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  1. Just watched this tonight!
  3. Yup, I knew people who went down yesterday for this, and more on way today
  4. Hope not, am only going for a day ticket so want to see as much as possible!
  5. Excellent
  6. No worries Neil, just letting you know incase it was a wider problem
  7. Entered but when I clicked submit, the page just goes blank and no confirmation etc. Page that comes up is
  8. Glasgow Barrowlands (12/03/07) Glastonbury Other (22/06/07) TITP (07/07/07) Reading Festival (25/08/07) Glasgow SECC (26/10/07) Reading Festival (28/08/10) Glasgow SECC (12/12/10) Barrowlands (Reflektors 16/11/13) Dublin Marlay Park (29/06/14) Castlefield Bowl (06/07/17) Also just got the Reflektors Tapes Bluray, not watched it yet though!
  9. Same rules, just more hiding spaces though
  10. Awesome cheers Got the Friday off work sorted, and booked into the Travelodge at Manchester Piccadilly for £50 inc breakfast
  11. Whats capacity of gigs at that venue?
  12. Works out well for me, finish work 2pm that Thursday then train/bus from Nottingham to Manchester, so will be taking the Friday off too. Go to the gig, get a cheap hotel then head over to a campsite near Jodrell Bank to meet the OH with the campervan for the Orbital day on the Saturday
  13. Cheers, thats what happened. Flying solo to this one so happy to meet up with some fellow eFesters x
  14. I just need 1 Ignore that, got 1
  15. Nope