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    Sometimes it's good to talk, right? Back in 2009 when I first got my tickets for Glastonbury my life was in a very different place. After attending several (too many!) Leeds festivals and a solitary Download, I decided to go for the big one, the holy grail of festivals - Glastonbury. After registering and somehow getting a ticket I was so excited, I joined this site and started reading all things Glastonbury. Sadly, that year it wasn't to be, in early January 2010 I suffered a few suprise illnesses that resulted in heart surgery (aged 24), nearly a year off work and a drastically altered lifestyle. It gave me time to reevaluate myself and the direction I was going in and throughout my recovery I decided to change a few things. However, my desire to get to to Glastonbury wasn't one of them. Sadly, the next time I tried to get go, my doctor and physio advised against it so plans were shelved for several years, Fast forward to 2016, I was in a much better place, doing the things I used to be doing and with a one year old (at the time) ready to tackle what life threw at me. So, come October I organised my team of merry men (and women) to finally score those elusive tickets. Thankfully, we had success and those golden tickets were mine. For a few months, Glastonbury was all we'd talk about - my wife doesn't understand the appeal but because of my endless chatter she knows a lot about the festival! At the end of January 2017, we found out my wife was pregnant with my second child. It was one of life's fantastic surprises. With a due date in September, my wife was fine with me still going to Worthy Farm and the stage was set for a stunning year. Come our 20 week scan, we were hit in the face with a sledgehammer. During the anatomy scan, done in more detail due to my heart defect, some problems were picked up by the doctor. Ushered into a room and handed a tissue, we were told that our baby had problems with its brain. Not just simple problems, structural issues. What made it worse was the medical explanation was 'bad luck'. We sought second and third opinions, a plethora of scans and specialists but they all told us the same thing, that the outcome was bleak. As a family, we decided to hope and let life lead the way. This was a month before Glastonbury. Despite all this, my wife was insistent I go the the festival. I really didn't think I would be. The decision was made the weekend before and I hastily packed my bags and prepped my equipment. The festival itself was everything I imagined it to be and much more. From the snaking, burning hot sweat pits that was the queue for Gate D on Wednesday morning to the sunset over the farm, the whole experience was both immersive and immense. Everyone talks about the size and scale, but you can't prepare yourself for Glastonbury. Wow... the hard work and dedication that goes into creating and maintaining that piece of eutopia on Earth should be roundly applauded. With everything going on at home, I never felt able to truly relax, but I gave it a good go. I managed to catch most bands I wanted, although the key was not to plan for many, and i caught several surprises to. For my sins, I am a massive Foo Fighters fan and managed to get pretty close for their set, and those two and a half plus hours released a lot of tension. There were so many brilliant bands I saw over the five days, Rhythm of the Nineties, Royal Blood, Frank Carter, The XX and many, many more. Yet one of the standout things for me was the people attending. Not all, you get idiots everywhere but chatting with strangers and sharing euphoric moments with temporary friends can never be knocked. Also, if you're reading this, the girl who lent me a phone charger in my desperate need, thank you. I could write reams about the festival, perhaps I will one day. I started writing this without a real purpose, more just to put some words on a page. Anyway, like it is for most, Glastonbury was an escape from life. Whilst I couldn't truly escape, it was much needed relief at a time of need. It gave me something to look forward to, something to enjoy and memories to cling to. Things I will be forever thankful for. I very much hope to be back on the farm in 2019 and beyond, fingers crossed. My second daughter was born at 35 weeks, at the end of August. She is doing well. She is defying the odds - eating, breathing, moving, reacting and doing all the things the doctors said she wouldn't. It is a long road ahead. We've seen neuro specialists and had MRI's. My daughter is truly one of a kind - she has three separate conditions and the doctors think she is the only person in the world with all three. So they, never mind us, have no idea what to expect long term. She will need surgery in the next few months as she has fluid on her brain but as she lies here on my lap she is a reminder that life is precious - seize your moments and saviour them. I'm not particularly active on this site, but I sourced tickets for a couple of people and hopefully haven't offended anyone so I just thought this would be a place to put my thoughts down. Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you. As I said, I don't really have a purpose for this! But, it's good to talk, right?
