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    I bet you're great fun at parties
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    Who fancies some port at Glasto '19, then? Should be ready for bottling around February, then a year or so to mature, should be just right!
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    Is this a grown man with a YouTube channel dedicated to Reading and Leeds festivals? His rock love and grime hate is as embarrassing as the Courteeners-obsessed Manc people on Twitter who think everything other than lad rock isn't proper music. Also what was even the point in that video? Man actually hand wrote a line-up of his favourite bands on canvas with Rammstein half way down The Pit and included his own band and one band just so his cousin would buy a ticket... To a festival that isn't even happening... This has made me unnecessarily angry smh.
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    Isolation Trepidation
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    And who knew that Billy Bragg has a gorilla?
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    Kamasi Washington, Avishai Cohen and Paramore to headline. One rock headliner is fine - I'd just go somewhere else that night - but it started out as a jazz festival so I think a lot of people will be disappointed if there's more than one rock band headlining. I know I would be.
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    It's another 8 dates at the Apollo for Bon Iver
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    I'm a maniac. Just bought my ticket. Let's get a beer in '18.
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    Fuck me stupid - I've only found YOP 613;
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    I scored a bicycle kick on concrete floor in the school playground when I was in year six and everyone went nuts so I'm not sure about that pal.
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    Announcement coming on the 31st. Metallica's UK tour finishes on the 30th. Nailed on.
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    This bloke bought 3 copies
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    Stay safe @crazyfool1 and any others in Ophelia's path. Never seen the sky looking like this before Great to hear you got the job @mr gumby, what will you be doing? Loved the fruit and veg animals. I believe a tomato is indeed a fruit; it might even be a berry, like a banana. @guypjfreak I really hope your friend's chemo isn't too tough and helps control his illness, also sending lots of love to you and your daughter @vintagelaureate . @carlosj sorry to hear that lack of support for AS has stopped your eldest from going to uni. It seems to be very inconsistent between institutions. My eldest doesn't have a diagnosis but he does have a lot of 'aspie' traits, and I think his inability to find people on the same wavelength at uni (even on a maths course!) contributed to his decision not to continue. I hope your eldest is able to find a niche - that's all any of us need really, despite all the exhortations to 'be the best you can be'. I hope everyone's ok; I haven't been posting because I'm stupidly busy and by the time I sit down to look on efests I'm falling asleep. I fell asleep today during a mindfulness exercise at work... Still, there are good reasons for the tiredness. There's been a marked increase in my paid work (well I suppose that's good for me, even though it's not good that more people need therapy). And I have to get up early because of the everyday miracle of my youngest still going to school, still enjoying 6th form. He got a great report last week, something of a contrast to the previous one which was issued shortly after he stopped going to school in yr 10. Then, some teachers who'd been falling over themselves at the beginning of term to say how brilliant his GCSE grades were going to be, decided that he was going to fail them because he'd missed 5 weeks of school. After nearly 2 years out of school he passed them all (and was in the top 5% of his year for maths). The teachers he has for A levels are those who refused to write him off, and they made all the difference. I'll be baking a lot of cakes to take into school this week, as well as special cake for Mr Moo, whose birthday is today Warm hugs to all xx
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    Just a classic RnL forums meme my man
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    I have downloaded DICE as a direct consequence of this thread. Viva la revolution
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    I see where you are coming from. I've been on here during a fallow year, and agree that the telling of stories will help. In connection with the above, I will tell the tale of the rubber arm with clenched fist at the end. It occurred because one of my female friends is in to S & M (BDSM) and once went to see a public fisting in the upstairs function room of a pub in the centre of Birmingham. I happened to be drinking in a gay bar that Sunday afternoon in the city centre , left the bar, and saw her stopped at the traffic lights in her campervan, sporting a military type uniform and a hat which looked similar to this; I went on to ask her what she was wearing, but then the lights changed, and so I didn't get a response as she had to drive off. When I met her at a later date I asked her again what she'd been up to wearing that kit. She explained that she'd been to her first S & M meeting in a pub and that the main act was to watch somebody being fisted. What she hadn't expected was that the person in the pub to be fisted would ask for a volunteer to fist him. The moment he asked, she put her hand up (perhaps the wrong expression) to express her interest, and was duly chosen. So, she was asked to sit on an office chair on the dance floor area, the bloke went over to her, and she put her fist up his arse. What she hadn't expected was that he would then run around the dance floor, dragging her behind him, with the little wheels on the office chair spinning along nicely. She was almost in tears of laughter of laughter whilst regaling