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  1. Could paint bins on the Tuesday for a ticket?
  2. 6 people all with laptops and no luck. My mate switched to 4G and got through instantly... Just in time too!
  3. I do see what you mean. I does feel like Libertarianism following on from Americas current brand of Republican Capitalism would result in something similar to what you're suggesting. I would be nice for the USA to get out its nose out of other countries shit though and if Libertarianism was the way they did things 5 years ago their banks would have just failed, in theory at least, because the government wouldn't have interviened and that might have set a better trend for the rest of the world. I still think the right to do anything (it doesn't advocate mean getting rid of thinks like the Justice system despite it's wholesale reduction of Government power) isn't quite the same as have the "freedom to do whatever you like however the fuck you like". As a basic level it fucks over the common man less than right-wing politics in America has for many years. In my opinion. I still prefer the Democrats and all round would prefer to just never live there. If they stopped meddling with other countries that would be good enough for me, Libertarianism advocates that.
  4. That's a really twisted way to describe it. Not that I agree with them, I just don't think they're any more right wing than Republicans. On topic. I watch Louis CK's show from last year "Live at the Beacon Theatre". I thought he was very good. Tbyman, I see what you mean about it being from a 40 something viewpoint. Jokes about his kids and such I can't relate to but his delivery is excellent all the same. It was a lot better than the older show I listened to last week. Anyone know a good place to stream his TV show?
  5. I'd call him extreme but not right wing. edit: If that was you, great shout. I had a great time watching his shit on Saturday.
  6. I've been coming in and out of this thread for a good few days now picking up recommendations whilst I've been off work sick. Deffinetely some good stuff in here. Jim Jeffries was a really great shout. I haven't laughed at a comedian so much in a long time. His 'Alcholocaust' show is excellent, there was some really brutal stuff in there but the tale about his old school friend with muscular distrophy was inspired. Louis CK is better than I expected him to be if a little predictable. Frankie Boyles ¨If I could I'd reach through the TV and punch you¨ or whatever it's called was also suprisingly excellent. When he rips on members of the crowd he's so cruel and so vicious. I think he really declined before he dissappeared a few years ago, but I would recommend that show to anyone. Stephen Lynch not so much, it was all a little clean cut American for my liking. Same for a lot of the youtube videos in here, I clearly don't get why Sam Kinison is funny (maybe I'm too young?). However, of them all (and probably the reason I'm posting) Doug Stanhope - who I think Purple Monkey recommended - is my new favourite comic. I've seen him on Screenwipe but oh my, his stand up show is at times genuinely horrifying, his world view is nothing short of inspiring at times and he is so unbelievably funny. I'd buy him so many beers. Good thread.
  7. I've been reading through the thread for the exact same reason Nightcrawler. I smoke quite a lot of weed I suppose, but half the problem is rolling a spliff when I get that nicotine craving. Being able to stay inside might just be what I'm looking for. Does it smoke in any way? In so much as is there anything coming off it that might cause an angry barman to tell me I have to step outside?
  8. Last two times i've seen Reel Big Fish in Nottingham the support's been Skindred then Streetlight Manifesto. I hadn't heard either beforehand so RBF to me is a nice way to discover good ska/punk bands. I'll be seeing them again this April
  9. All out for 304. Excellent. It's been a really, really good performance from England in this first session, and the test in general. Nice to see England winning deservedly for once!
  10. Harrison to keep boxing
  11. I agree as well, but imo horse racing is the one exception. The whole thing is based around betting (like greyhounds), where as most other sports are based around human competition, physical prowess and pure skill and technique. Horse racing has such a huge factor of luck, it's like cards.
  12. The thought had crossed my mind. I'd like to think that after sorting out their families finances they realised they didn't need the rest of it. Either way, a lot of good causes got paid.
  13. This made me happy.
  14. Easier to get into but daaaaaaaaaaamn, f**k filler. Watching a whole series of Bleach or Naruto (especially Naruto) when it has nothing to do with the story and never happened in the Managa is a ball ache. I still watch a lot of Anime. Have you ever seen Afro Samurai? It's American (it has Samuel L Jackson in it) but it's really well drawn and animated. The RZA does the soundtrack as well, it's pretty badass all round.
  15. I agree. Most of my mates call me weird for thinking AA is the best Batman comic. They don't agree with the art style but i think the mental images go well with a comic specifically about the asylum. Mostly it was recent-ish stuff so it was worth what it was worth. Maybe £1-£5 a comic depending on the usual factors. The only thing i sold for a lot was the Amazing Spiderman where all the heros and villains got together and helped with the trade centre disaster. Made me about £50 4 or 5 years ago, i hear it's worth more now. Manga is excellent and shouldn't be confused with Anime. Animated versions of the comics are usually edited pretty horribly, especially things like violence and nudity and especially when they sell it in the states. For instance, One Piece is one of the best Mangas ever made but the Anime version is horribly cut together and shit.