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    It is indeed. Added Katy Perry this year to make it eleven visits in a row where I've seen an act who has appeared in the Simpsons. The full list: 04 - McCartney 05 - White Stripes 07 - The Who 09 - Spinal Tap 10 - Willie Nelson 11 - U2 13 - The Stones 14 - Dolly Parton 15 - Lionel Richie 16 - Coldplay 17 - Perry
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    Not sure "crack on" was the best phrase to use given the circumstances.
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    Bit nervous about this, you lot can be brutal haha I released my Debut EP a week ago, Neil said I could post links to it. It's a loose concept about Nuclear weapons and the impact they can and have had. It's electronic music. As some of you know my main influences in that genre are Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. and if you'd like to buy it, it's available on iTunes but Neil said buy it on Amazon music as he gets a kick back. iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/tales-from-the-wastelands-ep/id1292410495?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tales-Wastelands-Nashville-Electro-Service/dp/B076659NG6/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1507921629&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=nashville+electro+service It's available on most music services. I'd be grateful if a few of you check it out. Thanks
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    Performing a set of Pearl Jam covers and repeatedly calling the crowd "old sons".
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    As the title suggests, this weekend I went to the Glastonbury site when it wasn't on with a group of people who I camp with. Here are some photos, see if you can guess which areas they are as I can't be bothered to caption then
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    Double the capacity I say. 'But how will they do that Tom?' I hear you ask, its very simple. Double decker festival. It worked for buildings and buses festivals are the next logical step.
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    Isolation Trepidation
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    I see where you are coming from. I've been on here during a fallow year, and agree that the telling of stories will help. In connection with the above, I will tell the tale of the rubber arm with clenched fist at the end. It occurred because one of my female friends is in to S & M (BDSM) and once went to see a public fisting in the upstairs function room of a pub in the centre of Birmingham. I happened to be drinking in a gay bar that Sunday afternoon in the city centre , left the bar, and saw her stopped at the traffic lights in her campervan, sporting a military type uniform and a hat which looked similar to this; I went on to ask her what she was wearing, but then the lights changed, and so I didn't get a response as she had to drive off. When I met her at a later date I asked her again what she'd been up to wearing that kit. She explained that she'd been to her first S & M meeting in a pub and that the main act was to watch somebody being fisted. What she hadn't expected was that the person in the pub to be fisted would ask for a volunteer to fist him. The moment he asked, she put her hand up (perhaps the wrong expression) to express her interest, and was duly chosen. So, she was asked to sit on an office chair on the dance floor area, the bloke went over to her, and she put her fist up his arse. What she hadn't expected was that he would then run around the dance floor, dragging her behind him, with the little wheels on the office chair spinning along nicely. She was almost in tears of laughter of laughter whilst regaling this story to me. Well, quite rightly, this story stuck in my mind. So, when it came to her 40th birthday celebrations me and our other pals were thinking of presents to buy her. We had booked the rather nice Millcombe House on Lundy Island to celebrate her birthday, and were to bring our wet suits as we were going to go and swim with the seals. Well, this got me thinking. As we were all recently qualified divers I thought that it would be nice if we all chipped in and bought her her first dive computer, which everyone agreed to do. Then when I was in town one day (as that was where my work was based) I walked past a sex shop and noticed that there was this rubber arm / fist on sale and that it was dramatically reduced in price. I made the immediate decision to go in and buy it, and run it by everybody else later. So, I bought the arm / fist and knew that it would be the ideal prop for putting the wrist held dive computer on, which we did. I covered up the dive computer with coloured tissue paper so that it couldn't be seen. Then I wrapped the whole rubber lower arm and fist up with normal wrapping paper. Anyway, we get to the house on Lundy and she opens a whole load of presents, which she was very happy with. Then lastly she opened up the fist present. She burst out laughing when she opened it up, and knew where the joke lay. She was actually delighted with it. Then we told her to unwrap the coloured tissue, which she did, and saw the main present, which was the dive computer. She was over the moon, as in seriously over the moon. We had done our job, and we had done it well. As an aside, I brought £150 worth of magic mushrooms to the island with me for everyone to share, if they so wanted to indulge. Everybody bar one couple took them. And that leads us on to another story. Can't tell it now, because I haven't got the time. May do so at a later date - just to help you kill the time.
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    super shot - it reminds me of 1979 - a quick run down how we ended up going We were at the Half Moon in Putney - my friends had a folk band and at half time they were approached by a Band booker who wanted to book them for Glastonbury Fayre - now at this point I have to confess none of us had ever heard of Glastonbury Fayre and had no clue where it was - rough notes were scribbled on a a beer mat - at a later stage we looked but there was no Pilton on the map but we did find Shepton Mallet - we had been told if we reached there and asked a local they would point us in the right direction - Most pilled into a Campervan and I was dragged along because I owned a Mini so I had a few passengers - anyway at some point we came across a Signpost { I am not claiming its the same signpost } but we made it to Pilton and with a locals help we found the road down to the farm - this is before there was a stewards out in the main road who would point you in the right direction and there was no giant signs up pointing the way - its remarkable that we ever found it { no Satnav in those days } cant find any shots of that year on my PC but these two are from the early 80's and it was the same Mini and we were on our way to Glasto { except that year we had to buy our own tickets }
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    If they get tickets, sure.