this story to me. Well, quite rightly, this story stuck in my mind. So, when it came to her 40th birthday celebrations me and our other pals were thinking of presents to buy her. We had booked the rather nice Millcombe House on Lundy Island to celebrate her birthday, and were to bring our wet suits as we were going to go and swim with the seals. Well, this got me thinking. As we were all recently qualified divers I thought that it would be nice if we all chipped in and bought her her first dive computer, which everyone agreed to do. Then when I was in town one day (as that was where my work was based) I walked past a sex shop and noticed that there was this rubber arm / fist on sale and that it was dramatically reduced in price. I made the immediate decision to go in and buy it, and run it by everybody else later. So, I bought the arm / fist and knew that it would be the ideal prop for putting the wrist held dive computer on, which we did. I covered up the dive computer with coloured tissue paper so that it couldn't be seen. Then I wrapped the whole rubber lower arm and fist up with normal wrapping paper. Anyway, we get to the house on Lundy and she opens a whole load of presents, which she was very happy with. Then lastly she opened up the fist present. She burst out laughing when she opened it up, and knew where the joke lay. She was actually delighted with it. Then we told her to unwrap the coloured tissue, which she did, and saw the main present, which was the dive computer. She was over the moon, as in seriously over the moon. We had done our job, and we had done it well. As an aside, I brought £150 worth of magic mushrooms to the island with me for everyone to share, if they so wanted to indulge. Everybody bar one couple took them. And that leads us on to another story. Can't tell it now, because I haven't got the time. May do so at a later date - just to help you kill the time.
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    Sucks that there could only realistically be one. Both would be better bookings than any rock band.
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    Not sure "crack on" was the best phrase to use given the circumstances.
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    Bit nervous about this, you lot can be brutal haha I released my Debut EP a week ago, Neil said I could post links to it. It's a loose concept about Nuclear weapons and the impact they can and have had. It's electronic music. As some of you know my main influences in that genre are Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. and if you'd like to buy it, it's available on iTunes but Neil said buy it on Amazon music as he gets a kick back. iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/tales-from-the-wastelands-ep/id1292410495?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Wastelands-Nashville-Electro-Service/dp/B076659NG6/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1507921629&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=nashville+electro+service It's available on most music services. I'd be grateful if a few of you check it out. Thanks
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    4-7.07.2018 Super early-bird tickets on sale now http://opener.pl/
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    To be fair mate I have not been on the forum at all. I was on all last season when the results were not going well. I thought City were the best team last season and under achieved.
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    How not to launch in another country...
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    I understand where you are coming from guy. In the interests of variety I think I'll concentrate on other areas other than cars. That said, maybe I could do two posts a day - one a 'variety' one, and one a car one. And there's me trying not to post at all! Anyway, here's one for the mushroom / acid heads; Talking of which - a friend is bringing over some magic mushrooms tomorrow night. Apparently they've been set within a heart shaped piece of chocolate. He bought it from someone at the Equinox Festival, so may, or may not, work. I doubt there's enough content for it to 'effectively' feed four people (as there will be four of us), but might provide an extra little buzz to the evening. Time will tell.
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    Too right. I've been to every Glasto since 1992 and the PSBs in 2010 is by far the best set I've ever seen on the farm. Everyone I speak to that was there says pretty much the same - it was a phenomenal gig. Neil and Chris have both said it's one of their favourite shows they've ever played too.
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    Errr, pedant alert, one word or maybe it's not a word but I'll say it anyway - BMW. Whereas this is a Mini
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    One year since the Radiohead thread went into meltodwn overdrive
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    At least they'll know how to serve an ice cold beer - Boom Boom Good work Yog, took me 3 seconds to start snoring. 615, best I can do Mini related -
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    I very much agree and that was not my point. What I'm saying is people are acting as if the festival is the same as it always has been in that it books what's popular with that demo at the time. But the bands I mentioned are clearly unsuitable now, yet are just as (un)popular with the demographic. Basically what I'm trying to say is overall the festival has gotten more mainstream with the bookings, for better or for worse. And as for people wanting rock, it's natural if they've been getting mostly rock lineups for the last however many decades, dont think the Jazz things relevant.
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    Tubes back from gigs are always fine. Usually got time to have a quick pint after and head back anywhere. It’s worth remembering there’s the night tube on Friday and Saturday only on certain lines, so if you’re gonna be out after midnight those nights then being near a night tube station is a nice plus.
