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  1. Matt kirshen's really good. He looks a lot younger than he is. He has his own podcast somewhere to check him out.
  2. I'm sorry but that is just sexist
  3. Sarcasm. Plus someone got banned for something similar. Eggshells.
  4. I'm appalled at DirtyChorizo's last post. Good job I didn't open this at work.
  5. & wraps
  6. Anyone not out on a Friday?
  7. Hi N. Me please if possible. Is "Bisque" available?
  8. Go in your aluminum cup & lob it at whoever's playing
  9. Nailed it, & if the gaurd is at the end of their shift maybe. I reckon girls get searched less?
  10. Wow! Ok, it's just that's how I smuggled a litre of gin into Global's campsite. The tent bag was at bursting seams with that inside too.
  11. Put it in the middle of your tent in its bag, no security gaurd can be arsed to pull it out & expect you to put it back again in those queues
  12. Those top 5 lines of DJs! Wow. + I must have missed Freestylers in there somewhere. (as featured on Adam B's The Bug)
  13. I didn't think much of it, tiny crowd & on quite early
  14. I guess the volumes of people at one time coming off the coaches/shuttles make harder to pick out the wrong uns.
  15. Only been mandatory searched at fests like BBL, Global & Bestival. They search a lot of people at Glastonbury though, more than I would have thought with the volume of people trying to get in.