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    Nothing. Could happen any place, any time. Just got to get on with your life.
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    My issue is that the thread should be called 'don't rape' rather than 'take care' as if there is something that women should and can do to avoid sexual assault. By not drinking, dressing a certain way, not going out without someone else, etc etc until we are all sitting at home not going anywhere. It isn't on us to take care, it is on men not to sexually assault women.
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    First of all, a disclaimer. Don't at all intend this thread to be a downer. Secondly, an apology if something else like this already exists here - but i've not seen anything. So, as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, it got me thinking that in a pop-up city of 200,000 people there's likely a sizeable chunk who are currently - or have in the past - suffered from various mental health issues - either diagnosed or otherwise. I'm sure many of those planning to attend Glastonbury have the support of their friends but I imagine a fair few don't and maybe suffer in silence, their festival punctuated at times by these things rearing their ugly heads. Glastonbury is an assault on the senses and can be hugely overwhelming, especially to first-timers not knowing what to expect and not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the site many of us have that help to comfortably navigate, get around safely and find quieter spots when we need a breather. You add issues of anxiety into the mix and it can be a really tough few days. I have crippling anxiety and a history of recurring depression, one that I always assumed precluded me from something like Glastonbury, that I should just stay away through fear of panicking or ruining it for my friends. But I was fed up of missing out. When I was first persuaded to go in 2008, I didn't have the best start to the festival in the group I was in - who weren't particularly supportive - and I ended up spending the rest of it alone. Though I struggled on occasions during that weekend, I still had the best time. Despite crowds, noise, the unknown quantity that is an event the size of Glastonbury, I was helped along by a number of strangers who seemed to be able to recognise when I wasn't doing so well. Glastonbury can be incredibly cathartic and remains a place I always feel really safe in despite the size. A busy tram on a weekday in Manchester is enough to make me break out in sweats and have to focus on my breathing. An 80,000 strong crowd in front of the Pyramid doesn't faze me at all. Why is that? I think it would be nice to have a place on this incredible forum and its brilliant community of efesters to chat about these kinds of things. For first timers, whether they identify as suffering from mental issues or not, to air their concerns and ask questions. For solo travellers, to reassure themselves that there is support should they need it and point them towards it. Somewhere for regulars to discuss how they manage their anxiety/depression at the festival, the best places to take a break, spots it might be better to avoid at certain times, the issues surrounding use of drugs to alleviate anxiety, where to camp. Basically, all the things we talk about anyway but from an angle of managing anxiety/depression and absolutely maxing out the potential for your Glastonbury to be the best one ever! Cheers
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    I haven't talked about this here... This year was the first time we've been able to go for a long time, and my son's first Glastonbury. I was ecstatic to get coach tickets within a few minutes - we were going! Within a week our world was thrown upside down. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. It's been a very difficult winter. The treatment was horrendous and it's hard being strong and carrying on as normal when you don't know what the future holds. Whilst a music festival is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and it seemed unlikely we'd now be going, it was the one thing I had to cling to as my escape from the situation. I didn't lose hope of going and you lovely efestival posters have unwittingly helped me enormously. A couple of months on and things have changed remarkably. The treatment was successful. We're definitely going! The one song that I clung to during that difficult time was Radiohead's 'The Numbers' - by no means a big favourite but it was apt, and if they play it I may lose it. That said, it's such a relief and joy to be there it could happen anytime.
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    Well, thought I might as well start this thread again to keep all you lovely people informed in the lead up to the festival. In previous years I have started the thread a bit later than this but Brillo and I had to drop by the farm this afternoon so I thought I'd go for it. The ground is, as you would expect, is as dry as Ghandi's sandal. Rock hard and dust blowing up in the slightest of breezes. The grass is super verdant and healthy but I do think that we really could do with it getting watered before the festival.... Hopefully not in the week before or during I'll post regular updates here as we get closer. Brillo checking out the bins and Ivymead, the crew field, starting to fill up.
