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  1. Lineup 2016

    There's never anything wrong with this site, it's just that the user isn't smart enough to use it properly.
  2. Lineup 2016

    Thank you for calling it dance music
  3. Lineup 2016

    I don't doubt that, if only the Biffy mafia could accept it.
  4. Football 2015/16

    And look where it got him.
  5. Football 2015/16

    I have no idea what that means. I doubt very much if Chelsea or Man Utd fans pulled a similar stunt that the turnaround would be so swift and positive.
  6. 2017 festival

    Yeah unfortunately I can't see AF coming back, when they headlined before it was at the top of their commercial-appeal cycle, I can't see them making a record that the media is happy to support and I don't think their name alone is enough of a draw.
  7. Football 2015/16

    Absolutely, also kudos to whoever in the club realised that the reaction meant something and prompted the turnaround. There are plenty of other high-profile (yes I originally wrote and then deleted 'big') clubs that would remain blinkered and follow through with similar plans.
  8. Lineup 2016

    Biffy co-headlining isn't unreasonable, as has been pointed out R&L is the only one of the major festivals they have/could out and out headline so they aren't a grade A bona fide headliner like say The Stone Roses or GNR. FR may have been desperate which explains why they've brought them back so soon, but to accept an alleged 'lesser' slot they could have overestimated their appeal (or at least their management did) and missed out on some other gigs they were hoping for, so may have been willing to accept anything offered. Maybe FR have heard the new Biffy stuff and don't expect it to push them any higher, and maybe their management think the same. Add the suggestion that Neil made that maybe FR are overloading the top of the bill with B-list headliners to make up for the lack of A-listers (and hopefully fooling some idiots that they have five headline-status bands playing this year) and it doesn't sound that odd. I guess another take could be that due to their fondness for the festival they agreed to help FR out of their pickle, but if they were grade A headliners they would just have them headlining (unless FR are desperate to make it look different to 2013 so as to avoid accusations of quick repeats - who knows how their fucking mind works). Either way, if Biffy were top class headliner status it would trump all of those. You certainly wouldn't see FR booking the Foos or Muse as co-headliners just to make the bill look stronger or because they's headlined on their own recently. Whatever it is there's something 'negative' about booking Biffy as out and out headliners that meant they felt the need to pair them up with FOB.
  9. Football 2015/16

    That was what I was thinking, to plead guilty to grooming he must have been aware that she was underage.
  10. Football 2015/16

    Yeah, he's pleaded guilty to one charge regarding 'kissing and touching' but not guilty to two others - maybe those two were to do with sex.
  11. Football 2015/16

    Yeah it would be best to wait for further details before using such accusational terms, although also admitting a charge of grooming isn't going to help.
  12. Lineup 2016

    To make it look different from an uninspiring booking of a band that's only been away for two years.
  13. Lineup 2016

    It certainly explains why they announced the apparently uninspiring duo of Foals and Disclosure when everyone expected them to be last.
  14. Lineup 2016

    Jesus fucking wept