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  1. Pilton party

    Not such a big secret as all over fb Tix on sale for locals then if any left they are on seetickets same as last year
  2. 2017 - The Changes

    Didnt see any portaloos this year apart from compost ones
  3. Surprises

    Alison moyet was good didn't realise she had that many songs I knew
  4. Confirmed secret sets 2017

  5. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Performing according to ticket site's
  6. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Frank turner in frome tonight TBA at park at 1am mmmm
  7. Gate D Status thread 2017

    How's gate d looking now ?
  8. TBAs

    I'd be happy with that
  9. TBAs

    Frank turner in germany on the 23rd but it's billed at 13.00 so not impossible to get back for park tba Liam Gallagher did similar for the Manchester benefit gig
  10. TBAs

    Going to be at park anyway for flaming lips so be interesting to hear rumours and expectations beforehand
  11. Visiting friends in campervan west

    Ah right was planning on visiting before we get on site Thanx for info
  12. Is it possible to meet up with friends in campervan west on Wed morning? We're staying at ashcombe farm car park this year planning a pre fest breakfast with them them then getting on site with them from campervan field later that day Is that possible
  13. Stand corrected she did say less than 10%
  14. Read somewhere the festival costs something like 28- 30 million to put on , I imagine that rises in the wet years due to extra cost of chippings hay etc . As for the 10% less I can't imagine to established bands who are already comfortable it would make that much difference , however with live performances and merchandise being the main source of income nowadays that does concern the number crunchers who manage the bands who are trying to make it in the digital age . A good set at the festival nowadays means more streams and not album sales as in the old days. Does piss me off with the likes of the stone roses who only seem to be concerned with the coin. The rolling stones should fall into that category as well , yes they played but how long did it take them to do it .
  15. Who is everyone definitely not seeing

    Ed Foos Radiohead Barry gibb Katy perry All the grime and hip hop Chic Most of the stuff on main 2 stages probably be easier to say to be honest