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  1. You should resign for being a turd.
  2. We still have love and music. And that'll do for me in the meantime.
  3. TPC - Up to the elbow with every wipe.
  4. The concept of having to pay an additional fee to find out who or what is actually on where and when, on top of the event ticket price you've already paid for, is completely baffling to me. And by completely baffling I mean an utter scam.
  5. Well you never made any sense either.
  6. Runner beans can absolutely do one though eh. It's all everyone ever grows in their allotments. Oh the runner beans are ready do you want a whole carrier bag full? Nope.
  7. The one I blagged my way in to.
  8. Are we doing this then or what?
  9. Heading down from the railway just past The Glade to your left there is a row of fencing with a stream behind it and an access ladder down to the stream to a water testing point. Big sign saying water testing point. Guy stood right in front of the sign - eye level - pissing into the stream. At the water testing point. +1 for the return of the Green Police.
  10. Yes.
  11. Still waiting.
  12. *cough*
  13. You're wrong, generally.
  14. But Baby, you never went, you've never been and have no plans to ever go and therefore you have no idea what the fuck you're actually talking about.
  15. But Baby, you never got your dick or your tits out to get entry to a place you never went to so why the Kevin Costner speeches on morality about somewhere you've never been and plan never to go to?