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    Good stuff, quite jealous that you're already there. Anyone got the info on when everything closes each night? Sure I saw it somewhere but can't now locate it.
  2. Self Confirmed 2016

    Loonaloop self-confirmed here Which is great as I've not seen them since last time I went to Glasto.
  3. Self Confirmed 2016

    (Ignore this rogue post, trying to delete it. But the one below makes me happy)
  4. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    That is disconcerting! & not just cos of the tin of cider-pop I had in my hand.
  5. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I remember that! DaveMac organised it. Did he dish out Victor Meldrew masks to everyone?
  6. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I met him first time last year....wait and see! You won't be, though your stated age has got me worried that I'm entering the final quartile now. But is OldBird still on the forums for example? I remember her at the noughties versions of this meet. Always used to be a good range of ages....
  7. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Won't be there as I'm arriving shortly before midnight. But answer me this, in the 5 years I've missed, how come it's no longer at the Cider Bus? Or should I really not be asking that??

    Good effort with the ridiculously early Clashfinder! If it helps, Woodlands closed the music at 11pm last year, I know as I tried in vain to have some Cara Dillon after Afro Celts.
  9. Vegan Glasto

    A vegan Glasto is what I fancy. People of that ilk, what do you recommend?

    Much the same for me RDG. I think I was highly spoiled by last year's line-up but then I know it didn't float some people's boats. But it's a cracking festival and I shall have a fine time regardless of having no big acts to look forward to.
  11. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    Mulatu again please - seeing as I missed him last night
  12. Oldest veteran thread

    Hi Tom, as I'm going for once, I thought I would reignite the old excitement. (See also, checking efests for rumours too often each day) Turns out, despite the wonders of technological advancement of the last 5 years, people still post here. Glasto-worker, what sort of sugar were they after?
  13. Oldest veteran thread

    Joint top matey, with robu who was 85-09. How was coming back for you?
  14. New Order

    Well chuffed, best new album I heard last year (which isn't saying much in fairness)
  15. Oldest veteran thread

    23 years has it so far. What's the story robu? BH06, yours is a name I recall, but like most I can't picture a face. Should I be able to? efest meets between 07 and 11? Does the Wednesday Cider Bus efest meet still exist? Good to see you're going to Bearded Theory this year though (says the Bearded thread), you won't regret it. Do I no longer have an avatar pic? It's been a while....