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    matt42 getting killed, just like the good old days
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    So who wants some line-up info?
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    stop teenagers enjoying music 2018
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    honestly very pleased dan's dropped this info as it's been so dry that i've started thinking about what films will be playing in the 1xtra tent after the acts finish
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    tbf i feel like most of the criticism mad cool receives is based on the fact that it's a new festival with loads of money and a fragile reputation rather than based on the actual line up. it seems like the primavera goers have a somehow religious view on the festival. if prima books lcd soundsystem and radiohead it's definitely the line up of the year, even if they haven't released a new song in years. if other festivals book acts like nin or tame impala, they are not actual enough, even if they are amazing live acts that have been rarely booked in europe in the last couple of years. i will give another two examples from today's announcement: eels and wolf alice. prima would definitely receive praise if they'd put them on a main stage slot, but if mad cool puts them on a secondary stage, it passes as a weak undercard. i won't argue the quality of the festival, it' s definitely one of the top 5 in europe every year, but it looks like people here are not objective at all when giving opinions and i don't get why...
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    Oh by the way I met The Cribs after their gig in Southampton the other night and they said they're headlining the Lock Up. Forgot to mention it on here at the time.
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    Scenes when it turns out Eavis has been leaking the Glasto headliners in the Wychwood section of eFests for the last 5 years and no one's realised.
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    Starting to actually like Dudey Rhino now. He's just like one of us. Not joining his sesh gremlins in Orange tho.
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    At least we can stop discussing whether Bicep will be there or not, sick of those discussions.
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    If there is indeed this two Main Stage setup, how easy do you reckon it'll be to navigate through the crowd? I've just heard Fall Out Boy's new LP and curious as to how easy it'll be get to escape the crowd as far away as from that stage as possible.
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    To be honest..most years I rarely watch ANY of the headliners (Aphex Twin, NMH and Run The Jewels being the only "Musts" in the last few years) and I'd trade qotsa, beck and jack white for just Bjork. The undercard is what does it for me and every year nothing comes close to touching PS. I have seen Mineral conduct a 2000 person sing along to Gloria, Caribou on the rayban at 5am, drive like jehu smash through "Yank Crime", Shellac threaten genocide, Teenage fan club being teenage fanclub and the best Sunday nights I've ever had. Fuck mad cool.
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    yeah there are people on this thread who seem to have a burning dislike of him and it’s just a bit confusing. he’s just doing his thing cause he enjoys it, and a lot of people would probably prefer to watch videos rather than scroll through forums and that’s who his audience is. just gotta put your energy into something worthwhile, like telling newcomers why arctic monkeys probably won’t play
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    Excellent work @crazyfool1! I look forward to catching the video! In other news, my daughter was discharged today so she is back home (hence why I'm up at this hour!!).
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    This is absolute nonsense. Linkin Park and their success have absolutely nothing to do with bands like Twenty One Pilots being pushed by the rock media. That's like saying Green Day and Blink-182 are to blame for the rock media pushing 5 Seconds of Summer. They're not. When homeboy from 5 Seconds of Summer was still in kindergarten, Busted were doing exactly what 5S0S are doing now. Putting out watered down pop songs vaguely masquerading as pop-punk, which had obviously been inspired by Green Day and Blink-182. What they were putting out then had far more to do with Blink-182 than the vast majority of what 5 Seconds of Summer have produced, but when they were smashing the charts were they on the front cover of Kerrang and Rock Sound? No. They were on the front cover of Smash Hits and nobody in the rock media would touch them with a barge pole. 12 years ago when red beanie Aldi Eminem from Twenty One Pilots was still an 18 year old working part-time in a Walmart, Lil Chris was getting Top 3 UK singles. His one single 'Checking It Out' has more guitar parts in 3 minutes than Twenty One Pilots have in a 4 album back catalogue. But was Lil Chris on the front cover of Kerrang and Rock Sound? No. If Lil Chris was smashing up the UK charts right now, Rock Sound would be shitting out articles on him on an hourly basis. The problems you've got is the decline of print media and journalistic credibility as a result of desperation. Nothing to do with bands or what music has become popular. Maybe part of it is actually Rock Sound or Kerrang actively seeking out part of the demographic that would generally have bought Smash Hits, or even the bands that would've been on the front covers of Smash Hits. There's definitely money in it and they've taken it in recent years. But ultimately with your point, it's not a case of "well if Hybrid Theory didn't blow up and become one of the biggest albums ever, then something heavier and better would". That's not how it works. The idea that Linkin Park are somehow responsible for rock music being in "a bad way" is mental. I'll put it to you like this. If you went back in time and you somehow prevented Linkin Park from ever being a band, then you immediately came back to 2018...do you think bands like While She Sleeps are selling out back to back nights at The 02? Do you think bands like Code Orange are headlining Download? I honestly think if Linkin Park and Hybrid Theory never happened, there's a pretty good chance that Download Festival doesn't even exist. Go to pretty much any rock/metal festival or gig up and down the country and ask anyone under the age of like 35 what band/album got them into rock or metal? 3 guesses as to what the most answered album/band combo is.
