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  1. Blue Dot Festival

    Slow Dive and Crazy P decent announces to the line up.
  2. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    None of three headliners are of interest, but there is enough going on at The Temple, Bollywood and HMS Bestival to make it worthwhile for a late ticket this year.
  3. Blue Dot Festival

    The weekend ticket prices are probably too high this time round, the festival misses a bit of a party atmosphere so a whole weekend can feel like a long time. Day tickets around £50 would still be good value.
  4. 2017 first line-up poster

    Probably best you just move on now, you got some money back from last year, best off concentrating on another festival you are going to enjoy rather than dwelling on the past.
  5. Rolling Stones...

    Taking this way too seriously!

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