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  1. When you camp, empty your bag about make a bit of a mess, if god forbid someone wants to rob anything, its easier for them to grab your whole bag and rummage elsewhere than to look for stuff for ages in your tent. +1 on binbags too, so useful for everything. Oh and get your wristband put on the arm you don't wipe your arse with
  2. I think that was "Uncle Funk" or "Funk Uncle", did perfect covers of loads of disco classics, one of my favourite random bump-into's of last years glasto!
  3. Check out Davos brilliant live act where he plays live on the piano a megamix of loads of classic piano tracks, such a good vibe to get the day started last time! Clashfinder says 12:00 on Sunday @ Glade at the mo (not sure how accurate yet tho)
  4. hmm Wed coach only has London option now, and Thurs has Brighton/London, seems more realistic than seeing the whole list before
  5. I lol'd at "dense"
  6. Was that that was the year it didn't sell out so they sold some physical ones in shops? I remember getting my friend to pick ours up from Wales where he was working
  7. i saw this it was brilliant, loved the fact they'd even do screech/wheelspin noises when moving about, was so funny
  8. I'd find this really interesting too!
  9. Can get a pint of Carlsberg for about £2.60 in Wetherspoons. Turborg tastes just as shite, why's it worth £4.80?
  10. XFM said Glastonbury are announcing who it is after 10:00 too
  11. One year a friend brought a new person with our group, they'd bought everything in stock from Mountain Warehouse with them, complained about the rain while we were setting up the tent, had gone home by about 2/3pm on THURSDAY. What a waste of a potential ticket for someone else...
  12. Nizlopi - guys voice is amazing while he plays guitar, other chap beatboxes while playing the double bass. Glasto was the first place I saw them, so hoping this listing on the Official app is correct (they're not on clashfinder): Croissant Neuf Sat 13:00 Croissant Neuf Bandstand Sat 17:00 (Loving that TY tune above too)
  13. that track is brilliant, good find
  14. I was lucky thanks to Siblin and Firefox plugin Distil ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/alertbox/), I was ill at the last one (not even self inflicted) and missed most of the acts, no luck on the first sale and missed the resale, so couldnt be more excited and feeling lucky! I've read people say they sometimes trickle out some more so maybe stick Distil on, leave the volume up loud and leave a laptop on in your house if you had no luck this time! *excited hands*
  15. and http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2015/worthy-farm/850002/is back. I think my cause of death is going to be glastonbury notifications.