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    Hi All, Now I know this won't make up for the fact you're still trying for glasto tickets but I have 2 weekend tickets for the Sound City festival in Liverpool this weekend (won them but can't go) It would be a massive waste if they weren't used so if any of you folk are based in Liverpool or nearby and would like to go let me know and I will forward the email I received with how to obtain them. From the email I received it doesn't look like I have to go so all should be fine. First come first served and I'm not expecting any money for them however following the events of this week it would a lovely gesture if you could donate towards any of the victims charities set up for the atrocity in Manchester. Cheers Joe
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    After a fair bit of work my outfit is coming together for the year ... what have the creatives amongst you come up with for this years festival fancy dress ?
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    Repeat after me: I will get tickets. Now say it a little louder: I will get tickets. Good, now emphasise the 'WILL': I WILL get tickets That's a bit better, but you're not convincing me, say with with belief, make me believe you: I WILL GET THOSE TICKETS Who's going to? ME! That's who! I WILL GET THOSE BASTARD TICKETS Great. There's the SeeTickets office over there, go get them kiddo: ARRGGGHH, GIVE ME MY GLASTONBURY TICKETS ARRRRGGGHH!!!! Perfect. That should see you through 'till tomorrow.
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    Today has been quieter and calmer around here which is totally understandable given the horrific news from Manchester. I think it's ok for us to continue on with our ticket hunt tomorrow morning with the support, smiles and enthusiasm that's made this thread a great place to be. Our thoughts needed to be elsewhere today though. Good luck to the efesters searching for there friend. I hope they are found safe and well x
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    Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn DJ set
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    I've been thinking a lot about the tiny little things you can do to bring a smile to others, or just make their festival a little bit better in some minor way. If we all do some little things, then we can really improve the festival. One example is at the hand washing sinks. You know how they go off immediately and you spend ages pressing it with one hand and trying to keep enough water in your other hand to rub them together? Rubbish isn't it? Well I was struggling to wash my hands in this stop starty way and thought all I needed was someone to hold the tap down for me. So, once I finished washing, I turned to the woman behind me and offered to hold the tap down for her so she could wash her hands faff-free. After a moment of surprise, she gratefully accepted washed her hands without hassle. But the best part is, as I walked off, I she was holding down the taps for the next person behind her. She was paying it forward and my small act of kindness had a multiplier effect. It got me thinking about what other tiny little things we could do to make things better and I've not come up with a lot, hopefully you lot will have more ideas. This is what I've got: * The tap thing, as above. * When sitting down at W Holts, take a bin bag and chuck a few things in it, then stick them into a bin as you leave. * Wear something unusual. Dress up as Bananaman, or wear loads of LEDs or a big fuck off mohican or a couple of hats. It doesn't matter if some people think it's silly. More people will smile. * Give out some stuff to randoms. Glowsticks, flamingos, Rainbow glasses, anything. * Offer your booze to your neighbours on arrival. There's got to be loads and loads more of this kind of thing we can do. Over to you eFests.
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    Sorry to go all deep and 'woe is me' on this thread, but: Before I started going to Glastonbury, I had really bad anxiety and was treated pretty terribly by a group of people who I thought were my friends. I also have dyspraxia which only heightened my anxiety. It's quite a misunderstood disability and much more than just a co-ordination problem. I used to think really lowly of myself and pretty much hated the fact that I had these things in my life and I used to constantly ask myself why I couldn't just be normal. On the first day of 2008 I realized that there are people out there just like me, who have to put up with different things in their lives but just goton with it and had fun. So I guess if I hadn't have gone to Glastonbury in 2008, I would never have realized that it's ok to have something unusual about you and nobody's gonna judge you for it. Obviously there are some dicks in this world, but fuck 'em.
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    Not a tune.... One of my old clubbing friends who went to glastonbury 3 times passed away in January through cancer. She felt good in october, bought a ticket for the festival. I hadnt seen her for a couple of years, but we all planned to meet up. In january she sadly deteriorated quickly. Left behind a 4 year old boy. Her close friends are still going, we are all meeting up & I expect tears to be shed when we raise a drink to her. There is a funky house DJ on thursday night in the spaceport. Im going to suggest going there. If Red Carpet alight gets played & a mixed group of 10/12 are uncontrollably crying - that will be us.
