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    Decided to go home early and beat the rush?
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    Muse and Coldplay aren't big enough.
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    Christ imagine having Catfish as a secret set. Be like someone shitting in your stocking for christmas.
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    Errrm I can only think the relevance of 4:20 to Hunna fans is that's when their favourite show starts on CBBC.
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    They would be my last resort.
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    I have to say I'm not even going to InMusic but this thread has been a thoroughly entertaining read most morning's! I really hope there's another decent announcement in store for you all
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    Clive O’Flynn is a c**t.
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    29 Years ago was the first year the WBC won the beer contract at Finsbury Park and I was working with them at it and No I cant recall which month it was in 1989 - it may have been May day but I could be wrong - there is only a small handful of us left who was at the first event and who is still with the WBC - The WBC will be running the bars for the whole weekend and I will be there somewhere although we plan to hold a party on one of the nights. I think the last time I saw Oasis at Finsbury Park was in 2002 but just after that I had a run in with Liam at some event when he demanded four draft pints ' while we were still setting up ' I explained that the bar had no power so its impossible to pour pints and advised him to either have a bottle of beer or wait until the bar officially opened as by then we would have power - he stormed off shouting he would get me sacked - Later on Noel Gallagher came in to apologise for his brother which I thought was very good of him but I have not seen Liam since that day - clearly he struck me off his Christmas card list.
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    Good bye glagsow we have been stereophonic this is datoka.
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    I know it's plagiarism but hey ho.
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    Give the new Confidence Man album a listen. Really good stuff. I'd also recommend Superorganism's record and Janelle Monáe's new tracks if you haven't heard them already.
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    Fear not - I have had one Long Island Iced Tea, and a smoke. Like the true coward that I am, I've had to go inside the house for a smoke. The wife's OK about it though. She told me about 5 minutes ago, that she'd seen the pre- rolled joint, bent in my box of fags, and said you may as well smoke it, since it's such a nice day. I told her that I had intended to smoke it earlier, but that the trainee copper was in the garden, and I thought it wise not to. My wife's reaction was - fuck her, you have a smoke where you want to have a smoke! I chose up stairs in the house. Fortunately the neighbour between me and the copper is also partial to a smoke . I know this because I got him stoned on the second time we met - I only moved to where I am now, last September, and our meetings have been few and far in between. I mean, the copper might be OK with it, but there's no point in finding out the hard way. I've only talked to her once, when I took a postal delivery for her. She seemed friendly enough. However, she has two or three little children, and might think that I'm a dirty drug pusher, who should be exterminated for even deigning to be in close proximity of her children. Apparently, she used to be a teacher. Got to be a fascist power thing going on there, I reckon. Maybe I should go and knock on her door, with a saucepan on my head, and tell her that 'there's no need to worry, because I'm in control'!
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    How dare you refer to us beautiful amphibians that way. bow to your master
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    Hey, 1) I've never done the Hive Resort before but from what I gather it's a little more chilled out than the main Hive site. You can of course go into the Hive Entertainment though so don't worry about being too far away from the entertainment. Me and 7 other dudes are doing the Army tent this year and I assume it's first come first serve. They're all identical though. The main benefit for me is that you get to skip the queue and dont have to carry a huge tent around. 2) You can bring drink (no glass) into the campstie but not into the main festival arena. Theres a small shop down the road from the campsite but I'd advise stocking up in Leuven on the Wednesday before you head to the festival. Better selection & prices. You can enter and leave using the shuttle busses whenever you like, it's just a bit of a hassle, so if you can get things on the Wednesday I'd advise it. 3) The Hive entertainment zone runs until 4 / 4.30am every night after the festival. It's near the Hive campsite and you'll get in with your Army Tent Hive resort ticket. 4) The lager of the fest is Jupiler. There's some craft beer bars with more selection around the site but Jupiler is your main choice at most bars. Hope this helps
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    He wasn't running, no! Just walking in a very cool manner. I said hi, he said hi back, acknowledged my baby, which probably makes her in the top 5 coolest babies on planet earth now, especially as she was deemed "nice". Talked about having seen Distant Sky, said that the setlist was immense. Talked about going to see him this summer and having seen this tour in Detroit. He liked these things, then we said taraa!
