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    Just a brief note to say thankyou to everyone who followed the 'Announcements' thread yesterday, and throughout the week, and who provided all the support and encouragement regarding the Foo's gig in Frome on Friday night. I'm not usually the sort to be the centre of attention, luck doesn't often come my way, and in the supermarket I'm never the one who they open a new till for, so to suddenly be the subject of such interest (and an impromptu Twitter campaign ) was to be honest a little overwhelming, but wonderful at the same time. I have to admit there were moments throughout the day when I did think of giving it up and heading to the pub , but with you guys following every move what else could I do but stick with it and keep trying, there was no way I couldn't not see it through to a conclusion and let you all down. You guys restored a little faith in humanity that as a cynical sod I sometimes struggle to maintain. Kindness of strangers also comes at the most unexpected times. After living off my debit card all day I thought all was lost when I got to the wristband desk and was asked for a £10 donation. Having nothing but some loose change my face fell until, almost immediately, the girl next to me, a complete stranger, said "I'll pay for you". Once inside she even said she didn't need repaying but I got her contact and ensured her that, of course, I'll repay her. Sophie from Bradford-on-Avon, if you're reading this, thankyou again. So once again thankyou everyone. I hope you all had a great day/evening.....I know I did. And Neil, really good to meet and hang out a little, we looked for you after to give the van a push but missed you somewhere. Hope you got home ok. See you all at the meet in June. It's going to be a great Festival....the best ever I hear Rich.
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    Signs around Pilton lanes today....I'd guess for fence deliveries. ....and so it begins
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    Hang on a minute....
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    Well, Neil had some info on Monday, fact checked it on Tuesday. He was making sure by Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. He TBC'd on Sunday.
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    That sounds a great idea - many years ago at a festival { sorry I have worked so many I cant be specific as to which one } - Liam walked into the Guest Bar on the first day ' before the bar was open ' Now many will not know that before any bar can open it has to be inspected by Weights and Measures - they take samples from all the pumps - now that year there had been a power supply problem so the certification had been delayed so technically I could not legally sell any draft drinks. So when he walked in I told them if they wanted draft drinks they would have to wait until the bar was open. he went right up to my face and said ' Do you know who I am ? ' - in my usual polite self I said something like ' I don't give a shit who you are - there is no power to the pumps so you cant have any draft drinks ' He then demanded that I pour him four pints { it was either cider or lager } I said he could have some bottles but he would have to wait for draft He then stormed off - and as he got to the entrance he shouted - You Fucker will be fired as I wont drink in here if this fucker is still behind the bar . He went to his Manager and the Manager went to the Tent Manager and demanded that I be sacked - the Tent Manager explained the bar could not legally sell any draft drinks and there is no way was he going to sack me . Now sometimes after that Noel found out and he came into the bar and asked to speak to me - He apologised for his brother - I said he did not need to. All that weekend Liam would send in one of his mates and if they spotted me they never came in so I never saw Liam again. so if the two show up - I will watch Noel.
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    If you see someone wearing this t-shirt, come and say hello! I promise not to have my 'camera face' on.
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    Imagine being the guy who got killed in order for this to happen.
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    I tried an all nighter on the Wednesday of my first Glasto. Ended up shitting myself in my sleeping bag. True story. I don't even know how it happened. It was Wednesday, FFS. These days, I tend to be up at about 10am, sleep by about 4am latest. I'll be asleep by 1am on the Sunday, and awake by about 5am to leave the site. I don't hang about at that point.
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    Meanwhile, at Acid_Haze Towers...
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    To you guys complaining about these sixteen year old's ruining your festival and act then like judgemental ***** as soon as one comments trying to integrate into your 'festival culture'. You are all hypocrites and the reasons rifts like these exist. Take everything with a pinch of salt its a festival, not your festival, not their festival but everyone's festival. So pick between the options and choose which festival is for you wisely. Some people are so pretentious they come across as idiots and that is baffling for me. Get a grip your only a name on a forum to be helpful and discuss not be prejudice and make claims about what Leeds Festival should be. To all the people reminiscing R+L as a rock festival i'd like to thank you all for being genuine people and adding to a group conversation it's nice to read all your different memories of the festival as it has changed so much. I would like to welcome @FestivalPanda99 to the forum, he seems mature for his age and I respect you for stating your age in this particular forum.
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    Someone really funny keeps giving me - rep for my posts. I used to have 115 but now I have 89. But it's not the newest posts that get -rep but the old ones witch is strange. I just wanted to tell the person(s) who's doing this, you're extremely funny, I'm dying with laughter. ...but I can also tell you that when the day comes I start doing meaningless crap like this, that's the day I go and see psychologist as I obviously have no live what so ever and in desperate need of a professional help....!
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    She's not the only Chicken in the coop. I say next Thursday and she can cluck on that.
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    He chills on Sunday
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    I cant wait for you to read my whole post and note down the Milkman comment.
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    17. Get in a fight at Strummerville by telling people that Turning Japanese was The Clash's only good song.
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    You're the w*nker mate, if anyone is.
