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    I'd rather OD than watch Calvin Harris twice in three years.
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    I'd like to thank Maynard, Billy, and Bruno for the honour, lol.
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    So APC finish on July 1st, then Smashing Pumpkins and Tool have 2 days rehearsals, and then both bands play Werchter and Open'er. Sounds good to me. EDIT: Just made myself laugh aloud at the idea of Tool subbing for Bruno Mars at Open'er. Though Prophets of Rage did sub for The Weeknd last year so you never know lol...
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    It seems to me that it is about confirming the entire lineup before sharing the poster, which is for obvious reasons way more complicated than dripping out confirmations as you go. Most (or all) the other festivals around PS won't have their complete schedule confirmed and announced yet by the time PS shares their poster.
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    Oya Festival just announced Kendrick Lamar edit: as well as Flow and WoW!
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    At this point the Symphonic Smiths still looks like a better bet than Morrissey.
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    Gregory....today is a great day! You just made it to neutrality in terms of up n down votes after being trolled...it was my pleasure to get you he last one
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    Awesome news! I'd imagine they'd start the tour in the US, but who knows. Are SP headliner material in 2018 or would they sub do we think?
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    I think the prodigy subbing Kendrick would be a phenomenal booking which would definitely appeal to a young audience (including myself)
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    At Rock Werchter 2016 he was more than fantastic. I've never been a fan of Macca nor the Beatles, but he's incredible. He even made me cry (and not a lot of band achieved to do that on me!). He plays solo stuff, things of the Beatles and the Wings, and it's amazing. It's actually the perfect act for a festival, and everyone's loving the moment. We danced with a 70 years old man who seemed to be having one of the times of his life.
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    Elvis Costello headlined Glastonbury in 1987 and 1989
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    I did that after nos last year. Not making that mistake again. Booked off the monday and Tuesday today
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    Or maybe Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl have planned a mammoth drinking session in Chicago where they will laugh at a festival that has booked Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy as headliners when they could have had Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters!
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    S/O to anyone who listens to Aunteros as well
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    I've said it before, I still think (hope) Tool is one of our two missing headliners. Maynard has concerts with A Perfect Circle up until July 1st. After that, I want to believe that we'll se a Tool European tour and that RW is one of their stops.... https://www.alternativenation.net/maynard-james-keenan-hard-work-tool-band-reveals-done/
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    MORE TAPS IN CAMPSITE! I camp up in Bailey's, and if you're up in the morning and want some water then you have to queue for fucking ages. Not good when you're hungover in the middle of summer. Instant death penalty and a lifetime ban for anybody caught holding a conversation in a crowd during a quiet act.
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    Why are people still caught up on the gender thing? The only things that are relevant is, is the music good, and does the act pull the punters through the door, that's the only thing that should be considered when booking acts.
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    Yeah gotta be next week... surely... Who's everyone hoping for? arctic monkeys, jack white (almost impossible though sadly), franz ferdinand, tame impala, NIN, paramore, everything everything, sampha, st vincent, wolf alice, thundercat would make me happy
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    Updated the clashfinder with these new announcements! Marshmello will obviously play against Gorillaz. Reckon Snow Patrol (regarding to their placements on the Mad Cool / NOS Alive posters) play 3th down on the Main. Fleet Foxes is obviously a Barn act, early evening second or thirth down to play I reckon. Khalid sold out his AB (3k) show in a suffy, I bet he'll get an evening spot in Klub C. And last but not least, I'd see Eels getting an evening spot in the Barn but not clashing with Nick Cave, so second down in the Barn. https:///s/rw2018/
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    3 PM instead of the usual 11 AM. Could be a part of a big tour announcement?
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    The 1975, Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes...