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    Every time you say ''lmao'', the R&L announcement gets pushed back a day.
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    Not the first badger related beef to do with Glastonbury...
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    Downvoted for that? Fuck ALL nationalities
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    Any chance of Royal Blood playing?
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    Thank god for fillou and Trufflehound, all of a sudden I feel so young
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    If you lot think festival-going since the mid-90s marks someone down as old, you've got a big shock coming when you reach my age! My first festival was 1978... (not first RW, that was 1998)
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    badger-related beef sounds like the next chapter in the Findus Scandal.
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    FYI, I asked them on twitter and they said "more acts will be announced before the end of the year"
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    Same here! They were really good when they played in Werchter (2009)
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    Sorry if anyone got offended! Anyway! I guess that if Sziget postponed their announcement, as well as Reading, and now Lowlands saying that we will have to wait for the first names... I guess a big name is making them all wait, and this name ain't at Frequency.
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    So as it's now a new page what are the chances of Royal Blood playing?
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    Yh I assume tame impala won't be back and i loved them in 16. I'm hoping more for NIN Arctic and Jack white
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    R.I.P. Always worth posting and reading
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    Reading a few of the favourite RW-acts of all time here, I started thinking I was the oldest or "most expercienced" reading this forum. I'm visiting the festival since 1994 or 1995 ... And now my kids join me. This year only my son on Thursday. He's mad he can't stay the rest of the weekend, but that's just for me and the misses. It's our annual romantic weekend :-)
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    I definitely reckon defending is worse than its been in a while.
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    Christ on a bike.
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    Fuck, Rock Werchter really has to destroy it this year so I don't feel bad for missing out on this
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    Sure this will please a few, seen them mentioned a few times
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    I was thinking the same thing. Even if all of those acts are quite different, it does lack a younger headliner but I guess having acts like Lorde, Tyler the Creator and Vince Staples in prominent positions would work just as well.
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    It's 8 posts down, someone asked Gabi whether Jack White would play. "The first very clear, is it the year of Jack White?" "I think so"
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    I'd say they have a lot of acts signed and sealed like mad cool and are also doing the slow release. Maybe now altered the order we get them thanks to that leaked pic with snow patrol. Probably still expect snow patrol confirmed by next week at the latest. I'd go as far as to say that I'm genuinely expecting snow patrol, arctics and nine inch nails and greedily hoping we get kasabian and justice too. What a line up! Would top 2016 for me easily
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    We were talking about Queen on here a week or two ago and it inspired me. Surprised Mrs Jass with tickets to see them at the O2 last night as an early Christmas present, she loves them, I'm not a huge Queen fan but know the hits and figured it would be a laugh... Gotta say, it was incredible. Every bit as ridiculous, OTT, self-indulgent (May doing a ten minute solo on top of a giant robot hand), bombastic and camp as you would expect it to be. Played for two and a half hours and I think there were only two or three songs I didn't recognise, haven't enjoyed a gig that much in ages. Adam Lambert is no Freddie but he does a pretty good job. I have no doubt after watching them that they'd smash the Pyramid in either a headliner or legends slot.
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    Chvrches sagres stage 13th, are we still expecting snow patrol aswell? This is becoming a strong festival
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    I've read that Labour is deliberately being ambivalent so as to keep both sides on board. Given that you've previously favoured strategic policies to attract voters, would you support this? For the record, I'd respect them more for integrity. I don't want him to be harvesting support by being strategic. Supposing keeping both sides sweet was a vote winner, would you be in favour?
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    Not sure if the last one is legible so here is another
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    Also didn't realise anyone above the age of 12 liked The Kooks until this new wave of posters in this section. Actually didn't realise anyone liked The Kooks after like 2008.
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    Not sure what's worse about Frequency - the line up or that disgusting font they've used on the poster?!? The festival seems to have lost its way recently as the caliber of bands is just decreasing year on year. Having said that I'd definitely take Dimension, Hype b2b Hazard and Netsky but the rest is just dire. Suspect we will get Krewella and Seven Lions as they always put some of that kind of shit in the Boiler to keep the kids happy. Drunken Masters? That could easily be our pseudonym each summer Trufflehound and Dave!!
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    http://www.foroazkenarock.com/t58306p100-ask-me-anything-gabi-ruiz-ya-empieza Jack White
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    some of the posts from the last hour are shocking
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    Would love a Kaleo appeaeance.
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    But that was mostly due to the previous night's Goan Fish Curry.
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    Well they're not though are they?
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    Sure Radiohead at Glastonbury was good but have you seen this video?
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    Finally! Someone gives this a shout
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    I think 90 mins is pretty standard IMO, and the good thing about INmusic is that all the main-stage acts get 60/75/90 minute slots. Alt-J, Flogging Molly, Darko Rundek all had 90 mins and weren't headlining.
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    I think Franz are still in with a shout, though maybe not big enough in 2018 to do so. If not, The xx, Lorde or Two Door Cinema Club maybe. An outside shot is Arctic Monkeys who seem to be announcing festivals in Jan, they did play INmusic in 2013 just before the last album cycle (and the same week they headlined Glasto)...
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    where is this from??? Kendrick wouldn't be the main headliner! and pixies wouldn't headline
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    Yeah it makes sense But you can come with your friend and avoid italians! Much harder to avoid french and dutch
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    Still teenagers will have money from Christmas and if the acts are big as suggesting then it wouldn't hurt having one for Christmas, though they won't because the window for the most ticket sales would have passed. Shame since I love a good announcement before Christmas.
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    I do really like Kendrick's stuff, especially his older work (GKMC is probably my favourite hip-hop album of the decade, although that's not hard), but I'd find it kind of an anticlimactic headliner. Im fully aware that's just me but this is just my opinion anyway. I'd probably watch him unless there was an amazing band on another stage but I'd just see it as a wasted opportunity to book a big rock band like QOTSA or Arctic Monkeys or Foo Fighters and so on. Like I said I'm not saying they shouldn't book him just that for me personally I'd prefer a band to headline. Big rappers have a place but I just think they're better suited to subs or other stages, like the last time Kendrick played R+L, but he's obviously way too big for that now. edit: having said that I'd prefer him to Kanye (who I also sort of like but haven't heard great things about his show) or a few of the other rumours I've heard, like the 1975, My Chemical Romance or Green Day.