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  1. Future "Legends"

    Ah but for every legend that Glastonbury giveth it also er taketh awayith. See for example my missing Ray Davies due to heatstroke and Johnny Cash due to being fked.
  2. Rolling Stones

    Am worried now that it was supposed to be kind of secret like Glastonbury resales and I have buggered it all up. Although how secret can it be with a big red button that says 'Lucky Dip'?
  3. Rolling Stones

    I think it is the default.
  4. Rolling Stones

    For me that worse possible seat is worth £30. And it really depends if they sell all of their ludicrously expensive options or not. They won't want those unfilled.
  5. Rolling Stones

    Lucky dips available now on the site - £30 each.
  6. Rolling Stones

    Hah fair enough.
  7. Rolling Stones

    where are the prices coming from?
  8. annoucement coming...

    Most of Love Supreme in fact -definately Mavis Staples.
  9. annoucement coming...

    New Power Generation. Just to wind you up a little Neil as I know your love of all things Prince. More seriously? No idea.
  10. First announcement 2018

    Amazing line up but cant afford it with WOMAD and 2 others paid for gah.
  11. Green Man Festival 2018

    Compared to blue yes but nothing like Glastonbury for instance.
  12. Most 'overbooked' headliner

    Just made a small middle-aged sound of longing. I am officially Past it.
  13. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Congrats @JoBalls hope all goes well. We are doing Womad next year as our main festival after a few years at GM. we have stopped that because of the distance and the logistics.
  14. 2018 tickets

    3 day earlybirds bought - first time for us. Have also pushed the boat out on meadow camping.
  15. Green Man Festival 2017

    Isnt there a settlers section in the field with the settlers bar and activities etc and then another section beyond the hedge into family camping?

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