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    Yoghurts stories never cease to amaze
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    They wont be playing at 6:30 or 7:30, they'll play around 8:30pm either right before Nick Cave or Interpol. I think St Vincent was always meant to be 3rd down (don't forget Skunk Anansie were meant to be playing), it's just whether or not they skip the final headliner and bump her and Interpol up or not. Neither Interpol or Alice in Chains were announced as headliners, where as Nick Cave, QOTSA (and last year Arcade Fire, KOL, Alt J, Kasabian) were. What it was going to be (and still might be) Monday Tuesday Wednesday QOTSA Nick Cave Headliner David Byrne Alice In Chains Interpol St Vincent What it might be now (if they skip the final headliner) Monday Tuesday Wednesday QOTSA Nick Cave Interpol David Byrne St Vincent Alice In Chains
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    Hiya! New to the forum just seen this posted by NERD... has this been leaked by them in error?
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    Stumbled across this video on youtube and imo he hits the nail on the head pretty much, give it a watch. done a couple of other vids like it which i was also impressed with so i've subbed. - no its not dudey.
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    Idles and Algiers would also be great! Btw, looks like that is not Feeder but Feder.
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    Festival in Switzerland that The Killers are at the week of Beni. Think some of the earlier week stuff could be in the end-of-April announcement? Django, Feeder, Bicep, Declan McKenna...
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    All my fellow White Stripes nerds on the Little Room Forum are saying the tracks flow better as an album. I'll be listening tonight, might drop some opinions on here after a third listen.
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    Couldn't post for the past hours, the reply button wouldn't load for some reason . I take everything back. When I saw the reflector man on their Facebook story, I became EUFORIC. The top-line is the best in years for me already, exactly what I think they should be doing every year. And with Greg's prediction for the undercard, this edition is on track to become the best in years! I'd watch all acts they've already announced so far. Whatever guys if you're reading this, book Imagine Dragons. I couldn't care less. Hapiness for everyone. And probably a great Marquee name playing at that time if they continue the road they've taken this year.
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    Paleo Festival lineup. We usually share some names with them. I would love Bicep, Nina Kraviz, MGMT, Nekfeu, Nataniel Ratelif, Romeo Elvis, Feu! Chatterton, Hungry 5.
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    Whoever the Friday headliner is is a mute point for us. That lineup is a beautiful list of bands we have not managed t see elsewhere due to clashes and some of our fave festival bands. Well happy.
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    It’s not often that dreams come true on eFests. Pleased for you dude.
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    Me and my girlfriend will be camping in the Hive Resort, might be up for meeting up with a few people I was in the loner camp last year and it was great!
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    Really wanna go to this but it's not really gonna be doable the day after I see The Killers in Glasgow. Never mind. Edit: just seen the full lineup is out for anyone interested: https://www.somersethouse.org.uk/whats-on/somerset-house-summer-series
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    Thursday is stacked already!!
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    No, but Carlos D. will be doing a DJ set there from 4-5pm on Tuesday.
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    Not really a massive B&S fan to begin with. Tigermilk is a good album, but of the others I'll just pick out a handful of the good tracks, and then there's Write About Love which I still maintain is a total car crash of an album with no redeeming features. Anyway I sort of had a little bit of a change of tune in 2015 when Nobody's Empire came out and it was the best tune of their career and a pretty fucking mint jam in general. That album turned my head a bit and gave me a bit of goodwill towards them that they were still making good tunes at that late of a stage in their career. Saw them play Glastonbury, Festival No 6, and Green Man on that tour and enjoyed them loads more than I'd expected to. But then on Saturday night it was not a festival set, stingy with the good tracks, playing heavily from the new material, just generally looking for something different at a band's own show than you'd enjoy at a festival. Plus it's populated by Belle & Sebastian fans rather than a festival crowd. It was a bit like watching Christian rock, properly rubbish but everybody there is going nuts for it because they're mental.
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    After watching live performances, I'm now far less excited for Gorillaz and much more excited for The Killers. Even if the two new guitarists and bass players in The Killers are lacking personality Brandon Flowers does such a great job.
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    I think the colours mean something, however on twitter someone asked about circa courteeners and miles Kane clashing, and they said stages and or times aren’t announced yet
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    St Vincent is bringing back her band for festival season: “I am mounting another version of the ‘MASSEDUCTION’ tour, but with a band this time,” she told Matt Wilkinson on his Beats 1 show. “We’re headed into festival season, and I had such a good time doing the solo theatrical show – but now it’s time to do a rock show.” - NME Personally very happy as I saw her in Brixton and did not care for it at all. I've heard great things about her live show with a band though so this should be great
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    sounding good alfie mate! keep it up dude.
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    Please welcome to the incredible poli -instrumentalist Teme Tan!!!!! Don't know him at all.
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    Funnily enough I saw Alfie Clayton being dropped off at daycare.
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    HUGE MAINSTAGE ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT INCOMING just kidding - it's another competition winner innit.
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    Monday and Tuesday are only open to ticket holders. Wednesday events in town are alos only open to ticket holders, unlike the shows in the Forum which are free for all except spiritualized. With most of the people being there on a free and lots of people not showing up til Wednesday I’d say you’ll get in to spiritualized if you want to go. Imagine they will do reservations via the Portal in the days leading up to the show.
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    Shouldn’t have recorded it on a day when you had a cold
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    stupid nonce he is. BRENDA FROM ACCOUNTING DID THIS AHAHAHAHA fuck off you c**t
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    What the fuck does "I don't know why you like me but I do" mean ffs. Fucking Wombats they were terrible when they first appeared and now they're terrible and a decade old. Get rid of em ffs.
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    Yeah the Somerset House gigs are tiny
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    I know its a bit random and not sure if its been mentioned as i haven't been on the forums recently, but Foos are rumoured for Rize Fest if anyone is interested.

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