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  1. Sunday Legend 2016

    Cant remember the last time i watched the legends slot ,but will be watching this year grew up listening to e.l.o great tunes and a british legend for a change as well great booking  in my opinion .
  2. David Bowie Tribute Sing a Long

    i dont mind a good old mass singalong ,enjoy it up at stonebridge on thursday night for baggy mondays, as for a bowie one im not so sure ,maybe stone circle would be a good a place as any , but to be honest there will be many stalls /smaller stages doing something and i will be quite happy stumbling upon one over the weekend and listening to a few tunes .
  3. wait until this is mass produced they will be everywhere ,cracking idea though be ideal around the tent ,bit pricey at the moment tho    
  4. Headliners 2016

    Watching the Adele BBC lovefest ,Christ its boring ,like her down to earth personality and she can sing but a pyramid headliner ??  She also does a great Catherine Tate nan laugh impression as well as sing 
  5. The Stone Roses

    Still have a feeling it will happen ,all the talk of adele i just dont get . Popular yes but a headliner i cant see it myself plus shes stated she would not do festivals . So muse fri Roses sat Coldplay sun  A good mix of genre   
  6. Enjoyed the stones and was surprised how good they were. Probably last of the dinosaur bands to play the festival unless elo play ,didnt realise jeff lynn was 67 still looks the same as he did back in the day .
  7. The Stone Roses

    Really hope they play,can't believe its a money issue as they must have made a mint since the reunion . Can't see a problem with the TV exposure either ,IAN brown solo set was shown a few years back ,we all know he can sound iffy live by that hasent  bothered other bands over the years
  8. Colston hall info

    Worth a try perhaps if I say only watching support act as have train to catch that will swing it
  9. Colston hall info

    Ok cheers
  10. Colston hall info

    Thanx for replies ,ee have seats at the very top ,back row ,so if we have to stay there at least we can get up and have jig without pissing anyone off !
  11. Colston hall info

    Not really glasto related but see both bands at glasto so kind of counts. Off to see skinny lister and frank turner on 22nd nov ,only tickets i could get were seats ,now i hate sitting at gigs ,anyway i could manage to get in standing area i know its limited space for health and safety reasons etc etc ,but years ago you could easily just walk in without any ticket checks. Havent been to gig in colston hall in about 20 years so was wondering if it is possible to do .    
  12. Glastonbury local Sunday tickets onsale when?

    Yep ill be there again ,with plus1 lol . Mrs cidy finally decided to join me this time . You get tickets this year?
  13. Glastonbury local Sunday tickets onsale when?

    Looks like 5 day tickets to me the way its worded ,thought they normally went on sale week before resale?
  14. The Numbers

    Dont forget local tickets as well always wondered if they are included in the total figure ? .they usually go on sale a week before the resale.
  15. Banksy, Block 9, & Massive Attack go to the seaside

    Hip flask easy enough to get in eases the pain when you pay 4 quid for a pint ,all part of the dismal experience i guess. To be honest didnt mind paying it