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    Joe Hart is head and shoulders above Dave Seaman.
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    oh my god I got one FUCKING YASSSSSS
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    Just because I'm in a fucking fantastic mood this morning... Choose a festival. Choose a stage. Choose a group of like-minded friends. Choose a 5 day hangover. Choose a dose of the fucking fear like you won’t believe. Choose the heebie-jeebies, sleep paralysis, a new tent and camping chairs on a Monday morning. Choose scrofula, an eight day beard and kicky legs. Choose being inside with no barriers, no fences, no checks, no arena and no restrictions. Choose blisters and Glastonbury Toe. Choose a total failure of your digestive system. Choose dry spittle on your cheeks and sleeping bag from gurning during the wee hours. Choose getting so wasted that you piss yourself in front of strangers standing next to a bin without even realising that they’re watching and laughing at you. Choose hitting the South East Corner and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting in that field watching spirit-lifting, mind-expanding performance art, stuffing fucking No Bones Jones into your mouth. Choose resetting your equilibrium at the end of it all, heading home ready to spend the next 360 days discussing it on an internet forum, nothing more than an embarrassment to the people who’ve never been and have no idea what you’re on about. Choose your future. Choose Glastonbury.
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    Is it poor form to self confirm myself in the self confirmation thread? Adam Scott Glasspool - Mandala Stage. Not sure what days/times yet.
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    Sorry, I mean, 9 weeks to go until Glastonbury. Woo!
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    Well I hope this works. Lovely day out yesterday. Really hot and was great meeting up with some festi friends. And got suntan lol https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fphotos%2FW9MNUDde94BUGoHFA&h=ATOO14Qou6srpVK7phcpk8a606O60iE0doNruRjYz9nOqgedFPSknS_lIA-GOPYWswUjE9y2G9jbvclLEb5511Qhj6YueEodEEd8EAQQNnzlhcbWxYhQZvB6Ba09apZo3SpDiT2-S2d3a0g
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    A lovely man called Kieran has just got through for me. Can't talk further right now.
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    Trying to see what acts the festival will have on in 3 years time? Sorry, I don't have 2020 vision.
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    I hate to go all Russel brand on you russy but I think you go about this the wrong way. I agree that there are serious issues with racial prejudice and uneducation in the voting public. But calling them racist and thick bastards is the easiest way to discredit them. The reason why I struggle to relate to the majority of the left right now is we've given up discussing with people. Anyone who disagrees with us is just a racist, homophobic bastard etc, and we think hurling insults at them will make them see the error of their ways i know this is fully against your nature but you need to talk civilly with people who disagree with you. Not everyone who voted Brexit, trump, Tory etc is evil. They are real people who feel that these were the right decisions to make. you're creating the monsters that you hate, by shunning them when they disclose their opinions. So they discuss them where they know is safest... the voting booth
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    Just got caught scrolling through efestivals during a university seminar. The lecturer asked if i could put my phone away and I said that I was a little distracted and explained that it was because Glastonbury were announcing today. He then said ''oh shit really? I better tell my wife!''
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    You're welcome to use our table in The Croissant Neuf Field for a private party. Just let me know when and it's yours.
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    I'm sorry guys Would it be alright if I came along? BECAUSE I AM SEE YOU AT RADIOHEAD GUYS GLASTONBURY ROUND 4 IT IS!!!! X
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    I'm going to go for the full experience by drinking in the kitchen while the stream of the band I want to see is on in the garden but I won't be able to hear it because I'll be playing some shite EDM on the stereo in the living room. I will mostly be wearing a Native American headdress while trying to get a selfie with a passing Kardashian.
