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  1. BoomTown Fair 2015

    The beginnings of chapter 7 are starting to be revealed !! Something completely mental is happening in the city - something never before seen in a UK festival - we are all unbelievably excited :-) video part 1 of 3 - video part 2 of 3 - part 3 coming Jan 15th xx
  2. BoomTown Fair 2015

    Thanks all - its been a great ride but change is key to excitement x
  3. BoomTown Fair 2015

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the input, many of the core team actually come from sound backgrounds so we have always modelled everything around that, not getting it right on some of the stages on the friday was a real downer for us, we can blame whether all day long but this is the UK so you need to be prepared for anything !!! We spent all day Saturday re. orientating speakers on major stages and i'm glad to say levels felt much better Saturday and Sunday.. So you are aware we have just started working with an incredible new noise team who have been sound mapping the entire estate, advising on new system types and predicting sound levels which are already much better than before !! will update Neil as this develops but there is no other similar festival we can take advice from that comes close to having the number of individual sound stages we have so we have had to develop new noise management plans purely based on our own annual experience for the question (more people means more noise / toilet problems) If we do increase slightly then it certainly does not mean more noise / infrastructure problems it simply means more revenue to get these things right ...I know there is talk of site wide compost loos which is exciting Its worth noting that Boomtown is still completely independent, probably the only one of its size and this sets it in an incredible position where revenue will always go to the right places .... hope all this helps and thanks again for the support
  4. BoomTown Fair 2015

    The only competition we ever enter is against ourselves :-) Every festival that manages to succeed in the UK is a winner and shouldn't be in competition with each other.... Neil / Seantizz - thanks for the support x Some extremely interesting ideas coming out of HQ at the moment ...will keep you fully posted ;-)