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  1. server changes

    it can't go worse. They're scrapping what they've built, and starting again. (I make sure I get good value for the set-up fee )
  2. Pukkelpop 2018

    doh, of course
  3. Pukkelpop 2018

    they've just put up that it's being announced at 10am today.
  4. server changes

    it's already gone badly - it ran out of disk space Not all disk space, just on the partition used for migrating from the old server to the new one ... which means the disk partitions have to be rejigged, which the techies failed to do overnight. Ho-hum. If that hadn't happened I'd be testing the new server right now, ready for deployment. Because of what happened last night its probably delayed the swap-over for a week.
  5. line-up

    you missed one of the criteria - which is "has a competing show in a similar locality". Just as an example from last year: RdB booked Brian Wilson for Camp Bestival. When Eavis tried to book Wilson for Glasto Extravaganza, he was only allowed to do so if Wilson wasn't announced until a particular date. Wilson had lots of other shows all round the country; the issue for RbD was about a show in a similar locality, rather than any other factor.
  6. Brexit Schmexit

    but there's fuck all regulation about how well it might be targeted, there's only regulation around how data can be collected that might be used for that targeting. Those are two distinct and separate things. 'Perfect targeting' is nothing illegal, and is the ultimate aim of all advertising (after all, which advertiser wants some of their advertising to miss its target?). Forget about how the data has been acquired for a moment, and just think about the advertising. Someone has done (or at least claims to have done) 'perfect advertising' - and people are going "that shouldn't be allowed". It ultimately means that people don't have a problem with advertising unless they think it's influencing them - which means people don't accept the very purpose of advertising as a reasonable activity of life. There's a whole thing here, which - if done logically, reasonably, and in a joined-up way - can *ONLY* mean that *all* advertising (in the way it's done today) should be banned. (that's not what will happen, of course. The narrative is all about "CA are bad" and fuck all about following thru on what they're doing as the end point, which is 'perfect advertising' [from the advertisers point of view]) Do you think Proctor and Gamble spend billions a year on advertising while *wanting* huge numbers of the people exposed to it unaffected by it? :lol: If P&G could do the same 'perfect advertising' as CA claim to have done, they'd be doing it - and your mind would not be your own. The issue is about the 'mind-altering'. People have just woken up to the fact that minds are being altered by advertising. It's fuck all about the data used to do it. After all, if CA had acquired that data without it being useful for advertising (or anything else), why would anyone care?? It would just be a useless jumble of numbers. The issue is *NOT* the data (tho the advertising industry *needs* you to believe that it is). The issue is the 'mind altering' that's able to be done with that data. PMSL - try sitting in a newsroom for a day and see what comes in and what output gets made of it. Most of the "news" is advertising. There's fuck all new about that part with what CA have done. Firstly you need to realise what it is CA have done (or at least, claimed to): they've altered minds. They've made people do things different to what they'd otherwise have done. (which is the *sole* purpose of *all* advertising). 'safe' would be having no influence over people's decisions, but instead merely laying information before them (as part of a pile of different information) from which a decision is made. There's a whole part within economics about this, about how 'true' advertising is product-information-only, with no imaging around the product. (imaging: "buy this iphone, and be an individual. Having one of a billion iphones shows that you're different to everyone else" ) You haven't understood a single word of what I've said. I'm defending nothing at all. I'm pointing out what the *real* issue is here - which is actually fuck all to do with the data CA have got hold of. But the advertising industry needs you to believe that it is, because otherwise they're fucked. So guess what the advertising industry is selling you today? It's selling you "CA are baaaad" Because that stops the short thinkers from realising that the *real* truth is: "all advertising is bad".
  7. Brexit Schmexit

    Sturgeon is perfectly allowed to complain about tory lies, but that's not what she's doing. Instead, she's taken up[ the brexiter lies as being reasonable and something that should be delivered. Which is moronic for someone who campaigned as she did, and has said all she's said. the current 'fishing' is a devolved matter. The stuff that's with the EU currently has never been devolved to Scotland, nor was it ever intended to be (because no one actually considered the possibility of the UK leaving the EU). Awkward facts I know for the little scotlanders, but true facts all the same.
  8. line-up

    and they have a show in Bristol at around then too. Can't see it being them (him).
  9. General News Discussion

    another poll showing tories up and labour down. Not as bad as the yougov one the other day and all within the margin of error, but it does look like (for the moment at least) Labour support has taken a small hit. From the fieldwork date it looks like it's caused by Labour coming out in favour of "a" single market. It's only a small hit, but with the numbers nearly always pretty close a small amount is the difference between winning or losing.
  10. server changes

    I've got the new server and will be setting it up over the next few days. Hopefully I'll be ready to swap the servers over at the weekend.
  11. home automation hardware/software

    as a easy short-term solution for this, I've added an offset of 1.9C into the sensor unit's software, so that they under-report what the actual sensor is saying. As they're in a some rooms where the temperature is never going to vary by much and not used for anything critical, that'll hopefully do.
  12. General News Discussion

    Hmmm. Wonder if the lost views is because there's no longer a political consultancy in the mix who were also playing a game to increase the perception of their success? After, they strike me as a say-anything-do-anything company, so why wouldn't they be faking things at the 'user' end of things as well as at the top level? It only works to their advantage if they do!
  13. General News Discussion

    Hmmm. Just remembered that somehow Momentum have data on 300,000 Labour supporters, while only having 35,000 members.
  14. Brexit Schmexit

    UKIP, the party that's now really WelshIP. It's certainly where it's got the most/biggest representation, now its MEPs have voted themselves out of a job.
  15. Brexit Schmexit

    Yup. An awful lot of 'news' is driven by press releases. All that's really gone on here is CA have been (supposedly) able to target specific messages at specific people, to act on their most-likely triggers/prejudices. Which is a new thing at that micro level, but it's really only the aim of all marketing - and what we accept marketing as being about. Which makes this a rather interesting thing. It's like saying "marketing is OK, until it might actually work on me". I'm guessing someone is going to have to come up with an angle that avoids all this stuff, because there's the death of the advertising industry in here if it's done properly.

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