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  1. Stumbled into the bimble in on a Thursday night a few years ago and discovered skinny lister the energy of the band was unbelievable the songs lively and fun I was truly impressed . When I got home I checked them out a bit more and have seen them numerous times since,as a longtime Pogues nut I've been waiting for a band who can get me dancing like a loon again . Great live band gutted they haven't played glasto for 2 years now .
  2. Is it separate tracks ripped it myself but a pain to put the gaps in Mrs C wants it for car which only plays audio
  3. Missed king eider at glasto and fbs could be a good one this year thanx for the info
  4. Anyone heard of who might be playing this year guessing it's going to be on 2nd september
  5. Met a local lady who must have been 80+ while walking up the road by pop up motel stopped and had a chat she seemed totally unphased by the disruption and was just going about her daily routine of walking her dog and visiting a friend . Wished us a good time , said I'd see her at the front for ronnie spector she replied I would love too but I've heard it's rather muddy .
  6. Any tips on how to rip just the audio so I can convert to mp3 and stick on cd ?
  7. Donuts had smaller holes this year
  8. Watched elo set and looks like I didn't miss much should have been art garfunkel in my opinion . Think next year they should try and persuade yusaf Islam to play now that would be legendary
  9. Protoje at the gully Ronnie spector the park Beans in toast avalon
  10. Getting caught in traffic was a godsend at least we didn't have to queue in the rain Glad we left yesterday as had to take wife to hospital last night it was her first one and she loved it up until sat Hospital not glasto related btw we parked at ashcombe farm which helped after a day of reflection I will give it a miss next year swore after 2000 I would stop but it kept dragging me back but this time I'm pretty sure it was my last.
  11. Read earlier that representative s of longest were on site and not impressed hardly surprising under thecircumstances
  12. My 20th and final one it seems to have lost the magic over the years . Still had that buzz when I got through the gate but it soon went loved wed thurs and Friday the mud shattered and beat me the trip from car to gate d was soul destroying Came home early it was my wife's first one and surprised she stuck it out as long as she did. Music means less and less each year to me but enjoy just randomly stumbling on smaller areas but when the mud arrives it make unbearable Appreciate the effort gone into drainage etc but no amount of new drainage schemes will beat the weather we're in a field we know the consequences when the heavens open I've had my fair share of wet ones over the years and I've finally had enough time to leave it to the youngones hope you have fun in the future years and enjoy it as much I hAve Just remember don't believe any weather forecasts until at least monday
  13. People going down with cramps etc and medical tents ran out of tablets
  14. Cider in the freezer Armbands packed I'm not a strong swimmer!!!
  15. Fuck the bbc and metcheck Bob cramptons ya man on west country