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    Decided to go home early and beat the rush?
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    Muse and Coldplay aren't big enough.
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    Anyone but Mike Shinoda. Tried to put Enjoy the Silence on on a jukebox the other week in the pub. Some weird as fuck version came on. Me and my mates said it sounded like Linkin Park or some bollocks. Shazzamed it... Enjoy the Silence (Reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda) Imagine being in Linkin Park not being shit enough for you so you have to go out and actively ruin good songs that already exist. Never listened to Stray From the Path but everyone I know who likes them has tragic music taste. So I vote neither.
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    Now this is over, and there’s no other games or anything going on, would it be worth it or a bit pointless if I started a bracket tournament? Maybe like the 32 top acts (all main stage, top 2 on other stages and a couple others to make up numbers) and had a round each day. Everyone comments who should go through on each round and after 24 hours I’ll count them and put whoever through to the next round. Just might be something fun? I don’t know let me know if it’d be a good idea and I’ll start it tonight or something
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    This day 4 years ago I got my first ever Glastonbury ticket in the resale and went on to meet a lot of you guys, met my husband and it literally changed my life! What a difference a ticket makes.
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    Errrm I can only think the relevance of 4:20 to Hunna fans is that's when their favourite show starts on CBBC.
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    Can't wait for the Paul Joseph Watson and Sargon of Akkad features.
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    Give the new Confidence Man album a listen. Really good stuff. I'd also recommend Superorganism's record and Janelle Monáe's new tracks if you haven't heard them already.
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    Too big to headline? That's not a thing.
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    I've been a little lacs this time but have finally put all my little filmed clips from last year into one video. Not exactly HD but I think it gives a flavour of the festival.
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    That sign reminds me of 2009 - our WBC Coach was coming up from the A303 from London and at a large roundabout I was standing beside the driver and said to him ' just follow the traffic all passing the Glasto sign ' so what does the driver do ? he turned down the wrong bloody Road !!! { the turning before the sign } where there was no cars in front - that road was tiny and I knew we were going to have problems on a 50 seater coach + I knew that road did not go to Pilton - I said to him that he would be best if he could reverse and a few of us would get out to stop the traffic. No he was the driver and I quote ' there must be a side road so I can make the turn then.' was he right ? - No he was wrong - the poor people living down that unclassified road must have thought they were dreaming as time and time again - we had to knock on doors and asked people if they could move their cars - they would say things like ' what do you mean a Coach ? - you cant get a Coach down this road ' and I would point at the Coach and they could not believe it ' and I could not believe it either - the coach driver had to swing in his mirrors as at times they were in danger of knocking a thatched roof down. what a journey - we could not find any road that was wide enough to turn round. The funny thing was that most on that Coach had never worked at Glastonbury before so they thought we were going the right way . I had visions of the Coach being stuck and us having to shift the camping gear on foot back to that roundabout. But we made it at the end ' Except we were now West of Glastonbury Town ' and we got caught up in the traffic coming from the M5 and that was the night there was a huge traffic jam - we should have arrived at 16.00 we arrived at 02.30 and we had big hassle getting in until I showed my WBC Glasto pass from 2008 !!! - I kid you not just to make it worse ' the WBC was using a new crew site that year ' and I only had a rough idea where it was and in the pitch darkness that was a hairy drive going up the Production Road but then Our Luck changed - I spotted a few friends trying to cross the road so jumped out and they showed me the ' Bird House ' - that big green building behind the coach - { that shot was taken on the Monday and amazingly it was the same coach and same driver.} But WBC Security would not let us in - but by good fortune a Security Supervisor came up and he knew me so I got in but no one else could get in - I told them to sit down and I will pull in a few favours - went straight to the WBC Mess tent and spotted head of staffing - they were not Pleased to see me when I asked them to issue WBC Passes to everyone on the coach. Without that pass they would not be able to get a drink and trust me after the journey we had we all needed a drink. Now while the driver did make the initial mistake - he did well getting us there as he should have been back in London and in bed many hours before that - I was able to get him a spot so that he could kip down and leave in the morning. Never did find out what the problem was that night - when we were in Glastonbury Town some people got off - went to the Pub and some even had a bloody meal and when they returned the Coach had only moved 70 feet !!!! local Towns people were letting in drivers to use their toilet. After that experience that sign reminds me of 2009 - Due to the recent security changes { with regards crew Coaches } I wont be going to Glastonbury on a Coach anymore as I would never be able to make the walk so next year { subject to me not dropping down dead } I have already wangle a place for My Team and myself but a few of us will be driving as its a lot shorter walk from the crew car park to the crew site and we plan to get there on Sunday 23rd of June - there is a tree next to our Crew site and I like to camp under it as it gives great shade in the afternoon - I tend to start work dead early {6am} apart from Tuesday and Sunday night as that is the two very busy nights so I enjoy a afternoon kip listening to my DAB Radio ' in the shade 'By the way 2009 was the last year that WBC Crew Coaches would arrive after the site was open to the Public - they now arrive on the Tuesday
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    Reeducation camps rather than the full on gulag.
