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    Do I book a ticket and hope my hamster is sick on the day? Gonna be a bit of a waste turning up with a perfectly healthy animal.
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    I can't believe I just spent my time reading the last two pages
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    do muse ever disappear for a summer
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    Every time you say ''lmao'', the R&L announcement gets pushed back a day.
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    Hope you didn’t get too chilled. If you fell asleep you’d risk... .... BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE
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    Isn't that a Cabbage song?
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    I dunno man, it's a bit sweary. I wanna give The Hunna fans a chance to defend The Hunna without being locked out of the school intranet.
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    Well, that escalated quickly. I just wanted to show that there are different ways to look at headline positions as I mentioned popularity, genre, relevance, live reputation, artistic value and many others. I want to apologize for all the downvoters and lighthouse in particular. I never wanted to 'rank' acts, I thought I was very careful by only including potential Werchter headliners and not acts like Miley Cyrus or Dua Lipa as lighthouse mentioned. I just wanted to bring a different view. Again, I'm sorry if this makes it look like just a popularity contest.
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    Despite what the sold out arenas appear to suggest, Imagine Dragons don’t actually have any fans.
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    Foo Fighters to be announced as Festival exclusive for UK at Reading festival, then will get announced for TRNSMT the week after.
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    So as it's now a new page what are the chances of Royal Blood playing?
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    Fickle Friends fifth down the main stage? The Wombats and Nothing But Thieves third down? Suuure you "found" this.
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    Hope Neil doesn't mind me doing this. It is new music but feel free to take it down if it's not ok. One of my tracks got played on BBC 6 Music this weekend. 1:25 minutes in, Pink Eye Club, Middle Class White Kid: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09hw4xb
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    Ah shit, does this rule him out for 2019?
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    What a mad cool lineup this is shaping up to be
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    You my friend are a life saver! Mad frantic rush looking for some and waiting for payday but it's paid off. Norway was sold out to. And Switzerland, France and Belgium but low and behold just got some from the Danish ticket MASTER. Cheers!
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    I just made a calculation : Pearl Jam has sold out 32 times faster than Foo Fighters this year. Impressive stat..
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    ...Elbow are my favourite band. All seven albums are sublime and incredibly important to me. In my opinion Guy is the greatest lyricist, most consistent, of my musical listening life. I had a little cry when they played Latitude 2008, and that year hit the big time, with a huge crowd singing along to the band I'd loved for years. Seen them 13 times and every time is like a huge joyous hug. They have a very large loyal following, who would stand in a field and listen to Guy belt out the phone book. But that's my opinion, each to their own and all that, some people insist they enjoy Ed Sheeran. Wouldn't be fussed either way if they did headline, I'll be getting my 2018 fix of them in March, but would be a good send off on the Sunday. ps. Talking of joy...after seeing Gorillaz last night, that incredible show needs to come to Latitude in the summer!
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    Is this the daylight savings reissue?
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    Ah thats disappointing. When I saw this I was hoping they were dead.
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    Stealing busses, call a copper.
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    Not the first badger related beef to do with Glastonbury...
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    Downvoted for that? Fuck ALL nationalities
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    some of the posts from the last hour are shocking
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    Sure Radiohead at Glastonbury was good but have you seen this video?
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    Getting frustrated with the lack of announcements coming from RW
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    UPDATE (i left 1xtra because dont know enough about those acts and cba) cheers for the feedback x
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    My daughter will come with me to Rock Werchter next summer....as she did this summer and in 2016 I think we are, along with thetime, are the old farts on this forum
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    We used to have to wait until the third monday in March for the lineup, why are people freaking that nothing has been announced so far? Those were the days, getting home from school, having tea, running upstairs to listen to Zane Lowe announce the lineup. Actually.. that hasnt happened since 2012...
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    I've only been the once but followed a fantastic bit of advice from here that I will forward on to you: If you see an open door, go through it. It led to loads of micro-venues that could have so easily been missed (and I'm sure there were plenty more that we didn't see)
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    It's an interesting question. My opinion is that there is a huge war between spanish festivals. In the same weekend you have BBK Live, Resurrection Fest, Cruilla Festival and Mad Cool. Besides, Download Madrid, Barcelona Rock Fest and FIB happens really close to that weekend. In 2019, Doctor Music Festival (that was the most important spanish festival in the late 90's) will come back after a 20 years hiatus in the same location (Pirineus Zone) and I'm sure that will be the same weekend (or close to that one). All spanish people ask the same question: why all festivals in the same dates?? The answer given by some CM of these festivals is that european routing of big artists obligate spanish festivals to happen first or second weekend in July. So, there is a huge war between spanish fests, so huge ammounts of money are getting payed to artists. Mad Cool is owned by Javier Arnaiz (who was one of the most important guys of LTI -BBK Live and Azkena orginzators- and by Live Nation. So some artists are booked in Europe with exclusivity by Live Nation, so it ensures that they will play Mad Cool or Download Madrid (also a LN festival). Mad Cool and BBK have huge money grants from local authoroty in Madrid and Bilbao, so that makes them have a bit of advantage with the rest of Spanish festivals. So, Mad Cool have: the experience of and Ex LTI chief, plus the financial support from Live Nation, plug huge grants from Ayutamiento de Madrid (local authority) and Comunidad de Madrid (autonomic authority) so now that the artist are more expensive than ever, they have more financial potencial to invest. I don't know if this festival is profitable, but I'm sure that their promoters are risking expending a lot of money and moving to a bigger site (80k people). The festival is growing really fast, so in a few years we will realize if they can go on with it. Madrid needed a big festival, 5 milliones people living here. I'm so happy to see it happening. Don't be worry about security or planning. These people have been working in festivals for a long time. But this is a new festival, so it's logical that they make some mistakes that a veteran festival as Werchter or Roskilde would never make.
