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  1. Nos Primavera Sound

  2. 2016 Wishlist

    I would b happy with Belly but tour dates say no over here in july america in august don't see why they would go back in september
  3. 2016 Wishlist

    also not fully connected but relevant mayb Echo and the Bunnymen has live date 1st September announced
  4. 2016 Wishlist

    yes they have but last album was a little disappointed with though gr8 back catalogue
  5. 2016 Wishlist

    Chutes too narrow someones guess of course which means The Shins now that would b good and make sense
  6. 2016 Wishlist

    mayb too obvious I'm sure it's wrong probably something more obscure
  7. 2016 Wishlist

    Sturgill Simpson
  8. 2016 Wishlist

  9. 2016 Wishlist

    i'm not sure if this means anything strange post
  10. 2016 Wishlist

  11. Nos Primavera Sound

    http:///s/nosprimaverasound2015/ this is from last year should give u an idea
  12. Nos Primavera Sound

    At the End of the Road Festival their is a group for people to meet up who are alone I'm not sur if their is something similar here . I'm going down on the wednesday with my mate you are welcome to meet up
  13. 2016 Wishlist

  14. 2016 Wishlist

    Petite Noir is the artist well I didn't every1 else name of film is same name as his album La Vie est Belle
  15. 2016 Wishlist