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  1. Expected but missing

    I thought faithless were in with a shout Gutted no skinny lister either or frank Turner
  2. Really liking protoje at the moment ,hopefully catch them ,treachorous orchestra could be good . Too much to check if i like a lot i will be torn and dont want to be in that situation i,ll just pick a few and hopfully stumble on something new . Are you travelling with your favourite coach company this year MR waller?
  3. Stone roses Skinny lister Frank Turner Black grape Flogging molly
  4. stone roses

    Tis ok heard worse and a lot better than the bland guitar bands that are about nowadays
  5. Avalon announced

    Surprised that skinny lister not on that list . Good to see beans on toast get a spot though
  6. Beverage Of Choice

    The black stuff .beer whisky port and a bag of cider I freeze , which goes down a treat soon as defrosted ☺
  7. not-Glastonbury 2018

    Be interesting too see if the same rules apply to bringing your own food and drink , perhaps there will be be pre- erected tents as well , an experiment to see how that goes a giant worthy view maybe?
  8. Adele

    my missus and her friend are going for first time ever and they are delighted so happy for them,personally would have loved the roses but maybe next year . Hoping for a decent act on avolon west holts or acoustic if not its not the end of the world ha ha ,have agreed to see coldplay with her as im fooked by sunday anyhows ,all about compromise at our age
  9. stone roses

    Took me a long time to appreciate the roses ,never listened to first album properly for years ,just another Manchester band too me so bypassed all the euphoria . Watched Shane meadows documentary on the roses comeback a few years ago and kind of got the adulation ,we all have one band that means something mine has always been the pogues and remember the excitement when they got back together and the relief when Shane stumbled on stage and seeing the happiness on the faces of an ageing audience who were transported back to the early 80's. So back to the roses ,after watching the documentary I listened to the albums and was surprised how good they were ,kind if regret not seeing them back in the day ,Ian brown does not come across great live seen him solo and thought he was shit ,BUT if they played Glastonbury I would be there without a doubt ,unless they clashed with the pogues of coursee
  10. Headliners 2016

    Hoping for total surprise for sat headliner to be honest ,would rather watch Bowie's set on a mahoosive screen on sat than either Radiohead or Catherine Tate's nans potty mouth daughter
  11. Art Garfunkel

    Cracking gig ,even got too see the everly brothers as well ,definitely in my top 10 of gigs. Seem to remember them saying see you again when were 80.
  12. Headliners 2016

    Thought I read somewhere it was 3 British bands headlining ,so that would rule Adele out ,Radiohead seem obvious choice but to me too similar to muse .
  13. Sunday Legend 2016

    Cant remember the last time i watched the legends slot ,but will be watching this year grew up listening to e.l.o great tunes and a british legend for a change as well great booking in my opinion .
  14. David Bowie Tribute Sing a Long

    i dont mind a good old mass singalong ,enjoy it up at stonebridge on thursday night for baggy mondays, as for a bowie one im not so sure ,maybe stone circle would be a good a place as any , but to be honest there will be many stalls /smaller stages doing something and i will be quite happy stumbling upon one over the weekend and listening to a few tunes .