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    Final table 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Wolf Alice 3. BROCKHAMPTON 4. Pendulum 5. Death From Above 6. The Magic Gang 7. Creeper 8. Dream Wife 8. La Dispute 10. Sigrid 11. Black Peaks 12. Rex Orange County 13. The Horrors 13. The Regrettes 15. Hinds 16. Metz 17. Skepta 18. The Front Bottoms 19. Milk Teeth 20. Teenage Wrist 21. Spector 22. Fickle Friends 22. Trash Boat 24. Spring King 25. Skindred 26. Bad Sounds 27. HMLTD 28. Sum 41 29. The Blaze 30. The Joy Formidable 31. Hippo Campus 32. Sam Fender 33. AJ Tracey 34. Billy Talent 34. Dinosaur Pile-Up 36. Protoje 37. Kate Nash 38. $uicideboy$ 39. My Nu Leng 40. Tom Grennan 41. Underoath 42. Panic at the Disco 43. Bicep 43. Hannah Wants 45. Dua Lipa 46. Pretty Vicious 47. Waterparks 48. The Used 48. Wretch 32 50. Mike Shinoda 50. The Vaccines 52. Papa Roach 53. Annie Mac 53. Sea Girls 53. Shadowchild 56. Deaf Havana 57. Kings of Leon 57. Krept & Konan 57. The Wombats 60. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie 61. Stray From the Path 62. Pale Waves 63. Hollywood Undead 64. Travis Scott 65. TQD 66. J Hus 67. Nothing But Thieves 68. Scarlxrd 69. The Kooks 70. Netsky b2b Jauz b2b Slushii 71. Fall Out Boy 72. Courteeners 72. Post Malone 74. Lady Leshurr 75. Lil Pump:
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    Kendrick Lamar (55) + 5 Wolf Alice (0) - 5
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    Y'all posting in here with your weak ass puns as if 'top gear live, university callange , the prime minister' wasn't already the funniest thing that'll even be posted on this site. Give up.
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    Well well well. How the turntables...
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    Can't wait for Richard Ashcroft to start performing his one song only for Keith to come on and hand him a cease and desist.
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    you're all fucking wierdos
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    So, returned from a truly exceptional alternative to Glastonbury, http://www.nablusfestival.org/. Crossed the wall from Jerusalem into the occupied West Bank and stayed in Nablus for 3 days. Impressions were of the wonderfully friendly Palestinians who despite the odds are doing OK. The Festival is in it's 3rd year and trying to bring some culture to an area that so much needs all the support they can get. Family life is of course so strong in that part of the world, but there is little else for them. When it comes to what we would seek in the way of 'entertainment' and night life...there's almost nothing. The crucial difference between the festival and anything in the UK was the 'cause' was everything, and was directly impacting and integral to the city & it's people, not some faintly distant 'for charity' enterprise. I loved the experience, admit to being apprehensive on arrival, the quality of the music was variable (Kindest words I can use), the Bristol band Chai For All played if anyone knows them, as were some Chilean protest singers, a weird, ambient Japanese act, and as per the photo below, my son playing in the refugee camp. Google Project Hope Palestine if anyone is interested in volunteering for a good cause. (As an experience, travelling through Israel, Jordan & The West Bank/Palestine was stunning).
