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  1. Good morning everyone! Here's my now weekly post going, Fleet Foxes should probably be announced today. Fleet Foxes or not it should be an interesting announcement later on!
  2. Happpy Paddy's Day! Cant wait for U2, Westlife and B*Witched to be announced this afternoon! Seriously though, still hoping for Fleet Foxes and Biffy Clyro.
  3. Today's announcement wasn't amazing for me but Above and Beyond was an unexpected surprise. Hopefully they don't clash with Linkin Park. I really hope Arcade Fire are still in the "headliner" slot on the Thursday. Seeing them in the light would just be wrong.
  4. Hi everyone! I've been reading this thread for months and never bothered to comment but thought it's about time to get involved. me and two mates have bought tickets and are driving over from Edinburgh for this and I can't wait. The line up is great even after the relatively weak recent announcements. Hoping for Fleet Foxes and Biffy Clyro (of course) to be announced today. See you all in Belgium!
  5. No.
  6. For various reasons I can't make it this year. So I have a 3 day ticket going, does anyone want to buy it? Really don't want to use a resale site!
  7. For me if those were the Friday headliners that would be among the worst clashes I've seen. I would go see LCD because I haven't seen them before but missing Muse, Underworld, M83 and James Blake would hurt.
  8. If Adele is playing, she's headlining the pyramid. I don't think I personally would plan to go see her but a few ciders and suddenly Rolling in the Deep is an absolute barnstormer.
  9. I couldn't risk this selling out so I've bought my ticket! As it stands I'm going solo so if there's others on here doing the same then a efests meet should definitely be organised! I'm almost too excited and it's only February.
  10. Haven't posted on here in years but this line up, personally, is one of the best I've seen. I basically need to go but my usual group of mates can't go for various reasons. anyone on here been to this by themselves? Any advise?