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  1. Primavera Sound 2016

    Royal Headache and Steve Gunn would recommend    
  2. 2016 Wishlist

    Headliners are not shared but mayb half a dozen acts sometimes shared.
  3. 2016 Wishlist

    I'm guessing early next week or end of this one can't see it being too much longer. I was happy with Green Man anouncement top tier of bands either played EOTR before or not interested in them. Jason Isbell would b gr8 though or Sunflower Bean 
  4. 2016 Wishlist

    probably take off LCD Soundsystem and Radiohead then should b Porto line up shame about LCD but hopefully EOTR will oblige
  5. 2016 Wishlist

    I'm doing Primavera Porto this year as well as EOTR really looking forward to it never done a festival abroad amazing how cheap everything was
  6. Primavera Sound 2016

    I do the End of the Road Festival always great  
  7. Primavera Sound 2016

    when is the Porto line up normally out
  8. Best Albums of 2015

    The Lizzo album is amazing would get in my countdown only heard it twice but it's so good.
  9. Best Albums of 2015

    Can't really get the love for Carly Rae Jepson have tried just sounds poor. For quality pop always got to hand it to the scandinavians always the best. Susanne Sundfor - Ten Love Songs the closes you can get to pop heaven
  10. Best Albums of 2015

    On one of the top 20's for a magazine found this album Relax/Relapse by a band called Drape wow highly recommend will add to top 20  
  11. Best Albums of 2015

    Good call on Deafheaven also for something on the heavy side but mayb not metal Metz or Drenge
  12. Best Albums of 2015

    It has been an amazing years. Fans of Americana would like Chris Stapleton and James McMurty albums. Every genre of music have had great years mayb not metal unless someone can prove me wrong. 
  13. Best Albums of 2015

    Coldplay sorry you got more chance of One Direction lol
  14. Best Albums of 2015

    I'm willing to change my list if something grabs me. Posted mine to see other people's in case their is any I missed. Most magazines and website hav posted theirs already so I'm not the first
  15. Best Albums of 2015

    name one album left to be released this year that would make any1's list. The only albums to be released are  compilations and pop artists unless the mysterious Frank Ocean suddenly appears