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  1. Security, Queuing, etc

    I know one person who couldn't get back into the tipi after going to the toilet on Thursday night, her bag and phone etc was in their with her friends, and she was threatened with being escorted off the site.And it really wasn't full Thursday night. Seems like the main problem is the tipi and the comedy stage. Perhaps if there were some way of putting some toliets in the Tipi area. I love the comedy stage, but it does seem to getting more popular every year, perhaps they need to rethink it. Same in a way, first time I saw the stage it made me laugh with delight.
  2. Security, Queuing, etc

    I did see Stewart Lee- I was in there earlier and when I went out I saw the queue, and decided that I really wanted to see Stewart Lee, so I got something to eat and went back and queued and stayed there until he came on. I would probably have seen some bands otherwise before heading back to the comedy stage later. It wasn't that packed, a few people sitting to the side but not that many, you could have got more people in. It looked like the queue for Josie Long was about as long again.
  3. Security, Queuing, etc

    The Comedy stage is outside so it wasn't people wanting to get away from the rain there. On Sunday daytime, when you did get in, stewards were telling people to go careful as it was steep, and on Sunday night there was a medic standing there. They had people standing at the gate with clickers counting you as you went in, that never happened before. I'm wondering if they were told that they had to tighten up with regards to limiting capacity to get a licence.
  4. Security, Queuing, etc

    Long queues for comedy most of the weekend. Various times queues for Tipi, and at least once for Big Top (King Gizzard). At the tipi, if you went out for a piss at the wrong time you couldn't back in. I was in the Tipi on Thursday night and was surprised to find out later that a lot of people were not allowed in, as it never seemed that full.
  5. So, what bought that on? Long queues at times for comedy, Tipi and Big Top. It was a real pain, one of the things I like about EOTR is being able to go quickly from one stage to another, but if I wanted to really see something at the comedy stage and I had to plan ahead and make sure I got there in plenty of time.
  6. Nick Cave

    It was a great moment and you made it. It made me full of joy. Thank you.
  7. Green Man 2010

    Hello. I'm going to Green Man for the first time this year. I was just figuring out where it is held, exactly. Is Crickhowell within walking distance? And if so does it have any shops? I was wondering if it was worth going there to buy some food or whatever (fruit, that sort of thing) to save a few pounds? EDIT- I looked on the forum on the offical site, like I should have done before asking on here, and it is and you can.