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    That second verse needs work
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    I voted for Public Service Broadcasting. Never been into Pet Shops at all and Public Service Broadcasting are right up my street. Race for Space is class. Great live too.
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    Public Service Broadcasting is music for people who can't dance, but can tell you how many pn junctions and different layers there are in a thyristor.
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    PSG are much better than PSV, even after they sold Ibrahimovic
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    She could headline it on her jack - and probably will. She won't be showing up as a guest spot this June.
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    JFC I can't even believe this conversation
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    Christ. Arguing almost semantically over Mumfucks singles is actually a thing! Banjantics.
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    Back to thinking about going to this, can still get flights and the ticket and camping for > £130. I'd be going alone, is it a friendly place?
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    The road to enlightenment is littered with broken trolleys.
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    I never thought of the tent as just a place to sleep. We would go as a group of four or five and having a central social area was as important. Somewhere to cook, eat, drink and chat. And a porch to sit out under in the scorching sun helps a lot. Given that you are staying for the best part of a week whether it taken ten minutes or a hour to put up hardly seems to matter compared to the comfort you'll have for the week.
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    Anyone see the one on sky arts on Saturday about Bowie and prince, and some others who died. It ended with a segment on leonard Cohen. Absolutely superb. I was pissed like
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    Evening all. Happy new year to everyone also hope 2017 turns into the year everyone hopes it will be
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    Well, I can't say Ed Sheeran's sexual prowess is something I've given much thought to. Obviously I didn't listen to the song for long enough to get to that part.
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    Hello! I'm feeling a little better today, still not very mobile and it still hurts, but I feel a bit more like me. I've even managed a bath! I can't be left alone just yet though as am not able to move very much, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Looking forward to a smoke when I go home tomorrow! That will help
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    is this a university dissertation?
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    Id love an Arcadia set.
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    This is what I'm currently considering... http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/quechua-air-seconds-xl-2-man-inflatable-tent-airbeam-style-down-54-99-4-man-family-2591346
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    Got to be original psb . I was only being boring
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    It's a naff song totally out sync with his style generally, he should've just put out Castle On The Hill (as, I'd hazard a guess, was the original plan, if it's true that he only came up with Shape Of You 'by accident' ten days ago)
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    It's been a bit quiet here.. 1. The Bends 2. The National Anthem 3. There There 4. Ful Stop 5. No Surprises 6. Pyramid Song 7. Myxomatosis 8. Lotus Flower 9. Identikit 10. The Numbers 11. Reckoner 12. Daydreaming 13. Just 14. How To Disappear Completely 15. Everything In Its Right Place 16. Idioteque 17. Bodysnatchers 18. Let Down 19. Fake Plastic Trees 20. Present Tense 21. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 22. Paranoid Android 23. Creep 24. Karma Police
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    I travelled by car so took a big trolley and can't advise much on small ones, however some thoughts based on seeing so many abandoned and broken trolleys over the years. Assume you'll be hauling it through soft squelchy mud, up to six inches or more deep and ask yourself how would it cope with that. Small, thin wheels are a waste of time as they'll just sink into the mud. Then consider how much stuff you'll be hauling on the trolley. When travelling by car you can leave some stuff in the car and make a second trip back for it. You won't be able to do that if you're travelling by coach, so it will need to be big enough and sturdy enough to carry everything in one trip. The only other possibility is that if you are going with mates you take a trolley each. Whatever trolley you take you need to make sure everything is well secured to it, so a good collection of bungees is essential. I'd also make sure that everything is in waterproof bags. You don't want your sleeping bag falling off and landing in mud or water. I'd try to avoid trolleys with steering as the pivot point is often a weak point that breaks. Most of the trolley towing will be straight line stuff so you won't really need steering. If you need to change direction just lift one end up and re-point it the way you need to go. Good luck. This is our Glastomobile which survived year after year until it was pensioned off when I got a caravan. It was constructed from two B&Q sack trucks bolted together.
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    Using fascism in your argument is always a sign of desperation.
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    Struth... Bloody hell.... And vodka.. Well it was wine that it I had a glass of wine and my eyes must have gone woggly.. Mine you in my favour it did say £10 for the bottle.. It's OK tho the wife only paid £4.. I've never paid more than a £5 spot for wine and you know wot it only tasted OK for £10 I'd want it to be amazing...... Well that's my excuse
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    Left your glasses in the Kitchen again Old Son
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    It just occurred to me that I've spent the last few minutes catching up with debate around the sales and impact of Mumford & Sons' second album and then the contents of Ed Sheeran's lyrics. My Saturday nights are not what they once were, that's for sure.
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    I have mind welded with the page and have failed to gather any data.