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    me and my friends were about ten metres away from the guy in 2014 who overdosed on Ketamin. We heard a big crash like someone had fallen in to the bins and when we turned around there was a man of about 20 yrs old coughing up blood. The services were on the scene within about five minutes - after we started shouting at staff to get over there and another passerby put him in the recovery position and stopped him swallowing his tongue - but realistically these things are complete freak accidents/incidents. The glasto staff do an excellent job and they can't literally be everywhere at all times. Accidents/incidents will happen and it's all our responsibility to look out for each other and make sure everyone is okay. If you see someone who needs to calm it down cos they're too fucked DON'T MAKE A FUCKING VIDEO OR TAKE A FUCKING SELFIE and ask if they're okay and give them some water. The mud is an issue sure but things like ligaments broken or a rolled ankle can happen but if that's the worse thing that happens then it's not even remotely as bad as losing your life or having a crowd of people filming you at the moment you're over doing it. If you see someone who looks like they need a hand or some water, please help them
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    Quick update if you're still interested... My balance was paid off 2 minutes after the window opened. I have every intention of going and I just want the date where you can still get a refund to pass, so I'm not tempted to to! Moving into a new place on Thursday and start a new job in the first week of May. Financially I absolutely cannot afford to go to Glastonbury at the moment. Equally my mental state cannot afford not to go to Glastonbury too. It's easier to work a shitload to pay for it than repair my brain, so the latter wins. My ex/ still-my-wife has paid her balance off too, thankfully. Whether I will see her their or not, I don't know! Edit: I equally cannot afford the £18 I've just paid for Gold Membership, but I wanted to give something back to all those who've given me good advice!
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    1. Pay for your ticket. You can get a refund after balance payment date. 2. Camp with a solo group. @Scull99 will help you. You'll have a group of people who'll embrace you. 3. Go to efests meet. It's very friendly. And if Rupert Murdoch dies, @eastynh is buying jelly and ice cream. 4. Also claim your @kalifire pint. 5. Glastonbury is an amazing escape from life. It can also be really tough if you're emotionally not in a good place ... but.... there's nowhere that has such good support mechanisms, whether it be the welfare tent, efesters, or the general crowd. People will help you. 6. Make sure you control your destiny. You can't control what others do but you can control what you do. If it's over, it's over. Don't let events dictate. 7. Nobody has ever lay on their deathbed wishing they had gone to less Glastonbury Festivals. 8. Do you really want to miss out sitting up at the top of Park, late at night, looking over fields of tents, stages and lights and thinking how wonderful life can be? 9. Pablo Honey.
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    I'm running as a Labour Community Councillor on May 4th. I've been out canvassing regularly for five weeks now I can tell you that only ONE person has brought up Corbyn as a negative factor. Support for Labour remains strong in an area that is being actively targeted by the Tories because it is relatively affluent compared to neighbouring wards. I was expecting a roasting and I have been pleasantly surprised. The Media have constantly painted a misleading picture because they are terrified of a politician that cannot be bought running the country. The Polling companies are run by Tories - don't believe a word of it. Labour are NOT a spent force. Get out there and spread the word. Put an end To May in June.
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    I'm certainly not a tory voter, but the one thing we need to do is to stop abusing people. Calling tory and more importantly undecided voters "scum" will get the backs up of wavering voters. Debate on facts. Get a message across. To be honest just coming out with "Tory Scum" makes the Tories look decent.
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    They just cannot do this, not the year they have the Jacksons, Chic and Barry Gibb all playing.
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    A big dollop of MDMA washed down with some rum. Might then chew my own face for a few hours. Might sneak in a paella or something first, who knows.
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    JamboNelly's post is bullshit. I was close enough to tell you that it was a suicide. Sit in hedge and pour petrol over yourself kind of suicide. Left a huge number of lovely people really rather traumatised for the rest of the festival. Re the original post, the festival is a whole lot safer and much less mental/hardcore than it was twenty and more years ago. Back in the day it felt and was really quite edgy and dangerous compared with today. I've been to every Glastonbury since '85, lived on the road in the thick of it, seen the changes. These days the festival is like a Women's Institute tea party in comparison.
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    I don't want to be antagonistic, nor presumptuous, nor inherently judgemental. But it's this kind of attitude that makes me even more cross about 'proper' Glastonbury people not getting tickets. One can fail to have anything to watch and do at just about any other festival, if two or three of the Sunday night headliners are not to your liking. To feel that way when you're at Glastonbury really makes me feel that you don't deserve a ticket to the most diverse and extraordinarily curated festival in the world. Are you too late to pop that ticket back in the pot? There are so many people on these lovely boards who wouldn't even contemplate being half-way back to Leeds come 11pm on 25 June... Ben
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    People need to calm the fuck down, not everyone spends every waking moment obsessing about the festival, people have lives, commitments and other shit happening. I only noticed the reminder email in my spam folder by chance to suggest that people don't deserve to go because of forgetting a date is ridiculous.
