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    After a fair bit of work my outfit is coming together for the year ... what have the creatives amongst you come up with for this years festival fancy dress ?
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    Every year I use a calendar. When it gets to one day before the festival I know the festival is really close.
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    I'd say people who punch people at gigs should be thrown out myself, but each to their own.
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    It's a different ball game completely if the ground is dry. sometimes when it's muddy it feels like you have to work for your fun, where as when it's sunny and dry the good times just wash over you
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    Just popped by to down vote scott44, hope you're all having a lovely day.
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    Did you mention two Pokemon in this post on purpose or by accident?
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    I like jump up...there I've said it, my guilty secret. Actually I couldn't give a frogs arse who knows that. But it is all about time and place isn't it? Time - very late when mashed place - Boomtown sector 6 It's like people who look down at those that watch chic flicks, or read holiday beach books....who's to say that what you like is "better" than anyone else's choice? I like lots of genres of music for all different reasons and use different genres for different occasions - This year I have discovered that deep house or trance is brilliant running music. I can lose a good hour or two dancing to psytrance of an afternoon. So yer I might be one of those tourists at the SE corner, not because it's the place to be seen, but because I'm curious and want to dip my toe into different music. I just needed to say that......I'll get my coat.
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    A wife... But I did grab one in the healing fields.. She seemed quite pleased that I'd picked her up as this pic shows.... Just shows you.. You can buy anything at Glastonbury lol
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    Rather him do that than the Coldplay songbook
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    If all of this is leading to Liam G...well. Why would you brag about keeping him secret for six months and claim it's a really big secret? Also, we were under the impression the secret would get announced. Clearly they have a track record of having exclusive acts from other fests doing secret slots, but outright announcing it beforehand? It's clearly possible but my uneducated take is that Liam is a secret but not what Emily was referring to. His name isn't 'Kendrick Lamar' for a start.
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    Really muddy conditions can have their benefits. I absolutely love it when it has been really muddy and then the sun comes out and performs a fast dry. This can create conditions underfoot that resemble walking on a firm marshmallow. Always reminds me of the advert in the 80s for Softmints.
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    Having a lie down on the grass is lovely, so hope it happens for us this year. Charm x http://
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    This is from 2015, same shot but dry and sunny, nice. Charm x http://
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    I'm a bit old for it these days but just popped in to join the 'I first crowd surfed to Ash' club, when they had a residence at the Ashtoria, 1997
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    My one and only time crowd surfing was at Eminem with Marolyn Manson at reading in 2003 (I think). I said to my mates I'm going to the front for this to which they laughed and said good luck. I got to within about 15/20 rows from the front and then the set started. Within about 20 mins the crowd were all falling over each other, girls screaming etc etc. From memory they even stopped the set and asked people to calm down. They didnt, crowd carried on going mental so I thought fuck this and asked the bloke next to me for a foot up. I started surfing towards the front. Now, as I got to the front I could see the security lifting all the short skirted, short wearing chicks down gently, they walked up to me, took one look and kept going to the next hot chick. The crowd holding me up then thought fuck this and launched me over the barriers where I fell about 8 foot onto the ground. Luckily as I am a fully trained ninja I broke my fall, stood up shrugged it off and walked out of the side and went and found my mates. I have not crowd surfed since !
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    Morning all A couple of days ago i asked what the green and red arrows were for. Green easy for anything you like but was unsure where you'd use a red. That question was cleared up last night. What a prick. The effort put in to try and secure tickets by the lovely people using this site is second to none. Big love to all of you and keep the faith
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    I need to shave my head once a week, so I still have another 5 haircuts between now and Glastonbury. Doesn't sound as impressive
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    I found this one last night. Ends 24/05/17 and obviously prize is non transferable. https://www.gwr.com/destinations-and-events/competitions/2017/may/glastonbury-2017?utm_source=lesiure_customer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Enter_Win&utm_content=EB1026854&utm_campaign=Engage
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    "And there is a standard technique of privatization, namely defund what you want to privatize. Like when Thatcher wanted to defund the railroads, first thing to do is defund them, then they don't work and people get angry and they want a change. You say okay, privatize them and then they get worse." Noam Chomsky
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    I don't understand why you want to double as a c**t, but for some reason you've chosen your path.
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    Hi all just found this online, good luck! https://www.gwr.com/destinations-and-events/competitions/2017/may/glastonbury-2017?utm_source=lesiure_customer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Enter_Win&utm_content=EB1026854&utm_campaign=Engage ends 24/05 PRIZE IS NON TRANSFERABLE.
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    another Scunny efester here! Manchester based now so was looking to get a FV castlefield bowl ticket but gonna venture back for the Baths gig (if I get tickets!). I've not been since DJ Kev and Steve Birds Friday night club nights in 2001...
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    Sorry, I mean, 9 weeks to go until Glastonbury. Woo!
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    Running to and through Cleveland listening to all of the albums. Good.
