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  1. What made you cry at Glasto?

    I think there was a tear in my eye when The Killers came on stage with Teenage Kicks playing. A beautiful moment.
  2. Paul Carrack

    Oh yes, The Living Years gets me every time. He was also on in the Acoustic tent the year before, with Nick Lowe and Andy Fairweather-Low. Now that was a singalong.
  3. This time in one week I'll be...

    Getting ready for Mik Artistik, 6pm, CN bandstand....
  4. So where do people think is best for camping...

    I am willing to tell you, but only after I have got my tent up. Bloomin' incomers...
  5. Festival "fashion" - what's your take on the concept?

    er...no. A load of old t-shirts, a pair of Craghoppers trousers with loads of pockets, a fleecy top, a sun hat, and that's yer lot. If I am ever in fashion, that's a bonus.
  6. Bramble FM

    A big pity. When the clashfinder comes out, I always hope that I have a two hour gap on one afternoon, so I can go and sit down in front of Bramble FM and laugh a lot. Ah well, I'm sure something else will be happening.
  7. Acts missing from line up?

    Great line-up so far, but the chance of Grandaddy being added still appeals to me.
  8. Oxfam Steward Applications

    I would be aiming for C, so that could be a plan. Thanks again.
  9. Oxfam Steward Applications

    And thanks for all of that - I will definitely get him to check nearer the time, but for now, that is really useful.
  10. Oxfam Steward Applications

    Thanks for that - I thought that might be the case, rather than random cars turning up at the gates pouring out stewards.
  11. Oxfam Steward Applications

    Does anyone know where the Oxfam stewards need to be dropped off on the Tuesday? My son has got in as a steward, and I will be going down on a regular ticket. I assume I will be able to drop him somewhere close and then kill a few hours before coming back as normal.
  12. 2017 New Music Thread

    In an effort to keep up to date, I have spent this weekend listening to the new ones by, in order of preference - 1. Grandaddy 2. King Gizzard 3. Temples 4. Ed Sheeran Positions of the first three could change on repeated listens. 4 is staying where it is. Unless someone gives me a CD of a bloke throwing up for 40 minutes and playing banjo between heaves, in which case Ed drops down to 5. That fiddly diddly Irish stuff is shocking.
  13. Elbow

    Friday Other Stage opener - I'd be there Friday Park Headliner - tough choice, but probably not there. Pity. I listened to the new album twice on Friday - beautifully put together, but only the first and last tracks jumped out at me. All rather one-paced.
  14. Coach tickets- does every member need to be on board

    It really depends on the driver, and how grumpy/jobsworth they are feeling. If they follow the rules, then no - if you are not on the coach, nobody else can have the ticket. They might hand it in to stewards when they arrive, to keep at the ticket office on site. Or they might not.. It's a hell of a gamble...
  15. Folk, Country, Americana at Glastonbury 2017

    Having seen him the other night with Billy Bragg, I would stomp through quite a bit of mud to see Joe Henry again. Classy songs.

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