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  1. Kanye west confirmed

    3 years ago today since the announcement. I wonder what Neil Lonsdale is doing to mark the occasion? Probably having gammon and chips. With pineapple.
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Are Pigs playing seven times or is it a band called Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs? Either way - Got tickets to see Early Doors at Libpool Echo this morning. To the regiment!
  3. Football 17/18

    Aye, dreadful. I think we had a chance against any of the others, apart from Barca (natch), but no hope of beating City over two legs. We'll go Hell for leather at home and it will all be over after 10 minutes when they hit us twice on the break.
  4. Football 17/18

    Nothing screams European Cup like a trip 30 miles down the motorway.
  5. Football 17/18

    Despite the same outcome, I expect Chelsea fans are feeling better this morning that Utd fans were yesterday.
  6. The Vinyl Thread

    Anyone get that Boards of Canada disc? https://blog.discogs.com/en/record-store-day-releases-now-worth-a-fortune/?utm_source=mktg&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DC_RSD_180314
  7. Football 17/18

    Chelsea looking decent to be fair, better than they've seemed in the Prem recently.
  8. Football 17/18

    Andy Tate goes the pub with Neil Lonsdale.
  9. Football 17/18

  10. Football 17/18

    Why no? Man City are about to.
  11. Deep Cut Sets and Old Gold

    First the tax avoidance, now the charity scandal.
  12. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    A wise move.
  13. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    Similar weather up at Gulfoss.
  14. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    It's not but we were told there was a small chance but it was worth it for the other wildlife and the views. Unfortunately there was a bit of a storm on the go, half the boat was throwing up, watched a woman crawl across the deck as it was too hard to walk. Thrilling times.
  15. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    I went whale watching in Iceland a few weeks ago. We saw 6 seagulls* and 2 gannets. *There's no such thing as a seagull
  16. Football 17/18

    Unlucky, Spuds.
  17. Rolling Stones 2018 support act speculation

    I caught 15 minutes of them at Bearded Theory last year, absolutely dreadful. I get this is your point by the way, just thought I'd add my bit.
  18. Football 17/18

  19. Rolling Stones

    That's me in the middle, giving it loads to Gammon Shelter.
  20. Rolling Stones

    Last time I saw one of their owns shows (Manchester Arena), the audience was pretty sedate apart from in the cheap seats. I've much preferred the atmosphere on the pitch at stadium shows where people have been more up for it. Obviously nothing was nothing on Glastonbury but still...
  21. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Best lineup my ageing eyes have seen this year, pity it's so far away. At the same time, an event I could walk to has released their first line up and I've not heard of ANYONE on the bill. It's to be held at Prenton Park so presuming these must be a reasonable size, last year's equivalent was Little Mix for the youngsters, Libertines, Madness & Jeremy Corbyn on the other days for the oldies.
  22. Glastocam!

    Looking a tad snowy down on the farm.
  23. Rolling Stones

    Steel Wheels Tour in Manchester treated us to DRN. Sadly it turned out to be Dan Reed Network and not Dumpy's Rusty Nuts. I've also seen Black Crowes support them at Wembley and Sheryl Crow on another tour so was happy with both of those. I don't think they had a support when they played the MEN in 03.
  24. Bearded Theory 2018

    Will there be capes?
  25. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Well, it was a nice thought while it lasted.

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