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    After a fair bit of work my outfit is coming together for the year ... what have the creatives amongst you come up with for this years festival fancy dress ?
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    Every year I use a calendar. When it gets to one day before the festival I know the festival is really close.
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    I'd say people who punch people at gigs should be thrown out myself, but each to their own.
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    It's a different ball game completely if the ground is dry. sometimes when it's muddy it feels like you have to work for your fun, where as when it's sunny and dry the good times just wash over you
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    Just popped by to down vote scott44, hope you're all having a lovely day.
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    Did you mention two Pokemon in this post on purpose or by accident?
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    I like jump up...there I've said it, my guilty secret. Actually I couldn't give a frogs arse who knows that. But it is all about time and place isn't it? Time - very late when mashed place - Boomtown sector 6 It's like people who look down at those that watch chic flicks, or read holiday beach books....who's to say that what you like is "better" than anyone else's choice? I like lots of genres of music for all different reasons and use different genres for different occasions - This year I have discovered that deep house or trance is brilliant running music. I can lose a good hour or two dancing to psytrance of an afternoon. So yer I might be one of those tourists at the SE corner, not because it's the place to be seen, but because I'm curious and want to dip my toe into different music. I just needed to say that......I'll get my coat.
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    A wife... But I did grab one in the healing fields.. She seemed quite pleased that I'd picked her up as this pic shows.... Just shows you.. You can buy anything at Glastonbury lol
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    Rather him do that than the Coldplay songbook
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    If all of this is leading to Liam G...well. Why would you brag about keeping him secret for six months and claim it's a really big secret? Also, we were under the impression the secret would get announced. Clearly they have a track record of having exclusive acts from other fests doing secret slots, but outright announcing it beforehand? It's clearly possible but my uneducated take is that Liam is a secret but not what Emily was referring to. His name isn't 'Kendrick Lamar' for a start.
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    Really muddy conditions can have their benefits. I absolutely love it when it has been really muddy and then the sun comes out and performs a fast dry. This can create conditions underfoot that resemble walking on a firm marshmallow. Always reminds me of the advert in the 80s for Softmints.
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    @deebeedoobee You are, of course, correct, and despite my own personal obsession, I celebrate the fact that there will be thousands dancing all through the night in the greatest place on Earth. Bring it, Glastonbury Ben
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    No need for your coat Dee, you nailed it. Far too much muso snobbery on these boards sometimes. One person's techno is another persons Jump-Up DnB, just dance and be happy
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    Having a lie down on the grass is lovely, so hope it happens for us this year. Charm x http://
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    This is from 2015, same shot but dry and sunny, nice. Charm x http://
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    I'm a bit old for it these days but just popped in to join the 'I first crowd surfed to Ash' club, when they had a residence at the Ashtoria, 1997
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    My one and only time crowd surfing was at Eminem with Marolyn Manson at reading in 2003 (I think). I said to my mates I'm going to the front for this to which they laughed and said good luck. I got to within about 15/20 rows from the front and then the set started. Within about 20 mins the crowd were all falling over each other, girls screaming etc etc. From memory they even stopped the set and asked people to calm down. They didnt, crowd carried on going mental so I thought fuck this and asked the bloke next to me for a foot up. I started surfing towards the front. Now, as I got to the front I could see the security lifting all the short skirted, short wearing chicks down gently, they walked up to me, took one look and kept going to the next hot chick. The crowd holding me up then thought fuck this and launched me over the barriers where I fell about 8 foot onto the ground. Luckily as I am a fully trained ninja I broke my fall, stood up shrugged it off and walked out of the side and went and found my mates. I have not crowd surfed since !
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    Morning all A couple of days ago i asked what the green and red arrows were for. Green easy for anything you like but was unsure where you'd use a red. That question was cleared up last night. What a prick. The effort put in to try and secure tickets by the lovely people using this site is second to none. Big love to all of you and keep the faith
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    I need to shave my head once a week, so I still have another 5 haircuts between now and Glastonbury. Doesn't sound as impressive
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    I found this one last night. Ends 24/05/17 and obviously prize is non transferable. https://www.gwr.com/destinations-and-events/competitions/2017/may/glastonbury-2017?utm_source=lesiure_customer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Enter_Win&utm_content=EB1026854&utm_campaign=Engage
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    "And there is a standard technique of privatization, namely defund what you want to privatize. Like when Thatcher wanted to defund the railroads, first thing to do is defund them, then they don't work and people get angry and they want a change. You say okay, privatize them and then they get worse." Noam Chomsky
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    I don't understand why you want to double as a c**t, but for some reason you've chosen your path.
