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  1. Seen a bit of the avalon set a few years ago and got bored after a few songs ,left the tent for a smoke and a few whiskies bumped into a couple of Irish blokes who noticed my pogues shirt ,got chatting and drinking and talking about the Pogues ended up singing Pogues songs for rest of the stornoway set not a bad night in the end
  2. Frank turner Fri night , subbed by skinny lister and beans on toast . Would be a bouncy night indeed
  3. Emily said no roses next year in an interview . Clutching at straws here but we're the stories of the rolling stones headlining Debunked by the eavils then as we all know it happened . Gutted if true about no show of the roses tho perhaps the tv coverage was stumbling block
  4. Not a good time of year for me can't see me ever enjoying it at all again me and Mrs always get lumbered organisation of it wise , if it weren't for grand kids I would fuk off somewhere leave me phone at home and live on cheese on toast and whisky for a few days . Oh and no Pogues at Xmas or any other time of year come to that doesn't help either
  5. Agreed Seen em at the park a few years ago Ain't pleasing you a classic loved it not a huge fan but really enjoyed the set
  6. Never tire of seeing them Looking forward to new album
  7. Betting suspended on reunion from leading bookmaker after a flurry of large bets at 5/4 bit if an over reaction and good publicity for dvd release I reckon
  8. I was 30 something when they came on the scene breath of fresh air at the time Seen em at all they're glasto appearnces 94 being the best ,did Knebworth and Finsbury park which were great gigs. Did some truly awful songs as well as the classics i.e. Bowies heroes can't remember what b side it was on but christ it's bad. Early stuff stands the test of time imo Still got a copy of Acquiesce promo only 300 about I believe Will watch the documentary when it's out should bring back some good memories. Can't see anything happening like it did back then ever again to be honest
  9. Would consider it after the struggle this year I was adamant this year was my last but times a great healer as they say and it's being part of my life since 1990 plus missus went for first time this year and struggled a bit.but loved it and could see why I return every year Considering my options at the moment depending on ticket day of course
  10. Wonder if Mr Gallagher would sub the roses not liam btw
  11. Opening friday on the park stage would be good
  12. Roses friday Radiohead sat Sheran Sunday to keep the day ticket holders happy
  13. Heard them at Williams green for first time this year and was impressed. Tent was rammed didn't realise they were that popular and can't believe ive missed em on previous festivals.
  14. First gig I evet went to back in 78 I think meatloaf at the nec . Remember coming home from pub and watching him on ogwt and thought it was great . Everyone at work was on about it thw Monday after. Managed to get tickets via the concert travel club . Whatevery happened to them ? Ticket .coach .sorted no need for overnight stays etc
  15. Really think the weather didn't help if they had played the previous year as originally planned would have been totally different. When the edge joined muse for streets have no name the place lifted a real feel good vibe I thought .