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    YES!!! 515 people voted for me and we still have a majority on our Community Council. The big problem is we now have a Tory on our County Council and on the Community Council. This person fought a dirty campaign in which she jumped on local improvements fought for by hard working Labour Councillors and claimed credit for them in her own leaflets. I worked my socks off canvassing for 7 weeks after commuting home 40 minutes from work. I promise you I will never try to use my position to get into the Golden Circle of a Taylor Swift concert, meet her backstage away from her heavies or anything of the sort.
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    Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury again this year" Me - "Absolutely!" Co-Worker - "How much is it these days?" Me - "Ticket is about £240" Co-Worker - "Fucking hell! What? And you pay that?" Me - "Yes. And about 180,000 others. Would probably pay more too" Co-Worker - "See you fucking coming..." Me - "Are you still going to see Bruno Mars this weekend?" Co-Worker - "Yes, he's ace" Me - "How much is the ticket?" Co-Worker - "£100" Me - "Ah, I see" Also: Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury this year" Me - "Yes" Co-Worker - "Yeah, me and my mate are going to go. We're getting our tickets on payday" Me - "They sold out in October and the in the re-sale in April" Co-Worker - "I'll get one off Stubhub or one of those places" Me - "Ah, I see"
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    No frozen anything. Gonna be a heatwave.
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    Hose the garden down every day for a month and then drive a few tractors through it. Eat all of your meals from paper plates off your knees. Get a shipping container and ask all of your neighbours to piss and shit in it for a week. Sleep in a tent (obviously) but ask a stranger to stumble and fall on the tent at 5am every night, while laughing. When guests arrive, insist annoyingly that they "don't turn around" until they see the garden. On Monday, complain about how your garden isn't as good as it used to be.
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    Not quite Glastocam but I dont think it warrants its own thread. I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THESE But this chap looks to be working on the build... and is posting pics.... https://twitter.com/SharpeOfSharpe
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    After seeing your great enthusiasm for Rateliff, I listened past SOB on his Spotify page, and I'm happy I did. SOB, for me, is a generic blues song, but some of the next ones sound really really good. As for expected emotional moments: 1. RH - Karma Police (I proposed last year at the NOS Alive gig on the final sounds of the song, so it will always be special for me) 2. AF - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 3. Savages - Adore 4. Linkin Park - Crawling/In The End 5. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream
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    I'm not clicking a link to the daily mail
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    The froghurt is also cursed.
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    I can vouch for this nutter. She will kidnap you and you'll end up in her gang for the weekend. I went my first time solo. Made lifelong friends, met future husband and have memories that will last forever. Go. Lots of options for you to consider to get you there. Best decision you will ever make. Trust me. And i never say trust me.
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    And a disappointing amount of unnecessary litter. Probably my biggest bugbear at festivals. I get that there will be a fair amount near the front of stages with people not having a bin to discard empties and not wanting to lose a spot, but there really is no need whatsoever in areas further back. Food plates wind me up the most. Rant over.
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    That's not right, but it's okay.
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    Neil right now...
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    BBC1, Saturday night, 9pm: "Good evening. You were maybe expecting to see a live broadcast if Adele, but instead for a change we're bringing you an unedited broadcast of Shpongle on the Toad Hall stage".
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    Over reaction to minor details about Glastonbury is the rock on which this forum is built!!
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    Imagine if you do miss the meet so @Will-2609 turns up wearing two hats and saying he's you and does a poo on a plate and everybody believes you pooped on a plate for the rest of time.
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    All I can see in this photo is absolutely perfect Glastonbury weather I'm afraid...
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    I used to wear clothes like that but it chaffed my nipples something rotten... But this yeo valley is hateful company. It's bad enough having to hold my nose and tolerate michael eavis's barbaric dairy operation, but a dairy business the size of yeo valley and the mass industrialisation of live animals on that scale makes me shudder to imagine the horror of it all. Thank god they've been unceremoniously ditched. The meet is always too early for me!
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    this is the up-to-date one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DLjP57pa5ntE4DkytpC9rBHFmjCJR7c0OcHAVbjmBl8/edit#gid=0
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    I stopped flushing my toilet for a few days.
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    "it's just too commercial these days", from people who've not been since Budweiser was the sponsor and there was a Virgin tent.
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    - Are you doing Glastonbury again this year? - Yep can't wait! - Who's playing? - Don't know!
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    I can only imagine the level of excitement felt when some saw this thread and knew they were about to have free reign to be outraged, offended and morally superior all in one go. Sub-standard initial joke followed by a few (not all) totally over the top keyboard-warrior-esque replies. Get yourselves along to a newspaper comments section, you'll have a blast.
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    While I echo the thoughts of everyone here. Just take a week or so to yourself before worrying and dealing with this, others here might disagree, but Glastonbury is probably less important than sorting your head out if you're a bit of a mess at the moment. As mentioned you'll likely not get a refund, so whether you try and find a grey market solution to the ticket sale this week or next it won't make much difference. Hopefully next week it's not so fresh and you'll be more capable of considering trying the festival out alone. Especially as you wouldn't truly be alone with all these guys and camp solo etc.