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    No level of security can guarantee safety. If an attack is protected against then an attack will come in a different way. No more planes, now we have lorries attacking us. Was the attacker at the MEN arena even past security? If Glastonbury had airport security then they could attack the queue outside. The only thing we can do is avoid hate and retaliation. Don't stop doing what you do; don't be fearful; don't hate people; don't support revenge. This is an ideaology fed by conflict. Peace will starve it and ultimately destroy it more effectively than any war.
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    Well if we're using this to knock Radiohead songs then are they only playing a ten minute set? Fuck's sake I have tried over the last few months but I can't get into this club at all! And frankly, I'm quite glad about that! I've been staying indoors in daylight hours trying to get as pasty as fuck, listening to nothing but Kid A, AMSP and In Rainbows, forcing myself to like them so I can enjoy this Friday night. I even know what HTDC, HTTT, EIIRP, CUTW, TTSSRMPMBMT all stand for. I know 9) pablo honey is universal and 8)KOL (and this is NOT Kings of Leon) is very common. I know that The Gloaming is shit, and we don't want anything of KOL live apart from maybe Lotus Flower with the stupid fucking clock dance. I've pissed Mrs scruff off so much hoping that she will leave me so I can be depressed enough to understand the heartbreak of AMSP (I thought wishing she could have my kids and then die in 5 months was a bit much). I've tried imagining that life at a rich boarding school with everything money can buy must be really heart-wrenching. I've even learned that Edward supposedly can play guitar but the others don't usually want him to. I spend all this time, staring at the walls in my bedroom feeling sorry for myself, and then you tell me that one song I like isn't happy singalong enough for fucking Radiohead to play! This has cost me more time than studying for my A levels did! Jesus H Christ. When I am King you are first against the wall, FF and I hope that you fucking choke!
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    Let's stop pretending. We all know where this is heading...
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    Quick GIF of 2016/2017
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    If you see someone sitting alone, looking worried. Sit next to them and ask if they are ok. Even if they say they're fine they'll remember you tried to help them. Equally, if you see someone dancing alone, invite them over to dance with your group. You inviting them over could absolutely make their Glastonbury.
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    If you mean one of those dreams where you try to run, but your legs don't work and you try to scream, but you don't make a sound and you try and try to wake up, but you can't and you can't and you can't... Yeah, absolute dream.
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    They've got loads more metal tracks this year - Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror etc etc
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    My first year (2003) I wasn't sure about going, my friend talked me into it but was like "Tickets are sold out though". Then a while later he was like, "I think they're back on sale?" and I went on the website - yep, got my ticket in some unannounced resale I'd stumbled upon. This was back before page pingers and whatsapp groups, so it was kinda a miracle that I did get one. That was the year I met the people of The Official Site glasto forum (the TOSers), and in particular Juls, who talked me into going to art college, where I met my friend Laura, who talked me into doing Camp America, where I met Mike Fox, who talked me into booking a flight to San Diego, where I met Jordan, who I married. So yeah, Glastonbury 2003 and the secret resales did a lot for me.
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    YES!!! 515 people voted for me and we still have a majority on our Community Council. The big problem is we now have a Tory on our County Council and on the Community Council. This person fought a dirty campaign in which she jumped on local improvements fought for by hard working Labour Councillors and claimed credit for them in her own leaflets. I worked my socks off canvassing for 7 weeks after commuting home 40 minutes from work. I promise you I will never try to use my position to get into the Golden Circle of a Taylor Swift concert, meet her backstage away from her heavies or anything of the sort.
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    I'm pretty easy going about issues of 'taste' etc., and I know you're only joking, but really? He has been convicted of sexually assaulting scores of people including children. Do we really want to to open a thread about him on a forum dedicated to a festival that upholds values of friendship, community, looking after one another and the less fortunate? It's a no from me. Ben
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    Christ, i am so glad it wasn't today. I had my driving test at 2.32pm so thats taken up my whole day. I FUCKIN PASSED THOUGH (second time). let the good luck carry on!
