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    I had the chance to talk to Fra Solar (Primavera's head of booking) the other day, and it looks like PS' main criteria to book headliners who've already been there recently is a new album. If they'd like to book Arcade Fire, and the album is due to be released by then (it sure looks like it), I believe they'd do it. The announcement could come even earlier than expected. PS already has 180 confirmed acts on the bill, and already talking with some acts about 2018. Probably those who will tour the North American festivals in June 2017. Japandroids, Bon Iver looks pretty certain right now. Looking forward to Justice's album this friday.
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    No. The uk is a black and gold dress.
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    In 24 years I've in the main managed to avoid the main stages - so who does or doesn't headline isn't a big issue for me...but just putting it out as a strong possibility !
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    I never take anything for granted but I sincerely hope it is. Wish RW would tweet now
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    Is this Belgium or Netherlands. my geography is awful but could this be a Foos anouncement?
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    I can't remember, but they aren't that strict.
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    Somebody run this through a vocoder
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    Well Gents, you'll be pleased to know that Bobby and the boys was one of the most entertaining things of the weekend. It was a total car crash from beginning to end. The audience thinned out quicker than Kanye at the Pyramid, the hired vocalist tried to get everyone to wave their mobiles in the air, maybe about 15 people bothered. The Blotz had an American flag above his drum kit with a fan blowing it for full dramatic effect but it just kept getting tangled up. Some poor roadie had the job of untangling it every now and then. The highlight though was Bobby's big moment. The rest of the band cleared the stage as he climbed down from his massive drum kit and strode forward.... "Do you guys remember me?" Near silence. When he repeated the question a few more cheered, more out if embarrassment than anything else. I've heard more enthusiasm for a wet fart. He muttered something and stormed off back to his drums. They soldiered on until the allotted time was up and Bobby was gone before the symbols stopped shaking. Tremendous.
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    It's 2016 and Common and A Tribe Called Quest have dropped 2 of the best albums of the year in back-to-back weeks. I'm so happy.
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    a post-US election theme song... new from LA, Mondo Cozmo
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    Ah by christ... that Whateva Will Be beat. Wow.
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    The difference there is the expression of the prejudice. "black people are probably criminals" "I hate gays" "trump voters should be rounded up into a gas chamber" All unacceptable, but the incitement to mass murder is the worst one there. My point is that prejudice comes in lots of forms, and that creating your own while attempting to fight a more longstanding form of prejudice is both hypocritical and tactically ineffective.
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    Worth noting that Ed Sheeran has come up during a time when the concept of purchasing music has become the preserve of nerds and old folks.
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    King Kendrick > Kanye West > The Knife > Kamasi Washington > Kelis >Kraftwerk > Kool and the Gang > The Kills > Kenickie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The KKK > Adolf Hitler > standing on a plug in bare feet > Kasabian
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    I think you are wrong. One of the great things about Glasto is that it gives a very different experience to each and every person who attends. It is perfectly possible to attend and enjoy, whilst fundamentally disagreeing with a lot of the left wing aspects of it. Indeed I can't help but have a quiet smirk to myself when I listen to some of the left wing/environmental arguments of some attendees/stall holders. I mean, who do you think provides the sound equipment for the festival, without which there would BE nothing? Do they think it's all knitted, on some kind of commune, rather than being the end result of competition driven by capitalism? Back on topic I find it really sad that a country as great (and it IS great to anyone with an ounce of common sense) comes up with 2 candidates as they have done. That said I was really worried about a Clinton victory. I honestly believe she would have caused conflict with Russia. We will never know. As for Trump, well I don't think he has the intellect for office. Then again neither did Reagan and he didn't do too badly I suppose. One thing is for certain. The US like the UK have decided that the status quo wasn't working for them.
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    See you both in the campsite, my fellow Frusciante friend!
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    You say that as if it's a bad thing. What you argue for is one of the main reason why T has gone to shit
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    I know this isn't going to contribute to the conversation, and i apologise in advance for the language, but i just want it on record that can't fucking stand Robbie Williams.
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    Phil Collins also has an announcement imminent, for tomorrow morning. Are the currently announced dates just a warm up tour for this show? Could be.