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    Was thinking that Nick Cave must be a lock, he is playing in Slovenia and Serbia (yeee only 10 days to go ) this year and he didn't play in Croatia since 2011. I'm going with someone like Lorde for the 3rd one
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    Indeed, but not the Utd games in the KO stages (ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)
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    The extent that 30STM milk their fans is absolutely horrific. I wouldn't even pay £20 to meet someone from a band, let alone those horrendous figures they charge. They know their fans will pay it. Disgusting. And then you have Dan from Bury Tomorrow tweeting that on their upcoming tiny tour next week he will be out the front of the venues each night selling their old merch stock and hanging with those coming to the shows. Worlds apart.
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    Wow, you've got a proper record out, not just some Soundcloud tracks, congratulations! I like it, Future is the stand out track and I'm also pretty keen on Panic, it took me a minute to realise the synth in the background was a stylised air raid siren. Nice one!
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    Or the original Misfits to be part of the announcement... subbing Metallica please
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    If people who stand their filming the whole thing knowing full well the quality will be dirge who are the problem. And anyone who uses a tablet to take a photo of anything.
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    My next door neighbour and mate is just out of hospital after an op to remove the cancerous chunks of his bowel. All went well but he's not allowed to lift anything even slightly heavy or drive for six weeks while the stitches heal. He runs a one-man-band burglar alarm company so can't respond to call outs at present. So I've agreed to drive him and do the ladder work. Despite being shit-scared of heights, this morning I climbed the ladders up the side of a house and replaced a faulty bell box while he shouted instructions from down below. He said afterwards in Apprentice-style "You're hired." Not that I want to be. Tomorrow more ladder climbing as we remove a complete alarm system from a house, to be re-installed later at the house-owner's new home. And I'm still shit-scared of heights but pleased to be able to help a mate.
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    Downloads ability to recycle line up is incredible. They are niche enough to be able to do it yet big enough to have a huge capacity. I've only been to one download but it feels like I've been to most of them when looking at the line ups.
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    Quite a few big, older bands who look like they'll be around at the time - Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam. Could end up similar to 2012 in that regard. Pretty much between IOW and BST for them all in terms of festivals (guess Bon Jovi could do Download). Also in terms of newer acts, the likes of Kasabian, Florence and The Killers will probably be around with no obvious festivals for them to be at. If IOW make a hash of their headliners this year then they should probably just give up.
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    Fuck - I missed this post. This is awesome mate, congratulations on getting it out there. Good luck with it all going forward
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    Liam G with The Streets as chief support...... Sold
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    I don't want to add to your guilt Yog but | really was affected by Hydrocephalus. As a result I had three lots of brain surgery, the last one of which 'wiped' my memory, leaving me not knowing who I was or even recognising my wife and kids. I was forced to give up work and my business went bust. But it all worked out well in the end. What actually happened was that the third lots of neurosurgery severed the neuropathways link between, in computing terms, my desktop (current memory) and my hard drive (stored memory). So, as a result I couldn't access all my stored memories. Over time the brain re-creates new neuropathways and over a six month period I gradually began to access my past memories. But by that time my business had gone down the tubes and I was left wondering what the heck I was going to do with my life. My wife and kids (who I knew by then) suggested I go to uni to train to be a teacher as, previously, I'd trained people as journalists and to use the computer systems my company had developed. So I went off and did a PGCE and ended having a third career as an adult ed tutor. All great fun and thanks to hydrocephalus.
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    I suspose it's comparable to paying extra for a Campervan ticket. You don't have the hassle of having to carry all your gear from your car to the camp sites and there's the convenience of being able to lock things away in the car without the walk back to the car park. As Womad 2016 was my last ever festival after 40 years, Reading 76 being my first, I treated myself to a Park & Camp ticket just so I could relax more and go out on a high, so for me it was worth the extra expense. My aging dog has thoroughly enjoyed 2017 so far, as there have been no trips to the kennels to stress him out .
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    If they get tickets, sure.
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    Are we talking about The 1975 or Kings of Leon now?
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    I was at Jon Hopkins in body, but by that time I was on another planet, I can remember him playing Open Eye Signal and not a lot else, I apparently had an ace time there though and then went missing, turned up a few hours later gurning my tits off at Bicep, left there at 5ish, woke up some time later in the compost toilets in the tipi fields. I have been trying to piece together everything using my steps on the iPhone, but to no avail.
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    Some parents just seem to be natural twats. I had an awful time with my mother. An example of her warped mind was in relation to my grandmother. They stopped talking to each other so we were forbidden to talk to her. We would get a good hiding if my mother found out which was particularly difficult as we only lived 5 doors away. Crazy times.