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    Unlikely you'd have time for more than one transaction Skoo, I certainly wouldn't rely on being able to get back on the booking page before they sell out. Hello lovely peeps, am I correct in understanding we're back to plan A ie trying for both GH and Milky Joe? Congratulations @H.M.V on your certification. Hope you've all had a good weekend. I went to a quiz which had been cancelled, a hen do which wasn't, and a birthday barn dance with loads of food and a free bar. Also the item I sent from the school website to a certain Radio 4 news-related comedy programme was read out by Jeremy Hardy at the end of the show. It's a little unfortunate that I unexpectedly had to go into school today to meet the teacher who had almost certainly written the piece in question.. but all went well. Youngest spent over 3 hours in school completing some coursework, and said he felt fine. A couple of months ago he couldn't even get out of the car in the school grounds when there was nobody around. He's rapidly getting through my stash of Lindt bunny rewards
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    Well at the moment I'm working my through a 5x5 program, so 5 sets of 5 reps and I have that up to about 50kg (47.5kg atm, but tomorrow's session will be the first on 50kg). Not massive, but it's meant to be quite good for strength building. On a one off I could probably go closer to 100kg, but I'm not too keen to test it out just yet... As of about a fortnight ago, but to begin with I've felt it in my lower back mostly. I've started light and can feel my strength building though, so hopefully as the weeks go on I'll feel the benefit in my legs as well Good tip, thanks! Cheers to all for the responses too, hopefully it won't be playing on my mind as much this year in the dry weather
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    Finished adding what I think are all the live acts playing Silver Hayes (plus the odd DJ) to Glastonbury 2017. After the Avalon acts, so about halfway down. As usual there's some good World and soul acts in there... along with a lot of grime.
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    Were you working there when this lot passed through?
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    Hey I was pointing out only the negatives to make a point! Usually I just think of them as little idiots. Oh you've got a twig have you? Fuck me that's new.
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    We'll get you a Sunday morning slot in the Glade, replacing the dearly departed Howard Marks. Sunday Breakfast with Russycarps, reading anecdotes and excerpts from his autobiography, "Mr Miserable Bastard"
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    I see. When I last looked in that thread - admittedly 4 or 5 years ago, probably - it was just people going 'NFR NFC! NFR NFC!' at each other. Does the same sort of thing happen at the meet?
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    Been doing a bit of detective work and looked back on the forum over previous years to try and see when the sales have happened previous years (please correct if wrong). 2014 - Weds May 14th, 2pm 2015 - Monday May 18th, 3pm 2016 - Thursday May 12th, 3.45pm Obviously no real help, as we know it seems pretty random, but info that I (for some reason) was keen to know so thought others might be too!
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    Not sure whether I prefer the main thread or HMV and Mr 2 Hats trading knobhead insults. Actually who am I kidding? That's clearly awesome. Mud. Not always, last year was bad but the media loves to show muddy people. And the muddy people are normally the ones who have been mud-diving without really thinking it through. Headliners on Pyramid / Other being the only things to watch. Normally get round this by showing them a previous copy of the full line-up with stages & times. By the time they get to page 25 they've gone a bit pie-eyed. Eating burgers all weekend. I normally mention Gandhi's Flip Flop and Le Rac Shack and we're good to go. I couldn't go 5 days without a shower. Never mind eh? I can. I'd get bored. Again, Never mind. I don't. What do you for two days before the bands start? I watch smaller bands, other people and generally get off my tits. This year I'm going to whittle a spoon and do some yoga. Come at me. Size is always the fun one. That overlay map is going to earn its stripes over the next few weeks.
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    I'm going for Thursday 3:27pm
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    Thank you, yes I've just had a message for them so that's who I'll try for.
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    Glasto thingy tweeted this link a few days ago to superimpose the site over any location. I did it for the current hometown and posted a screen grab on fb to much amazement. http://ocean.gsp8181.co.uk/glasto/index.php?location=Worthy+farm+Pilton+somerset
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    Just popping my head in the door to say good luck to all of you stuck in this thread and entering every competition for the next few weeks. I was here on this thread in 2016, and know how desperate it is. To the people who got tickets in October and the resale who chirp up "that was easier than last year..." Never forget the poor souls in this thread. This hell will pass, Karma owes you. Never give up, and see you on site in June Big Love Neil
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    44 Yellow Tents in Worthy View
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    Anyone know if Whitney will be there?
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    Why all the panic for a ticket in October when you don't know the line-up. Then if you don't get one "who cares it'll only be muddy and the line-up for V looks good". My boss was the best one - "Why have you booked a week in June 2019 off as holiday already?"
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    "You can't eat 15 burgers in five days and still lose weight"
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    Because I like to go to bed ridiculously cold and wake up in a sauna at 5 am.
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    My favourite is always after the festival. "What did you think of <insert pyramid headliner>?" Me: "Don't know, wasn't there. I was watching <something else>" Them: "Oh, so you didn't enjoy yourself then". At which point I walk away because I'd really rather not punch them or educate them.
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    Not sure this one has been mentioned ..... Water Aid .... http://www.wateraid.org/uk/get-involved/events/glastonbury-2017-ticket-competition
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    Dosa Dosa have confirmed for this year with 2 stalls http://www.dosadeli.co.uk/event/big-one-glastonbury/
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    Got this stuck in my head now... Expect to see Noel Punter Gallagher doing an acoustic version in that bit of Strummerville no-one can see.

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