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  1. Haha, @FloorFiller while that is certainly true of their early stuff (which had bizarre names so it was hard to know which was which anyway), there is a definitive shift in sound for the latest album. Far less reliance on upbeat guitar riffs and a shift to a more midtempo sound, while retaining catchy melody. Songs like 'Bad Decisions' and 'Fever' are a bit 'updated Bee Gees', and are very different from the title track 'Gameshow' or something like 'Lavender'. So I can understand that thought process, but there's definitely a wider variety of sound on their more recent work.
  2. Right, so. Two Door Cinema Club are my favourite band, and I would welcome any opportunity to see them. However, I don't think they would be a great booking for the festival this year. As noted, they played last year, and the album hasn't exactly set the world alight (despite being brilliant, probably their best). But beyond that, they are the name I have seen on the most line ups, not just in the UK, but in Europe and further afield. They would probably be the least exclusive booking going, and not an exciting one for the festival no matter how excited I would be personally. They have always been quite poor at updating their setlists anyway, the first four songs are usually the same, in the same order, and pretty much all from the first record. LOVED the Ally Pally show but considering that was their own tour for (you'd assume) the more devoted fans I was sad they didn't switch it up and put more of the new album in there. Glastonbury a year on, yeah it'd be 95% the same setlist as last time. I applaud them though for making themselves such a staple of the festival scene despite not selling many albums of late at all. They really are a cracking live act so I completely understand why and if they were on the line up I'd be delighted, but I'm not expecting it and hope for some more exciting names *for the festival*
  3. The undercard looks... not 'weak' because that's unfair to the acts, just... uninspired. But I actually think the two headliner bookings are great. If the undercard looked better I would be there on Pink day, I will be keeping an eye but it doesn't look massively exciting beyond her, to me.
  4. This has been so exciting for something which is a foregone conclusion.. god bless this internet forum, I feel for the poor people who will just read it as a headline tonight/tomorrow morning and never have experienced the full 'Poirot' of it all.. it's been quite a week!
  5. Turns out someone already said almost the exact same thing back, sorry for repetition haha
  6. Not really true though, is it, she's been a consistently featured vocalists on great tunes from the likes of Matoma, MK, Rudimental and Wilkinson, as well as the Oliver Heldens song I guess you refer to (hard to know which 'one hit' you mean though given she had two big top ten hits) - and besides all the chart stats the fact remains she has a superb voice and has released some pretty interesting pop tunes. That was a bit of an easy pot shot, tbh. The announcement..I was considering a day ticket but the acts I would want to see could literally not have been split between the three days any cleaner, so a no go I expect. What I do agree with you on Zac is the surprise Everything Everything annoucement, wasn't considering them for anything at all!
  7. Do we ever actually get anything from the BRITs? I might be wildly wrong but it feels like it gets brought up every year as a time someone will announce and I swear nobody ever actually does, unlike the NME Awards...
  8. Briefs? Was so good, they weren't about last year were they? Did the two years previous and were awesome both times!
  9. Hi Liam Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, people. No, plenty of headliners still to come. There's 7 days of music, beginning on the 9th August (day -1) - on this day not all the stages are open but there's plenty going on and acts all day on the main stage as usual - a higher proportion of Hungarian acts but usually a big international headliner. We don't think we have had this name yet. The music goes on until the 15th August. Overall so far we have had three headliners (Kasabian, Major Lazer and Dmitri Vegas/Like Mike). The latter will headline the End Party, but as in recent years there's usually a fairly decent name on before them. That means there's four headliners and a potentially big sub on the final day still to come. Overall how many acts to announce is hard to say. Plenty, though, I would have thought. These are literally described on the website as 'the first names'. I would imagine as we still have over 50% of headliners to come that we still have over 50% of undercard to come also. Hope this helps, it's a top festival.
  10. Thanks Neil, really appreciate that, I'll keep the faith then!
  11. Thank you - hoping it was from someone with credibility!
  12. Sorry to be a pain, but with the news of the tour dates not necessarily backing up the claims Gaga will be there, can someone remind me why it was thought she would be there in the first place? Was it a reputable source? Perhaps @eFestivals can remind me/us (sorry Neil, but easier to ask than to trawl through the entire thread, and I want to figure out whether to keep the faith she'll play!) Ta.
  13. Does the timing of the Gaga tour make her less likely? Or have no real impact? I have sort of sold myself the idea she will be there and last night made me want it to be true so bad!
  14. I know the Kaiser Chiefs sub thing is based on potential intel, but it just looks so wrong to have them above Royal Blood right now That said, if you're anywhere close with Solange, Diana, Royal Blood and the Foos being four of the top five Pyramid acts on the same day I would happily stick around there for most of Sunday.
  15. This would be a killer clash for me. Probably the two rumoured (realistic) artists I am most hoping to be true..