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  1. Boomtown 2018

    There wasn't a topic, so I thought I'd start one. Thu 9th to Sun 12th Aug 2018 £216 + £7.50 fee + £10 EcoBond = £233.50 - on sale at 7pm on Wednesday 1st November. http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/boomtown/2018
  2. Wilkswood Reggae Festival, Dorset

    he's been hit and miss for decades anyway, so it always depends which version turns up. Fingers crossed its the right one.
  3. General News Discussion

    they probably did. As the saying goes, a population gets the govt it deserves - so a more stupid population will vote for a more stupid govt. The solution is not about trying to control what others might suggest to you or others, but for individuals to be smart enough to manage all of the information - true or false - that's thrown at them.
  4. TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    since i made that post earlier I've had an electric field advert in my face (quite possibly related!), where it jumped out at me how they're a way down the bill at a very small festival. So i'm definitely a bit premature, tho I do think they're more likely than most around at the mo to be heading towards very big.
  5. General News Discussion

    I don't see how it changes anything really. It relies on people being stupid enough to fall for it, which is the same thing that causes dreadful politicians to get elected now.
  6. Boomtown 2018

    Without meaning to be cynical or dismissive, it probably pretty-much happens by default in a non-Glasto year because other fests don't have as many acts on the bill.
  7. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    they were great - I was there too - tho that bass was too much for that hall, and drowned the vocals too much for me. Trinity's ace, tho.
  8. TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    how about Young Fathers as a possible future headliner? Maybe not next year, but not too far away I reckon.
  9. server changes

    I've ordered a new server today, which will mean efestivals will be offline for some (hopefully short) periods during the coming weeks as everything is moved across to it. Hopefully any off-line time will be overnight at weekends, but it's dependent on a number of different things. I'll post dates & times when I know them. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.
  10. server changes

    I now have the new server with the websites set-up on it, and am currently testing that everything works as it should do before I swap it for the old server. The swap will probably be done one day next week.
  11. General News Discussion

    which is why I'm pointing out that if this issue is tackled properly it's the death of advertising.
  12. General News Discussion

    Yup. Your data is facebook's product to sell. It's what it exists for (at least, since it became a commercial entity and not just a bedroom project). And it's not just facebook of course. Much the same exists within advertising on the wider web.
  13. General News Discussion

    and that's exactly what's happened - but not in the place where the media focus is. People are being brainwashed into thinking the issue is about CA getting the data, to divert them from what is able (or claimed) to be done with the data.
  14. General News Discussion

    Yup, but everyone says "advertising doesn't affect me", and gets on with their life as tho what you mention above doesn't really exist. The issue with CA is that (as the story goes, anyway) they've supposedly acheieved what people like to pretend doesn't happen (and to the opposite effect than the outraged would like). No fucker (apart from the right) complained when Obama did it. It's only when trump (or brexit) is believed to have benefited that there's outrage (also, see 'the right's outrage at what obama did. They said that was unfair, too). Nope, we shouldn't be - that's *exactly* my point. But we are ... which means we're happy for advertising to exist , until we think it actually works. Yep, breaking data protection laws is illegal - but no one gives a fuck about someone having that data if that data is useless to them. 'Fred' down the street knows your name and where you live and some of what you like and don't like - just as CA (supposedly) do - but you're not bothered about it, are you? Fred has no interest in you and your life, and so what he knows is useless to him and doesn't affect you. It's only when what someone knows affects you that you don't like it. So it's not about what they know (them having the data), it's about what they can do to you with that data.
  15. Brexit Schmexit

    True. It's reserved to the EU. Not Scotland. Therefore it CANNOT be devolved to Scotland, can it? Otherwise you'd already have it. Logic and facts beats "because Scotland" and self-serving power-numpties.
  16. General News Discussion

    what they're accused of is abusing data protection laws. What the issue *REALLY* is about is what they've been able to achieve with that data - because no one gives a fuck about someone having that data if it's useless to them. Which means the row is really about what can be achieved with that data (influencing supposedly independent brains), and nothing else. (in case you're not joining up the dots, that's "they can advertise things at you perfectly with data like that") They've achieved "perfect advertising" (or the best example of it yet, anyway), and people are offended by the idea that their minds are not their own. THAT is what the row is really about, but the advertosing industry needs you to think differently - and the advertising industry have sold that one to most people, too. I've not bought it. I can see what the issue really is. Unless you're going to be telling me what you're so hugely offended about with someone you didn't give permission knowing your name (something that's happened for your whole existence without you taking offence about it until now)? It's not about someone having data without permission. It's about humans being suckers for a good line. You have, unless you can answer the question above with something to match your big outrage. Go on, prove to me that you're not.
  17. Brexit Schmexit

    too complicated for you to admit the truth of the matter. Stories like only exist because people like you have pretended to have powers that you've never had. If you want to bring losses on yourself via false facts I'll just laugh.
  18. Brexit Schmexit

    which is actually bollocks (even tho you'd argue it till the cows come home, "because Scotland" ). Because Scotland does not have current control of all fishing, does it? Therefore "those matters" are NOT devolved to Scotland, else you'd have them already &/or you'd have total control of what the UK can say to the EU about them. It's simply the fact that circumstances have fallen in such a way that the power-morons insist on getting what circumstances have made possible, when there was never any intention by anyone for the SG to wield the fishing powers currently held by the EU.
  19. whoops - my apologies. Now sorted. http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/trnsmt/2018/competition.shtml
  20. General News Discussion

    Everyone's at it. I've just had an email from my mate Jez, and I know with certainty it's nothing I've ever signed up for.
  21. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    true. But in a sensible world we still wouldn't make plastic multi-use containers, because they cause the exact same plastic rubbish problem, just at a slower rate.
  22. Brexit Schmexit

    you and the brexiters both want one with unicorns. You share more than you thought.
  23. home automation hardware/software

    I've just woken up to the fact that my NAS will run a home automation system, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has done it, and what's good and what's not. My NAS is a Synology, and the Home Automation server software I've installed (tho there might be something better...?) is https://home-assistant.io/ (I know there's other stuff out there, tho I'm not sure whether they'll run on the chip my NAS uses) I've just ordered a Belkin WeMo lighting starter kit (a hub, and 2 bulbs) - which I know is supported by by NAS and that software (and likely to be supported by other software, if I used something else). I've also ordered an Aventek wifi power socket, but don't know whether that will work from the HA server. Anything useful anyone might be able to tell me about anything home automation, I'm all ears. Thanks.
  24. home automation hardware/software

    lol - yep, you can get them too.
  25. arctic monkey shows

    I've just heard a whisper that Arctics will be playing the London Stadium in late summer. I don't know more than that, but I'm pretty sure the info will be right.

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