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    Happy to announce today that I have made it to the live finals of Bestival's Invaders of the Future competition, and will be competing for a slot at the festival this year next week
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    As page 100 looms on the horizon, I'm going to try and précis what we know/ don't know. Forgive me if there are any errors/ feel free to correct! By the time I have finished writing, hopefully this will be defunct and we will know for sure.... Time slot/ placing: As we already know our 3 Pyramid headliners (and subs on Friday and Sunday) and a pretty good idea of the Other headliners, we are left with the following options for "something huge" Pyramid-sub Saturday "Legend" slot Sunday afternoon (Could already be Barry Gibb, but has not been officially announced as per the last few years) Other stage opener Friday The Park (capacity approx. 10,000? Can something huge go there) West Holts (already looking packed, Neil usually has good info for there & no indication of anything massive) Huge-Mega Acts: Ridiculously big acts that have been rumoured and IMO the likelihood of them playing: Paul McCartney/ Ringo Starr/ Sgt Pepper - Macca is touring the US in July, Ringo in the Autumn - so both active (sort of). However no mention of these shows commemorating Sgt Pepper. They don't play together often but have done so - saw a sweet video of them performing "With a Little Help From My Friends" a few years ago. Macca has played the festival before and gone down well. One of the likelier unlikely rumours. 5/10 Pink Floyd - Waters playing in the US on Saturday and Sunday, Gilmour and Mason free. New exhibition at the V & A means they are active as Pink Floyd, albeit not musically. Aside from the fact Waters is unavailable, have played once together in about 35 years (although I think Gilmour played at Waters show a few years ago?). Gilmour/ Waters relationship could barely stand playing 4 songs together at Live Aid. Could Gilmour/ Mason play together? Gilmour has no live dates planned. Extremely unlikely, bordering on impossible. 1/10 Led Zep - Plant has cryptic "Any Time Soon" message on his website, although this is believed to be related to a forthcoming solo album. Can't see any Page dates listed although Plant played with Brian Johnson and Paul Rodgers the other night. Get the impression that Page and JPJ would reform Led Zep at the drop of a hat, Plant when hell freezes over. Have played once as Led Zep in 35 years and that a to commemorate the death of a friend. Page and Plant played Glastonbury together before when they were active as a duo in 1995. Dave Grohl loves 'em but they aren't going to sub FF. Their availability makes them more likely than PF, but still very unlikely to happen. 2/10 Madonna - Never played before, would definitely fulfil the remit. Likes the UK, or did when she was married to Guy Ritchie. No live dates or music planned. Extremely unlikely 1/10 Queen - Bit of a stretch to stick them in here, but other people seem to think they should! Available, apart from Freddie. Badgers, Sun City etc. 5/10 Kate Bush - Notoriously reticent of performing in front of people and protective of image and music - extremely unlikely to want to play in front of 120,000 and be live on TV. Shame, but kind of love her for it. 0/10. The Smiths - Talked briefly about reforming in 2009, before Morrissey "ended communication". Get the impression that Marr would do it, and Joyce/ Rourke have bills to pay. Played triumphant set in 1984. Morrissey complained about dairy farming/ Eavis last time he played, although I think he would be invited back for a Smiths reunion. Which will never happen. 0/10 Elton John - Definitely fits the remit of the legend slot.... however, he is playing in France on the Sunday and unlikely to do two shows in one day at his stage of life...Playing in Scotland on the Saturday too. Only Friday available, and can't see a slot for him then. 2/10 Fleetwood Mac - Have been "rumours" about them playing before but have fallen down due to money/ availability. Individual members are active, but not as FM. Buckingham/ McVie playing in the US on the Sunday, so only Friday probably available...Saturday at a push. Extremely unlikely. 1/10 Big Acts U2 - Unfinished business with festival following crap set in 2011. Touring anniversary of The Joshua Tree. Touring it exactly in Canada on the Friday and the US on the Sunday. Extremely unlikely. 0/10 REM - Split up in 2011, although have been together to talk about anniversary of Out of Time. Have said they would never reform, but this has thawed a bit recently. Good festival history having headlined twice. Probably unlikely though. 