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  1. Arcade Fire are pissing me off. Just confirm or deny for fecks sake. Can't cope with the mystery. Anyone heard anything proper!?!
  2. 3 hours left. I can't concentrate on anything at all because: 1) the office is too hot 2) the Arcade Fire rumours are getting me excited and anxious at the same time I can't cope.
  3. Packed my rucksack and am more or less ready to go. Last few bits still need to go in. Just got to get work out of the way tomorrow then the excitement will really take over. My festival t-shirt also arrived today, a Chuckle Brothers one. Overhead a rumour near William's Green last year that Barry Chuckle had died and I was devastated. Will wear my t-shirt in honour of him still being alive and kicking.
  4. I wish I was finishing today, 2.5 days left (including this afternoon). My boyfriend's mum and dad are travelling down in their campervan tomorrow, safe to say I'm rather jealous. I finish Tuesday at 4pm then not back in until Thursday after the festival. Productive day in the office so far though, trying to keep busy - bought Libertines tickets at 9am and have been browsing eFests. As for actual work....
  5. We can hope. My worst nightmare is that they do a secret set and I don't find out in time
  6. Listened to it a couple of times this morning. Didn't grab my attention like Everything Now but I do like it. I imagine it being good live. God I wish they were playing Glastonbury again.
  7. This quote will never get old
  8. San Miguel is the devil. Gives me hangovers from hell.
  9. Finish work at 4pm next Tuesday. Get home, chippy tea, make sure everything is packed then early night. Up early to get the 06:30 bus to Bolton. Coach leaves at 08:15.
  10. I'm ridiculously excited. Counting down the seconds.
  11. We brought 2 home last year and they stayed, amongst other stuff, in the boot of my car until about 4 weeks ago. Been used a lot since at home since then. To be honest, I only had a couple of beers out of them at the festival last year as every pint I got seemed to be completely flat. Not sure if it was the cup or the beer though.
  12. Just purchased this spectacular item of clothing for a mere £22.
  13. Coach due to arrive at 13:45 Wednesday. Hopefully the queue won't be too bad. In an ideal world, will be set up and getting merry by 4.
  14. This one always makes an appearance. Bought it when Arcade Fire played the MEN on The Suburbs tour.
  15. 7 days left in work. Been off sick all this week so next week should fly because I'll be busy catching up. Glastonbury seems to have come around so quickly this year.