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    This is the longest sentence I've ever seen.
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    I’m in Frome for a few days so decided to take a wonder on hallowed ground. Some pics for you.
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    The price went up after The Courteeners finished.
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    23! 2 + 3 equals 5. Five were a band from the UK with 5 members in the 90's much like the Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham was a spice girl and was married to David Beckham. David Beckham wore the number 7 shirt at Manchester United. Seven was a film with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman shares his surname with Martin Freeman who appeared in the Hobbit,. The hobbit was filmed in New Zealand which is next to Australia. Tim Cahill is a famous Australian football player who played for Everton. Everton is a club in Liverpool. Paul McCartney is Liverpools most famous musical export around today. It's obviously a Paul McCartney announcement
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    Funnily enough I saw Alfie Clayton being dropped off at daycare.
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    A bunch of young men all dressed in black smashing a car exetremely aggressively on stage... it made me feel so, intimidated and it’s just not what I expected to see on prime-time TV.
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    Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
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    Too true. That streak is stuff of legend, they'd be mad to break it.
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    Had a bit of snow but it’s melting fast. Tracks are clear so it probably won’t be with us long. Bitter wind across the Park.
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    Look at the starch Look how it shines for you
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    There was a point last year when I was eating a tin of canned fruit with a broken pair of sunglasses instead of a spoon. A genuine existential moment
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    Just bury them before the festival site is set up and then dig them back up when you arrive
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    I prefer his previous album on pastry work; To crimp a butter pie
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    Although I absolutely despise the term - I just had a YOLO moment and bought my ticket After dropping all my plans for this year, under the 'too expensive' category, Werchter was the one I really, REALLY wanted to do. Looking forward to potentially seeing some of you there
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    I'm assuming The Horros is their non-union Mexican equivalent.
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    Updated lineup poster
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    Did you see what I done? 4th with the wrong sub, 5th with the right one.
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    Heard he's from SOUTHAMPTON.
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    Classic Michael Owen.
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    Cheers for the help guys! I need to encourage my mates to buy a ticket soon then! Line up is quality for me. Great mix of genres on the undercard with rock headliners. I can visit Brussels before the festival as well which is a bonus. Heard lots of good things and have it on my list of European cities to visit. Regarding the downvotes, some people are just bizarre. You just have to laugh Agree that the majority on here are great!
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    Are we giving the answer in how many sleeps?
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    It’ll happen at the Brits. Foo Fighters and Royal Blood being announced for main stage 2.
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    Panic at the Disco, c. 2018.
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    Oi oi!! Been readin the forum, just not as much since the line ups come out, think that’s the case for a lot of people. But yeah bois!! Been busy getting music recorded and out there!!! If ya guys got Spotify have a listen!!! xXx https://open.spotify.com/track/0YQXtp6d5dR16sVp1Ro1yY?si=1qDRO_y9QB2UMuR8EiahPQ
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    Getting married. Some might say it was excellently planned. They'd be correct.
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    Coldplay Chris Martin Chris Martin Super Group Chris Martin Hologram The Derby, Fulham and Norwich striker Chris Martin
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    Hahaha as if. He could've easily said "Trnsmt got Queen and we got FOB" and it would've sounded equally as bad tbh.
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    "All the stuff I want to see is on one day! One weekend ticket please."
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    For those looking for a poster. Without the Belgian names added, but still...
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    Totally forgot that Clint Eastwood, Ascension or Sweepstakes were Stoner Rock music. Hits from Gorillaz are hip hop, Gorillaz as Damon Albarn is a whole different stuff, but sure you should agree with me that average attender of Sziget considers Gorilaz = Feel Good Inc and Clint Eastwood, not certain Busted and Blue, and of this the management is aware
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    This year my wife and me will give a miss to Pukkelpop because we are waiting for the birth of our first daughter at the end of July, so for the first time in 10 years I will wait the first batch of names knowing that we won't be there for sure. I hope that all of you will get a great line-up, and I hope that they will get back Shelter Stage, because I would love to go back to Pukkelpop in the future (don't know when, but I am sure that I will go back there) Good luck with the line-up! Fingers crossed!!
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    Yes, and rightly fucking so!
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    Less c**ts Less shit music Less queuing More drugs
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    It's these 6 main stages that they're planning on this year.
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    Last chemo done. I got a certificate and to ring the bell while the staff lined up Oh and my hair is growing back, if this last cycle hasn't reversed that.
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    Travis (I am a big fan) is the weakest rap/trap/r&b act in the last 3 years. It's not a big name in Spain and is not that huge as The Weeknd or Lamar who both have done tours through UK and Europe's Arenas. He was the supporting act in the DAMN Tour in USA for Lamar. Besides that, he didn't have a big big tour in USA, as other like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, The Weeknd or even J. Cole have done. The Killers were at this past BBK Live, and they're also in the lineup of another spanish fest. Liam Gallagher is a big name in UK, but here in Spain is performing at halls for 2k people. In addition to that, he is also performing in another spanish festival which costs half of the price of FIB and is mainly fulled with cheap spanish acts. Pet Shop Boys, like The Killers, were at another spanish fest in 2017. In the case of PSB at Cruilla, which is way smaller than FIB or BBK Live. And damn, the other big names are always the same, nothing new, they're everywhere. Justice (BBK Live '17 + Mad Cool'18 + Cruilla'18). 2DCC (BBk Live'17 + Cruilla'17). Bastille.... well, it's Bastille. Catfish, The Vaccines, Wolf Alice, The Kooks, Izal, Dorian, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Always the same names, i don't know what the FIB festival bookers are thinking. And yeah, those names could sell some tickets in UK, but come on, you guys can do it way better than that. Summing up, the headliners are cheap asf, shared with other fests and the rest of the big names just shows how lazy are te bookers of this festival. I gotta admit it, the small names are pretty decent but this was one of The biggest fests in Europe and now..
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    Nick Cave is a bit like Radiohead for me, other than one or two songs I just don't get it.
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    I am welcoming a roast but here this; not interested in PJ, QOTSA or Nick Cave (maybe for the spectactle though) shows the depth of the lineup that i still think its the best fest out there and not fussed about half the headliners!
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    Kendrick Lamar yesterday was great! His show, the crowd, atmosphere, the liveband (unfortunately hidden behind the screen), setlist (TPAB is my favourite album by him and he only played 2 songs from it, but it wouldn't fit in this show) were all perfect. Very diverse crowd too. Indieheads, older people, parents with kids, college students, hipsters, fangirls, ... Highlight after highlight, barely any time to think, pure exhaustion after the show. Already had to catch my breath after the first song, DNA. What a gig this was! I don't get the reactions that "this is Rihanna all over again". It's almost blasphemous to compare that shitshow with this genius. It will definitely be the highlight of the weekend.
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    Actually beginning to get hopeful of them adding Royal Blood next to Kings of Leon now.
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    The front bottoms tho
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    Yeah. Cribs will be added above Hollywood Undead for a start. And we have special guests to be added above Post Malone and Slaves.
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    For people who don't know, which is most of you I suspect, "patronising" means being condescending towards someone.
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    As long as I’m still able to decant my usual 5 litres of vodka into SOMETHING, then I’m all for this!!

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