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    Fuck - I missed this post. This is awesome mate, congratulations on getting it out there. Good luck with it all going forward
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    Stay safe @crazyfool1 and any others in Ophelia's path. Never seen the sky looking like this before Great to hear you got the job @mr gumby, what will you be doing? Loved the fruit and veg animals. I believe a tomato is indeed a fruit; it might even be a berry, like a banana. @guypjfreak I really hope your friend's chemo isn't too tough and helps control his illness, also sending lots of love to you and your daughter @vintagelaureate . @carlosj sorry to hear that lack of support for AS has stopped your eldest from going to uni. It seems to be very inconsistent between institutions. My eldest doesn't have a diagnosis but he does have a lot of 'aspie' traits, and I think his inability to find people on the same wavelength at uni (even on a maths course!) contributed to his decision not to continue. I hope your eldest is able to find a niche - that's all any of us need really, despite all the exhortations to 'be the best you can be'. I hope everyone's ok; I haven't been posting because I'm stupidly busy and by the time I sit down to look on efests I'm falling asleep. I fell asleep today during a mindfulness exercise at work... Still, there are good reasons for the tiredness. There's been a marked increase in my paid work (well I suppose that's good for me, even though it's not good that more people need therapy). And I have to get up early because of the everyday miracle of my youngest still going to school, still enjoying 6th form. He got a great report last week, something of a contrast to the previous one which was issued shortly after he stopped going to school in yr 10. Then, some teachers who'd been falling over themselves at the beginning of term to say how brilliant his GCSE grades were going to be, decided that he was going to fail them because he'd missed 5 weeks of school. After nearly 2 years out of school he passed them all (and was in the top 5% of his year for maths). The teachers he has for A levels are those who refused to write him off, and they made all the difference. I'll be baking a lot of cakes to take into school this week, as well as special cake for Mr Moo, whose birthday is today Warm hugs to all xx
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    Isolation Trepidation