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  1. 2015 Wishlist

    heard its Blu Dei Nu Wan...
  2. Things that annoy you ?

    A colleague who replies to everything with "I'm not disagreeing... But" Gets so bloody annoying. Not been here for while, hope everything is a bit better kaos. 
  3. 2015 Wishlist

  4. 2015 Wishlist

    soni's facebook says it all people... (their last post with a comment replying to someone). can't link it or screencap it currently as my laptop wants to play games with me
  5. WWE

    some are saying that they could potentially be put straight into the main roster when they sign up, with potentially a handful of nxt matches. as you say, this is the wwe we are talking about and can easily muck anything up... heath slater got his contracted one win a year already then.... 
  6. 2015 Wishlist

    neither is my pet cat that went missing 15 years ago, its still alive in my mind therefore still not dead!
  7. Films

    so update on what I'd said the other week: fell ill yesterday and couldn't go to the premiere, gutted about it but still seeing it tuesday anyway.  it was at the vue in leicester square anyway so wasn't the red carpet affair.
  8. WWE

    decent I think, Sami Zayn is back and they've got Neville on it as well by the looks of it
  9. Boxing

    good to see Joshua get an actual fight going, 7th round. he got hit hard earlier although was dominating bar that round he got shaken. solid performance though  
  10. Films

  11. Films

    ha. cheers. nah not going as a stormtrooper, I'd somehow probably miss it will try and see what I can get away with, but somehow think they won't be impressed  
  12. Download 2016

    crazy. if they aren't interested in going they should just say so. I'm tempted but its finding others to go with may be a problem. Just want to see the next couple of announcements as well as then can make a better decision.
  13. Download 2016

    cry me a river.   some bands develop and grow in size, some don't. there's a lot of people who may not have been to download before who are considering it because of the bands booked at this particular time. the world doesn't revolve around you, get over it. if you don't like it, don't go. simple.   edit: also, just for example, I know there are bands that play more often than not but you get that at other festivals as well. (see Frank Turner at R&L) but there are other cases who do not - Shinedown - 2009, 2012, 2016. Billy Talent (if confirmed) - 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. those sort of bookings help sway people  
  14. Download 2016

  15. Download 2016

    its the RAWK show on Radio Juan https://twitter.com/DownloadFest/status/672451231831482368