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  1. Going solo

    I'm another person going solo for the first time and initiating conversations with strangers is my greatest fear in life! I joined the camp solo WhatsApp group a few weeks ago and everyone there has been lovely and I'm already less anxious about going alone
  2. Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    I've pm'd already I've got my ticket so I can also help people out in the resale
  3. Camping Alone? Join us (Camp Solo)

    This isn't my first Glastonbury but it is my first time solo. I'm also just outside London (Watford) so would definitely be up for pre-festival meet ups if you get a ticket! Would be great to get to know some people before we go
  4. LCD Soundsystem....

    None of my group like LCD so I think I'm going to be another solo person at the other on Sunday night!
  5. Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    My two friends are coming from Renfrewshire and one got hers last weekend and one is still waiting. I live down in Watford now and got mine through today.
  6. new here? introduce yourself

    My first festival was Rockness in 2009. I think Glastonbury would have overwhelmed me back then. Had to build myself up to it! I imagine it would be amazing though to go to Glastonbury with no previous festival experience or expectations
  7. new here? introduce yourself

    I'm Holly, been lurking on and off for about 6 years. This will be my third Glastonbury. The two groups I've gone with in the past haven't enjoyed it enough to come back. I'm hoping the friends I'm going with this year get the Glastonbury bug or I might have to brave it alone next year!
  8. BG games etc

    Neil, I've been getting lots of different redirects in the last few minutes. I'm on iPhone 5S on 3G. It's happening on both safari and Chrome. This is the ad I usually see at the top of the page if it helps!

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