best, probably 2010. Best since I started going, 2008.
  10. Muse, Major Lazer & Andy C. I've never even heard of Tory Lanez, guessing it's a grime artist.
  11. I'm going to say it again, but R&L do have a habit of booking one of Glasto's previous years headliners. So I'm not surprised.
  12. Gazza has no concept of laughing out loud. I rarely read anything funny on here unless it's by @Woffy Or @russycarps
  13. Is it? It started as a jazz festival afaik. Surely they'll book acts that will sell tickets rather than on the opinions on niche posters on efests.
  14. lol
  15. No you weren't. You wouldn't have written anything as dumb as that otherwise.