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    Okay since I'm ill and have too much time on my hands, I've done the dirty work this year. I gave 10 to the top album, 9 to the second etc., then added up the scores. Up to 30th place there's some clear ordering but then there's a lot of 6 way draws so I'll just provide the top 30: 28. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy Ryan Adams - The Prisoner Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights 27. Paramore - Hard Times 26. London Grammar - The Truth is a Beautiful Thing 24. The Cribs - 24/7 Rockstar Shit The Moonlandingz - Interplanetary Class Classics 23. Sundara Karma - Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect 22. Bonobo - Migration 21. Loyle Carner - Yesterday's Gone 19. Sampha - Process Brand New - Science Fiction 18. The Horrors - V 17. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy 16. Idles - Brutalism 13. Los Campesinos! - Sick Scenes Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark? Run The Jewels - RTJ3 12. Everything Everything - A Fever Dream 10. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCATION Queens of the Stone Age - Villains 9. The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding 8. Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life 7. Slowdive - Slowdive 6. The xx - I See You 5. Arcade Fire - Everything Now 4. LCD Soundsystem - american dream 3. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. 2. Lorde - Melodrama 1. The National - Sleep Well Beast So there you have it, efestivals' year in music! Roll on 2018
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    So who wants some line-up info?
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    To whoever keeps downvoting every comment I write, you've missed a couple above. Catch up!
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    matt42 getting killed, just like the good old days
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    stop teenagers enjoying music 2018
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    Merry Christmas Guys!!! Hope u all get reading tickets!!! Xx
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    Which of you miserable bastards downvoted?
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    honestly very pleased dan's dropped this info as it's been so dry that i've started thinking about what films will be playing in the 1xtra tent after the acts finish
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    Tool look so different in that picture.
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    This time 12 months ago The National were just a name of little significance to me. Fast forward a year and I’ve seen them twice, seeing them again next summer and own every album of theirs on vinyl. It’s been a great year for music IMO, but discovering The National has been the undisputed highlight for me.
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    Might go and see if my mother and father in law will take my wife back so i can marry her younger sister!
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    R+L tweeted saying Merry Christmas, Micheal Buble and Mariah Carey in with a shout now?
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    Starting to actually like Dudey Rhino now. He's just like one of us. Not joining his sesh gremlins in Orange tho.
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    At least we can stop discussing whether Bicep will be there or not, sick of those discussions.
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    I see that the bookies have knocked the odds of an Oasis reunion tour in 2018 down from 100/1 to 8/1. For those unfamiliar with betting this means if you bet £10 on an Oasis reunion next year, you will lose £10.
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    is that a serious question
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    Hey everyone, Sheldon, host from SoundCheck and currently a very hated man on the internet, here! Enjoyed reading these comments during the lineup fiasco. Just wanted to clarify I few things on here as this is where the majority of discussion was - appreciate there's been another leak so I won't post anything after this to avoid taking up more of the feed than we already have! TLDR: Went well, had fun, no harm intended. We never intended the mock lineup to go any further than Reddit and it was purely to see if anyone read as far down to our name and checked us out. The Bicep thing was totally unplanned and I was actually kind of mortified when we saw what he'd commented because we knew it was going to be picked up on. We didn't convince many here, but some said the lineup was disappointing, this was genuinely intended to be the case and tbf I usually find the first announcement to be lack lustre compared to the final poster although I do believe all acts have a chance to play and they're all worth checking out if you haven't already. Paramore have every right to headline the festival over Royal Blood and my actual prediction is Bicep headlining every day with Melvin Benn monologuing on every slot on every stage. Either way, it's been a pleasure, hope to stick around here too. Link to the fake poster at the bottom if you want to play around with it. @SomeoneListeningIn watching your internal turmoil over that lineup was worth the whole ordeal. I can confirm I hadn't looked at this forum before making the poster (except maybe back in 2010 when I first went to Reading). I have never had any training in Photoshop beyond YouTube tutorials. You also basically ousted it as us too, so well done for that! @Mattymooz The poster was in fact made from scratch and based on the previous year's layout, it took me about an hour to put together but longer to decide on which bands should go on it. I look forward to your cage match this year. @Hawky Thank you for your applauding of effort, the bands took a long time! @pepesilvia Thank you for the comments on the quality, I am indeed hear to be Mattymooz's padawan. @dentalplan Amazing spot on the I in my typeface, who would've thought PT Sans would've caused me such a headache! Hadn't found the style guide in my research but absolutely wish I had now. Festival nerds do indeed exist outside of this forum, Reddit and Twitter are my stomping ground! @Jack w Considering we're such a small operation I think we've had some pretty decent acts on as guests (Enter Shikari, Joe Lycett, Dua Lipa), regardless - I'm sorry you're not a fan, hopefully we'll win you over someday. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bke0p4si0atfyp/First Announcement.psd?dl=0
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    @eFestivals till major mobile virus scams going on. Nearly every page after a few seconds making you shut the browser totally
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    They probably will now that Josh Homme has.
