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  1. That should be a good gigs, cya there perhaps
  2. Posted this on FB will put it here too Home from a fab weekend at Equinox, good to see the same vibe and site as familiar as possible. Couple things though, the bar needs to improve both service and choice of drinks. Went in for a nice cider on Saturday and all that was there was Thatchers or Strongbow Dark Fruits on draught. What happened to the proper cider like Old Rosie or similar?The cocktail bar wasnt much better with poor service and choice of drinks. Need to review what they charge too.Finally am assuming that the very early finish, especially last night will be reviewed with a new licence as music finishing at 10pm is just crazy!Anyway apart from that, it was a top weekend so thanks to all the crew who let us party in the fields again xx
  3. Hi mate, It is amazing, am sure you could have a right good one there And yes, caravans are allowed.
  4. Yeah they have done for the past couple of years, we did it last year. Only thing is if you take the payment plan option, you pay the highest tier price for them (Tier 3) and it's spread over 4 payments I think.
  5. Tickets sold, it sold out this year.
  6. Their videos give a good picture of what goes on... Here is this years after-movie
  7. Smallish capacity? It's 60,000 so not that small. They don't need to go for big well known acts, and am kind of glad they don't tbh. I was listing random acts to show it's got many different genres of music there, not in particular acts I would see. Line ups are always subjective, but am happy enough to go to any festival not based on the line up anyway.
  8. And Madness, Fun Loving Criminals, Damien Marley, Imelda May, Skinny Lister, Leftfield, Sonic Boom Six, Neville Staples, Bad Manners, Ms Dynamite, Derrick May, B.Traits, Asian Dub Foundation..... and so much more different genres
  9. No idea what happened there ^^ Boomtown is so much more than just 'danceable rave'
  10. Not long now, weather isn't looking too bad either!
  11. Yeah not as bad as it is now though, did notice it creep in around 2010 though.
  12. Just waiting for the 'Red Funnel Main Ferryport Stage' next year!
  13. Whats with all the corporate shit? I looked at the site map and was astonished by the amount of sponsored stages...