4/10 Green Day - Were rumoured to be headlining Other Stage a few months ago....Available only on Sunday, so where would they be placed? Think BBK are headlining Other and Biffy subbing Ed. Too big for the Park? Probably. Could play, but wouldn't know where they could go. 5/10 The Stone Roses - Active again, but playing in Glasgow on Saturday...which could make only the Friday opening Other slot (too big and unlikely to agree to it, despite being from the North West and past their best) and Legend slot (don't fit the usual remit) available. Too big for the Park. Have got unfinished Glastonbury business and ME has spoken repeatedly about wanting for them to play. According to rumours, their status as a group is hanging by a thread, so it's this year or never. Probably the latter. 3/10 Taylor Swift - Don't profess to know an awful lot about Tay Tay, but here goes....not touring at the moment, so unlikely from that point of view. Ed Sheeran has written songs for her, so could see her doing something for his show...but doubt this fits the "huge" thing. Is dating someone from Britain apparently. 2/10 Lady GaGa - Touring in North America in August, so active. Made coy reference to playing Glastonbury last year. Touring the UK later this year and has tickets to shift. Can play any day. Probable 8/10 Phil Collins - Available and active. Would fit into the legends lot, at a push, but surely not as big as Gibb...and definitely not as many bangers. Could play elsewhere on the bill, I suppose, but doubt he is the "big thing"...unless Genesis are reforming, but can't see that happening at Glastonbury. 4/10 Daft Punk - Definitely have the wow-factor, but not active (although notoriously secretive). Could only see them headlining the Pyramid and there are no spaces. 2/10 Take That - Although young by its standards, could fit into the legend slot. Active and available, Barlow less than enthusiastic abut playing in the past and only 3 members are with them at the moment. Can't see it being too well received if they announced. Possible 6/10 Robbie Williams - Watched Adele from the side of the stage last year and has Glastonbury-sized gap in tour dates. Has played before to acclaim (from some)....As with TT, can't see it being well-received. Maybe even less! Possible 6/10 Depeche Mode - Touring Europe, have Friday and Saturday free. Don't think they have played before, think they are a band who would like to. Unsure about how big they are these days, could they sub the FF? Still have tickets to sell for their big London show, so could be a reason why they haven't been announced, They are definite possible. 7/10 Oasis - Noel and Liam will both be there and I suppose it will be an a newsworthy event...but I doubt Noel would want it and Liam now has a solo career to deal with. Have also been shit (2004) and underwhelming (1995) the last times they have played, so I doubt there's any major rush from the Eavii to get them back. Very unlikely. 3/10 The Kinks - There was the "Ray Davies on the phone" quote from ME last year. Ray has played the festival loads and The Kinks were dues to play the very first one. Ray and Dave likely to kill each other at any point though. Possible 5/10. The KLF - Would be met as a great shrug by most people, I would think! Despite me wanting to hear "3am Eternal" blsasting from the Pyramid, I can't see it happening. Prettu sure they had something planned for this someone, more likely to be an art installation somehwere. 1/10 Drake - 2017 tour finished two months ago, so unlikely to play on his own. I believe he his part of the popular beat combo Boy Better Know, so could make an appearance with them. Is that "huge", I don't know anymore. 4/10 Kendrick Lamar - Touring the US in July/ August so active and new album to promote. Would go down very well on here! Available any day, so could fit in wherever. Could he go on The Park? Doubt he's bigger than Gorillaz in the UK. Wouldn't fit the "huge" thing but would be a good booking. 6/10 Other Acts: Gorillaz - The front-runner. New album out and touring...have own festival in Margate to sell, so probably why they haven't been announced. Axe to grind after underwhelming headline slot in 2010. Albarn seems to play Glastonbury every year. Host of special guests to bump up the special factor. Could see them subbing FF or playing at the Park as a "TBA". 9/10 Liam Gallagher - Has dates announced and a supposed new album coming out soon. Can't imagine he is big enough to be a big secret though...especially as he's already been announced for Reading. Can see him playing The Other opener slot though 6/10 Jamiroiquai - Surprised they weren't on the original poster and could see them playing somewhere, but definitely not big enough for the "huge" remit. NGHFB - Will be the festival, but likes going as a punter. Could see him subbing FF, and would definitely play with Gorrilaz. Not "huge" though. 5/10 The Prodigy - Would go down well, I suppose...but would need the dark and where would they go? Too big/ dangerous for The Park. Playing festivals in Iceland and France over Glastonbury weekend, so unlikely they would come to Glastonbury on the off-night. Have played barnstorming sets before. 