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    Well, that escalated quickly. I just wanted to show that there are different ways to look at headline positions as I mentioned popularity, genre, relevance, live reputation, artistic value and many others. I want to apologize for all the downvoters and lighthouse in particular. I never wanted to 'rank' acts, I thought I was very careful by only including potential Werchter headliners and not acts like Miley Cyrus or Dua Lipa as lighthouse mentioned. I just wanted to bring a different view. Again, I'm sorry if this makes it look like just a popularity contest.
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    Despite what the sold out arenas appear to suggest, Imagine Dragons don’t actually have any fans.
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    Foo Fighters to be announced as Festival exclusive for UK at Reading festival, then will get announced for TRNSMT the week after.
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    Yes those Foos are too small and weak a booking to headline outright. They need a co headline slot to give them some exposure and the step up they need. They'll be on with someone of a similar size so probably Guns and Roses. That will be an incredibly weak day but we need to nurture these future headliners.
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    We're gonna get some more bands announced at the end of the month, would love to see Parkway, Architects or While She Sleeps announced.
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    If you take your tickets, you'll have a really good surprise ! (Cause ON STAGE Nick Cave is at least as good as Gorillaz and Depeche Mode, and Pearl Jam make them look like beginners x) I became a fan after the PJ show at RW2014, cause I had never seen something like that... And if you play the guitar, you'll be mesmerized, because PJ's guitarist plays like no one else, and if you like singalongs, it's 3hours of intense crowdsinging)
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    Fucking hell you're a bellend.
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    Oh wait I think he was right. The original poster has leaked: https://gyazo.com/3b209c01ee43879f4756ac66a93d49d6
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    2013. Nine Inch Nails and Fall Out Boy on their highly-anticipated returns from hiatus, plus System Of A Down making a rare UK appearance as a subheadliner. Future headliners Foals also on main. Imagine Dragons, Tame Impala, Major Lazer, Bastille and Disclosure all in upper-mid second stage slots. The 1975 and Twenty One Pilots on the FR stage. Catfish & The Bottlemen on BBC Introducing. Clean Bandit halfway down dance stage, Giggs on 1Xtra.
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    I've seen Nick Cave on Sunday+Monday. Such a fantastic concert! He's a contagious, breathtaking frontman, one of the greatest I have ever witnessed. Can't wait to see him again in Primavera (already confirmed for Porto so there a 99.9% chance we'll see him there).
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    More bands at the end of the month...
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    Always loved their fb man/woman. In Croatian they talk with people like I would do and they get into arguments about stupidest things and then they delete it
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    Architects were booked before Ally Pally, and are much less suited than Broco. Hopefully Architects get a much higher slot, like 3rd down or something in 2019 on the same day as someone like BMTH or MCR headlining.
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    There was a well documented experiment recently. A little girl and a little boy were dressed in clothing of the opposite gender and then adults engaged with them in play. The adults uniformly played with the child dressed as a boy by presenting "him" with construction toys and perhaps playing "catch" they played with the boy dressed as a girl with dolls and make believe. It is not kids that have a gender problem, it is adults. I don't believe that Ms Faith is conducting any kind of "social experiment", merely trying to enable her child to grow up feeling loved and supported. You may for example, have noticed the number of children who follow their parents into either creative, caring or scientific roles in society. I don't for one moment believe this a genetic predisposition to that kind of role, it is learned. What else are our children learning from us? It seems they are learning to follow gender appropriate roles. Perhaps the greatest engineer ever to be born has become a single mum working in a call centre twenty hours a week (nothing wrong with this work in itself but you don't want the next IK Brunel cold calling to flog drainage insurance do you?) Limiting our children limits us.
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    And if they have Drake rather than Kendrick or Kanye they can piss off.
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    Biodegradable glitter is a thing. Worth paying a couple of quid so(more) microplastics don't end up in the ecosystems.
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    ATDI supporting Royal Blood was never a good idea. Should have had Frank Carter or someone
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    TV adverts have moved on to using stripped back piano versions of popular songs so Imagine Dragons have zero purpose now.
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    May have kinda made each day too focused in terms of genres but oh well. Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Friday / Sunday
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    Hello lovely people, sorry for my absence but we've had interesting times, hopefully back on track now. Youngest seemed more than fine, then 2 days after half term he said he was struggling to cope with school again, especially at breaks when there are so many students in the corridors and the social areas. It looked like history was going to repeat itself, but the fantastic head of sixth form sorted out a meeting for the next day, by which time he'd spoken to all my son's teachers and come up with lots of strategies for reducing the stress. Most importantly he took time to listen, and didn't try to impose any solution. Youngest was back in school after 3 days, and so far hasn't needed to make use of any special arrangements; just knowing the measures are in place seems to be enough at the moment. He went to the area heat of the UK team maths championship yesterday, working with other students he barely knows. So I'm back to cautious hope rather than taking anything for granted. Still, life's immeasurably better than it was. It does make me realise how trouble-free eldest's school career was, and makes me feel rather guilty that we just expected him to get on with it. Glad you all seem to be doing ok. Enjoy (if that's the right word) the new Morrissey @lucyginger, new found connection with the neighbours @Yoghurt on a Stick, and adventures with playmobil @guypjfreak . Hope the business is taking off @fatyeti24 and @H.M.V, and @vintagelaureate I hope your daughter is continuing to do well. Sorry missed loads of you out, have a lovely weekend y'all.
