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  1. 2016 - Any help or advice needed ?

    The Calling Out stage has an Indie Disco til 3am which is class. Baggy Mondays on Saturday too. The House Party tent has more of a mix of hip hop, cheese and dance and also on til 3am. The Jagerhaus has guest Djs and is a bit more eclectic but sounds great after a few shots...you'll have a great time!
  2. BST - Hyde park 2016

    What are the chances of getting cheap Mumford tickets? I'm guessing they are selling quite well so far?
  3. New festival coming to Manchester on Sat 8th October taking place in various intimate venues across the city. Really exciting first release of bands - Circa Waves, Twin Atlantic, Vant and more. Really looking forward to this!!
  4. Blue Dot Festival

    Elbow at Jodrell Bank was one of my top 5 gigs of all time, despite the torrential rain. Very excited for this....