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  1. One to avoid

    Kan'the Pest
  2. North East Music Festivals

    Corbridge ,a few miles West of Newcastle has a little 2 dayer going on 10th and 11th July,Undertones headlining.
  3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle ...

    You can buy them in the online store.
  4. April fool's day

    Lasts years April Fool was that they had Metallica headlining, Hmmm
  5. Sunday Headliner: If you had 3 guesses...

    A bit of absolute mayhem to finish things off THE PRODIGY.
  6. Stereophonics

    phonics followed by buzzcocks,hmmm, could think of a lot worse things to do on a sunny Friday morning
  7. Stereophonics

    They'd go down a treat Friday morning opener on the other .
  8. Metallica 2014

    Yes in the cabaret or circus areas,which is what Diversity are a circus act,which is the great thing about Glastonbury,there is a place for just about everybody but it has to be the right place,which is why Metallica are rightfully Headlining the Pyramid,hope this answers your question.
  9. Metallica 2014

    Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts ,Metallica are Contemporary Performing Artists ,so like it or not,have every right just like every other band /performer to be there and I think it will be great for the festival because in my opinion it has been a bit samey over the last few years.