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    This afternoon's viewing Has to be, I'll accept nothing less.
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    Musical equivalent of Kony 2012.
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    Guessing based on tour dates
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    I do enjoy reading the "xxxxxxx aren't big enough to headline" from certain posters on here. Mumford were prime to headline that year & so is Sheeran, if not more so. Live in your non-Radio 1 bubble all you like but there is some utter nonsense posted about headliner "worthy" acts. IMO The Who has been the shittest booking since I started going in 2010 (I won't count Gorillaz)
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    I for one will be quite happy with Ed as a headliner and I think there will be a lot of other people who will too. There are not many other artists who could sell out 3 nights at Wembley and perform on their own without a band but just a guitar and a loop pedal. He has worked his socks off to become a major artist in a short time including playing loads of gigs ( must have appeared 8 times at Glastonbury that first year ). His music is popular ( like Adele ), people will be able to sing along and know the songs and he appeals to a wide audience- I expect the pyramid stage to be well packed. I like to see a mix of stuff at Glastonbury- new music, old music, stuff I can sing along or dance to or just listen to from smaller stages to the pyramid- and if Ed Sheeran isn't your cup of tea then I expect there will be loads of other options- that's why it isn't all about the headliners on one stage. I do expect a large crowd and it will be another Glastonbury moment if he does headline, just as Radiohead will be ( my best moment in 2003)
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    Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if you're a veteran of Glastonbury or if you just want tickets to go and see Ed Sheeran. There's no 'right reason' to go to Glastonbury and no correct way to digest it. It's the joy of democracy - you're no more likely to get a ticket than anyone else. My vote is worth the same as Theresa May's, etc. (Well, that analogy kind of works. Chances are, you'll be more organised than any of this lot, especially with all of the help around here, so actually have 6 tickets for the lottery instead of 1.) Not to shit on your parade - I do hope you do get a ticket sorted - but I don't really rate the feeling of entitlement people have because they do Glastonbury 'properly'.
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    Yeah this, last year between TLSP and Tame Impala, I couldn't believe how easy it was to walk straight into the centre of the pit. Edit just realised I got there before the Sub! Ignore me (I left for Adele though)
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    Metaphorical Digestive Crumbs is the title for the next King Gizzard album I believe.
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    You don't need a theologian to tell you that they're carrying out the literal word of God... because everybody who follows or studies Islam can tell you that. You don't even need to be a theologian to work that out, just have your own independent train of thought. But apparently there's still no connection between the two. Wow. Every time there's a mass murder, I suppose you go out and tell everyone how great Islam is - the very definition of an apologist. I mentioned Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Douglas Murray, Ben Shapiro. Yes. I notice you like to attack them on their jobs/titles/politics because that's obviously what Leftist people without a clue do, but who would you like to quote? Please, offer some names for me to watch some of their stuff. I'm curious, please, very curious who you believe to be a good speaker on this matter to be. Any names? Anyone? Just that group of nurses you probably know nothing about apart from they're Muslim So you're saying that there are not a very large group of Muslims with radical opinions? You're saying your anecdotal evidence is better than the actions and beliefs of millions of Muslims coming from the Middle East of North Africa. There's a very big difference between some that have grown up in Western civilization but still, many who have grown up in France, the UK, Germany, still also hold these radical views. Views like suicide bombings are sometimes justified. Views that honour killings are some times justified. Have you asked all these women you talk of? Have you asked them of their real beliefs? No, I thought not. But they're women, and there's 50 of them so they're the true face of Islam - according to you. Your naivety is pretty poor, as is your ability to define what is a credible source. Oh right I forgot, they can also now choose (or probably more accurate would be there brothers/husbands choose) if they have difficulties in life to be heard in Sharia court, not the British court. Which are known to be horribly unfair to women... but you know... 'goooo the tiny example I can find to support my argument'. Well done. And yeah, as I said to someone else, just because there aren't 1 billion terror deaths every day - one because it's not so easy to do, but also because they don't want to die - doesn't mean they don't have other radical views against women and homosexuals. You seem to prefer to defend Muslims than their oppression of women and gays - which is MASSIVELY reported on websites like the Human Rights Watch. Is this the tragic life of a the Left now?! Unbelievable. Defend a miniority just because they're coming from poor countries and mostly brown or black, even though they quite clearly hate women and homosexuals. It's really pathetic. Oh, okay, so you're just really chuffed with yourself because I got a number wrong of how many countries. Well done, you found me out, my whole argument is over now because it's actually only 15 (or possibly higher with many practicing stoning outside of the law). You're gloating of a technicality like that, for one issue I brought up. Okay, I'll admit I got the number wrong, but still though, which of these Muslim majority countries would you really let your daughter grow up in? Which one would you be happy for her to marry a Muslim guy? