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  1. 2019 Headliners

    Sorry to be the one to bring it up (probably again) but Swedish House Mafia are back. Other stage headliner?
  2. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Just saw that on Facebook, the comments are a great read seems like an odd choice, not sure anyone with a 5 day ticket will be happy with the line up as a whole now
  3. Summer Sessions 2018

    That’s all true. These gigs are screaming out as tourist traps. None of the acts playing are exactly rare finds in the summer.
  4. Summer Sessions 2018

    Very true but the same artist, playing the same bit of grass, only 8 months apart is still a bit strange!
  5. Summer Sessions 2018

    Well that saves me some money Kasabian on a Saturday is a good booking though, should sell out instantly. The others are a bit odd, especially Rag N Bone Man as he played the same place at Hogmanay.
  6. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It’s taken 39 pages but finally a thread about a Scottish music festival has descended into sectarian chat. Good work folks! Back to the last headliner... I’m running out of ideas since Muse aren’t playing anywhere apparently. Since they aren’t playing Reading, do we think Royal Blood could feesibly headline with a decent support?
  7. Summer Sessions 2018

    For Glasgow, I still think Calvin Harris and Foo Fighters. Probably Kings of Leon too. Edinburgh is harder because of the smaller capacity and the fact that Kelvingrove has so many bands booked that won’t play both. I’m just praying they’ve snapped up Arcade Fire since they are in Europe at the start of August anyway.

    I wish it was purely the hype machine but I know real people who claim that the Foo Fighters are the best live band they’ve seen. Makes me worry about them now that I finally subjected myself to almost 3 hours of a Dave Grohl vanity show.

    Yes. It was more disapointment due to hearing loads of people say that they are incredible live when they just aren’t.
  10. Summer Sessions 2018

    So in the Edinburgh evening news this morning, some good news (hopefully) for us Edinburgh lot! ”Up to eight open-air shows will be staged in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle under a new series of “Summer Sessions” gigs in August. The organisers of the T in the Park and TRNSMT festivals have confirmed they will be staging shows in the arena for the first time in over a decade. British pop diva Paloma Faith has already been confirmed as the first act for the line-up for the shows at the Ross Bandstand”

    Foo Fighters are pretty boring live. Not as boring as Kings of Leon but still surprisingly dull.
  12. Summer Sessions 2018

    There’s the poster as well. Seems odd, especially on a Wednesday.
  13. Lineup 2018

    At least Twitter is handling it well...
  14. Lineup 2018

    Most other European countries have 1-3 festivals sharing the big touring bands. The UK splits them over so many little festivals when Glastonbury doesn’t hoover them all up. It’s frustrating because it means either travelling abroad or going to several, over priced, weak UK ones.
  15. Lineup 2018

    That is a shocking weekend line up, I’m not really sure what “crowd” they are going for. Also, have Panic! done much since 2011 to merit such a jump? They headlined Slam Dunk but that’s not exactly a sign of a Reading/Leeds headliner!

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