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    Dadshit in the Stockingmen
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    Names not down and all that..
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    I've also just had a little cry. Nothing major major - just a little weep for someone who was like a brother to me, and my other actual brothers. He died too early, and there's something that I now realize that I forgot to do for him. Am about to make amends on that front. I did mark his passing, but not with flowers. Now, I realize that flowers are a must too. It's only fitting. I've never really got that bit before, but know what it means now.
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    I doubt he would. You know, before our union strikes, we vote. Not just our representatives, but the members.On strike action and action short of a strike. This wasn't considered robust enough. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/trade-union-act-measures-come-into-force-to-protect-people-from-undemocratic-industrial-action There's a link to a document listing all the restrictions to be overcome before a union can call for industrial action. Including that 40% of all members must support a strike in important parts of the public sector. Yet May can take military action without any kind of democratic vote of our representatives, never mind the UK. And 37% of the electorate can take us out of the EU.
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    I’m still in awe at the gig 4 days later. I’ve listened to nothing else but Arcade Fire since then. I’ve ordered the last 2 albums of theirs I needed on vinyl to complete the collection. Thinking of emigrating to Canada.
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    Bring Me The Horizon / A Day To Remember / Chvrches / Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals / Parkway Drive / Marmozets Blossoms / Grimes / Dave Arctic Monkeys / The Black Keys / Run The Jewels / The Hunna / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / New Found Glory Asap Rocky / Neck Deep / Pale Waves The 1975 + Stormzy / Bombay Bicycle Club / Limp Bizkit / Bullet For My Valentine / The Amazons Enter Shikari / Pvris / Charlie XCX
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    And CHVRCHES!! 2-3 of these kind of bands could take the overall line up from slightly underwhelming to decent. Beni must be resting on their laurels after last year - I definitely picked the wrong year for my first experience!
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    Sunderland in free fall.
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    Can’t wait to see everyone walking round with this top on at Community next year!
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    but 03 and 97 were the standard bearers for them, so no surprise a lot on this forum participated in a knockout tourney of some sort that someone started a thread on - who was it? - a decade back maybe, and their '03 set beat out Macca's 04 much to the chagrin of the poll-creator...
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    bet ya think you're so clever don't you
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    Can't agree more fuck that
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    Tickets came today...unexpected surprise (although a surprise you expect isn't really a surprise is it, its just a thing that happened) Very much looking forward to this...
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    Has to be one of the shortest funniest posts on here ! Ha ha !
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    Oh right. I don't think it's worth going over QOTSA's headline credentials for another few years. I think the Finsbury Park thing could come up in future years as well though. Seems like they have a perfect outlet for putting on bands that aren't big enough to do stadiums but aren't available or suitable for R+L later in the year, and using the stages for Community Festival seems ideal. Maybe someone like Twenty One Pilots or Florence, or Biffy if they don't go straight to medium-sized fests.
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    They've started teasing the new narrative
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    You have just named a few foreign players who struggled to live up to the hype rather than show they had preferential treatment over British players.
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    Agree, great debate on many different levels After all i may visit the Sumski concert, because of this forum
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    I went with an old mate from uni. Sadly I failed to impregnate him.
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    The problem I've always had with mad cool is that you definitely see less bands for you money because of staging and clashes. Plus no camping and an extra day at werchter always made it more appealing
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    Reckoner. The bastards.
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    Thanks, I think there's a lot of people there that a lot of people won't be familiar with, I clearly just spend too much time on Spotify! As a top three I'd have to say Tom Grennan, Sigrid and Ten Tonnes are the three new artists to definitely go and see!
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    Just one of those festivals that no-one from here goes to. Same goes for Lowlands and Roskilde and the other Scandinavian festivals. Loads of people go to them, just none/hardly anyone from these forums so it seems.
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    Last chemo done. I got a certificate and to ring the bell while the staff lined up Oh and my hair is growing back, if this last cycle hasn't reversed that.

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