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    is that a serious question
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    Hey everyone, Sheldon, host from SoundCheck and currently a very hated man on the internet, here! Enjoyed reading these comments during the lineup fiasco. Just wanted to clarify I few things on here as this is where the majority of discussion was - appreciate there's been another leak so I won't post anything after this to avoid taking up more of the feed than we already have! TLDR: Went well, had fun, no harm intended. We never intended the mock lineup to go any further than Reddit and it was purely to see if anyone read as far down to our name and checked us out. The Bicep thing was totally unplanned and I was actually kind of mortified when we saw what he'd commented because we knew it was going to be picked up on. We didn't convince many here, but some said the lineup was disappointing, this was genuinely intended to be the case and tbf I usually find the first announcement to be lack lustre compared to the final poster although I do believe all acts have a chance to play and they're all worth checking out if you haven't already. Paramore have every right to headline the festival over Royal Blood and my actual prediction is Bicep headlining every day with Melvin Benn monologuing on every slot on every stage. Either way, it's been a pleasure, hope to stick around here too. Link to the fake poster at the bottom if you want to play around with it. @SomeoneListeningIn watching your internal turmoil over that lineup was worth the whole ordeal. I can confirm I hadn't looked at this forum before making the poster (except maybe back in 2010 when I first went to Reading). I have never had any training in Photoshop beyond YouTube tutorials. You also basically ousted it as us too, so well done for that! @Mattymooz The poster was in fact made from scratch and based on the previous year's layout, it took me about an hour to put together but longer to decide on which bands should go on it. I look forward to your cage match this year. @Hawky Thank you for your applauding of effort, the bands took a long time! @pepesilvia Thank you for the comments on the quality, I am indeed hear to be Mattymooz's padawan. @dentalplan Amazing spot on the I in my typeface, who would've thought PT Sans would've caused me such a headache! Hadn't found the style guide in my research but absolutely wish I had now. Festival nerds do indeed exist outside of this forum, Reddit and Twitter are my stomping ground! @Jack w Considering we're such a small operation I think we've had some pretty decent acts on as guests (Enter Shikari, Joe Lycett, Dua Lipa), regardless - I'm sorry you're not a fan, hopefully we'll win you over someday. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bke0p4si0atfyp/First Announcement.psd?dl=0
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    @eFestivals till major mobile virus scams going on. Nearly every page after a few seconds making you shut the browser totally
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    The Hunna play
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    i think both the Mad Cool lineup so far, and the rumoured Primavera lineup sound really good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Is James Bay without the hat really James Bay at all?
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    Guess we just need to figure out what nights they're on now!?
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    I've heard he doesn't even show up to the meet and greats, he sends someone else...
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    Even Eddie Vedder looks pissed off with the announcement
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    There are going to be a lot of excited people finishing work and seeing these 6 extra pages and getting very excited only to be met with...well, I'm not quite sure what on earth it's turned into.
