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  1. Exclusivity

    Good point. I'm just off to hide in the corner now.
  2. Exclusivity

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I'm not about to sift through 756 pages of the lineup post to find it), but since when did R+L ditch their policy of having exclusive headliners? I know that the 'exclusive' label is often very tenuous sometimes with 'England' exclusive if the headliners happen to be playing T or some other Scottish or Irish festival. But this year there's no way you can say The Libertines are exclusive in any way, since they are playing the BST festival at Hyde Park in July. I thought the 'exclusive performance' criteria was something R+L always seeked to get and can't remember anything in recent history where they've not at least claimed that a headliner is exclusive to R+L in some way or another. Although I could be mistaken as I've not been paying as close attention in the past couple of years, but I thought bands were automatically ruled out of headlining if they were playing another headline slot in England.