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    Have to say, and I never thought I'd write this sentence, I'd prefer Ed Sheeran
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    Greenday, Radiohead and Arcade Fire all available as well as all your usual fare. Trouble is that incompetence and fuckwittery have cultivated a small crowd of school leavers and neds that just want to fight and watch Calvin Harris. Money thrown after good bands would be just wasted now.
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    This is wicked. Thanks for the tip
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    I bought a car from Bonnie Tyler. It was a bit of a banger and every now and then it fell apart.
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    I remember someone somewhere (think it was Dental) said we need a Gizz thread, and with apparently four albums to come next year I wholeheartedly agree. Let's get these guys back to the farm in 2017, yeah? I'll start us off with a classic list. Feel free to follow suit. Nonagon Infinity Float Along - Fill Your Lungs I'm In Your Mind Fuzz Paper Mache Dream Balloon 12 Bar Bruise Quarters! Oddments Eyes Like the Sky
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    I just think he's too shit to headline Glastonbury. I'd be quite disappointed if it happens, regardless of what else is on at the same time, just booking him would say something about the festival and how it sees itself that I find quite unpalatable.
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    It's a bit unusual for Pukkelpop to announce a headliner this early on but guess they can't wait to get the Foos out there!
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    That is a well argued intelligent view. I'm guessing if you were franchised you would not have voted for Trump? Democracy always was the least worst way of choosing governors. I never pour scorn on anyone. Lack of education is a political issue not a personal opinion on those who have been let down by our education systems.
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    its because of the groping, banning muslims and building a wall. Good old fashioned get rid of the darkies and who cares about women?
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    London Forum date added for 17th June on sale Monday. £19.60. Thats an excellent price. Can't remember the last time I paid less then £40 to see a gig.
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    You realise that not all muslims are the same don't you, and that there are different groups within it? And since when did 'because x said it and x is of that group, then it can't be discriminatory' become a reality? http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-islam-and-the-nation-of-islam/#ixzz4PmbE5wZS Your thinking reminds me of this:
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    Yes they do, but they don't do it regularly in the name of an ideology. Other examples would be Catholic priests who have systematically not only raped children through the years, but covered it up as well. But to ignore the fact they happen way more often for paltry or little offense, is like you're burying your head in the sand. You might like to quote funny videos you watched one time with fat Gav after the Utd-Arsenal game (and I love how easy it is to set up these people, but it's not very good as evidence for world events), but here is something from a website called Human Rights Watch. https://www.hrw.org/world-report/2015/country-chapters/saudi-arabia This is one snippet: The Specialized Criminal Court, Saudi Arabia’s terrorism tribunal, sentenced prominent Eastern Province activist Fadhil al-Manasif to 15 years in prison, a 15-year ban on travel abroad, and a large fine on April 17 after it convicted him on charges that included “breaking allegiance with the ruler,” “contact with foreign news organizations to exaggerate the news,” and “circulating his phone number to [foreign] news agencies to allow them to call him.” The charges arose from al-Manasif’s assistance to international media covering the 2011 protests in Eastern Province. Just because he 'broke allegiance' with the ruler. Their constitution is based on the Quran. Are these the real Muslims you mean? Isn't it a legitamte fear that if you accept over a million people from countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt etc where they've had horrible cases of human rights and/or terrorism, it's fair enough to vet them?
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    And This would be the last tune on Sunday in my ideal world...
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    I think if R&L are having a hip hop headliner then Drake would be a great choice.
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    13 posts, -30 score. Is this a record? It's not hard to see why like.
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    I'm not a betting man but if I was I would bet everything on Robbie Williams on the Pyramid Stage next year : He watched Adele last year stage side and I can bet the deal was done with Michael Eavis since then - his UK tours ends towards the start of Glastonbury !!
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    HiphopgrimeSHITimogoodmorningallwakeupandlistentosomenicehappymusicinsteadofSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope you all shut up for the fallen.... Have a good weekend. G
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    Kanye isn't alternative!, he's a hip hop c**t bag! The different is the other two are just hip hop. He sold out 6 02 dates at least, Reading want sales so there is us.