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  1. Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

    52. Is that old enough not to be patronised?
  2. Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

    Haha, quite sure thank you. I'm currently wearing the last THREE. At one point previously, I was wearing SIX consecutive ones. (Would you like a letter of permission from my mum? lol)
  3. I want to get a "Glastonbury 2018 wristband" tattoo - that way I can remove the 2015/16/17 ones I'm currently wearing! Anyone wanna help me design it?
  4. Sunrise Celebration 2008

    The cancelled Sunrise Festival 2008
  5. Glasto 07

    General views
  6. The Bogus Man is the closest thing to a God living on earth. Bow at his feet..!

  7. Roger Waters @ Hyde Park

    Dark Side of the Moon & others
  8. Glasto 05

  9. IoW 2006

    General views from the festie...

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