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  1. Opening friday on the park stage would be good
  2. Roses friday Radiohead sat Sheran Sunday to keep the day ticket holders happy
  3. Heard them at Williams green for first time this year and was impressed. Tent was rammed didn't realise they were that popular and can't believe ive missed em on previous festivals.
  4. First gig I evet went to back in 78 I think meatloaf at the nec . Remember coming home from pub and watching him on ogwt and thought it was great . Everyone at work was on about it thw Monday after. Managed to get tickets via the concert travel club . Whatevery happened to them ? Ticket .coach .sorted no need for overnight stays etc
  5. Really think the weather didn't help if they had played the previous year as originally planned would have been totally different. When the edge joined muse for streets have no name the place lifted a real feel good vibe I thought .
  6. U2 won't play the festival again I reckon. One of those bands that will play it once and that's it i'd put my house on never seeing macartney the stones Neil Young Springsteen for eg ever playing again . Seen u2 a few times over the years always do a good show but the glasto set just seemed flat to me .
  7. Just about remember seeing them at Cornwall collisium years ago . Haven't listened to them In ages time to see if they still sound as good
  8. Have you looked at the gallery on glasto web site manged to get a decent one from there put on canvas
  9. Regarding the roses is the tv coverage an issue they don't seem to like there sets been shown no coverage from t in the park etc .
  10. Stumbled into the bimble in on a Thursday night a few years ago and discovered skinny lister the energy of the band was unbelievable the songs lively and fun I was truly impressed . When I got home I checked them out a bit more and have seen them numerous times since,as a longtime Pogues nut I've been waiting for a band who can get me dancing like a loon again . Great live band gutted they haven't played glasto for 2 years now .
  11. Is it separate tracks ripped it myself but a pain to put the gaps in Mrs C wants it for car which only plays audio
  12. Missed king eider at glasto and fbs could be a good one this year thanx for the info
  13. Anyone heard of who might be playing this year guessing it's going to be on 2nd september
  14. Met a local lady who must have been 80+ while walking up the road by pop up motel stopped and had a chat she seemed totally unphased by the disruption and was just going about her daily routine of walking her dog and visiting a friend . Wished us a good time , said I'd see her at the front for ronnie spector she replied I would love too but I've heard it's rather muddy .
  15. Any tips on how to rip just the audio so I can convert to mp3 and stick on cd ?