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    Hi all just found this online, good luck! https://www.gwr.com/destinations-and-events/competitions/2017/may/glastonbury-2017?utm_source=lesiure_customer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Enter_Win&utm_content=EB1026854&utm_campaign=Engage ends 24/05 PRIZE IS NON TRANSFERABLE.
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    another Scunny efester here! Manchester based now so was looking to get a FV castlefield bowl ticket but gonna venture back for the Baths gig (if I get tickets!). I've not been since DJ Kev and Steve Birds Friday night club nights in 2001...
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    I was offended that you claim to have been going for nearly as long as me, yet you seem to be wilfully ignorant of the charitable aspects of the festival for three decades regarding people swapping their time for tickets. You didn't need to attempt to belittle them or those who have not been as lucky as you, but you chose to, which is why we've judged you.
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    Wtf? Or as my autocorrect says 'red?'
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    Just been told by close friend of ME that the secret will be in the John Peel Sunday at 5pm. But ME said he'd been sworn to secrecy saying anything about what it is. Sorry if this is already out there.
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    From what I remember every toilet has drinkable water and the security weren't too strict for empty bottles at the entrance.
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    Theresa made the mistake of sending me a letter through the post with her image on it today. Had a great time defacing it! Small things...
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    Why do I keep having visions of scott44 getting back to his tent to find it full of rubbish. At least he's not upset the toilet crew - that could get you in deep shit!
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    I would actually watch that.
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    Ok not heard anything to back this up but my choice would be Peter Gabriel either as the legend spot or maybe headline on the Other stage been a while since he last played Glastonbury?
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    Firstly does anyone know the dictionary definition of "soon" cause this ain't it !!! Secondly to bring this back on track. My mate was reading a festival forum the other night and there was lots of talk about the reforming of an awesome 90's band in 2017 !!!!! That band is The KLF !
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    Hi there, I have one 4-days combi TICKET! selling --- But ticketswap says "we don't accept bank accounts from your country (Turkey)" So anyone thinking about buying a combi, text me. we'll find a way.
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    The Flying Scotsman isn't shit.
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    Tom Waits isn't doing anything in June...
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    Hey everyone! I m 21 and i was meant to do werchter with my boyfriend and his friends but we broke up.. still there is no way i am missing this so if there s a kind soul out there that wants to hang out let me know xoxo
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    Are you coming to the efest meet ? .. I'm sure lots of the people on here that aren't trying very hard to get tickets would love to meet you
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    Unexpected Primavera - Xiu Xiu plays the music of Baywatch
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    Quite frankly, if it's anyone other than Michael Jackson, in a scenario where he faked his death purely to end up as a Glastonbury surprise act in 2017 where he would be lowered onto the stage by doves to do a duet with Diana Ross then it will be an anti-climax.
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    Hi! That's great! There's a thread for people who are planning to go to Werchter alone, so maybe take a look over there. But having said that, Id be happy to gather with a bunch of RH fans. Looks like a lot of people are traveling abroad to see them. It's going to be a memorable one!
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    Huh I don't think £50-odd for a band that's headlined the biggest UK festies and Hyde Park a couple of times is so bad. Like what were peeps expecting? I see that BEAK> are the Castlefield supports, so says Seetickets.
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    He was last spotted marrying 6 different gifs of Maebe Funke.
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    If you want to get a sense of the size of the place, including the infamous drainage pipes, I filmed it being dismantled (along with everything else) when I hung around for a while, a couple of years ago. Arguably spoils the mystery, but if anyone wants a look, its at about 5.40 on this
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    Hey guys, haven't been around on the forum since my infamous short lived glastonbury experience of 2015. Thanks to all those who commented and offered assistance and to kalifire who single handedly restored my faith in humanity. Since then I've got my self engaged and have at least the possibility of getting the missus and a few friends to come with me as I am gonna give glastonbury another go potentially in 2017. With the benefit of hindsight I know where I went wrong and what id do differently and am genuinely looking forward to the festival next year.
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