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  1. You'll soon know if you have made the right decision as the festival gets nearer and you watch the coverage on tv , its a strange feeling not being there . I have missed 3 since 1990 saying to myself that's it no more but still get the urge to go , I'm 55 now and it gets harder every year, I still like to blast it for the 5 days I'm there guess that's my younger self unleashing itself . The hardest part is lugging my stuff in every year always take enough drink etc as like to do it on the cheap so to speak. Last year nearly broke me I must admit and told everyone if I mention glasto 2017 slap me round the head and remember how hard 2016 was BUT October came and that was that maybe this year will the last . Doing it different this year camping in ashcombe farm as I can't face lugging all my gear in again so quite looking forward to doing it slightly different this time 15 min walk to the site everyday will be interesting or catching the shuttle bus is another option but either way it'll be a blast
  2. Archaos not sure if they headlined but pretty sure they were last act on pyramid in 1990 ? Anyhow it was surreal
  3. The farm as a dairy business must be one of the very few that is doing ok as many run at a loss . Perhaps he wants to keep that as his priority now . I'm sure I read he was in talks with innocent on marketing worthy farm milk in cartons , innocent ran a small acoustic festival this year innocent manage the farm in few years and start there own small festival offering free milk to punters and so the cycle starts again !!
  4. Everytime I see this thread return to the first page I build my hopes up and hope to see positive news but alas it never happens and I doubt it ever will .
  5. Skinny lister more or less confirmed on fb page . They mentioned they are playing a festival in germany the same weekend , someone commented about glastonbury and reply was "watch this space" so nailed on for an appearancE I reckon by that comment
  6. Loving the love for skinny lister
  7. Surely due a return were excellent on avalon stage last time they played. Due a bigger stage now in my opinion new album is getting rave reviews and the live shows are some of the best gigs I have been too in a very long time. In a recent interview they were asked what has been the best gig they have played and the answer was glastonbury on the avalon stage ,they have toured relentlessly for years and have built up a huge loyal following and yes that includes me ,reminds me of the Pogues in the early days and seen as the Pogues are unlikely to ever tour again let alone play glastonbury this band are the closest you wilĺ get to a good night out.
  8. Been going since 1990 missed 3 in that time , seen it grow to the monster it has become not sure how many I've it left in me as it gets harder every year but if it did move it wouldn't interest me at all ,there would more rules and regulations I reckon , more pre erected tents would be the norm I believe , no alcohol in arena area possibly due to council regulations etc etc . Just got a feeling it will move eventually after all eavis has stated he is a dairy farmer first and that is his passion . Also he's in talks with innocent to possibly market glastonbury branded milk , innocent are now predominately owned by cocoa cola so surprised he's thinking of dealing with them but if it secures the future of the dairy business for worthy farm I can see his reasoning
  9. Seen a bit of the avalon set a few years ago and got bored after a few songs ,left the tent for a smoke and a few whiskies bumped into a couple of Irish blokes who noticed my pogues shirt ,got chatting and drinking and talking about the Pogues ended up singing Pogues songs for rest of the stornoway set not a bad night in the end
  10. Frank turner Fri night , subbed by skinny lister and beans on toast . Would be a bouncy night indeed
  11. Emily said no roses next year in an interview . Clutching at straws here but we're the stories of the rolling stones headlining Debunked by the eavils then as we all know it happened . Gutted if true about no show of the roses tho perhaps the tv coverage was stumbling block
  12. Not a good time of year for me can't see me ever enjoying it at all again me and Mrs always get lumbered organisation of it wise , if it weren't for grand kids I would fuk off somewhere leave me phone at home and live on cheese on toast and whisky for a few days . Oh and no Pogues at Xmas or any other time of year come to that doesn't help either
  13. Agreed Seen em at the park a few years ago Ain't pleasing you a classic loved it not a huge fan but really enjoyed the set
  14. Never tire of seeing them Looking forward to new album
  15. Betting suspended on reunion from leading bookmaker after a flurry of large bets at 5/4 bit if an over reaction and good publicity for dvd release I reckon