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  1. It was. Still to watch the BBC coverage of the Glasto set. Might catch it later. About to book tickets to see them again in August at Rock City, should be a belter in that venue.. Oh and Public Service Broadcasting supporting last night, excellent set and the new stuff sounds amazing live with powerful images to go with it.
  2. Hull last night. Phenomenal, had me in tears at points, 3500 people in an outdoor car park/courtyard called Zebedees Yard. Great venue, loads of room, decent cider... smiley happy people! Glitter, Ballons, Rainbows, Unicorns, Confetti, Zorbing, Space Oddity, Sparkly, Joyous, Moving, Tears... one of my top 5 gigs of all time and I've been to fkin loads! One Love, Feel the Love xx
  3. Did anyone go see them then? Off to Hull tonight to see them and PSB, stupidly excited x
  4. Ticketmaster did it for me, got them at 08:59. Seetickets had them offsale then onsale again and Ticketarena was shit..
  5. eTicket arrived for Manchester Anyone meeting up pre-gig for drinks?
  6. Yeah Saturday ticket arrived, looking forward to this (And Arcade Fire in Manchester on the Thursday!)
  7. Listened to both this morning, love them both. Can't wait for Castlefield... woop!
  8. My pic didnt upload and there is no edit function, poop!
  9. I guess music brings all sorts of people together. Fantastic evening, I doff my cap to everyone involved.
  10. Missed loads, had a brilliant time, very hazy, best moment was our handfasting in the woods on Thursday afternoon
  11. Try twickets too
  12. Sorry for lack of photos, there is really shit internet on site for me on this build (Vodafone) Safe journey all, see you in the fields! x
  13. Had a little walk round the site yesterday, glorious weather and site looking very lush and green. Back down later today for 2 weeks, hope this weather keeps up
  14. Warm in a van! Not long now, 2 weeks today
  15. Sorry if missed anything, am travelling solo from Nottingham > Manchester and wondering if anyone else is meeting up from here for a few pre-gig pints?