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  1. Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    Not entirely true.. her new album limped in at No.6, Ed's is fighting for top spot (and has been regardless of Glastonbury in recent weeks) many months down the line. He's massively more popular than her, or Biffy (both of whom I agree could headline most festivals, just not above Sheeran). Anyway, I was in the pit with friends who are also fans and I thought he smashed it. Couple of setlist blunders, but in terms of what he gave to it, can't fault it. I do get though that it is easy to make anything seem amazing if you're down at the front getting involved. Case in point, I've seen Major Lazer from the side and thought they were dull as dishwater, saw them this time many vodkas down and right down the front, it was a massive party!
  2. Sziget Festival 2017

    What are they playing at on the schedules? Rita and Clean Bandit have swapped, Anne-Marie and the Courteeners have swapped. For people whp have planned based on the schedule given this is quite poor. Worse is that one of the tbc slots they made us believe was a subheadliner, nope, they've slotted in Glass Animals and moved Two Door up. They've shot themselves in the foot really as Two Door are a sub sized band and should have been there from the start but they made us believe something bigger was coming. It's cheeky of them.
  3. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Thanks to you and to @Divein - that's two places I will be checking out come next month!
  4. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Chips, cheese and gravy is legit my favourite thing in the world... do you know the name of their company? I MUST FIND THEM!
  5. "Really big secret"

    This thread, What would we do without this place? I am firmly hoping for Gaga, but of all the things mentioned in the thread, I think the most likely is Gorillaz.
  6. Late night non-dance

    That's really interesting because in my first year (2010) I had no idea you could drink your own drink INSIDE a bar and the Kasbah was the first place that I realised you could take your drink wherever the hell you liked, they were like 'you know you can bring that in, right?' I would agree with the William's Green shout, Club de Fromage, Guilty Pleasures etc is always good fun. Also Glasto Latino was a lot of fun. There's definitely stuff to do if you don't want dance/house
  7. "Really big secret"

    So mad at Emily I had made peace with Gaga not being on the poster and now she's gone and thrown this in the mix and opened the door again to the possibility.. I am more than aware I am probably just going to be disappointed twice, though.
  8. Sziget Festival 2017

    yeah Sziget Festival UK replied to me on Facebook and confirmed she's cancelled. I'm not in the same spot as you as there are loads of acts I'm excited for, but Charli was one, they could have made it more clear.
  9. Sziget Festival 2017

    Anyone any idea where Charli XCX has gone from the program page? I know she won't be one that many here will care for but she is a great live performer and I was interested in seeing her!
  10. Sziget Festival 2017

    I disagree, especially considering we have no Colosseum names etc. If I got up to 4 acts a day, on average, I'd be fine. Some days are going to be busier, other days I can spend more time exploring the island and the city.
  11. Sziget Festival 2017

    The schedule is now on the website and the Sunday and Monday have 'coming soon!' in the sub headliner slot. As they are both under DJs could this been an option for some more fairly big rock acts? If there was a couple more akin to Biffy that could effectively headline the festival but don't, that'd be great! I have about 24 acts I can see based on the schedule so far, that's not too bad!
  12. Headliner poll

    Almost certainly Foos and Ed. I am with the poster who said they may get a bit bored of three hours of Foos but I hope to be proven wrong!
  13. The guilty pleasures thread

    Amen! I used to hide away while watching it at work, now on a Saturday morning I'll openly watch it on a break. I've given up caring if people know I like it. Not to shit on this thread at all but if it brings you pleasure, don't feel guilty about it! It is nice to see people admit to having love for some less 'cool' things though
  14. Meeting acts

    Saw Will Young, Lily Allen and one of the Four Poofs and Piano in the NYC Downlow. They were a big deal at the time... promise.
  15. Self Confirmed 2017

    She was awesome in the John Peel tent also. Happy with this, bizarre she's got pretty much the same slot though.