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    Groups for coach resale day done. Well I say done, most were either groups of 2 or 4 as it was. There are 3 people who are on their own at the minute, @danegg , @Zed619 , and @lobo . lobo wants to go from Bristol, no other groups free going from Bristol. Zed619 wants to go from London, same thing no London groups, but if Zed would go from Bristol we could group him in with lobo. Danegg didnt enter where departure was preferred so dont know if he could be grouped with either Zed or lobo. Confusing stuff! Need to add the volunteers to those groups aswell. Does it matter where the volunteers are from? i.e. is there any point in grouping volunteers to a group who are all close by? I'll also be assuming that those in the coach sale want to be on the general sale day list aswell, cant imagine someone giving up if they dont get a coach ticket Those in coach groups will have similar groups for the general sale so if some get tickets its easier to remove that group. v2 of the list is here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SDsADzAAGWn214g5EaYHDuojch908NWpMjSS4P9j4Xs/edit?usp=sharing
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    The idea of an open air cinema posing the greatest risk of a minor seeing inappropriate things at Glastonbury genuinely made me spurt my tea back into the mug when I read it. *Parent turns child away from mild horror /sexual content on open air big screen* *Child watches with mild curiosity the acid casualty trying to take a shit in his own rucksack while a gimp on stilts and a leash is led around by a drag queen instead*
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    last year the weather was shit it did effect how much fun I had, I would have had far more fun with the sun. I am not one of these strange people who complains it's too hot . I want it to bake. I want to struggle to get my tent pegs in the ground. I want to have to wear a sun hat for the weekend. I want to drag my blow up bed out my tents at 7 am as it's far too hot to sleep inside. I want to bath in sun cream every day.
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    Saw them at Paris Pitchfork in 2015 and they were astonishing. Was also one of the weirdest gigs I've been at as I was pinned near the front and this American lass in front of me kept grinding on my crotch. I spent a good proportion of the set wondering whether it was impolite to ask her to stop or whether it'd be impolite to let her carry on incase she thought I was someone else.
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    whoops i didnt mean to have such a clickbait title - ah well more downvotes xx edit : i cant even change the title lol
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    Those exact words often enter my head when I read your posts
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    who doesn't want this every day
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    Glad we cleared that up then.
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    Had a wee lurk, Gnomy. Felt like to describe my festival could only be construed as: (a) being a twat (b) showing off (c) Olympic standard bullshitting (d) all of the above But, the answer for me is both. Go hard or go home. 1130-0030h: bands; loads of bands; as many as possible; ideally whole sets; distance between sets will not preclude seeing bands; the JPT - Park - JPT combo is a bastard, but you're a long time dead/without a ticket 0030h - 0700h: DJs; Techno DJs; loads of DJs; as many as possible; ideally whole sets; distance between DJs will not deter; the SEC - Beat Hotel - SEC combo is a bastard Sleep: yeah; a bit; occasionally Ben
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    El-P: A wise man once said Me: WE ALL DEAD FUCK IT
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    Assuming there was no bone in it (yh I know) I'd just grab the balls and nosh from the end.
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    A pleasant change from blacking up.
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    RH's was an arty affair with loads of effort put in, Foo Fighters' involved randomly deafening unexpecting victims, Ed couldn't be bothered to do anything interesting.. maybe the plan was to have the announcements reflect each act's music all along
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    Some people aren't born into privilege though Russy, some people have had to work bloody hard to get to the stage where they can afford to go to festivals. Just because somebody has a bit of disposable income doesn't mean they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Your idea of subsidising tickets for poorer festival goers, however morally sound it is would be unrealistic. As has previously been said, how on earth could you police something like that?
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    Anyone who doesn't love Plastic Beach can fight me tbh. I'll defend that album endlessly.
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    Burst into tears in the Bristol Aiport Burger King at 8am on the Monday morning.
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    Are you kidding me? All on rhe same flight? If 47 people from the UK went they would be arrested and sent home before they even made it to the festival haha
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    Kaiser Chiefs aren't fit to open up the longdrops on Wednesday morning.
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    Was it H he was sat on? If so he's gone up in my estimation.
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    Mumford & Sons & the 1975...
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    2010 was absolutely baking. My mate got heat stroke. Same again this year please.
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    Too many rock bands at Rock Werchter? Okay then.
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    I hear you're buying a synthesizer and an arpeggiator and are throwing your computer out the window because you want to make something real. You want to make a Yaz record. I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables. I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars. I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know. But have you seen my records? You don't know what you really want
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    So it seems like we've gone from having too many subheadliners to now scraping the bottom of the barrel to predict some! We're not long from knowing ourselves so I guess it would be good to collect our thoughts (because i've struggled to keep track ngl) Very Likely: The XX - I think they are pretty much certain to nab a pyramid sub slot, providing they aren't rebooked for Other Stage... but I can't see that happening. So really it's just a guessing game for the other two. Potentials: Elbow - I know they aren't really relevant at all, however they are an easy go to for Glasto for a pyramid sub, and they are now SR on the rumour page, either they will drop in lineup placement or be rebooked in their standard slot. The Weeknd - I'm starting to warm to the idea of the Weeknd subbing, considering he's not an exclusive to wireless and theres no other UK festivals thus far. I also think this is a good time to get him as his latest album is huuuuge and incredibly relevant. Plus, he has unfinished business with the festival after pulling out unexplained in 2013. Outside options: Kasier Chiefs - I don't consider this possible at all but you lot seem to be more open to it. It could be a Primal Scream before Rolling Stones situation, but I can't see Foo Fighters being as demanding as the stones. Lady Gaga - I don't think this is happening anymore, she's having a pretty huge year and I still think she could outright headline the festival sometime in the future. If they've got her as a sub fair play... but I don't think it's happening, especially since Glastonbury has never bagged a subheadlner that strong in all its history! Imagine Dragons - Just one i'm throwing out there... they seem to be a subheadliner at pretty much every worldwide festival going! They are a massive band, and would be a pretty good warmup act for the Foo Fighters. However, I am aware that just because they've subbed R&L doesn't necessarily mean they will sub Glasto Overall I am pretty set on The XX, Elbow and The Weeknd (in that order)... but I reckon i'm going to be wrong and there's a surprise yet to come. Thoughts? Have you missed Matt 42 posts like this Sun is shining in London and I'm getting excited for the summer!
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    @eFestivals or anyone for that matter. I can see Craig David has gone TBC, has there been some info to say its happening? Can you fill me in?
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