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  1. The express your feelings by GIF thread.

  2. The express your feelings by GIF thread.

  3. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Saturday in William's Green as well. The Wytches The Bevis Frond Temples Some good bands in there that day, actually though I'm not too keen on The Rails. Toy has been spoken about earlier, Fujiya & Miyagi have some motorik going on if Krautrock floats your boat, and The Moles are worth checking out as well. Richard Davies from The Moles is a massive influence on The Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne in particular.
  4. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Gong aren't playing but Steve Hillage is fusing Gong with System 7 on the Glade Stage on Friday, unless I'm grossly misinformed and it's just Steve Hillage banging a gong along to System 7.
  5. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Really liking Melt Yourself Down at the minute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozFVcoLvqgQ
  6. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    The temptation is to say Julian Cope and listening to him speak but Brian Jonestown Massacre or MGMT could pull a 20-minute drone out of the bag easily enough and nobody would think any different. I found last year the best place to hear a good drone (and I mean a seriously hard drone) was away from all the music in the healing fields. I took part in some Yogic meditation and there was some good throat singing going down; couple of shruti boxes going off somewhere. Nice. To be fair with this thread, it's discussing Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury as opposed to Psych Rock. 'Psych Rock' itself could be found easily enough in Brian Jonestown Massacre but if you're looking for sound that's quite 'mind expanding', I think that list should suffice. Some bands make careers out of being Retro 60's - get the vintage instruments, make the tie-dyes etc - like The Black Angels or Wooden Shijps (neither on the line-up, unfortunetly) but I don't think that sound should define what 'Psychedelic' is. Some could be controversial looking at bands like Haim or somebody like Four Tet but it's all about the vibe for some bands; Haim, along with Warpaint, play some really pretty and colourful music; like a sort of Southern California Beach Pop - to me they have a 'Psychedelic Sound'; just a brighter one to, say, The Horrors, who are darker, more Suicide-influenced. The Bevis Frond, I didn't mention directly but they are in William's Green on Saturday; the entire day inside that tent has an amazing line-up and I'm tempted to just hang about there all day. I won't though. Radiphonic Workshop will not be missed.
  7. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Got bored. By the way, this list is not representative of what one subjectively calls 'Psychedelic Music' – this is just a list of bands and random other assortments that I, as a fan of Psychedelic Music, would listen to or gravitate to, to feed my head. Man. Some will definitely not offer you 20-minute drones; others might. Most will almost definitely clash; some will make you think I'm taking the piss. (Using the Glastonbury 'line-up' page) Pyramid The War on Drugs – Friday Jack White – Saturday The Black Keys – Sunday The Other Stage Haim - Friday Warpaint – Saturday Pixies - Saturday The Horrors – Sunday Massive Attack – Sunday West Holts The London Sinfonietta with Jonny Greenwood – Friday Sun Ra Arkestra – Friday Vintage Trouble – Friday John Wizards – Saturday Melt Yourself Down – Sunday The Park Stage Four Tet – Friday (also in The Beat Hotel on Friday) Mogwai – Saturday Anna Calvi – Saturday Jagwar Ma – Saturday (Also in William's Green on Sunday) Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – Sunday John Peel Stage Polica – Friday (Also in William's Green on Friday) Temples – Friday (Also in William's Green on Saturday) Drenge – Friday MGMT – Saturday Fat White Family – Saturday (Also in William's Green on Friday) Reignwolf – Saturday The Black Tambourines – Saturday The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Sunday William's Green Connan Mockasin – Friday All of Saturday is Psychedelic Music, if not mainly consisting of Psych Rock – can see myself being in there all day Avalon Stage Emiliana Torrini – Saturday Glade Steve Hillage fuses Gong & System 7 - Friday Mad Professor ft. General Levy & Joe Ariwa – Friday Alabama 3 – Friday Radiophonic Workshop – Saturday Wow! Stage East India Youth – Thursday (Also in William's Green on Friday) The Crow's Nest Julian Cope – Friday Speaker's Forum Legalisation of Cannabis (Green Party Drugs Group) - Thursday Rupert Sheldrake (Morphic Resonance) - Sunday Mandala Stage Interplanetary Liberation Front – Wednesday, Friday & Sunday Pyramids of Snafu – Thursday, Friday & Sunday Pilton Palais Take some mushrooms, watch Gravity 3D on Thursday and The Lego Movie in 3D on Friday In terms of DJ sets, you've got a litany of people – 808 State in Bez's Acid House on Saturday, Primal Scream doing a DJ set in the Acid Lounge on Saturday, DJ AFX which is rumoured to be Aphex Twin on Friday in The Temple, A Guy Called Gerald on the Hell Stage on Saturday... the list for that is seemingly endless so I won't go on about them. Just have a look and see what floats your boat if Acid House is your thing. Same thing can be said for the vast amount of Reggae going on as well – saw Prince Fatty on the Hell Stage on Saturday.
