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    Hello guy, You've just got to stop trying to kill yourself! It's beyond a joke now!
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    If you voom in to the pic of rubbish you can see my Canadian flag still up.. That was 09 the year I smashed my ankle whilst walking back from the se corner.... I had to be carried to my tent and then that day I Sat in the sun whilst my wife and a friend went and drove an old Bedford cf on to get me to the hospital. Anyway they were gone so long that I had drank a lot cider and got sunstroke as well. Then the bloody van broke down and as was pissed I thought I'd first help try to push the thing then drive it lol anyway a nice paster who was passing hooked us up and got us to the garage at Shepton.. I did eventually get to hospital covered in mud ...... It was muddy the Sat I slipped up..... Only to be told that there was a 3 hour wait so I went home lol Again not my best ideas cos by the time I got back to the hospital my leg was fucked..... Still is...... So I was sent to poole where I stayed for 3 days after having a op..
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    Anyone know if this is legit!!! The streets would be amazing!

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