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  1. I'm taking a mahogany-chested, windup grammophone and I'll be damned if security think they're taking that off me after I've humped it a mile over the fields in the heat. I'll get my granny onto them and she's a black belt in karma sutra.
  2. I went in on a villager's ticket a couple years ago. They did not have photos on and the original owner did not need to be there. There was a separate part that went along with the ticket that allowed transferring the ticket to someone else and that was arranged at the gate - sure we got wristbands but may have had to keep the transfer slip. Can't mind. Not sure if this is still the case though.
  3. That's the spirit soldier!
  4. You putting your big boy pants on and doing it then?
  5. Done after today....
  6. As this does not happen.
  7. Honestly just do it already. Everyone above saying slim to no chance doesn't have a fuckin' Scooby what will happen if you try. You may well get a ticket checker who doesn't give a hoot. You know for sure what will happen if you don't try though.
  8. The Welsh Oggy should be headlining.
  9. When was this and what happened Deano? Sounds good.
  10. This. This. This. Please don't come back from Glastonbury with anecdotes that involve having stuff stolen. Tip the guys if you can, buy a CND shopper if you like, donate a beer or a smoke or two. All good.
  11. Amateur lawyer!?! What you don't know fur_q, is that Superscally is actually Judge Rinder. And no one refuses Judge Rinder entry.
  12. Have you actually read any Orwell? Doesn't sound like it.
  13. If by save time you mean add heaps of time on then I agree.