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  1. Boxing

    that was actually an entertaining fight, credit to haye for not giving in but with his big gob I think it humbled him a bit.
  2. Boxing

    well... as a follow on from the last post i made, stubhub put in a queuing system for the second sale and we managed to get tickets. also Khan vs Pacman - thoughts on that? personally see it as a payday for Khan. And Haye-Bellew this weekend. Don't really care who wins it but the trash talking has been good.
  3. WWE

    unfortunately when they are in essence churning out a ppv every two weeks, it will lose quality over time (admittedly its every 4 per brand but still)
  4. Films

    fair enough, must've done well for it to only be spoiled for me after the premiere then
  5. Boxing

    I hate stubhub. had tickets all set to buy, clicked purchase (the final confirmation bit) for it then to say, sorry you can't buy that number of tickets.... but you can BUY MORE. edit: oh and then kick me out when saying I would buy more as I knew some people who would want them F*cking pr*cks..
  6. Things that annoy you ?

    StubHub being the main ticket seller for any f*cking type of event. They are worse than any of the other main sites have ever been, plus they are a f*cking tout website.
  7. Films

    Should be able to: don't read this Spoiler if you haven't seen Rogue One/don't want to know either way! I think what was cool though was that pretty much anyone who heard and realised what they had said didn't plaster it over the internet - or if they did it wasn't widespread, as last year a major spoiler surfaced just after the premier and ruined part of TFA for a fair few people. As on a different forum i frequent (a lot more often than here nowadays) someone else had been there as well and picked up on it, but not mentioned it either. edit: considering it was a around 5 months to not say anything as well, damn impressive. I think it was good they were only shown briefly, as they could have gone too far and made half the movie based around said character.
  8. Films

    Rogue One was a good movie, even with knowing a slight minor plot detail from the Star Wars Celebration earlier this year... (one of the actors accidentally revealed a slight bit too much information when being talked to - but really it didn't affect the movie anyway). Seeing it again just after Christmas.
  9. 2015 Wishlist

    I'm gazza and my record is more than 50% hit rate, purely by guessing correctly!!
  10. Football 2015/16

    pretty sure that picture was floating round before the start of the season as well. looks more like a carpet
  11. The Gaming Thread

    Think I'm biting the bullet and going to purchase a ps4 - what games do people recommend? I won't be bothering with some of the games that were on ps3 - I still have them sitting around since my ps3 broke a year or so ago.
  12. Football 2015/16

    getting bored of the refs being awful, they seem to be getting worse each week (in general not just specific decisions). seemed an excellent game for the neutrals though.
  13. Boxing

    Damn. first I've heard that. he took a pummelling. still, if Eubank Jr wasn't being such an arrogant bellend it would have been over by round 6. Kell brook made short work of Bizier, take note eubank, as against people who hit back harder that tactic could have possibly backfired.
  14. The Gaming Thread

    They've got a 3ds xl for £99.99 on the nintendo store with the "ultimate nes remix" as well. limited time only. for those who were mulling over buying one.
  15. WWE

    probably before then, but you never know.