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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Hologram - "Live on Stage"
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Ah. Good point. Don't think I can cope with a club night
  3. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Got a couple of tickets for Frank Turner solo charity gig in Liverpool in Feb. Only in a little club basement and sold out sharpish. Tickets say 'last entry at 6:30', what's all that about I wonder. Early gig, lengthy gig, expensive bar gig?
  4. Prime/Netflix me

    Got as far as episode 6 on Punisher and I'm giving up on it, it's just not grabbing me at all. Surprisingly slow for what it is.
  5. 2017 on Spotify

    I share Spotify with the current Mrs Gnom and the youngest. I'm blaming top songs 1, 4 & 5 on him. I've never heard of Humble Braggers before today.
  6. Glastocam!

    It's snowing on the farm. But will it stick?
  7. NME Awards

    You'll at least get to see the Eavii pick up their annual Best Festival Award. Makes me a bit sad though, normally one on the calendar for leaked Glastonbury lineup news.
  8. Bearded Theory 2018

    That's what got me there in 2012, I was looking for somewhere for my festival fix and the line-up, reputation, taking your own drink in etc. prompted me to head to BT. Only missed one since.
  9. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Christ. Imagine the rider.
  10. Album of the Year 2017

    I've been a good boy.
  11. Album of the Year 2017

    1. The Travelling Band - Sails 2. Elbow - Little Fictions They're the only two new ones I've splashed out cold hard cash on. Sails has edged ahead of Little Fictions to take the number one slot in the last few weeks. I've a couple others heading in for Christmas but I'm holding off listening to them any further until I have them in my hand.
  12. Bearded Theory 2018

    That Greg Zogg / Rews / FLC clash is a killer.
  13. Bearded Theory 2018

    So a big chunk of Magical Sounds lineup is out. Most of it means nothing to me but hopefully those who like this stuff are happy.... Magical Sounds have delivered us the first wave of their fantastic line up with only a few additions to come including Friday nights headliner. After the success of 2017 with Megadog Soundsystem, Friday will see a full on MEGADOG show return. Residents Michael Dog, Evolution and MC Teabag will manage the day and bring the unique and utterly special Megadog vibe in heaps for the full 15hrs! Joining them are legendary rap duo ALTERN-8, DJ MICHAEL DOG, Swede electronic DJ ROBERT LEINER, DJ EVOLUTION, acid house pioneer EGEBAMYASi, REV DR D WAYNE LOVE from Bearded favourites Alabama 3, gypsy breakbeat act DISSIDENT NOIZE FACTORY, HANS DELBRUCK and DJ GINGE. Opening night headliner to be announced very soon. Saturday afternoon will again be given over to the Madhatters who will bring a fine blend of Reggae, Jungle and bass-laden beats and breaks. Then Saturday evening will become a colourful, psychedelic and very Magical event that has become a tradition. Topping the show is the legendary EAT STATIC (Live), psychedelic dance duo DIRTY SAFFI, Bearded resident ED TANGENT, DJ ANDY MASON, KEEPERS BREW and GREG ZOGG. Madhatters is waiting for 1 more name but they have delivered to us in velvet pink paper the fantastic jungle act MC DARRISON, jungle DJ CLUMSEY, BENNY PAGE and dub ska DJ STIG OF THE DUB. Sunday brings a kaleidoscope of live acts who will be upping the tempo and making us dance till we drop. The final is closed by world renowned dance act KAYA PROJECT, Innovators of euphoric trance ASTRALASIA, DJ MERV PEPLER, electronic act NODENS ICTUS who are known as the offshoot of Ozric Tentacles, DJ FLO, A collaboration between The Magic Mushroom Band and Astralasia being the THE MUSHROOM PROJECT and will be a UK Festival first, REV PHIL DREAD and finally the legendary TARANTISM who are doing a dancy thing/set to get the day started.
  14. Bearded Theory 2018

    I've been listening to a few of the acts I've never heard of before, can't wait to see Pizzatramp
  15. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Just had a look at the setlist on Setlist FM, there really are some pedantic knobs who contribute to that. Listing every song they do as a Queen cover because it's Queen + Adam Lambert Anyway, looks like it would've been a fun night but £320 if I'd taken the family knocked it on the head.
  16. Football 17/18

    Alonso's against Newcastle was clearly better. Nothing to do with the goalie falling over, oh no. Or maybe his 70 yarder against Luton when he'd just gone past their goalie. That one's worth it just for Gerrard having a go at him for not passing before it goes in. Yup. Libpool players do better goals from over the half way line.
  17. Bearded Theory 2018

    ~~goes off to Google Pirate Punk~~
  18. Bearded Theory 2018

    Got to agree with you about Electro Swing, all sounds the same and the novelty wears thin after one song. Maui Waui seemed to branch out a bit last year, saw some good stuff in there, including Rodney Branigan who is about as far away from Electro Gypsy Swing as you can get.
  19. Bearded Theory 2018

    I walk through occasionally to confirm me theory that all dance music is crap. Nothing yet has changed my mind I know they put other stuff on and one day I may watch someone in there for more than a minute.
  20. Bearded Theory 2018

    Magical Sounds coming soon?
  21. Who's watching what on tv

    Very much this.
  22. Lets Rock Norwich Fest 2018

    Nothing says Rock like Black Lace's Conga Party.
  23. Got any gigs coming up?

    Never mind all that music bollocks, this is the event of next year so far...
  24. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    One for @Mardy.