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  1. Boomtown?

    Had a great time again (3rd Boomtown), we got to Orange Gate, the CV entrance at 10am with no traffic at all, got put into the queuing lines, around 10 vehicles from the front. Gates opened about 12pm as advertised, initially was slow moving as searching was quite strict on some. We got to the front about 1.30pm and didnt get searched at all, just a few questions from a friendly security guy. We were pitched and set up for 2pm, loads of room and was right by the CV campsite hub just at the entrance to Lions Den stage. Weather was good all weekend, ground dried up nicely most places, didn't see much bands etc, prefer to wander and take it all in. Stayed in CV till about 4pm on the Monday and drove straight off, no queues etc. No complaints from us, had friends who had queued for 10 hours on the Thursday, that was soon forgotten about by Friday morning and everyone seemed to have a great time. Did see a couple of people with eFest t-shirts at the Bad Apple bar, but we arrived there well past 8pm on the Thursday and time got to the bar, said hello to friends etc, they had all gone! Sorry! Won't be there next year as got other big plans, but will deffo be back at some point in the future, it's my fav large festival by far in the UK
  2. Y Not Festival 2017

    IF I was the Kendal guys I'd be trying to distance myself from Global.. seems they are a bunch of shysters!
  3. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Oh and am 45..... another one for the oldies meet
  4. Boomtown Fair 2017

    haha.. you going this year Neil or not bothering after last year's hassle?
  5. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Yup more the merrier, there is a couple of groups off here that meet up and camp together usually.
  6. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Not even seen a public map with the venues marked this year (normally the public map they release has the venues on it!)
  7. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Thursday 6-8pm(ish) Bad Apple Bar has been a meet up place the last couple of years, though sometimes it all gets a bit messy and people miss each other... a large group I am going with will probably come up to there for a bit anyway.
  8. Arcade Fire

    New London date on the 13th added
  9. Flaming lips

    It's designed to split up into separate letters.
  10. Arcade Fire

    Just wait... not long now
  11. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    Same weekend as best festival around just now.. Bearded Theory, so count me out..
  12. Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    It's not, only for football.
  13. Arcade Fire

  14. Blue Dot Festival

    Yup bit overpriced in my opinion, but it is aimed at the middle class festival goers..
  15. V Festival banning stage times?

    It will mean counterfeit line up lanyards etc