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    Beautiful sunrise with the harvest moon still out this morning. Pic from 7:20am.
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    A crowd that size for Rag n Bone Man is a good reason for reducing the size by 30,000, and introducing some sort of decency test into the bargain.
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    Well that was incredible. 2 songs in and I was in tears. Just so so good. I've waited a long long time to see The National and it lived up to every expectation and more. The new songs sound fantastic (even Turtleneck), there was a great mix from the previous few and Matt was in great form both vocally and with the lols #balloongate. A band at their very best. Really happy for the guys on here who got Pink Rabbits. Still doesn't give me the feels, but hearing it live did increase its like-ability somewhat. We didn't get Brainy or England either but hey-ho. I'm so happy at the moment it doesn't really matter! I had a lovely couple standing next to me who were clearly enjoying it as much as I was. We exchanged a few glances and smiles, knowing we were all witnessing something special. Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did!
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    Were Al-Qaeida better than ISIS?
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    I thought it was the bit where the villain is running amok in a walking version of the Arcadia Spider and Eggsy stops it by ramming a Growler up the exhaust pipe - before saying "Manners maketh man" to a passing Mik Artistik.
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    If it helps we can all sit on here at 09.00 next Sunday mashing F5 and complaining that things don't work?
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    I bet you're great fun at parties
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    Is this a grown man with a YouTube channel dedicated to Reading and Leeds festivals? His rock love and grime hate is as embarrassing as the Courteeners-obsessed Manc people on Twitter who think everything other than lad rock isn't proper music. Also what was even the point in that video? Man actually hand wrote a line-up of his favourite bands on canvas with Rammstein half way down The Pit and included his own band and one band just so his cousin would buy a ticket... To a festival that isn't even happening... This has made me unnecessarily angry smh.
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    It's another 8 dates at the Apollo for Bon Iver
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    Some info here on how it's not really the acts that are personally ripping you off cos they think their wares are so worthy. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/jan/30/where-does-concert-ticket-money-go
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    I think Kendrick would headline outright tbh. Edit: Changing that to Royal Blood/Paramore - Foos - Kendrick would be more likely imo.
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    Actually, it's a fine piece of work. It's not something that I'm comfortable with, but I think I'm going to have to disagree with vintagelaureate, on the adding of pea eyes to it. I think that would spoil it, and actually make it look like some sort of animal - as opposed to the work of a deviant mind, which it looks like now! The thing is, you can hand your 'piece' in and hold your head up high, knowing that it will provoke thoughts in the teacher's mind that they really didn't want to be put there. You can, stoney faced, just look at them, perhaps with a staged proud smile, and take the pregnant pause between the two of you. You'll know, deep down, that he / she is going to buckle first, and come out with a much tamer response than the one they really want to come out with. They will do this because they will, in panic, conclude that it's inconceivable that this man in front of them would stand their smiling at his and his son's handiwork, if they actually meant to visually represent all that is so very very wrong, and possibly evil. Of course, you'll be running the risk that the teacher anonymously calls the Youth Social Services Emergency Intervention Team, but that no doubt something that you can have a laugh at with mr gumby jr, when on your monthly accompanied visits to see him.
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    Just to save you searching from what dental said, here are the current acts people are guessing for headliners: - Foo Fighters (new album out) - Arctic Monkeys (new album may be out, but if its not released by september next year it is unlikely) - The Killers (new album out, huge turnout at glasto + sold out BST) - Florence + The Machine (probably has a new album out, push for more female headliners) - Arcade Fire (god please no) - Royal Blood (new album, hyped band, would probably coheadline) - Paramore (new album, tour sold very well, would probably coheadline) - Queens Of The Stone Age (did secret set this year, new album, would probably coheadline) - Drake (appeared this year, will probably have a new album out) - Kendrick Lamar (more likely to do Wireless but may do R+L instead) - Twenty One Pilots (more likely to sub imo but could maybe coheadline)
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    About 30 years ago I was working as a driver. I had a similar gag lined up for years, when I finally go the chance to use it, the person I said it to didn't get it. Devastated. Anyway.... Picture the scene.... I've driven to one of the banks on my route (for it was a bank I worked for). While waiting for them go gather the stuff I had to take with me, one of the women said they had a problem with a set of drawers, the top one was jammed in and they couldn't get it out. Could I take a look. So... I'm trying to force it open and she says "Would you like a screwdriver?". Barely containing my excitement I retorted, "No thanks. I'm 20 minutes late as it is!" Silence. Still hurts.
