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  1. Yeah earlier than usual
  2. How can I refuse, yeah will do my best
  3. I've worked security at the event, you won't get in with fake ID
  4. In a word, no!
  5. 40 miles for me now, so about an hour. Going down early yet again to work during the build
  6. Yay not long
  7. Yes, missed it last year but was there in 2014/15.. looking forward to my return!
  8. Anyone going to this? 2 great acts, tickets booked!
  9. On the DVD/Blu-ray, The Reflektor Tapes, the 2nd disc is their show from Earls Court
  10. Doing AF but then just the Saturday of BD but staying local campsite for a couple of nights
  11. Only in this country, they headline festivals all over Europe almost yearly.... great band, very tight live and have some great hits... sadly not popular enough in the UK to headline
  12. Just watched this tonight!
  14. Yup, I knew people who went down yesterday for this, and more on way today