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  1. Overheards and Funnies

    Aye it was shitty one that. My missus said, "christ, it's only thursday and you've already nearly died on pills?". Not the sympathetic type, my missus.
  2. Overheards and Funnies

    I remember camping next to a group of kids from Welwyn Garden City - not a funny story at all by the way - and overheard a conversation early Thursday morning about how they'd heard somebody died wednesday evening, didn't know who it was, and couldn't find their mate. Then it turned out that their mate was carted off by a steward in the early hours after he overdosed on pills because whilst onsite, on the wednesday, his dog had died and he couldn't cope. Hope he was alright.
  3. Overheards and Funnies

    Your girlfriend's got a bucket! - Yeah well so's your mum after I fucked her in the Gully last night.
  4. Overheards and Funnies

    "Fuck off West Holts. Go there, you'll get gangbanged by 4 black guys wearing sequins!"
  5. Overheards and Funnies

    Was Dolly Parton any good? - Yeah if you like country music and massive granny tits.
  6. Overheards and Funnies

    "What kind of a fucking farm is this if I can't get fucking fresh eggs for breakfast!?"
  7. Overheards and Funnies

    I was in the toilets in Lower Mead and overheard a conversation Monday between two girls. You alright Amy? - Yeah. Do you need a hand? - No. Have you got hand sanitiser? - Yeah. Are you being sick? - Ummmm... no I'm ok. Are you having a wee? - Yeah. Do you have any toilet roll? - Yeah. Do you need a poo? - Ummmm... no I'm ok. Ok, well I'll wait outside. - Ok. Do you need any compost? - Ummm... no, I'm ok. Ok I'm just waiting outside. - Ok. Are you alright Amy? - Yeah. Are you having a poo yet? - Yeah. Ok let me know if you need compost. - Ok.
  8. Metallica....in the Mosh, will there be a mosh, not in the mosh?

    Glad to see all the apprehension and negativity directed towards 'The Metal Crowd' has been dismissed since Saturday night. We were right. Not gloating - just, we were right.
  9. How were Public Service Broadcasting

    I'm waiting to see some videos on YouTube. I was half-cut sitting over by the fence and needed something like them to pick me up.
  10. How were Public Service Broadcasting

    They were alright. I caught them by accident on the way back from The Mariachis in Avalon.
  11. The express your feelings by GIF thread.

  12. The express your feelings by GIF thread.

  13. Weather

    Best weather for me at a festival? Bestival 2012 on the Sunday - too hot Thursday, Friday and Saturday but then cloud covered the place on Sunday and yet it wasn't cold. Also meant I could walk around in the same clothes all day, see as much as possible, and not have to go back to my tent to pick up a jumper when the temprature dropped. It's great to have sun but I feel less inclined to move around in it so a bit of cover wouldn't go amiss.
  14. Metallica....in the Mosh, will there be a mosh, not in the mosh?

    Can't believe this thread is still going.
  15. The Psychedelic Music of Glastonbury

    Saturday in William's Green as well. The Wytches The Bevis Frond Temples Some good bands in there that day, actually though I'm not too keen on The Rails. Toy has been spoken about earlier, Fujiya & Miyagi have some motorik going on if Krautrock floats your boat, and The Moles are worth checking out as well. Richard Davies from The Moles is a massive influence on The Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne in particular.