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Iran? Because even wearing a headscarf is a form of oppression and telling a woman what she can and can't do. I just don't get your motivation. You're defending an ideology that would quite clearly treat your daughter/wife/mother like shit. And hold the phone you a-class spin-wizzard. When did I say I wasn't owning my statements? I was never here defending any other religions - I seem to be the only person here who is trying to keep the focus on one ideology and not muddy the pot by trying to foolishly compare it to other religions. You can't compare Christianity to Hinduism or Judaism. But I'm definitely an atheist if that helps you sleep at night and I'm definitely against the subjection of women, LGBT people Oh my word. When did I say that all the rape in the UK was down to Muslims? Are you high? Classic sensationalist buffoonery. Are you a secret journalist at the Guardian? Although, is it true that a lot of women have been raped by immigrants? Again I showed someone already that this is truer of immigrants than Germans, so if you deny that, not only are you lying, but you're also proving what an apologist cuck you are. If you listen to the Douglas Murray, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro - they all use facts and evidence for their argument. Something you seem totally unable to do - apart from saying that my estimation of countries who have stoning is wrong, but please provide some actual evidence that they don't have radical views on women, gays, non-believers. I've shown evidence that more non-Germans have been causing crimes in Germany for the last year. There's plenty of evidence to support how shit life is in the majority of Muslim countries on websites like the Human Rights Watch. There's plenty of evidence to show that Sharia law is generally awful to women and homosexuals and apostates in most Muslim majority countries. There's a lot of evidence to show that the reason Afghanistan was modernized because of the West and Russian, and also because of their own people too - if you want me to type that for your own happiness - until the call to Islam took over again. I just want to know why you think that by having a lot of Muslims in Europe is really going to see them change their opinions so much? What exactly is your end goal? Or is it you have such a horrible internal struggle to face up to reality and call a spade a spade. And, if it was truly only down to 'interpretation' as you and some of your cohorts would like to believe, then perhaps you would like to explain why there aren't so many radical thinkers, so many terrorist organizations and so many deaths as a result of Christianity/Hinduism/Sikhism. Because they all have many millions of believers - but with very minimal violence. What is happening that is so special in the Islam world that isn't happening in the rest of the world? Is it the religion that they're interpreting? Or is it all just one big coincidence?
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    What a wonderful piece of apologetic pap. You're really scraping the barrel with your own 'interpretations' of Islam and then rather patronizingly suggesting that your view is more indicative of Islam, instead of the Muslim countries which routinely suppress women and treat them like shit. Theologians much smarter than you or I explain the Koran is meant to be the 'true' word of God. So, yeah, rationally speaking, that's why you see so many religious extremist groups coming from Islam. The connection is quite clear and the dead in Turkey, the dead in Berlin, the dead in Paris, the dead in Nice, the raped women in Sweden, the raped women in Germany, the New Years eve rampage by immigrants in Dortmund (etc etc because I could go on) surely wouldn't appreciate your apology nonsense "oh their interpretation is wrong, that's all. They should listen to me and my interpretation" bollocks. But they don't listen to you and your cherry picked nonsensical, apologist waffle. The statistics are clear; the human rights websites have got a lot of data for you to look at. Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Douglas Murray - they use evidence, not just theories or slogans. Evidence, evidence, evidence. History books have a lot of information too if you ever cared to open a book and broaden your horizons further back then between the 50s and 70s. You're actually right about Afghanistan though, being a more liberal place between the 50s and 70s. But was this because of Western influence and culture. So, what happened after that? Hmmm... Oh that's right... they rejected both Western culture and Russian culture and went back to being Islamic. They even replaced the word Democratic in their country's title if you needed any more help realising what the connection in this transformation was. I mean, your cherry picking is absolutely disgraceful (although quite funny). A few decades of heavy Western and Soviet influence brought modernization and peace in the region... not Islam. I'm not making Islam an outlier - whatever the hell you mean by that - because I've never said I like other religions either. Again, this type of idiotic argument I've heard from more than one person in this thread. Just because I haven't mentioned all the shit things done by other religions doesn't mean I'm in favour of those ones either! Shocker. I wonder if this time it will sink in... I doubt it. Selective, cherry picking et al. It says in the Wikipedia page that other countries don't condone stoning or let it be legal, but it also says that it still happens outside of governmental law, so I suppose we're both right about that one though. Perhaps with all your brilliant rhetoric about female breadwinners, could provide some information or evidence of all these fantastic female feminist Islamic women? I won't hold my breath. Unfortunately again, your cherry picking skills are at work. You choose to be