4/10 Kasabian - Big enough to be called "huge"? Underwhelming IMHO. Playing in the Czech Republic on the Saturday and have new album out. Could be a big Other Stage opener, but they (hopefully) aren't the big surprise. 4/10 Arcade Fire - Another 2014 headliner, but as with Kasabian, their standing has surely dropped since then? Active and have a hole in their tour schedule. Could see them subbing FF, but not as the "huge" announcement. 5/10 Elbow - No. 0/10 Richard Ashcroft - Will be umpring the England v SA T20 internationals. 195/3 Bruno Mars - Will not happen. 0/10 Not Music: Barack/ Michelle Obama - Active and presumably available. Could be booked in the Dalai Lama slot? Could be on before stage open. Definitely "huge". in their 8 years in the White House did not profess an urge to visit a Somerset farm. More likely than Pink Floyd. 3/10 New area - Possible I suppose, but they normally announce these well before they festival and no reason to keep it secret. Nothing on the map to suggest it too. 3/10 Conclusion: I think it will be Gorillaz on the Park. I have also concluded that I have learnt nothing from this exercise, but it is preferable to the mandatory training I should have been doing instead. Of the bigger acts mentioned, Lady GaGa and Depeche Mode are the next most probable rumours. We are either dealing with a larger than normal FF sub or big Legend. I could see Kasabian/ Aracde Fire subbing FF, but not as the biggie announcement. If it is a Legend, then maybe Macca/ Ringo? We also have to take with a pinch of salt Emily's comments. "Huge" to her could mean anything! Thus rendering this post completely irrelevant.
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    If we can help it can we please not give that horrible rag any publicity.
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    Hi no I don't sell any, I either give them to friends or I normally give them to a care home specialising in dementia care where my mother is a resident and they sell them to raise funds for the residents . They are all hand stitched personally that's the bit I enjoy the most.
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    screen grab at 12:00, I'm sure that's eavis?
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    Return of Pieminister?
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    When I phone up in a queue, they do not not pick it up. Fuck.
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    Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury again this year" Me - "Absolutely!" Co-Worker - "How much is it these days?" Me - "Ticket is about £240" Co-Worker - "Fucking hell! What? And you pay that?" Me - "Yes. And about 180,000 others. Would probably pay more too" Co-Worker - "See you fucking coming..." Me - "Are you still going to see Bruno Mars this weekend?" Co-Worker - "Yes, he's ace" Me - "How much is the ticket?" Co-Worker - "£100" Me - "Ah, I see" Also: Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury this year" Me - "Yes" Co-Worker - "Yeah, me and my mate are going to go. We're getting our tickets on payday" Me - "They sold out in October and the in the re-sale in April" Co-Worker - "I'll get one off Stubhub or one of those places" Me - "Ah, I see"
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    Its when you see announcements like this, the new metal stage etc you realise what a fucking bargain the tickets are
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    is this the big surprise?
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    Tilda Swinton is curating. Tilda mf Swinton. And peeps are like "booo announce DJ Twatface b2b Longdrop Experiment".
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    I'll be there with wallet in hand but also anecdotes to remind people what an unwitting hero I was in 2015. Yep. I'm cashing that fucker in.
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    If you're a Foo Fighters fan but don't know the National, please kindly wait nearer the back as to not ruin the atmosphere
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    So much this and some tips here for clarity.
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    No frozen anything. Gonna be a heatwave.
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    It's Mappening!!!!
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    I've been on here every day helping with info, found the dates and times from previous years, chatting away and having fun. Only to get 4 down votes on a status that basically says... "anyone else worried it won't happen?"... bit gutted tbh.
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    Not normally. The regular patrons tend to receive the news via telegram.
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