  8. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    I think I'm going to have to spend the next few days going through the list and listen to some of these bands to do a comprehensive list of psychedelic bands for people to check out. Positive for me to see this thread still around and re-assuring to know there's other fans of the genre out there.
  9. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    I loved this thread last year.
  10. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    No you read correctly. When it comes to something like this, it's easy to understand the frustration when the error could have been avoided so easily. To say that your missus is in a borderline abusive relationship based on what you said to her and how you reacted is just... well, bullshit, frankly. Unless it's true of course, but even then I can't imagine the guy who said that is in the position to know you on a personal level anyway, so it'd still be considered a form of slander. Whatever the case, I think a warning's in order for it (not you) and you were merely describing something that could have happened to any of us. Thing is, I don't think most of us would have posted what you described - I'd have said "girlfriend fucked up, didn't get tickets sadface" and then waited to see if anybody asked how she fucked up. If they didn't, I'd presume to think they didn't care so not go into any finer details. In any event, as I say, if I cocked up the postcode details and it was a determining factor in why we didn't get Glasto tickets, my missus wouldn't have forgiven me for it. Wouldn't have forgiven myself for it actually. What's key is the ability to just move on though in those circumstances, unless the 'stupidity' and 'ineptitude' is something that happens on a regular basis, in which case I'd advise you to disclose said relationship concerns elsewhere. In all fairness to your missus, you could have double checked every detail yourself so as to avoid such frustration occuring, and I say that in hindsight because that's the very thing I didn't do. But bad luck anyway mate. Get 'em in the resale.
  11. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    I don't think my missus would have forgiven me if the massive cock-up I'd made with the postcodes was the determining factor in why we didn't go to Glastonbury. Arguments are just something that's bound to happen aren't they? Even when we got through to get the tickets, she gave me a frown. So yeah. Fucking up a Glastonbury booking is like misplacing a winning lottery ticket. To get annoyed about something petulant like SeeTickets server capabilities is irrational but attributing it to human error, and something that could have been (easily) avoided, and ultimately resulted in you losing your trip to Glasto... that's when red mist appears. It'd happen to anybody who felt cheated.
  12. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    It did, yes. For a bit - and we're talking maybe an opening of about 3 minutes tops from my end. I updated my hosts file as soon as somebody posted the address and it got me through on Opera within seconds. Incidentally that isn't how I got my tickets. My fiancee did what everybody else did and refreshed Chrome, and whenever it came to her 'turn', we got through to the booking page, I raced upstairs with my debit card - ran back downstairs whenever I realised the post code was wrong - ran back upstairs, put in the CORRECT details along with the debit card details and then about a minute later 'Booking Confirmation'. Massive "fucking yes!". Went out and did some shopping, came back, got the confirmation email. But yes, the host file edit trick did work for a very, very brief period of time. There wasn't that gap of about half an hour like last year.
  13. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    Host file worked for me straight after I changed it - fucked up with my postcode though and it didn't work for me in the end. Luckily my missus got in without changing the host file - one browser (chrome), auto refresh. See you in PIlton next June
  14. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/Event/GLASTONBURY-2014-DEPOSITS/Worthy-Farm/800000 EDIT: Now takes me back to 'Event Not Found' page... weird
  15. Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    Backdoor link (800000) now takes me to the holding page.

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