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    Well, that escalated quickly. I just wanted to show that there are different ways to look at headline positions as I mentioned popularity, genre, relevance, live reputation, artistic value and many others. I want to apologize for all the downvoters and lighthouse in particular. I never wanted to 'rank' acts, I thought I was very careful by only including potential Werchter headliners and not acts like Miley Cyrus or Dua Lipa as lighthouse mentioned. I just wanted to bring a different view. Again, I'm sorry if this makes it look like just a popularity contest.
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    Despite what the sold out arenas appear to suggest, Imagine Dragons don’t actually have any fans.
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    Foo Fighters to be announced as Festival exclusive for UK at Reading festival, then will get announced for TRNSMT the week after.
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    Ended up dueting with him one on one while he sang Push The Sky Away in Berlin a fortnight ago. Very special moment for me. The perfect way to end my run of gigs on the Skeleton Tree tour that took me to New York, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Berlin. Some of the best gigs I've seen.
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    Did that this year and still didn't manage to book one good headliner.
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    I forgot about this whole thread. The show was amazing! Definitely a highlight of the Festival. I actually got a whack of photos from the Sunday night. Here are a few:
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    I work in a nursery and we had a lad who came in every day in an Elsa (frozen film) dress over his clothes. Usually played with the girls in their make believe stuff, but sometimes with the boys. Never ever heard any child mention it - he was who he was to them. Its the adults that are likely to be more judgemental. No idea how he's transitioned in to school, but would be intrigued to know. It's all about not stereotyping - my son had his toy cars, garage etc but also a play kitchen. When my daughters came along they loved playing with his old "boys" stuff. There was no conscious aim to be gender neutral or anything - I dressed my son in boys stuff and girls in girls stuff - they soon get to an age where they tell you what they will or won't wear. Couldn't get my daughter out of wellies for a good while - clearly has some Glastonbury in her lol.
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    I'd be splitting my sides. With razors. To try and alleviate the boredom.You can have too much Maiden.
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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Growlers on fire on the counter of the Meal Machine. I watched Catfish flounder in the dark on the Other Stage. All those moments will be lost in time, like 2007's rain. Time to bimble.
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    Hey look at Mr. ‘I like the National but am otherwise averse to dad-rock’ over here.
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    "Old Son" is a gender neutral term.
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    Yes those Foos are too small and weak a booking to headline outright. They need a co headline slot to give them some exposure and the step up they need. They'll be on with someone of a similar size so probably Guns and Roses. That will be an incredibly weak day but we need to nurture these future headliners.
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    We're gonna get some more bands announced at the end of the month, would love to see Parkway, Architects or While She Sleeps announced.
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    If you take your tickets, you'll have a really good surprise ! (Cause ON STAGE Nick Cave is at least as good as Gorillaz and Depeche Mode, and Pearl Jam make them look like beginners x) I became a fan after the PJ show at RW2014, cause I had never seen something like that... And if you play the guitar, you'll be mesmerized, because PJ's guitarist plays like no one else, and if you like singalongs, it's 3hours of intense crowdsinging)
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    Fucking hell you're a bellend.
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    Oh wait I think he was right. The original poster has leaked: https://gyazo.com/3b209c01ee43879f4756ac66a93d49d6
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    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
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    To avoid confusion between this book and the large print version of Day Coming
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    There's something really satisfying when someone who knows what they are talking about calmly, clearly and in great detail, explains to someone who knows nothing just how wrong they are
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    The London dates pretty much cancel both of those out; BST cos they're already doing bigger shows in the capital (think they're back in the US anyway) and IOW because it's the same weekend and ultimately very unlikely. Simply put, they're 100% at R+L.
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    Band's 20 years old too. This 51 year old fucking loves them. Kiddiemetallolz.
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    I shouldn't bite but this is so daft I can only think you haven't listened to them properly. While they are not my favourite band your description is way off by any reasonable standards. Just look at their song lengths and you'll see very little less than 5 minutes. Like him or not nobody sounds like M Shadows. The guitar work, especially the solos, is not the sort of stuff your average band is pumping out. If a band with songs as diverse as Seize The Day, A Little Piece Of Heaven, Buried Alive, God Damn, Sidewinder and This Means War in their catalogue are generic then I don't understand the definition.
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    Sundays ma second stage against old boring ozzy c**t
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    Little update from me, we're on our longest stretch home (8 days) and I don't want to raise my hopes too much but things are (so far) running smoothly this time.
