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  1. Would not send... I'll try again tomorrow.
  2. Ok dee. Thank you.. I'll get on to that now and let you know x
  3. Hi dee.. I'm hoping to get up to farm in a few weeks.. Only going to have a picnic but as Ive said it to others I don't want to be a hypocrite and just turn up so I was hoping you might have an email address I could use to ask about having said picnic lol. Cheers. Gx
  4. OK just twats lol We used to take home 4or 5 tents every year and then people would...... borrow...... I say that sarcastically.... Them through out the year lol.. Now we have a campervan we only take one maybe 2.but yea check in side you would be amazed what people leave including shit... Years ago when my kids were younger they used to love scavenging stuff. We used to stay till late Monday or even Tuesday and watch the traveller's come in and start clearing up.. I remember once my boy and I had started taking down this one tent that had been looking at us.. It was a really nice white and orange one nobody had been near it all Monday and as we were the only ones left we thought to help ourselves.. Anyway we had all the poles out ready to pull them out when something moved.. We both ran back to our place and waited until about 10 minutes later 2 heads popped out lol the tent had collapsed on them and you could see them thinking WTF. Lol.. But I mean NO ONE had moved all the time we were there lol all I can say is that they must of had one hell of a weekend..
  5. I woke up.. I'm still alive.. Enough said
  6. Get one off the ebay and use it as your Festival tent take it home but whilst you're doing that take another tent that some rich twats have left... Make sure it's a bigger one and hey presto you have a festival tent and a proper camping tent AND you've helped clean up some shit that lazy twats leave hence helping the farm.. Everyone's a winner
  7. Lol.. Yea the point of that pic is that you can see the difference in mood.. Top left Wednesday everyone happy Bottom right ah well its going to be a wet one let's get some soggy cornish oggy init. Lol
  8. Bump
  9. Mojo found
  10. Ah there you are.. Don't worry about mojo she's fine I've got her here... I'll pop her in the post so you can have her back old son.. Can't have you with out your mojo init
  11. Even with the best will in the world and all the best laid plans we just go till we can't go any longer.. It does mean we miss a few things and getting back to it gets harder but we are always out longer than we have planned for.
  12. I'd email as said but also I would have thought that one of your friends might be able to collect your ticket then come out and meet you when you get to the festival... Of course this might be down to the coach driver.. I don't think you have to worry about getting a new ticket tho.. You have a ticket you will have paid for said ticket so they can't really just bin it.. Good luck with emails keep us informed yea because I'm sure other people will be in the same situation either this year or next... OK not next but next next lol.....
  13. Hi old son.. We sold early birds fastest ever.. Full line up now out I'll post a pic of poster