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  1. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    Mulatu again please - seeing as I missed him last night 
  2. Oldest veteran thread

    Hi Tom, as I'm going for once, I thought I would reignite the old excitement. (See also, checking efests for rumours too often each day) Turns out, despite the wonders of technological advancement of the last 5 years, people still post here.   Glasto-worker, what sort of sugar were they after?
  3. Oldest veteran thread

    Joint top matey, with robu who was 85-09. How was coming back for you?
  4. New Order

    Well chuffed, best new album I heard last year (which isn't saying much in fairness)
  5. Oldest veteran thread

    BH06, yours is a name I recall, but like most I can't picture a face. Should I be able to? efest meets between 07 and 11? Does the Wednesday Cider Bus efest meet still exist?  Good to see you're going to Bearded Theory this year though (says the Bearded thread), you won't regret it.      Do I no longer have an avatar pic? It's been a while....
  6. Oldest veteran thread

    Bloody quote formatting, wasn't like this back in the day.....
  7. Oldest veteran thread

    I'm looking forward to a return after a 5 year absence. See what's new, what's nice and familiar, see if Glasto can still be for me having done smaller fests since 2011. But I'm sure a 5 year gap is nothing compared to some. Who can claim the longest period between Glastos? Either for this year or the past? Nice to see some old name-tags still in these forums BTW. 
  8. spot eFestivals in the press

    Still got mine, via this thread, from years ago. & it's used most days. Proper sturdy!
  9. Field Day 2015

    Went Sunday, enjoyed it, reminded me of bigger festivals. No hassles with getting a good position (ref above). Amused me that Patti Smith had twice the crowd Ride had. Discovered Diiv. Helped the real ale tent sell out of everything. Almost got sunburnt. Would go again.
  10. Bearded Theory 2015

    Hindsight suggests digging out the old efests t-shirt for next year's meet. Lovely to see so many bods at least trying in advance to get together. Thanks for explaining the hay bales and their subsequent disappearance. Later licence for woodland would be nice, great that the Flying Lotus (right name?) chill-out area provided some after-hours too.
  11. Bearded Theory 2015

    One of the best BTs ever. Quickly forgot the disorganised entry system, possibly a good idea but poorly executed. Toilets back to the good standard. Great selection of bands, NMA and Afro Celts fantastic, forgot how good A3 are, Skinny Lister a revelation of fun and folkier tunes, Mission epic, Electric River delivering rock for breakfast, and so on...... Went to the meet half hour late, couldn't find those I knew, nor any obvious meeters, wondered if I'd got the wrong venue, then something else caught my eye no doubt. Good to meet you in the bar another day though Pinhead. Great bar again. Sniffer dogs was to trace tent thieves. Not sure how that would work to catch the scent but could be very effective from thereon. I heard 4 reported thefts, well down on last year, so the festival is hopefully winning that one. Anyone use the festival school? I heard 150+ kids enrolled and knew of a few hard-working 'teachers'.
  12. Bearded Theory 2015

    BBC's Sunday showers only there now if you click on Sunday specifically. No rain forecast across the 5-day outlook. Right direction of travel!
  13. Bearded Theory 2015

    Here's where I saw it: http://www.beardedtheory.co.uk/page/general-information Woodland Stage closes 3am Friday and Saturday (obviously as does Magical Sounds). So music til 3am in the woods? Safe journey all, see you Friday 4pm.
  14. Bearded Theory 2015

    Glad to hear Paul. & yes, heard that forecast Gnom, all coming together nicely. :-)
  15. Bearded Theory 2015

    Seems to be a lot of FB activity, people asking around to try to find something. Sounds like the dance tent if they want colourful?