blinded by the few good examples (if you can even find evidence of this to be true) than look at the whole sum. Oh my fucking Aunt. You're using Indonesia and Egypt as grounds for a good example? Yeah okay, they might drink there a bit more, but they also provide women with a virginity test there when they join the army. Not to mention radical Islam in the country has actually been gaining ground for a while now. Please do some research and use facts - not just anecdotal claptrap like "just walk in to any Indonesian restaurant in Hackney and you'll see women in headscarves serving pork, whilst necking shots at the bar with her non-Muslim boyfriend" You might want to check the current state of them... https://www.hrw.org/report/2016/08/10/these-political-games-ruin-our-lives/indonesias-lgbt-community-under-threat https://www.hrw.org/middle-east/n-africa/egypt If you're so sure about your theory that everything is fine and lovely and there's no problem in all of these Muslim majority countries that clearly have a lot of human rights violations to be found, perhaps you could explain to me why terrorism and rape has risen so much in Europe in the last few twenty years? Is it because problems and practices and religion from the Middle East has started becoming more common in Europe? Or, in your eyes, is it just a huge coincidence? Maybe you could explain to me, why there are so many terrorists following Islam at the moment? Why not Christianity? Or Hinduism? If it was colonialism, or isolation or not assimilating, then I'd expect almost every group of foreigners coming to Europe to be bombing and raping so much, but they're not. So can you explain to me what the difference is? If it's because Christian-Judeo Europe has been able to change so dramatically why is it now Europe's responsibility to change the Muslim world by using our continent and the deaths of people and rape of women as the board with which they can transform? Explain to me why so many people have died also in Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Afghanistan at the hands of Islamic radicals but it's somehow Europe's responsibility to fix all that? Or do you just feel guilty about colonization or 'white privilege'? Just explain why you believe all the stuff you do without any facts to back up your bloody theories. And if there's no connection between what is happeneing in Europe at the moment, then why aren't other large groups of 'outliers' to use your term, not causing so much damage. Why no large Chinese group in Cologne who sexually assaulted 500 women? no 1000 people fighting the police and sexually assaulting women in Dortmund this year India? Why no large group of Brazilians have been running up and down France driving lorries in to people and blowing people up and shooting people? So you explain to me what the problem is and stop burying you head in the apologetic sand.
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    thankfully i suppose this means it won't be ready in time for their festival shows - i want a strictly greatest hits/minimal Sonic Highways + the awful covers section that came with it show
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    I just want to know it all now! With stages and times so I can start making my spreadsheet of all the acts I'll go see then ignore it completely when there because I'll be too hangin' to move from my camp!
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    Tragic and awful, yes. But the 16 absolute icons we've lost in the last year and a bit - Jonah Lomu, ‪Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman, Wogan, Harper Lee, Johan Cruyff, Prince, The Greatest, Gene Wilder, Arnold Palmer, Leonard Cohen, Ronnie Corbett, George Michael, Carrie Fisher‬ - all defined their field for generations, and in several cases changed the very social fabric of the world. There is no 'perspective' to be found with that.
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    One of my claims to fame is that Elizabeth Taylor made me a cup of tea, I was working as a journalist covering South Wales for national newspapers when Richard Burton died. By this time he had divorced Elizabeth Taylor and had married Suzy Hunt and was living in Switzerland, where he was buried. However a memorial service was held near his home town of Port Talbot and Elizabeth Taylor, who was still a close part of the extended Burton (Jenkins) family, came over. Along with all the journos I went to the memorial service. Afterwards all the women went back to the family house to prepare the ham sandwiches. The men (and the journos) opted to go to the pub. In the pub Richard's brother Graham got absolutely legless. So when it came to getting him home another reporter and I pretty well carried him, with his arms draped over our shoulders, the mile back to the house. We knocked on the door, it was opened and we carried him in and plonked him on a sofa. Liz Taylor was standing there with rubber gloves on doing the washing up. She turned to me and smiled and said: "Seeing as you've kindly carried him home, the least I can do is make you a cup of tea." So I sat down next to Graham while Liz Taylor made and brought me a cup of tea.
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    Turning into a wobbly limbed liability is not "knowing how to party"
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    Is this even debateable? Public Service Broadcasting were that boring I actually went and watched Andy Murray in the tennis when they supported New Order at Jodrel Bank. I would not mind but I can't stand tennis. It was just pretensious noodling. The Whip came on after them and absolutely blew them away.
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    Ed can headline, just bought his back catalogue (along with Radiohead's) & there's enough there that I expect him to play (the singles) to make me happy seeing him. I even like his two new singles. I'll cross my fingers he'll bring some special guests along although we might have to tie up @Martin Ashford if Taylor Swift is lurking around end of June.

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