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  1. Primavera 2018

    Go watch this!
  2. NOS Primavera Porto

    Spelling errors copied and pasted from the site
  3. NOS Primavera Porto

    Mogwai, Vince Samples, Fever Ray, Lorde, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Kelela, The War On Drugs, Tyler The Creator, Thundercat, Nils Frahm, Gizzly Bear, Four Tet, Father John Misty, ASAP Rocky, Jamie XX, Arca e Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  4. NOS Primavera Porto

    Bored now. Lineup please.
  5. Primavera 2018

    If you want a disappointing album that sounds a bit like Queens of the Stone age but generally lacks memorable riffs, hooks or melodies, look no further than the last Queens of the Stone Age album.
  6. NOS Primavera Porto

    Has Beck been ruled out?
  7. NOS Primavera Porto

  8. NOS Primavera Porto

    Am I right in believing that Gorillaz are only being talked about because they are on tour? There's no actual reason to believe that they would play over any other band who are touring at the moment (and not playing elsewhere)? I also agree they seem too big.
  9. NOS Primavera Porto

    You mighty know the song Cannonball. Listen to their Album 'The Last Splash'. They also seem to play Gigantic sometimes.
  10. NOS Primavera Porto

    Saw Lift to Experience at Greenman last year they were super! 'These are the Days' is an incredible song!
  11. NOS Primavera Porto

    Nils, Breeders and Nick Cave.....I'm already super happy! Bring on the rest of it!
  12. NOS Primavera Porto

    What's Beck saying?
  13. Primavera 2018

    Yeah.....this. Who the fuck actually wanted to wait until tomorrow?!
  14. NOS Primavera Porto

    First glance, I'd love any of Beach House, Bjork, Breeders, Belle and Sebastian, Car Seat Headrest, Chromeo, Cigarettes After Sex, Confidence Man, Father John Misty, Haim, The War on Drugs, Spiritualized, Sparks, Nick Cave, The National, Mogwai, Mike D, Lorde, Life to Experience, Lindstrom!
  15. NOS Primavera Porto

    I suspect if we're getting Nick Cave then we ain't getting AM. Did Justice only play Porto last year?