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    I went to the party on Friday as I did last year and also like last year I went for a stroll round the site Saturday morning with the fam.. I posted pics last year and they seemed to go down well so I have a few to share with you .....
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    It is indeed. Added Katy Perry this year to make it eleven visits in a row where I've seen an act who has appeared in the Simpsons. The full list: 04 - McCartney 05 - White Stripes 07 - The Who 09 - Spinal Tap 10 - Willie Nelson 11 - U2 13 - The Stones 14 - Dolly Parton 15 - Lionel Richie 16 - Coldplay 17 - Perry
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    Fair play to them for putting on the secret sets at both sites. Good effort from Queens n all. EDIT: I've got no idea how that tweet got there but it's staying.
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    Imagine saying you quite like PTV and then saying it again
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    Ian's in prison.
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    People aren't gonna make a different decision on whether or not to buy QOTSA day tickets based on whether or not they saw No One Knows on a live stream a year prior.
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    I do believe I've just had one of the best weekends of my life outside of glastonbury. The wedding was just beautiful... and bonkers. What a party. My body hurts from dancing like a lunatic. Windermere is such a fantastic place and the dome house is just awesome!! Joyce and Phil looked absolutely amazing, and they have the most loveliest family and friends. This won't be a weekend I'll forget any time soon. May your life together be full of happiness. It was so great to see @lucyginger, @ICGenie, @deebeedoobee, @pilton digger, @stuartbert two hats, Deb and Simon, Richard and JP. A real Glastonbury reunion. See most of you at boomtown!!
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    I quite like PTV
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    Damn, I've only been learning the lyrics to the second part.
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    Queens of the Stone Age, The National, Father John Misty, Deerhunter and Cigarettes After Sex confirmed for NorthSide in Denmark one month before RW..... http://northside.dk/blog-en/1625
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    It's rinsing fans, you can buy the album a maximum of 13 times and earn more loyalty points each time; that's not a quirk, it's been designed that way. Taylor likes the number 13, which makes it look like she's had a personal hand in it. Allowing your fans to buy the same album 13 times is at best allowing more tickets to go with people who have more money for them, and at worst exploiting vulnerable fans who might not necessarily be in a position where it's feasible to buy an album 13 times but will do it because of how much Taylor's music means to them. It's evil, I'm so angry with her for doing this. The social media and streaming points are basically mobilising her fans so that she can break bullshit records and make sure her marketing is unavoidable. Who really gives a fuck if their video breaks streaming records? Is that what you're in the music game for, Taylor? Makes her seem like a joyless w*nker. She sells it like this is for the good of the fan, but absolutely none of it for the good of the fans at all. Taylor is one of the richest and most powerful people in entertainment, and she's basically exploiting the people that got her there so that she can have more money and status that she in no way needs. She's always acted like she's tuned in with her fans and done really sweet things that have made it seem like she really cares, so now this has understandably made a lot of people feel betrayed.
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    I thought it was the bit where the villain is running amok in a walking version of the Arcadia Spider and Eggsy stops it by ramming a Growler up the exhaust pipe - before saying "Manners maketh man" to a passing Mik Artistik.