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    Can't be arsed making a poster but... Bjork / LCD Soundsystem / The National Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Courtney Barnett + Kurt Vile / Deerhunter / Flying Lotus 3D / Four Tet / Franz Ferdinand / Mogwai / St Vincent / Tyler, The Creator / Warpaint / Yeah Yeah Yeahs Alvvays / Bicep (Live) / Blossoms / Childhood / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Django Django / King Krule / Loyle Carner / Mount Kimbie / Perfume Genius / Pinegrove / Sampha / Sleaford Mods / Sylvan Esso / Tune-Yards / Waxahatchee / Wolf Parade / Young Fathers Algiers / Baby In Vain / Big Thief / Cults / Fakear / Japanese Breakfast / Julien Baker / Mammut / Sheer Mag / Slotface / Superfood /
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    Pure families at Latitude innit, nobody's packing up the Range Rover with posh boxes of wine to drive down to APE; no Pink Moon and nowhere for little Maisy and Ollie to run around while Mummy and Daddy get hammered and smugly laugh along with socially liberal TV comedians whilst still thinking they pay far too much bloody tax.
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    -New stage (for now called Chiringuito) in the same sand on the beach, djs, rock groups, pop, you can eat and bathe. -Do not come Pearl Jam (just in case someone doubted it), or Jane's Addiction -No Pavement, maybe next year. -Not either Roni Size (the live he does now is a tease anyway). -My Bloody Valentine does not release disc, it's Kevin alone. -Ni Fugazi or the Galaxy 500 looks like they're going to play again. -Compare the sign with a locomotive, with a lot of muscle, compact. - There will be metal, the same number of groups as always. -The National almost confirmed. - Maybe Lorde? Mura Masa? -They know names: would you like Mica Levi, John Zorn (seems difficult), Bombay Royale? -Ark? He has never been and they like it. -No Iron Maiden or Metallica because it's hard to set the stage. -Gary Numan already came. Scott Walker impossible, the Chromatics do not play because they have moved with the seal. -The Cars do not touch, the NIN have already been, like the Horros, Badalamenti complicated. -The Cocteau Twins seems impossible. For now there is no group that plays an entire album. -Repeat Primavera Club bands. -It seems that the Artic Monkeys do not. -Robert Wyatt would like it. -A pair would like NOFX. -Morrissey one year of these falls. -Cartel very advanced but they have many things to confirm with the groups. The announcement of the poster is being recorded this weekend. Possibly before Christmas is the poster. -Gabi says that the poster is milk, that there are many bands spinning and that it will be successful. -They try to fix the floor of Mordor. -With the Chiringuito the festival will grow in size a little. -Other facebook live in month and little with the poster. to be continued.
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    thanks for the thread old son
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    I have an idea. Let's just get rid of all of those walks completely forever. That'll solve it.
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    Gorillaz/The National (co-headline) Pearl Jam / 30 Seconds to Mars The Killers/QOTSA (co-headline) Depeche Mode / Nine Inch Nails
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    Will Billy Bragg still be hanging round with them or is that just a Glastonbury thing?
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    More bands at the end of the month...
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    Been doing some thinking about reading 2018.... it will be announced in this order: - Foo's (play Sunday (announced in December)) - Kendrick/ Royal Blood (To play Friday (announced in January)) - Arctic monkeys (Main headliner ( announced in march)) My evidence is that foo's are really likely because most rock bands that headline Glasto always play reading and Leeds the year before or after, and the foo's are touring the uk next summer, and they haven't been at reading in years! I also believe arctic will be the last announced and the main headliner because their album and 2018 gigs will all be announced in march (maybe February) and they are defo much bigger (in the uk) than foo's. Also it would be massive news as they wouldn't have announced any gigs since 2014. Kendrick I don't know much about but he has been spoken about for ages and would defo sell to the Eminem fans from 2017. Royal blood have become too huge this year that I believe they will get a spot before the main headliner (arctic monkeys). This is also very likely because royal blood was once a support act on arctics uk AM tour. Wolf Alice and bring me the horizon are also rumours as well as the kooks who are touring through out next year. I also think the wombats will either headline NME or have a good spot on the main stage as well as nothing but thieves and slaves. Ive heard people talk about queen of the stoneage coming back (which would be amazing, but I don't see it), alt- j, vampire weekend, post Malone, septa and even tame impala but I have not seen any evidence for these acts. Lemme know what u think!! xx
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    Thanks Lucy, it was a good day. I've now finished my first shift in store too, and think it'll be really good for me. It might take a while to get used to shop work again, compared to parenting, but I'm really looking forward to it @pauladam, hope your ankle mends soon. On the plus side, if there's any time of year when zombie shuffling is de rigeur, it's now!
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    Primavera has booked tons of Barcelona/Mardid indoor concerts in November, which weren't sold out yet: 2-3 Julie Byrne 6-7 Jungle + Gengahr 9 Aldous Haring + H. Hawkline 15 Algiers 17 Julien Baker 17 + 19 Metz + Darhla 18 Father John Misty + Weyes Blood 22 Thurston Moore Group 23 + 24 Thundercat 26 + 27 Perfume Genius Most of those could fit the Primavera Sound bill. Publishing another performances of those so early on the poster while sabotaging the sales of the indoor concert would be pointless. The festival was sold out in January over the last couple of years, so there is no rush. I bet we would get the mostly full poster by the end of November, just like last year.
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    They're the best band in the world right now so it shouldn't be hard to get into em.
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    I think they're playing at BSE in Hyde Park.