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    Bar Tool is back online, I've just read through his responses from today, few bits of info! In response to whether we'll get news when the prices go up... The offer ends on Monday night. Tuesday will raise the price, although there are very few bonds on sale. News at the end of the week. In response to someone mentioning if Wolf Alice will be there... Next week we announce more bands. Regarding the ticket sales of Saturday... Surprisingly, on Saturday, it only carries 2,000 less-than-sales tickets on Thursday. The fertilizers will be exhausted in a few days. Regarding the amount of bands... They have had to make readjustments for several factors and the final poster will be 130 bands. (Also mentioned some bands have asked for long slots so 2/3 acts have been moved, that's why there's been 'adjustments' to avoid major clashes) When asked if Moby can be ruled out... Moby fits in the line of the festival. Also when asked if it would be a headliner next Friday from 'the other side of the pond' he just put three smiley faces. Justice and Massive Attack will be on the 'Electronica' Stage. Also ruled out Neil Young but said he's planned for future editions. When asked regarding transport info etc. he did mention this will come next week, possibly before the Friday artist announcements. From all of the above I'm going to assume an American headliner (Jack White?) is being announced next Friday and possible Arctics as well? Rock Werchter have said their next announcement is mid January, so if they're also waiting on them Friday 12th is around mid Jan... if not perhaps first headliner Friday 12th, Arctics W/C 15th?
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    I read yday that Honeyblood are doing a ‘digital tour’, in which their show in London will be streamed live at small venues around the UK. I hope no band ever does this again.
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    Hey at least Kurt knows now that this forum is friendly as fuck.
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    It's horses for courses of course but I much prefer how the Primavera headliners are lining up than the Mad Cool ones. For every Massive Attack, QOTSA and Tame Impala on the Mad Cool lineup there's a Kasabian, Snow Patrol and Jack Jones. And you can be sure that the undercard has more strength in depth. 100% agree with this comment too: "I really hope Björk and Nick Cave are in the actual line up, maybe not as popular as Arctic Monkeys but two of the most influential/consistent artists in the last 20 years."
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    I really hope Björk and Nick Cave are in the actual line up, maybe not as popular as Arctic Monkeys but two of the most influential/consistent artists in the last 20 years.
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    Those are die-hard Primavera Sound freaks. This is the festival where they are selling extra tickets for two The Magnetic Fields Shows and the stage is overcrowded when Seu Jorge is playing. So no, I don't think so.
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    The Maccabees have split up
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    you just posted those pictures to prove you're friends with girls
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    I always assumed @Andre91 was a guy but I've just matched her on Tinder.
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    slight error in the list, fixed it now
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    People like Everything Now and voted for Brexit, you can't trust people, Mash.
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    Did you ever pay money to hear music performed by California funk-rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
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    Cancel everything. Daft Punk IS playing...at my house, my house.
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    Might go and ask if they'll refund my car for the price I paid for it so I can buy it at the price it is worth now.
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    Catfish and the Bottlemen playing Pitchfork Music Festival would be like Protomartyr playing the Capital FM Summertime Ball.
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    Wouldn't mind if he didn't come back at all tbh. Sure he's a legend but I feel with the release of the new album 90% of people, even a lot of his die hard fans, hate it. I don't think he'll ever play Reading again tbh.
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    wolf alice on there twice, seems legit
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    Loving the people from different countries logging in, btw. The United Colours of eFestivals
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    Shut up Donny.
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    I prefer the reverse, they should get one crowd, film it, and stream it to bands playing all across the country.
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    Hello Jess, Are you a Time Lord? I only ask because you say that you are getting married at the end of the year to the person who it would appear is already, at this moment in time, your wife. Apart from your post, here's another joke; The barman said: "We don't serve time travelers 'round here!" ..... A time traveler walks into a bar.
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    happy Christmas everyone ... all the best for ticket day in the new year
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    My bad it's running from 12:00 GMT on Friday 22 December until 23:59 GMT on Friday 29 December. I know it will work because my site is an affiliate partner with festicket and Mad Cool is listed on the discounts.