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  1. brilliant
  2. Can't stand most Grime either, and as the lineup at Festivals I go to get more grime-heavy you notice a more attitudey douchebaggy crowd come with it too. Call that a generalisation if you like, but I'm only going by what I've seen...
  3. I've got both going, and It's making me do a nerves
  4. Probably a bit obvious for regulars but the ones I tell new friends: Unpack your bag and make the tent messy so idiots looking to steal can't be bothered to go through everything (vs just taking your half still packed backpack to somewhere else to rummage) On entry, have the wristband put on the wrist you don't wipe your arse with. Take a bowl and water container - refreshing hairwash in the morning wakes you up nicely. I'm going to be looking out for one of you wearing that welly necklace
  5. Not sure about a Ballot, but you should just have to log in to SeeTickets with your Glasto Reg number, once you've purchased a set of tickets you're put behind any users that haven't yet. 6 tix is a enough to have fun with your mates, you could stil potentially get more after others with none get a chance. Be nice to see lots of different smaller groups at Glasto than Dave and his 30 mates that manage to get them every year
  6. you're not restricting anyone from going, there's thousands that wanted to go on the first sale that missed out, if there was no new registrations, all of those people would have a slightly better chance potentially, you just need to have registered before the sales start, its not that hard.
  7. I agree, just register before the sales start, then they'd have the same two opportunities too if it the middle registration was removed. To be fair there's probably not that many new registrations in the a gap between the sales anyway that it would make it that much fairer for people who originally missed out anyway. Just a thought.
  8. There's easily enough people who missed out on the main sale to fulfill sales of Resale tickets, there's no need for new registrations in the short gap between it and this Resale just passed. Those people could have registered before the main sale if they really wanted to go.
  9. Exactly, there's enough people who really want to go and haven't waited for the lineup or decided at the last minute "oh it sounds cool", the resale tickets should be for the people who missed out, not newbies Always thought this too, doesn't seem fair when someone can get through twice, get 12 tickets but someone only trying for a couple can't even get through once.
  10. Great pics everyone
  11. love this sort of stuff
  12. Still one of my favourite festival acts I've ever seen, so much fun, everyone knows all the tunes, all ages enjoying it, will look forward to seeing them again!
  13. Yeah I saw alot of that too, has made me consider trying it out if those punters that were there for all the grime (and ket) etc last year are skipping it this time.
  14. Nice to see the Port and Reggae Roots stages on there, if they make enough on tickets and actually put everything on this map there, it looks like there will be a decent amount to see and do
  15. Turns out Bestival agreed as i've been contacted with an offer today though. I bought a ticket based on previous versions of the Festival that had completely changed, and I didn't know the lineup as gave them the benefit of the doubt they wouldn't be halving the budget and would have similar quality. I'm not rich and it's a let down when I spent money on something that was nothing like advertised and expected (no mention of the downsize or anything in the lead up) and get taken for a ride. You lot might have hundreds to spend on something that turns out to be completely different and just go "oh well" but I didn't. So I complained, and got a result.