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  1. And guy got a new pearl jam t shirt... Don't forget that.. Tis grand news girl xx
  2. Didn't he sing at CCs funeral.. He's left 6 kids and it's on CCs birthday so I guess he was still really fucked up over that... What is it.... The last few years have seen far too many talented people top themselves.. Tis not good.
  3. Woooop Just got pearl jam t shirt from BlackZeppelin from Australia..... Made up and gutted that we didn't get to meet up at the festival... Ive been in lots of pain last few days so really happy to add another t-shirt to my collection... Now got about 170 pearl jams.. Heeeeeee hee
  5. I refuse to be down hearted I'm gonna phone Mr E and demand pearl jam play..... I'll even tell you'll pay old son lol
  6. Yes old son
  7. They haven't split up old son.. Still going strong.. New album in the pipeline very possibly a tour next year.. No worries here apart from the fact that if they are touring next year they can't gig Glastonbury next year then they will probably not tour 2019 so probably won't gig then SO WHEN will I get to see them at Glastonbury..
  8. REM.. I'd like to see the doves reform as well
  9. Just enjoy the experience.
  10. Pearl jam. Please If still alive I reckon Elton will be there
  11. Sunday morning is usually bad for me and about 4 years back I was in a total mess being sick the lot.. My wife dragged me out to the Cabaret tent.... It was nice and dark and not too crowded. We watched a couple of acts and I was just having my first can when on came this bloke called Frank... Well that was it I left the tent in tears and full of the joys of Glastonbury... I missed him this year but every year after that I wouldn't go a Glastonbury without seeing him and I'd take friends so that they could get it.. Genius imo wish he had longer slots tho.. Yea I did it here's the man to put a smile on your face.. If not your to serious lol
  12. I have to say I found the glasto spirit lacking in certain aspects this year.. There was some aggression around that I've not seen for some years.. But hey ho all in all 99% of people are great..
  13. Ah great stuff.. I only thought about it because of this thread.... Go efestivals clashfinder. Yea but as a lot of festivals are..... If we were to believe them.... Struggling for dollars it would not surprise me to see something like this....
  14. Madness imo.. I hope some one on here.. Efestivals... Does a clashfinder for the people that go to V and do Efestivals as well... I know we're lucky enough to get one for Glastonbury.. I'm wandering now that we had to buy Glastonbury bags after Yeo pulled out whether in two years time you'll be having the same thing with programs all you get as you walk in is a little booklet and the neck thing.. Let's hope not but there always looking to make a little more money..
  15. The best place to be.. Was Glastonbury