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    I know it's plagiarism but hey ho.
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    You are the Toby Flenderson of efestivals
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    Fear not - I have had one Long Island Iced Tea, and a smoke. Like the true coward that I am, I've had to go inside the house for a smoke. The wife's OK about it though. She told me about 5 minutes ago, that she'd seen the pre- rolled joint, bent in my box of fags, and said you may as well smoke it, since it's such a nice day. I told her that I had intended to smoke it earlier, but that the trainee copper was in the garden, and I thought it wise not to. My wife's reaction was - fuck her, you have a smoke where you want to have a smoke! I chose up stairs in the house. Fortunately the neighbour between me and the copper is also partial to a smoke . I know this because I got him stoned on the second time we met - I only moved to where I am now, last September, and our meetings have been few and far in between. I mean, the copper might be OK with it, but there's no point in finding out the hard way. I've only talked to her once, when I took a postal delivery for her. She seemed friendly enough. However, she has two or three little children, and might think that I'm a dirty drug pusher, who should be exterminated for even deigning to be in close proximity of her children. Apparently, she used to be a teacher. Got to be a fascist power thing going on there, I reckon. Maybe I should go and knock on her door, with a saucepan on my head, and tell her that 'there's no need to worry, because I'm in control'!
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    If I mow a picture of Kate Bush into my front lawn, will she turn up in June and play a 3 hour set?
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    this is my third dream stage prediction. pyramid stage. Friday. arctic monkeys queens of the stone age catfish and the bottlemen Saturday kings of leon foals paramore Sunday Florence and the machine bastille jack white other stage friday stormzy boy better know the courteeners saturday disclosure two door cinema club the 1975 sunday Taylor swift katy perry calvin harris and special guests jon peel jake bugg, clean bandit, stereophonics west holts fatboy silm, secret headliner, secret headliner the field top gear live, university callange , the prime minister
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    There's only one man who can make sense of the level of incoherence in Kanye's current thought process - @thewayiam what's he trying to tell us?
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    The bookers have spoken about how they're now booking the festival they want, and that's meant getting away from the indie bookings.
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    Cigarettes and Olive oil
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    Performing Noel's hit song The Masterpan
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    2005: Kanye - George Bush doesn’t care about black people. 2018: Kanye - Kanye doesn’t care about black people.
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    There’ll be no more music acts announced but they will start putting out videos etc relating to the storyline soon enough. It keeps my excitement levels up seeing the story take shape.
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    It's clearly going to be Queens of the Stone Age, Kanye West, Bring Me the Horizon.
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    "I am the greatest living rock star on Prison Planet"
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    That's my first ever I think, unless I was too drunk to remember. The whole concept phases me.
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    Got some last time I went. Was decent stuff.
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    Can’t wait to see everyone walking round with this top on at Community next year!
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    well that will get you a few drinks - going by the Council its limited to 45k When you leave just dive on a bus - does not matter where its going just as long as it passes a Tube station as the two tube stops near it get hectic and I have seen Finsbury Park Underground Station closed down as they clear the platforms. I am lucky as I will be hanging back until the mob is clear having a drink at the back of the bar and then its a short ride on a bus back to my flat.
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    Was gonna say The Aces. Also Let's Eat Grandma are on more of a synthpop bent nowadays, there's a link to their song up the page. Naaz, The Japanese House, Fickle Friends and Pale Waves (tho I'm sure you've heard of them) are probably up your alley as well.
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    Ima revisit this one later.
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    Please tour. Please tour. Please tour. Please don't tour with Cudi. Please tour.
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    Thanks, I think there's a lot of people there that a lot of people won't be familiar with, I clearly just spend too much time on Spotify! As a top three I'd have to say Tom Grennan, Sigrid and Ten Tonnes are the three new artists to definitely go and see!

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