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    you ain't seen nothing yet interesting FR mind
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    Some of my thoughts on this year - compare and contrast with your own. First and foremost - really sad to hear of the death / murder (?) on site. When I was having such fun to think that something like this was happening near me is horrible. Thoughts to all the girls friends and family. I do wonder if there will be implications for the festivals licence? Will the police object next year? Or will there be much tougher security? I've been to all but 1 of the 14 Bestivals (I missed 2011) and for me this was one of the more enjoyable....I've also been to a few Camp Bestivals Traffic - Drove there with no jams at all, traffic management seemed to be working well (arrived about 11am). On leaving site (Sunday about midnight) drove straight out. Got slightly caught by mud, but 1 small push and I was off again. Queuing on entry - They opened the gates before advertised which was great as it meant there was no real queue to get in. I counted 5 people ahead of me in my security lane. Each of us was given a brief pat down / examination of our bags, but nothing major - I spent less than 10 mins getting through queuing and collecting the wristband. All seemed simple and straightforward. Camping - I knew the site was hilly from previous Camp Bestival experience although when I'd been to Camp Bestival there seemed more space and not that many people had to camp on the hills. I camped in the quiet camping (Golden Years) which was very pleasant. Mainly older people although there were some younger people as well. Everyone in my area was very friendly and made instant campsite friends. It was also quiet at night time - as it should be when it's quiet camping. The only problem was that the campervan field was next door and there were a couple of people in vans partying in the night, slightly spoiling the full quiet atmosphere - but to be honest it wasn't that bad and I slept through it no problem. The toilets were fine most of the weekend in Golden Years and never a queue when I used them - there was one morning when they hadn't been emptied and Bestival put out something on their Twitter (and I guess other social channels?) apologising that there had been a delay. However I found ones that were useable in Golden Years. I do think the site could benefit with 1 additional (flatter) field for camping - those who ended up on the slope must have struggled. Program and entertainment - I don't really understand people saying there was nothing to do in the day. There was loads to see and do. OK, maybe not big names, but that doesn't necessarily mean poor quality. I was on site from 6pm Thursday, 11am Fri and Saturday and 12.30 Sunday and never went back to my tent until bed time (except for the evacuation) Personal highlights: Sunday evening with Soulwax and The Pet Shop Boys. I've seen Soulwax before and was a bit meh about them, but they were great - really liked their lab technician / in a studio aesthetic and their treble drummers. Lucy Rose - a moment of quiet introspection that I thought was absolutely beautiful and she seemed really genuine when she talked about how much it meant to her people singing the words as she was a big self-doubter. Stacey's - my new favourite venue. Loved all the soul they played in their and I sacked off seeing a few bands I had intended to see to dance there. The vibe in Stacey's really reminded me of the very early (2004-2007) Bestivals. The Magic Gang - big singalongs in The Invaders of The Future stage. The 2 marriage proposals on the Box stage. I particularly liked Dizney Rascal's marriage proposal - it got a huge cheer. Not sure as a band they were really up to playing such a big stage - as they admitted themselves they normally play pubs and their billing as a ska / punk band doing Disney covers sounded better on paper than it did in practice, but it was worth seeing them just for the marriage proposal and his girlfriends reaction - as a lovely thing. The 'not so goods': I felt the programming in the Invaders of the Future Stage was relatively week. On Thursday they put a quiet post-folk band (Laucan) on just as all the dance stuff nearby was getting going. The soundclash from the beats was terrible. They would have been better putting them on earlier in a quieter part of the site. Also there were quite a few local and Isle of Wight bands in Invaders of the Future, many of whom were very average. If you're going to call a stage Invaders of the Future I think you need to put on more acts that really have a chance of becoming bigger and are of quality. Organisation: Generally I felt things were well organised. When the winds were getting up it was the right call to evacuate the site. The organisers would have had the data from the anemometer on the main stage plus the weather forecasts and if the data indicated there was a risk that the speeds would exceed the design wind loadings, they were right to put a temporary halt to things. I know some people were upset that Loyle Carner etc was cancelled, but better this than a major catastrophe. I also thought they dealt well with the mud, putting down lots of hay in the most dangerous areas. Other festivals that have been affected by mud this year have done far less. My only minor quibble was that on exiting the car park at night the exit signs were often positioned away from lighting so you couldn't see them from a distance in the dark. All the stages seemed to run to time, and any line up changes were communicated via the app - unfortunately for a festival of this size you'll always get the odd drop out. Food and drink: All sorts and good. Standard festival prices.Feast collective was delicious. The WI tent charged a lot more for tea and cake than the old Isle of Wight ladies, but you did get it in a pot, which was great. Personally I'd have liked another coffee stall somewhere near the main stage, but otherwise, a good selection. Good to see the use of the plastic Ecocups like Latitude use. The crowd: Generally fine. You'll always get a few idiots on alcohol or illegal drugs, and Bestival has always had an element of this, but I felt there were a lot less idiots this year than the previous few years. A better mix of ages as well - last year seemed very young. From my perspective it does seem the more Grime is booked, the nastier / more mainstream crowd it attracts. The site: The main arena worked well I think. No bottlenecks, reasonably compact. I really liked all the smaller venues (Stacey's being a particular fave) which made it seem like the Bestivals of old. It was quite nice seeing them wheel out all the past Bestival installations like the robot, astronaut, Bestival sign, glitterball and then add to it with Kanye (which was freakishly brilliant). The site was similar to Camp Bestival in terms of main stage and Big Top locations but with more stages on site than Camp B. Internet: OK, probably not essential, but when the festival is using the app and social media as its main communication channels, it is more important. I had decent coverage (o2) all weekend - for Camp Bestival in the past there has been virtually no signal when I went, but there was a booster mast on site. I had decent coverage in most areas, although it was weaker at the campsite. Overall, I had a great time and would be back again next year (hoping for better weather) assuming it goes ahead.
