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  1. All sounds a bit hit and miss. Some walking in, minimal search, others having pain medicine taken off them. Hopefully it'll calm down as things go on.
  2. I reckon security should ask you to show them a Clashfinder, if you've printed one off, you get waved through. No terrorist is going to highlight which Mik Artistic set he's planning on going to.
  3. From what I've seen you can get them there.
  4. Sitting in an all day meeting like...
  5. Mike Monroe! I appreciate I'm probably in a minority of one on here but that would be fucking ace! One of THE great frontmen.
  6. Big Ted, Little Ted, cardboard box.
  7. House Bolton and a Bearded Theory one for us. Plus @Keithy may bring a little something
  8. Shy would Arcade Fire be any more carnage than Radiohead or Pulp?
  9. Ha. Bogie.
  10. Opposite here, love Elbow but couldn't get into Arcade Fire. Hope we know for sure in advance, want to see The Beat in The Glade, can make it if it's Arcade Fire.
  11. The bastards.
  12. Weather for the Week Ahead is uaually on at around 7:45.