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  1. Dr Who revealed

    it took me a while to get into that episode but once it was revealed then it made it a solid episode building on the last one to the series finale. can't wait for it, but am fearing that they will muck it up somehow as they tend to do. think although they have built upon stories this series and then had a few times where they didn't execute the ending of those stories too well (in my opinion) its the first one in a while where its kept me interested throughout, as its almost seemed a bit darker than the last few series. its also kept me hooked as they have thrown a few curveballs in there at times as well.
  2. Boxing

    fair play to Fury, he did what he said he would do - maybe this is the breath of fresh air that the heavyweight division needed to become relevant again. Klitschko had possibly made the division stagnant from the domination for 9 years but now it has the chance to become exciting - there are a few up and coming fighters who could really put into the mix in the next few years. De Gale won again, although Bute is possibly on his way down after doing so well for so long. He dominated but really didn't fully convert which he should have tried to do - at least this time he managed to do the 12 rounds without struggling near the end. Bute is still a good fighter but with as many losses in as many fights might be thinking his time is up. 4 World champs though, not bad to be honest as in the last few years there has been the odd world champion at different points
  3. Dr Who revealed

    good episode, probably building up to something for the last 2.  so we have River to look forward to then at some point during either episode...  
  4. WWE

    £50+ at a guess.
  5. 2015 Wishlist

    Lamb of God Opeth Linkin Park  
  6. Lineup 2016

    he filed for 'bankruptcy' as he supposedly didn't have a flow of cash to pay off some court order. he still has enough money, just tried to get out of paying money out for some reason or another.
  7. Films

    its a good film but it had huge expectations due to skyfall.  think skyfall was better, but really it was a good rounded movie that linked all the previous DC bond movies together. maybe had a bit lacking at points but still, way better than quantum of solace.
  8. Dr Who revealed

    that was a really good episode. nice cliffhanger to end it as well.
  9. Dr Who revealed

    haven't seen this weeks episode, its been good quality on the whole. will be watching it at some point in the week.
  10. WWE

    Last time this was the case he was scheduled for smackdown but ended up on Raw as well. When he got beaten down by the shield.
  11. Lineup 2016

    hopefully they are calling it a day so he can go act full time. 
  12. Cricket

    today has been a bit poor so far...
  13. Lineup 2016

    If it does go ahead in any capacity I suggest it may be re-branded as they are doing in Europe - the one in Switzerland is now:  Although according to Neil, Biffy have bigger plans than doing soni - check the forum in the Old festivals bit.
  14. Lineup 2016

    proof please.   thanks.
  15. Films

    there was a hell of a lot of people attempting to get tickets for the Waterloo Imax. That's what kept crashing the server for ticket sales and whatnot. other cinemas weren't as bad online booking wise but as it was the same server the repeated cycle of people trying to buy as soon as they tried to make them available crashed it again.