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    Calm down, FFS. Its not certain yet it was murder. Don't use the fucking Daily Mail as evidence for anything. As mentioned in the thread you already started, its standard to arrest somebody if they are to be interviewed under caution. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Bestival. Personally I hope they pull it together and thrive.
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    It was awesome, had a brilliant time. Now final push before the big day on Friday. No pressure. EEEEeeeeekkkkkkkkkk
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    Everything Now fucking bangs and only uptight w*nkers don't like it
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    Drake. Auto tuned talking? Cannot get my head around it at all.
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    I'm a bad motherfucker, don't you know? And I'll crawl over fifty good pussies Just to get to one bean casserole
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    (777) F Å s T /// F Ã | Ł
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    how to tell an online forum that you like twenty one pilots
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    this keeps popping up on my twitter feed, the guy does make me laugh, gets to the heart of the problems with the music industry these days.
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    The idea of a self-described 'big Imagine Dragons fan' is perplexing. There's nothing about them that'd make anyone feel strongly about them and you'd expect people who enjoy their songs to either be very casual fans of music or to be bigger fans of other bands with more anthemic songs, more personality and more of a live spectacle. It's like those One Republic fellas that they used to have all over again.
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    It was indeed. As we have such a lovely neighbour I thought he'd want to send his congratulations.
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    Kanye for Glasto 2020.
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    Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop now, before it's too late. You just can't do this to yourselves. It's mental. Doing the one'er (a year) is not for the faint hearted, but doing a two'er is totally off the scale bananas. I'm really not sure that it's possible for a human to complete this task. Certainly not without it being detrimental to one's long term cognitive well being, in any case. And you know how much I value that. Good luck folks, I'm out.
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    One report mentioned that there were some particularly 'dodgy' pills available there. They really should have The Loop drug testing all all major festivals. Really does keep people safer.
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    It is pretty early in the day to be smoking crack.
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    My second after last year's which I enjoyed very much. Didn't really get going for me until Saturday evening but still had a great time discovering new music. And discovery is what for me EoTR is all about since I don't really make much of an effort rest of year to seek out new music. Had never hear of Pond, Real Estate, Car Seat Headrest, Tootard, Slowdive, or Lucinda Williams until this weekend but very much enjoyed their sets and doing a bit of catching up post-festival I see that they are all established artists. JAMC I had seen before but still impressed with their flawless set. Catching Rolling Blackouts' Tipi set on Sunday night was the perfect finish to the weekend. I forget which performer who commented that this was a music festival for music lovers but he was spot on. Will be back.
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    I'll not have my legitimate views silenced by the Picket Mafia. Big Acapella has dominated public discourse for way too long.
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    Jimmy Eat World, refusing to budge an inch from their hard-fought position fourth down on Main on Friday when all the world around them is falling.
