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  1. "Secert" resales

    I have a habit of avoiding the forums and anything glastonbury related until I have tickets...because I'm weird like that, but now we missed out on the resale too I've decided to stop being so silly! I've signed up for Neil's page checker, entered competitions and fired off emails to various volunteering outfits on the off chance. Good luck all, it's not over until it really is over!
  2. The Unsuccessful

    Excellent, thank you!
  3. The Unsuccessful

    Ugh guys I suck at this. In my pre-school-run-panic, trying to wind up the rubber band engine in my ancient laptop which decided it wanted to run a virus scan at the same time, I've put both myself and my husbands registrations in one entry on the spreadsheet. Hopefully i'tll make sense, but if not I can resend. I couldn't see any local postcodes to us, but I'm happy to be grouped with whoever. :-)
  4. The Unsuccessful

    Hi guys just checking in, I haven't been able to read any posts on the forum since we lucked out, but I'm feeling a bit more positive now so will start to join in. :-) We've been in this position three times before (or maybe it was four...?) so I'm fairly confident. I'm happy to try for other guys too when the time comes, although I'm aware that being in multiple groups can cause problems. Plenty of time to work it out!
  5. Coolbox advice needed! Coleman vs Igloo.

    Thanks everybody for your thoughts. :-) I've just bought the Igloo, the price difference meant I could get the 70qt one, there's some happy owners on this thread, hopefully I'll join them!
  6. Coolbox advice needed! Coleman vs Igloo.

    Oo thanks for the tip on box size. I was thinking we wouldn't need one too large as I don't drink and wouldn't want loads of empty space inside, but I'm sure my husband will find some cans to help fill it up ha! Will check out the thread now, thanks!
  7. Coolbox advice needed! Coleman vs Igloo.

    Excellent thanks all! Back to eBay... :-)
  8. Hi guys, please help me out here... I'm in the market for a passive cooler for Glastonbury but also other family camping trips throughout the year, we've got a trailer tent so size/portability isn't a huge issue. I'm stuck between the Coleman Xtreme and Igloo Maxcold. I can find a 30 litre Xtreme on eBay for fifty odd quid, and a larger 56 litre Maxcold for the same price. They both claim to keep items cool for 5 days. Does anybody have any personal experience of either cooler, before I go and buy the Igloo simply on price alone, or recommend another brand that can keep things cool for that length of time? Thanks!
  9. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    Thank you Bonedaddy, pass has a new home now. :-)
  10. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    Sent! Thanks.
  11. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    We are onsite and have a spare, I have messaged the person on the top of the list, however we can only pass it over this evening as we are off into the main site tomorrow, so I will keep messaging down the list if no response, until it's claimed. :-)
  12. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    I had a look, East only for sale.
  13. 2015 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    This thread was awesome last year, I managed to get my camper pass this way when I got our admission tickets in the resale. The list of people who needed a pass was MASSIVE, I was pretty sure some of those in need would be disappointed, but everyone was sorted in the end, happy days!
  14. 2014 Campervan Tickets - Those in need...

    Wow everybody is sorted! Absolutely amazing, considering how many were on the list! Well done everybody and of course massive thank yous to stonecircle and bonedaddy, see everybody in the CV fields next week!!