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  1. Things that ur happy about

    Things are going well for me at the moment. I am on the right tracks with my anxiety/panic attacks. I managed a visit down to Nottingham and last month I went down to visit my youngest in St Albans. I am having a party as well for my 50th in November and I am going to approach the DWP with the idea to get back to work or study but very slowly. Youngest has started her first year at uni studying music and I have 2 others that have started their final year, one in Game Design which he really enjoys. All in all I can't grumble which makes a pleasant change for me ;-)
  2. Music Production

    My daughter plays the guitar and is about to move on to playing it at uni. I was adamant with her that she gets at least a couple of hours with a teacher and it seems to have worked. edit to add: That's 2 of my kids doing music. 1 doing Music Tech and the other Music Performance. Another is doing Game Design which draws off the music field (the use Reason)
  3. Helping out after the festival ends

    If you stay for litter be prepared for the atmosphere to change. It is relentless work and the mass majority of workers had not been at the festival and the emphasis is on work. It is an extremely busy time as most people are packing up and just wanting to get home.

    link to this 11 dead at Glasto please
  5. Things that ur happy about

    Over Christmas we got adopted by a cat. We have called him Ian. Ian doesn't like been bitten or farted on.
  6. best youtube vids

    Have that at Alton Towers and you would make a mint. As long as people have their flying legs on
  7. Louis Walsh - thoughts?

    Off topic but I have a Jimmy Saville tale. During Operation Yew tree, or whatever, they tried to see if Saville had abused at other hospitals etc. One that came up on their radar was the hospital I had done my nurse training, De La Pole Hospital. I was mortified to think that he may have fiddled his way in and that did leave me affected even though I could not recall him visiting. The hospital has been demolished and with it many of the records but most of those interviewed could not remember him visiting. Barnard House was the childrens unit at the time and it was closely guarded within the hospital, in the sense that people stayed away but an eye was kept on the kids, and all the staff had experience with kids. Anywho it was an all clear but for a brief moment I felt ashamed and a little sick.
  8. Louis Walsh - thoughts?

    Who is Louis Walsh??? I had to seriously Google him. The search engine btw not a euphamism.
  9. Who's watching what on tv

    I watched Westworld the other day. Fucking immense is all I can say about it.
  10. Guess Who's Back??

    It has been a wee while since I have looked at the boards and I have just tended to dip in and out. Times have been grim, like getting evicted and having a really bad period of depression and self harm, and I decided to keep myself to myself. However I now have a computer and I am feeling well. Those that have followed my posts in the past will be pleased to note that I have a very busy house as I have 2 kids living here and the others are always staying over, As all the kids turned 18 the dynamic changed abd it looks like I am the parent they all look to when the chips are down. It would not have been here if it was not for the virtual support I got on here. There is no way I can quantify it, and Neil and Scottie really helped in letting me review festivals, but the opportunity to open up in a safe environment has meant the world to me Anywho, blah blah blah, I will be posting more
  11. EU Referendum

    I am expecting a letter soon telling me how much of this 350 million a week I am entitled to.
  12. Things that ur happy about

    After years of turmoil I have had my youngest staying over for Christmas. It's been 10 years and she has grown up but it was still great having four of them for a meal. Thanks to everyone for the support you have given me over the years.
  13. Things that annoy you ?

    The over riding thing I have learnt is not to hold grudges. At various times someone is not talking to me but I always keep the door open. If we have a spat it is usually forgotten the next day. Life really is too short. I kicked my daughter out last year. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but when she got a council bedsit I went over and wired her cooker in and did other bits and bobs. I can't think of any situation that would ever stop me talking to them.
  14. Things that annoy you ?

    Some parents just seem to be natural twats. I had an awful time with my mother. An example of her warped mind was in relation to my grandmother. They stopped talking to each other so we were forbidden to talk to her. We would get a good hiding if my mother found out which was particularly difficult as we only lived 5 doors away. Crazy times.
  15. Things that ur happy about

    I have had my youngest daughter to stay. After all the years of crap it is an absolute joy. She is now 17 and after 10 years of shite there seems to be some form of normality