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    Also, I don't want to be disrespectful or sexist or anything and really I actually tend to lean towards bands with female vocalists quite a lot but I was just reading the NME article about next year's festival, all the sections have subheadlines like where is it being held, how to get tickets etc, but then it's like will there be more women on the lineup? My question is who? Like seriously who? All I can see is Florence And The Machine (who I don't know if she's touring or not) or The XX (which would surely have to be on a co-headline). The most likely it seems for me would be Paramore, which I admit is a genuine possibility, but think of those three compared to the amount of male-fronted bands and artists who are in the frame! Sure, bands like CHVRCHES and Wolf Alice are sub-level and really great bands too (I can't wait for the day WA headline, genuinely becoming one of my favourite ever bands), and then there's the likes of HAIM who can command a sort of third down type position, but there is such little options in the way of big female fronted bands and artists. Or rather, there isn't, there just is when it comes to R&L, because Beyonce and Rihanna aren't going to come and headline Reading are they? And thank fuck for that. Now, I'd really want to see the following bands on the bill next year, even though some of them only just played and that, but they're great female acts that are suited to R&L: Marmozets, The Pretty Reckless, The Big Moon, Estrons, Let's Eats Grandma, Grimes, Halestorm, Tonight Alive, Honeyblood, Black Honey (especially them!), Daughter, Savages etc. None of them are getting a high slot. London Grammar maybe (not my thing though), and Clean Bandit as NME potential. Acts like Dua Lips, Anne-Marie, Charli XCX could have high slots on smaller stages. A real wildcard would be Lana Del Rey as a sub, I think she's great and she'd probably go down well, especially before Drake or Kendrick perhaps (or The Weeknd if he's a possible headliner), and I think Evanescence would be a cool booking. Sorry for the long post, it just confuses me how people don't get that women not playing high up these lineups isn't a sexist thing, it's just that festivals are typically for rock music (traditionally, and even if it's changing Reading is still mostly rock) and that's a genre that men tend to dominate. Pop music is often led by women, but most festivals aren't pop festivals!
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    Agreed to have Tunnels as our first dance earlier. My other half is a Kiwi and we went out for 18 months before her visa sadly expired (couldn't extend) last June (six days before Glasto!). We spent a year apart and then she came over for a fortnight for this year's Glasto and we obviously instantly got back together again; before I got a bit overly euphoric in Lost Vagueness at about 2am on Sunday and told her I loved her just after Toots and the Maytals (easily done right?!). So we are getting married in Auckland at Christmas (I've not been before). Anyway, what I'm vaguely getting to is that, with all that in mind, the Tunnels opening seems rather apt: And if the snow buries my, my neighborhood. And if my parents are crying Then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours, Yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours (You can prob forget the parents crying bit; they're actually quite happy!) All that plus we listened to it a lot when we got together.
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    what the fuck delete this post
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    Seeing this thread pop back up is like the eFests equivalent of when someone reminds a war vet about 'Nam..
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    Would love to see a Fantano stink piece on that article.
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    Well that was quite the weekend! Thanks for the messages and to those who came and helped us celebrate. It was a brilliant day/night/day.
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    Good point @Nesser. I saw Father John Misty last week and he played with an orchestra. Was magnificent. I was also at that auditori show 6 years ago and couldn't imagine at the time he would be headlining festivals! I know he divides people but he totally commits to his performances and was a level above anyone else I saw so I really hope they book him again.
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    Me happily opening this thread until I see everyone ranking 808's so low.