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    I'm convinced that his fans are that thick that they didn't realise he was in Beady Eye and think this is the first thing he's done musically since Oasis split up.
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    Because he either doesn't like them, or doesn't know much about them. Therefore nobody does. Pearl Jam are one of the few remaining rock bands that are huge all over the world.
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    You don't think Pearl Jam is big in Belgium? They headlined in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014. I'd think it's pretty save to say they are huge in Belgium. Gorillaz have never played RW (I think). QOTSA did not headline last time they played in 2011, The XX did not headline last time they played in 2012 and Depeche Mode did not headline last time they played in 2013. Can you please tell me again why you don't think Pearl Jam are bigger then these bands in terms of popularity?
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    Deftones in Europe in June for Hellfest.
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    You must have been giving off Purple Aki vibes to those around you!
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    i just don’t think he’s a suitable act for reading festival 2018 tbqh
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    If you want some recommendations to fill up your now-empty music library you can always hit me up mate.
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    I think you had to sign up whilst at the festival last year and it cost 10 Euro (unless there's another scheme I'm not aware of). Tickets didn't sell out until quite late on last year, but I guess that's no indicator of what might happen this year.
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    if this is the case it would literally be the biggest lineup they've had in so long
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    Oh, I like the alternative. As in, a lot.
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    Mate that's what gender neutral upbringing is. Allowing boys to wear girls' clothes or play with girls' toys etc. (and vice versa obviously), if they want to. It doesn't mean they're going to undergo gender reassignment as children or anything. It sounds to me like you actually agree with the idea of gender neutral upbringing but are slightly confused as to what it entails.
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    I'm slightly confused by your posts over the course of this thread and I don't know how to respond because you've moved from one issue to another. So to be clear and in direct response to what you've said... Are you against a gender neutral upbringing or under 16s undergoing gender reassignment?
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    I'm glad I'm not eating a biscuit right now. I don't know, but heavily suspect, that it's difficult to do so while laughing. I've more than likely told this before, so excuse me if I have. It starts with someone I know who was working for a firm who were, in turn, were working for Cadbury's. Anyway, he is told to attend a major meeting in Cadbury's board room in Bournville. He turned up and the meeting started amicably enough. Then it got progressively worse, until people were shouting at each other over the table. He thought to himself 'I know what I'd do'. And what did he do? He smashed his fist on the table, causing all in the room to go quiet, and said 'Lads, lads, it's only chocolate'. This was not what anybody else in the room wanted to hear. As career moves go, it was quite spectacular, to my minds eye.
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    Keeping to established fests ocerseas is what I tend to do, not as easy to come home when you’re waiting for flights home. been to Roskilde, sziget, werchter and pukkelpop so all established.
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    It's essentially hope and glory done right but with bigger bands. Definitely a market for it round here and for me it's a pretty perfect line-up for that sort of thing. Price wise too it's really good - if courteeners did a Heaton park etc again it's £50, if noel did an outside one it's £60+. You've already cleared the cost of the two days and that's without blossoms, editors,coral etc who appeal to those of us who like that,ahem, "durge". That's before the smaller acts like fickle friends, big moon etc who I presume will be even more well known by next summer. I'm personally very much looking forward to it!
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    Have to say that would be the poorest RB co-headline suggested on this thread. Hopefully no where near the festival next year
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    Deftones would awesome as I’ve never properly seen them. Subbing A7X would be nice.
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    Imagine... All day in the sunshine, then a balmy Sunday night, cool wind in your hair, a shimmering light then the warm smell of colitas, closing song... I can't see anything wrong with that!
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    Hello MrZigster, I think that what you are saying may apply to the written word (and possibly music), but am not sure. I wrote a childrens book about 30 years ago and did what you suggested, in that I sent a copy recorded delivery to myself, which I still have somewhere. I can confirm that not only is Madonna not interested in the book, but neither are a number of literary agents and publishers.
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    Yeah please. I was gutted when the singer for BearFur was outed as a nonce
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    You're a moron mate. Do you realise how difficult it must be for these people to speak out against much more powerful people than themselves? It's great that these people have been given the courage to come forward yet we've still got a load of necckbeard virgins thinking it's a ploy for attention.
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    Innocent until proven guilty in the country.