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    I've just added up what everyone has said so far, given 10 points to their 1st album, 9 to their 2nd etc. etc. This is what the top 10 looks like so far (if I've added up right). 1. Sleep Well Beast - The National (53) 2. DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar (49) 3. American Dream - LCD Soundsystem (43) 4. Melodrama - Lorde (39) 5. Science Fiction - Brand New (34) 6. Visions of a Life - Wolf Alice (32) 7. Brutalism - IDLES (22) 8. Masseduction - St. Vincent (21) 9. After Laughter - Paramore (17) 10. Process - Sampha (16) 10. A Deeper Understanding - The War on Drugs (16)
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    Cba sharing 3 numbers of my username with that
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    Hoping Foals' next album is a big enough hit to help them cement a main headliner spot in the future.
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    The abridged version... Well, I was over in New York visiting a friend for a wedding. There was 30 odd of us in total, a very eclectic mix of people. At the time, I was under the American legal drinking age so I must have been about 20 so we're talking a good a few years ago. We were staying on a university campus as our friend worked there and we just had an entire hall of residence to ourselves. A short walk away were a few bars. Now, clearly the bar staff knew some of us were underage but being outside of the city and so close to a university they weren't particularly bothered. After we had been there a while (we stayed for three weeks) the staff recognised us and one night they produced a bottle of 151 from behind the bar. Now, 151 for those who don't know it, it pretty potent. At the time, I didn't know/appreciate this. We ended up doing dares with the staff and the 'reward' was shots of 151. After several of these on top of a few hours drinking we made the decision to head back. Apparently, I called into a McDonald's on the way home and insisted on high fiving everyone including a couple of gun carrying dodgy characters. Luckily for me, they all found it amusing, to the degree of when I went back a few days later I was called the "funny English guy". Anyway, after getting near home and an incident on an army assault course (another story in itself), our eyes set upon the glory of the all American yellow school bus. We ambled over, with no real sense of purpose and imagine our surprise when we pressed a button and the door swung open. Around 10 of us clambered on and there on the dashboard was the key!!!! Now I would never drive after a drink, but we were on private land and we were the only people staying there. However, disappointment awaited us as the key was padlocked to the steering wheel and the chain was an inch or so too short to reach the ignition. Despite numerous tries no one could open the padlock, which retrospectively was probably for the best, however we had come so far we couldn't fail now. So we made the decision that we'd take the handbrake off and push... Now I don't know if you've ever tried to push a bus but it's no easy task. Between us we managed to move it about 50 metres and all managed to get pictures 'driving' it. The amusement came in the morning when we awoke to the university janitor talking to one of the more elderly people we were with about how confused he was. Apparently, his bus wasn't were he left it...
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    Yes those Foos are too small and weak a booking to headline outright. They need a co headline slot to give them some exposure and the step up they need. They'll be on with someone of a similar size so probably Guns and Roses. That will be an incredibly weak day but we need to nurture these future headliners.
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    We're gonna get some more bands announced at the end of the month, would love to see Parkway, Architects or While She Sleeps announced.
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    If you take your tickets, you'll have a really good surprise ! (Cause ON STAGE Nick Cave is at least as good as Gorillaz and Depeche Mode, and Pearl Jam make them look like beginners x) I became a fan after the PJ show at RW2014, cause I had never seen something like that... And if you play the guitar, you'll be mesmerized, because PJ's guitarist plays like no one else, and if you like singalongs, it's 3hours of intense crowdsinging)
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    I'm convinced that his fans are that thick that they didn't realise he was in Beady Eye and think this is the first thing he's done musically since Oasis split up.
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    Fucking hell you're a bellend.
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    Oh wait I think he was right. The original poster has leaked: https://gyazo.com/3b209c01ee43879f4756ac66a93d49d6