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    Even I'd like to know names as well, I don't think that revenge is the good way to act... Because, by doing this here, you take the risk to import negativity from foroazkena or clashes... I guess that a lot among us don't want it there... Welcome to eFestivals by the way I also want to say, after having read everything above about Bar Tool etc. It's always the same : there's a big difference between "I don't like this band/festival" and "fuck this band/festival" . So please respect tastes of each other, to go to these events is a privilege first. I say it on this thread but it's valid for the other threads and for everyone who already criticized with a bad behaviour : be more kind. No negativity before a fest.
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    It's horses for courses of course but I much prefer how the Primavera headliners are lining up than the Mad Cool ones. For every Massive Attack, QOTSA and Tame Impala on the Mad Cool lineup there's a Kasabian, Snow Patrol and Jack Jones. And you can be sure that the undercard has more strength in depth. 100% agree with this comment too: "I really hope Björk and Nick Cave are in the actual line up, maybe not as popular as Arctic Monkeys but two of the most influential/consistent artists in the last 20 years."
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    I really hope Björk and Nick Cave are in the actual line up, maybe not as popular as Arctic Monkeys but two of the most influential/consistent artists in the last 20 years.
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    Those are die-hard Primavera Sound freaks. This is the festival where they are selling extra tickets for two The Magnetic Fields Shows and the stage is overcrowded when Seu Jorge is playing. So no, I don't think so.
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    The website is run by passtheaux who, plot twist, was the bassist's brother all along
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    The piano/keyboard. My Stevie Wonder prediction is still on.
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    No worries old son.. Just been for a drink with my friend who's dying and only get a call before I go telling me that the funeral is going to be the same day he starts radiophropy.. Nightmare... Left house But now I have just been out of the house for ten minutes and I've been cold I've looked at the stars and I'm thankful for my wife and my fucking life... Why the fuck do I put this shit on here... Fuck knows but maybe it's cos I feel that you are not real or maybe cos I've met a few people. Fuck knows but thank you efestivals... I hate people and don't like metting people but my other person in my head does.. Maybe that's why I am on here.. Only a few people know me but it's nice that I can text Bollox to know one.. G
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    It's unbelievable that there are expressions of unhappiness at the quality of a lineup that is not yet announced. Maybe there will be one of two surprises that change people's perspective. Maybe there will be an amazing undercard. If APE stole the march on them in October, and they had some similar headliners, I don't see what they could have done differently. If you want certain headliners and another festival that will announce early wants the same headliners, should you abandon them just in order to be different? And don't understand why some people are wetting their pants at Mad Cool. It's not better than any Primavera poster from this decade. Some great acts, some quite good acts, some very bland acts.
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    Surprised Arctic Monkeys won't be headlining, their 2014 set dragged on so much I assume they're still on stage.
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    It'll be like when the Bills played the Colts in Buffalo, last month, great day out.
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    Are they going to play Daydream Believer?
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    I'm sorry that you suffered that ordeal. We're all here for you if you need to talk.
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    jack white's new songs:
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    Hello Ben, Point taken. If her indoors says that she doesn't want to go, I still intend to go on my own. It's the only festival that we have booked for this year, so I am really looking forward to it. However, we have failed to get to Bearded Theory (despite having tickets - including campervan ticket) before, as well as my shoddy non show at Glastonbury last year. Oh, and another time at Something Else in the Dean! There's been other, non festival, events that we've bought tickets for and not gone. It really raises my blood pressure when we squander money like that. So, this time I am more determined for this not to happen. On top of that it looks like there's a fair few efesters going, and it would be good to hook up with them. However, it aint over until the fat lady sings. I am now going to say a prayer to the little baby Jesus, asking him to help with my blood pressure situation on this one.
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    @lightsnowpatrol Happy for you man, have a great day
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    There's two main stages. One at Reading, one at Leeds.
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    Have you already got your weekend ticket because it's sold out. Anyway, Arctic Monkeys / Jack White / Chumbawumba triple headline (- Chumbawumba) expected for the 2nd day, possibly to be announced this Thursday (as mentioned on the past few pages of this thread)
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    Oops my bad. They're well keyboard.
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    Oh right I only listened to them through a subwoofer.