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  1. Pray tell us of this card trick..
  2. You can only go on this if you were registered before the October sale.. If you registered after the October sale and got a ticket you can't use the monorail old son.. New rules brought out last week old son.
  3. Yea I'll not say where so you can find her.. I've never noticed her /him but it's been there for years.. I think they'll be making it more of a feature.. Don't expect a dragon but it's cool
  4. Ah old son top of the range... That I'm going to be looking for.. Thanks.. What about proper mince and mash or shepherds pie
  5. No there won't be another official sale there just letting the lazy sods that did not get themselves registered before this year's sales get registered for next year.. It would be very unfair to allow them to have the same chance of getting a ticket now.. Especially if you did not get a ticket and are hoping to get one in a secret sale..
  6. Have you ranked it yet.. I thought it would be a small tent..
  7. Pyramid - Open Air - 120,000 Other - Open Air - 40,000 West Holts - Open Air - 25,000 John Peel - Tent 10,000 The Park Stage - Open mid range: Acoustic - Tent - 8,000 Sonic- Tent - 7,000 Avalon- Tent - 3,000 William's Green- Tent - 2,000 Leftfield- Tent Avalon Cafe- Tent The Glade - Semi Open - 5,000 (covered atrium) Hell Stage - Open Air - 3,000 Heaven - Open Air - 2,000 small: Big Top Cabaret NYC Downlow - Tent - 540 NYC Downlow Lounge: 258 The Meat Rack (formally The Downlow Radio): 86 The Yard (formally The Basketball Court): 362 London Underground - Tent - 750 Maceo's (Crew Bar) - Tent - 700 SISTERHOOD - 150 Pluto Property Development - 200 Love Bullets HQ - 600 BRAINWASH MEDIA - 150 SPIN CITY - 100 STARF*CKERS - 100 HIJACK RADIO (Ghetto Funk) - 150 SHITV - 250 F.C.C.C.C.S LIVE! - 100 MONSTER VISION - 100 DELUXE DINER - 400 ROCKET LOUNGE - 200 Wally’s (Crew Bar) - 100 GUERILLA MEMBERS CLUB - 100
  8. Is there any where on site that sells snails...???
  9. Nah I've got a mate that has / had only one leg.. He could not go last year cos the idiot has lost the other leg in an accident but he still made sure he was reged up. I'm against the ballot system but just say they had that system you would not be able to be just added to the list would you.. All I'm saying and I'm not sure why you don't get it is this. Glastonbury Festival the biggest festival of its kind if you want to go to it then at some point in time you would have looked it up or read about ect and you will know that you need to be registered.. Now if ever thought you were going abroad you'd get a passport so if for any reason I said let's go you would be OK Same goes for Glastonbury.. Only it is free to register for Glastonbury I've got friends........ Believe it or not........... That say every year I want to Go to Glastonbury and they know that they need to be registered but they do not do it.. Well every year I get Guy old son can you help get me tickets and I say the same thing get reged up and well help.. October comes tickets go on sale and they sell out and then there like O I wanted to go.. I'm like did you get reged up there like no I'm like UNLUCKY..... And NO I don't help them.. I'll help them next year if there sorted but no Old son you had a ages to sort it.. I'm not going to help them when others that were unlucky enough not to get a ticket and who were registered a year ago would like to try in the resale. It's not fair.. Anyway it's all fubar for those with out tickets so I hope they catch some secret sales.. As long as they were registered before the October sales Lololol.. Joke..
  10. Keep on rockin in the freeworld Neil Young... Is up there with the best of the best for me Oooo and new order last year when I thought they had finished then came back with.. Love will tear us apart.. Never thought I'd see that tune live.. Went on a bit of a bender after that..
  11. There's a small tent near the glade that was kicking last year.. Not sure of name but think it's called the glade lounge tent.. Not 100%tho
  12. Pyramid - Open Air Other - Open Air West Holts - Open Air John Peel - Tent The Park Stage - Open mid range: Acoustic - Tent Sonic- Tent Avalon- Tent William's Green- Tent Leftfield- Tent Avalon Cafe- Tent The Glade - Semi Open small: Big Top Cabaret croissant neuf tent Very small tents..
  13. Umm small Tent I'd say.. Saw the new one up the other day.. Was told by people who know more than me that it was a new tent they were putting up to test it out before the festival proper..