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    Happy Mondays - new album out in July
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    @deebeedoobee You are, of course, correct, and despite my own personal obsession, I celebrate the fact that there will be thousands dancing all through the night in the greatest place on Earth. Bring it, Glastonbury Ben
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    i agree! we also got a cocktail at/near the leftfield stage, and i am pretty sure we got a larger serving using these.
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    No need for your coat Dee, you nailed it. Far too much muso snobbery on these boards sometimes. One person's techno is another persons Jump-Up DnB, just dance and be happy
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    This imaginary hierarchy of acts some of you lot persist with, where there's a supposed marginal pecking order between middle of the day festival fodder, is baffling to me.
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    So good to see Will is still a massive dickhead as per. When you are blocked stopped replying to their posts your moron twat!
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    Bother - I have none left
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    In light of the OKC revelations it's time to review my original setlist: Walk out to Fitter Happier Airbag Paranoid Android Burn The Witch There There Daydreaming Ful Stop Lotus Flower Exit Music I Might Be Wrong Let Down 2+2=5 Optimistic Identikit The Numbers The National Anthemn Reckoner Mixymotosis Idioteque Lucky Encore: Creep Everything In It's Right Place Street Spirit Encore 2: Karma Police
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    Me and my mate were actually two of the strangers that stopped, we watched the ceremony and then mooched for a bit before moving on. Still a great memory for us!
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    Hang on, people think Kasabian isn't a big surprise?! Whether we like them or not a headlining band appearing on the lineup and not headlining is a big deal.
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    I hope they are bringing Dolly Parton back .
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    I think live and let live is a better way to view things. There is a degree of gig etiquette; If someone looks crushed or panicked, try and make them some space, if someone goes down, help them up, make sure they are ok, if someone bashes into you while dancing/moshing/moving a bit drunkenly through the crowd a quick "no worries mate" form yourself usually comes timed at the same time as their "sorry mate". We are all trying to enjoy the gig our way in a shared space, not all of us enjoy it in the same way. Tolerate those who are having a different experience, don't judge them, don't try and prevent them from doing so and certainly, I would say, don't hit them.
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    I thought it was common knowledge that Prince Charles has been Kasabian's sound guy for a few years now. Do your research, NME.
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    When you start seeing the BBC adverts, that's when it begins.
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    hi guys i know it says on the Q&A for the coach no trolleys but wondering has anyone got a cooler box on board as mine is on wheels and will carry my beer ??? will i be lucky or am i chancing it ???
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    I know it won't be for a while but just checked my ticket ref for first time. Tickets in stock will be dispatched soon ....I'll start obsessively checking now and waiting for the first e fester to get theirs
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    You see I don't normally get involved in this sort of thing as I know you people enjoy it but I have to point out you are missing the point of this thread completely. I sincerely hope you are a troll and you genuinely don't believe what you are posting. You think we should all be pressing f5 for 12 hours a day? Why? There's no tickets on sale. Most of us have page checkers etc. and are poised at the computer ready to act as soon as an alert comes through. What this thread does is brings us together. It keeps our spirits up knowing that we are all in the same boat and knowing that we are all desperate for those elusive tickets. If posting daft comments and knob jokes is what it takes to stop us becoming completely disheartened by the whole thing then that's what we do. if you can't see that then to be honest you're missing what the Glastonbury spirit means completely. So anyway yeah, basically you're a c**t.
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    Two years ago, and two days before the festival, I was congratulating myself on not buying a ticket, given that the forecast had been, and still was, rain for every day. On the Wednesday, around midday the forecast changed, the sun came out, I bought a ticket on a whim that evening, and the next day drove all the way from East Anglia on my tod, having packed very poorly. The festival, as you will know, was dry pretty much all weekend, and despite very quickly realising I had forgotten many things, included a sleeping bag, I became a zealous enthusiast for a festival I'd been meaning to check out for years. I was then rewarded the following year, having cajoled a pal into coming with me, with glorious sunshine. I realised then what I say to you now We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
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    So... I've listened to the whole of the Antal set and, in fact, had already listened to the Hunee set. Guys, guys, guys... That they are terrific mixers is not in any doubt. But. Awww man, it's just too flipping major key for me! I can't lie. I like my music minor. Pretty much all of it! I listen to loads of electronica, ambient, drone etc. and almost all of my favourite stuff is minimal, glitchy and minor in key. I guess it's the extrapolation of that into dance music for me that is the reason why techno resonates so much - and, indeed, why most of today's tank top selfie tech-house (love that!) doesn't. Palms Trax? For this Benny...? Face Palm Trax. I am very happy to go searching for stuff in the line up and I know I'll find it. But funky electro-pop and disco, no matter how well mixed, might not quite be it! Ben
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    Wow, you can't tell that there's a camping mat involved. A great idea to use one though, because of their light weight. You should go in to film / stage design etc, as that is, as I said before, very good Groot. Hope you have a lovely festival, and if I see a Groot walking by me while at the festival I'll say hello. If I see one walking by me in real life, then I'll probably seek psychiatric intervention.
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    I'll be there as usual It's a great way to spend time with like-minded folk - some of whom you know and some you don't, but you'll know loads more by the end of the session!!

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