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  1. Football 2015/16

    getting bored of the refs being awful, they seem to be getting worse each week (in general not just specific decisions). seemed an excellent game for the neutrals though.
  2. Boxing

    Damn. first I've heard that. he took a pummelling. still, if Eubank Jr wasn't being such an arrogant bellend it would have been over by round 6. Kell brook made short work of Bizier, take note eubank, as against people who hit back harder that tacticcould have possibly backfired.
  3. The Gaming Thread

    They've got a 3ds xl for £99.99 on the nintendo store with the "ultimate nes remix" as well. limited time only. for those who were mulling over buying one.
  4. WWE

    probably before then, but you never know.
  5. WWE

    Yeah its a great system, I completely forgot and checked when I got home and it said sold out for all tickets. Will have to try on my phone though as the computer system we have at work is slower than the first computers made.
  6. Football 2015/16

    first time I've ever gone away to a team like Man Utd and felt disappointed that we got a draw. At least we have the replay at some point...
  7. WWE

    Oh ok, I've been fairly busy recently so haven't kept up with the rumours. The o2 priority tickets have sold out for that live show, no surprise there just means Wednesday will be hard to get one if I try - computers at work are horrendous so may not even bother.
  8. WWE

    From the rumours it sounds like it is wade Barrett as that's been going round a few weeks now. Forgot about the special they announced for September... Will see if tickets are still available
  9. The Gaming Thread

    That was great
  10. 2015 Wishlist

    great news! soni is coming ba- never mind.
  11. The Gaming Thread

    plus they are screwing over people with an older version of the 3ds as you can't get them unless you buy a newer over priced version of the same handheld console.
  12. The Gaming Thread

    zelda games are great to play, especially the ones from previous consoles. Just hope they convert some of the others that they have redone for the Wii U. Other than that the pokemon games are ok. Really need to start playing it again at some point.
  13. Films

    Went to see Deadpool on Wednesday evening, really enjoyed it. I recommend seeing it if you have a slightly twisted sense of humour. Only thing I will say about it is there's no 4th wall. Anyone else seen it yet?
  14. 2015 Wishlist

    heard its Blu Dei Nu Wan...
  15. Things that annoy you ?

    A colleague who replies to everything with "I'm not disagreeing... But" Gets so bloody annoying. Not been here for while, hope everything is a bit better kaos.