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  1. Dick move of your festival......

    I had a couple of minor panic attacks (after Craig David trying to leave pyramid) and getting to ed from JP side. both times I had to push my way out of the crowd (whilst apologizing and explaining) but some people took issue and I got a fair bit of abuse. if people are trying to LEAVE a crowd quite forcefully, it's likely they have a problem, they're not trying to push in!
  2. New security measures in place

    Was this about 11am on Thursday morning? Fairly sure I saw this and mentioned how over the top it was at the time. As a separate incident I saw a lad getting escorted out by two security guards, when he bolted and sprinted off from them, there was a small cheer from the crowd as security realised they couldn't catch him, made me laugh.
  3. Powder room package

    I have two of the powder room passes available. giving you access to hot showers, flushing toilets, make up area, phone charging and cafe and chill out tent. open 7am-11pm each day. Fully sold out - £99pp was the price paid. will sell both for £150 or 80 each. thanks for looking http://zooloos.co.uk/events-page/glasto/
  4. Car park ticket (plus others) for sale

    Car park ticket still for sale
  5. Desparate for tickets - massive FOMO!

    Spare male ticket. Mid 20s, brown hair
  6. Secret resales

    If anyone wants to take a risk on someone elses ticket, I might be able to help. PM me.
  7. Hi, We have a spare car park ticket for sale if anyone needs one. Can post guranteed next day delivery first thing tomorrow, so will be with someone by Tuesday. £30 plus postage. Also, what is the etiquette with selling general tickets to the festival on these forums? Two of our friends are unable to go due to a last minute emergency. thanks, Mat
  8. Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Imagine Neil just didn't bother to tweet at all. His schedule tweet could be a myth this year.... After all, he benefits more from the suspense which makes this site even busier..... We're onto you Neil!!!

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