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    stealth 'i have a girlfriend' post
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    This is the longest sentence I've ever seen.
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    Now then lads. Big AM fan here and fuckin buzzing to see them this year but never heard of this festival so looking for tips. How many flip flops do you lot go through on average? Any chance they’ll add The View or Catfish and the Bottlemen? Also anyone know if they’re showing England vs. Nigeria on Saturday?
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    Is your mum Dudey Rhino?
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    Hi, long time reader, first time poster. Apparently R&L accidentally tweeted this then deleted it? Sorry if it's been discussed already.
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    I'm hoping they do a similar explanation for FOB, P! and KOL cos I'm lost
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    I really wish Courteeners would go away.
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    It's just the same as most other gigs/festivals, random searches. However, having had to deal with the aftermath of smoke bombs, flares, fireworks and the like i'd just ask you to think about it before you go full-on "tw@t-mode" and use things like this. It's not fun dealing with the burns or asthma attacks they can and do cause. Also getting caught with 'em will get you ejected, in a rather unpleasant manner, or worse arrested under a public disorder charge. Just my $0.02 worth, they look great but are not worth the risk or trouble they cause (really they aint, dealing with someone who's hand was stuck to a flare with the skin melting around it is not nice). ta, D
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    Anyone who posts that picture again should get an instant ban from eFests.
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    On the subject of babies, I’m delighted to say that Baby Jass came on Saturday night and she’s just lovely.
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    You do raise an interesting point to be fair. I started listening to rap music about a year ago and was instantly hooked, I couldn't stop listening. But it made me violent. Really violent. I don't wanna discuss it too much here but I've had to cut out rap music from my life. If I'm in a shop now in town and a rap song comes on I have to leave. It's definitely an issue that should be discussed more, and certainly isn't a genre that R&L should be promoting.
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    I am sorry for doubting you dudey oh wise one, you are indeed the most seshiest gremlin of them all
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    This is such a sesh gremlin post lol
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    Jesus, they even look as if they still shop in 2008 Topman.
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    Well the source that told me AM, Foo Fighters and Kendrick as headliners with The Offspring playing spoke to me again today. Announcement is apparently definitely Monday with a good chance announced tomorrow that it is Monday. They also said Dua Lipa, Wombats, Jungle and Distillers have been booked. Remember I'm sharing what they have said to me, because it's what the threads about. What they said I am sharing it with people who want to know the lineup and it's two minds whether it's right but you all should know. As I said please don't slaughter me. I am just trying to assist and this is what I got told. @eFestivals I suppose we will see on Monday. I cannot say enough though that I am sharing what I was told and wouldn't post unless I actually believed the person. When I quizzed about AM and potential evidence they are not playing they said it's a red herring, surprise type of thing. I am sick of these posts as well but I thought you should know. Thanks.
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    I hate the crowd-stereotyping that's been going on around here. Nothing good will come out of that. You shouldn't focus on bands people like, as you obviously don't know most of the crowd.
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    Hi all, First time poster, regular lurker. I just wanted to say that I find these generalizations really unfair. Music is inclusive, non judgmental , and undiscriminating. I am a 23 year old woman, huge Arctics fan, and regular festival goer. I am equally as excited by rumors of AM and Vampire Weekend, as I am by Deerhunter, Big Thief, Beck and Bjork. It is possible to enjoy a wide spectrum of music without being a 'lad on tour'. I am, like many people, drawn to the idea of PS by a huge headliner such as Arcade Fire, with the combination of impeccably curated line up of smaller artists There are in fact - rather a lot of people like me. AM headlining is not going to ruin the festival. It is not going to destroy the festivals' reputation. The festival is not going to be burnt down by beer swigging, British lads abroad. Anyway - very excited to see what Monday will bring. And feel a YYYs Wednesday gig is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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    Morning! How we all feeling today?
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    A bunch of young men all dressed in black smashing a car exetremely aggressively on stage... it made me feel so, intimidated and it’s just not what I expected to see on prime-time TV.
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    Who gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma?
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    If they remove it will they be taking the piss?
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    Here's (nearly) the complete line-up including genres. Use it to make new discoveries. https://rateyourmusic.com/list/sl0wdive/primavera-sound-2018-bands-and-genres/
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    My boss just asked me to work next Tuesday evening when I have Kendrick tickets, I said I can’t, he said I have to, I said I quit. he better put on a bloody good show
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    Alex Turner only has until 2020 before he completely disappears up his own arse for evermore, never to return again.
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    nah my auntie sent me it pal
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    I thought Dudey Rhino was his aunt? Or was that someone else's aunt?
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    Speaking of fully enjoying the cultural experience, how available are 'supplies' within the festival? Obviously not interested myself, just doing a bit of research. For science.
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    Too true. That streak is stuff of legend, they'd be mad to break it.
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    Hey folks, I know this is very off topic but I hope you're cool with it as I'm a regular poster here. One time only I swear! Outside of speculating about festivals online, I make music and I have a new song out today. If you like Nothing But Thieves, Muse, that sort of stuff, you might enjoy it. Okay, i'll shut up now. Hoping to maybe see Marmozets, Kasabian, Courtney Barnett, Enter Shikair & Biffy at 4 today!
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    I had a dream last night that the main stage headliners were The Smashing Pumpkins, Kendrick Lamar and Foo Fighters. The NME headliners were Pendulum, Portishead and J Hus. Also LCD Soundsystem subbed Kendrick and Royal Blood headlined Festival Republic. Take that as you will, I know a lot of you won't believe me but I did dream that the 2017 headliners would be Kasabian, Eminem and Muse way before any announcement so I kinda trust it. I guess we'll find out soon if I'm right or not.
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    He's announced for one. But Ireland is not in the United Kingdom. @Edduk98 can probably verify.
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    Shame about EE, missed them last year and A Fever Dream was a one of the best album releases of last year imo.
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    Cos it's the sort of dumb shit we've come to expect the festival to do.
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    just seen this, could be legit?
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    Would be a dream come true to see Arctic Monkeys with Alfie Clayton in a foreign country xxx
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    And would guarantee my non attendance. There are times when that stage is like a safe haven when the rest of the arena is like a cold hostile wasteland.
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    Just bury them before the festival site is set up and then dig them back up when you arrive
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    I prefer his previous album on pastry work; To crimp a butter pie
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    ‘Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend". edit down votes in coming...
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    Have you used https://setify.co/? It automatically creates a setlist of their most recent live gigs. Log in and you can export it to Spotify with one click. Great for festivals as you can get up to speed on bands you don't listen to regularly, and handy to avoid disappointments from those artists that don't do anything approaching a greatest hits set.
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    I'm searching Virgin on Twitter and all that's coming up is @Fast Drones?
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    The only reason people are becoming inpatient is because they still believe that AM will be announcement and as for Leeds Fest they keep tweeting line up coming soon so that would make me impatient to be fair
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    I'm worried that Bjork is going to attract the sort of crowd that doesn't like lager.
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    There is more chance of Gabi having sent Frank Ocean a Christmas card this year.