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    Just got back will post more later, but I had a very different experience.... Thought it was very well organised overall (especially considering the weather) and there was loads to do. The main stage opened at 11am 2 days and 12.45 on the 3rd and there were so many other small stages to discover new things. Reminded me of the Bestival's of old with all the smaller venues like Stacey's (my favourite), Club Dada, Reggae area etc
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    My top 10 of the weekend at Leeds: 'The Prettyboys'- Just the best set of the whole weekend by far. The tent was rammed. The place went absolutely nuts for half an hour and Broco were as incredible as ever. Ending on Thug Workout was insane. Such a great band, such a great surprise. I think they'll be back a lot higher next year, either NME headliner or fourth down Main. Neck Deep- The best set I saw on the Lock Up/Pit all weekend. They're just the best Pop Punk band the UK has ever produced. I was a little gutted they didn't play anything from Wishful Thinking but the LNOTGY stuff is their best and the new stuff sounded massive, especially In Bloom. Getting Sam Carter out was awesome, too. I'm so tempted to go to their tour after that because there's so many songs they still could have played. Perfect end to the Friday night. Architects- Untouchable. Absolutely untouchable. The crowd was rubbish and the pits were weak as hell, but I still went mad and had the best time. Lost my voice for the rest of the weekend after their set. Lovely tribute to Tom from Sam and I am so, so excited that they're playing Ally Pally. They deserve it so much. Also, who doesn't love pyro and CO2? WSTR- A set of Pop Punk bangers in the sunshine with beer. The whole tent was singing along and it was so much fun. The Red, Green... material sounded incredible. The beers were just starting to kick in at this point so I had the best time. KoRn- In the form of their career. They absolutely smashed it. It was really funny to see so many glitter clad teenage girls absolutely shit their pants when they started playing. The crowd was sizeable and not that into it (as expected) but down the front where I was standing was loving it. The pits were great for Falling Away From Me, Blind and Freak On A Leash. I unfortunately hurt my leg really badly during the second song so I had to sit out (after being carried out of the crowd by some lovely gentleman because I physically couldn't stand up on my leg) but I still enjoyed it. They should headline Download. You Me At Six- Went along after watching 30mins of Kasabian on the off chance they'd play some TOYC material. They were bloody excellent from start to finish. Sounded great. Save It For The Bedroom was my highlight of the night, I sung my heart out and so did the entire crowd. I can't explain how loud the YES was that I gave out when they said that they are going to be touring TOYC in full next year. It was also cool to see them headlining the NME after seeing them at my first Leeds in 2010. Really nice surprise. While She Sleeps- The perfect end to the weekend. Small but very, very committed crowd. Everyone in that tent knew all of the words and was having a ball. No band has as many riffs as WSS. Really looking forward to them supporting Architects at Ally Pally. Frank Carter- The best frontman in the game. He knows how to work a crowd ridiculously well. The circle pit going out and around the tent was badass. I can't believe he didn't play Juggernaut but ending on I Hate You was just awesome. Can definitely see him coming back next year to play a mid main stage slot. Giggs- Well what a surprise. BANGING. As soon as Architects finished the crowd just expanded and expanded. It was MASSIVE. It looked so fun in the centre, too. Loved every second of it. I'm not even that old (24) but it was awesome to see all of the younger people losing their minds and actually getting involved. Major Lazer- Really fun. The sound was awesome. Massive crowd. Dropped some absolute bangers. If it was on the Friday or Saturday I'd have been in the middle having a good old dance. It was actually one of the best years I've been. A very pleasant surprise.
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    First weekend festival I've been to and it was the best weekend of my life. We found a cracking spot in yellow next to "Hello friends, happy Reading" guy (those in the know loved him.) Friday had been the day I was most looking forward to. I was surprised at first The Amazons were put on such a small stage, and the crowd was huge for them. Circa Waves just get better everytime I see them, they're incredible live and again didn't dissapoint. As much as I love Two Door I was slightly dissapointed with their set list, I just wish they'd play more of their older stuff. Kasabian were Kasabian, Serge is a genius. Saturday ended up being the best day of the weekend, spent near enough the entire day out in the arena and managed to see 14 different acts. Wolf Alice and their secret set were great, and they had a decent crowd. Love Get Inuit but was surprised they were on the R1 Dance stage, and even more surprised there was about 40/50 people watching when Sigrid was on after. Still, they were one of the highlights of the weekend. Grouplove create so much energy it's hard to not be impressed with them. Everything Everything were class, and Glass Animals gave me the greatest hour of my life. Props to the people climbing the sound towers during Eminem, must've had a good view... Highlights on Sunday included Fickle Friends who are improving with every gig they play. I don't think Nat can keep calling them "A little pop group from Brighton" for much longer! The Sherlocks had a cracking crowd. Was slightly dissapointed with Blossoms because I just didn't think they sounded all that great, and everyone around me was there for LG, which was a shame. And Muse closing the weekend were incredible, everything in their set was great. Will 100% be returning next year, the weather obviously helped make it a good weekend, but I had an absolute ball.