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    Yes, cosmic. GloFX is the only brand that I can get on with. All the others are trash - by which, I mean, exactly the same thing, but priced cheaper. Just Say - Fuck Off to schoolboy subliminal advertising. You'll possibly not believe this, but it happens to be true. I was once in a pub with a group of drunken desperadoes, when one of them gets up, says he's off, but before going asks what we thought of his new purchase, which was a black heavy clothed winter coat. I immediately said that it looked like a donkey jacket - for it did do dat! Then another person (Bal) in the group remarked to me ' Don't you know - 'Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee Hawlways wears that donkey jacket'. He then went on to thank me profusely, because he had been bursting at the seams for years for the opportunity to say that line. If I remember rightly, he was nearly crying with joy. Not sure what that has to do with buying, wearing, sitting on, psychedelic glasses.
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    Good article. One niggle though. It implies he was offstage for anthrocene before making his entrance for jesus alone, which is clearly bollocks. They are right to highlight jubilee street. You could easily make a case for it being the greatest ever bad seeds song. Amazing, considering it came along so late in their career. As for comparisons with cohen and bowie, lyrically he'll never touch cohen - no one can imo - but in every other regard he surpasses him I think. Especially consistency. Cohen did put out his fair share of dud music, something nick cave has never done. Comparisons with bowie is a harder thing to judge as they are just so completely different. He'll never be a superstar like bowie because nick cave is far more niche and his charisma is very different to bowies charisma. Bowie appealed to all, but there are plenty of people who will think nick cave is just too weird. Plus he lacks the wide range of music bowie put out - bowie has a song for literally everyone. So yeah, he is comfortably ranked alongside cohen for me, but lacks the broad appeal that elevates him to bowie level. Now if you could choose to go to a gig from just one of those three artists at the top of their game and handpick the setlist who would you pick? Probably bowie for me........followed by cave then cohen. But then if I rank their 3 best glastobury appearances I'd say bowie, then cohen then cave (2013). That was tough though. Was cave at the o2 better than cohen at the o2....argh I'd have to say cave edges it... Nick cave and the bad seeds are by far the best band around still putting out music though. By far.
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    I don't really feel the need to pay homage to the site, but wouldn't mind going up the tor again (the first time is a long story which, briefly (and this is brief) involves a wedding, a white witch, a near drowning which would be able to vie for any slap stick comedy award, some sweets blessed by a Buddhist, a very long joint being lite from a man in his underpants in the owners kitchen of a B&B, and finally a report on the local radio news that sections of that specific area of Somerset now had checkpoints with soldiers manning them, because they were looking for IRA suspects in a specific colour, make and model of car. Well, I was driving exactly the same colour, make and model of the car, and it was registered in my dad's name - an Irishman with an Irish surname. I drove up to a check point (which was in my way) and thought 'fuck me. I've got a real hippy white witch in the back of the car, with enough drugs on them to warrant immediate arrest'. I really can't remember what conversation went on, but he let us go. Anyway, I really enjoyed my visit to the tor. It was almost spiritual, but I'm still unsure on that one. It was definitely meaningful. I'd like to go back again, camp at Ashcombe Farm (always wanted to camp there) and saunter in to The Apple Tree, possibly out of my mind on drugs.
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    Just got on my National Express. That was absolutely ridiculous, best night of my life. After he'd got all the people on stage I lost track of where he was. Then the guy with me shouted "He's in the fucking crowd!" and then the crowd in front of me opened up a path for him to get to the barrier and I was just stood in front of him and shit myself. Didn't really know what to do so quickly hugged him and grabbed his arse to boost him up to the barrier where I held him for a verse of Stagger Lee whilst he sang about fucking guys and shooting them in the head whilst staring down at me. Terrifying stuff. Absolutely fucking amazing, though. I'm so baffled by tonight.
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    chainsmokers can fuck off plz no
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    When I grow up, I want to be that kid.
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    how to tell an online forum that you like twenty one pilots
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    this keeps popping up on my twitter feed, the guy does make me laugh, gets to the heart of the problems with the music industry these days.
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    The idea of a self-described 'big Imagine Dragons fan' is perplexing. There's nothing about them that'd make anyone feel strongly about them and you'd expect people who enjoy their songs to either be very casual fans of music or to be bigger fans of other bands with more anthemic songs, more personality and more of a live spectacle. It's like those One Republic fellas that they used to have all over again.
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    Calm down, FFS. Its not certain yet it was murder. Don't use the fucking Daily Mail as evidence for anything. As mentioned in the thread you already started, its standard to arrest somebody if they are to be interviewed under caution. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Bestival. Personally I hope they pull it together and thrive.
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    I just want to see slaves swmrs and fidlar at reading 2018
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    Would love to see a Fantano stink piece on that article.
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    Woah, what's up with the downvotes on this?
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    Well I mean it's obviously the triumphant return of Sonisphere with the Stones, Guns N' Roses and Metallica.
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    52. Is that old enough not to be patronised?