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    I'm going to suggest that this will make precisely zero difference to the use of flares at Glastonbury Festival.
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    The missus acquiesced to my requests to go and see Royal Blood early afternoon at the JP a couple of years ago, and she enjoyed it loads more than she thought she would - so to be fair, I agreed to go and watch a smaller, unknown-to-me band on the same stage a day later, again in the early afternoon. A bit of payback. A band I'd never heard of, and knew absolutely nothing about. So we popped along and got right in the middle of the tent, and my first real notice that this was about to be shit was the age of everyone around us. Everyone was twelve. With glitter, little strappy tops and far, far too much enthusiasm and energy. This is not my kind of gig, I think to myself. But I'll try not to be a twat, and listen to whoever they were. First song, some utterly terrible dance nonsense starts, and then they start using violins. Everything is dreadful, and yet everyone around me is enjoying themselves. I am utterly alone. And that was the day I saw clean bandit.
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    Shout ALAN at the top of your voice at random times, in random places because nobody does this. Bring a watermelon for counsel. Fashion a necklace from wellington boots and when someone asks what the fuck you're doing tell them they weren't there man. Walk backwards up the hill at the Park and turn around when you get to the top.
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    This is "Self Confirmed 2017" guys. The thread you're looking for is "Racism Confirmed 2017".
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    Not sure if this has been done before or not but I just thought bearing the amount of time I have spent on this forum since 2005 I should say thanks to Neil I have had many questions answered over the years and probably had even more raised lol It's the single best source of Glastonbury information in the world and it keeps my excitement at fever pitch every year I have a ticket. Cheers Neil, keep up the good work !
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    Fucking cringing. Sick of rolling my eyes and having to accept the creepy undertone round here. Phillipa's van and now slot. Give it a rest for fucks sake.
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    Won't make any difference now, I don't think. No one even wears bootcut any more, let alone flares.
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    band:album (a few random songs for those of you too lazy to listen to full albums) The National: High Violet, then Boxer (Bloodbuzz Ohio, Terrible Love, Sea of Love, Fake Empire) Biffy Clyro: Only Revolutions (That Golden Rule, Mountains, Bubbles, Living is a problem because everything dies) Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, then Bankrupt! (Too Young, 1901, Entertainment, Trying To Be Cool) The xx: I See You, then Xx (s/t debut) (Intro, Islands, Jamie xx - Loud Places, On Hold, Say Something Loving) Warpaint: The Fool, then Heads Up (Warpaint, Love is to Die, New Song, Keep It Healthy, Undertow) Run The Jewels: RTJ 1 (Run The Jewels, Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck, Oh My Darling Don't Cry, Blockbuster Night pt1) Metronomy: The English Riviera (The Look, The Bay, Love Letters) BADBADNOTGOOD: BBNG2 (Flashing Lights, Time Moves Slow) Thundercat: Apocalypse ( Heartbreaks + Setbacks, Oh Sheit It's X, Them Changes, Show You The Way) Moderat: II (A New Error, Bad Kingdom, Rusty Nails) Justice: Cross (Genesis , D.A.N.C.E., Civilisation, Safe and Sound) First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar (My Silver Lining, Emmylou, Wolf) nb. not necessarily their best songs/albums, but the most accessible IMO, most of the tracks are singles.
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    The thing is with all this 'lets not call brexiters/tories c**ts, lets instead try to understand them' is that these people have made my life substantially worse, they've done genuine harm to me and my family. And i'm pretty sure if someone comes to you and gives you a big old punch in the cobblers you're not going to be 'well, i'm sure they had their reasons, and we shouldn't just condemn them but instead try to see their point of view'
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    I hope she gets well soon.
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    I'm not sure when there will be another announcement but looks like from my source on twitter that Ed Sheeran has announced another new record I am aware that I will get hideously flamed but I just don't care this is tooooooo good
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    Speaking of Kanye right, why is it when Kanye has to restart songs for a nonentity "comedian" trying to get his mug on the telly/technical issues/Mike not doing it like they talked about in the dressing room, the reaction is "He is worse than Hitler if Hitler had the temerity to declare himself the greatest living rock star without meeting my strict white suburban criteria on what constitutes a rock star and if his wife had a sex tape". Yet Adele has to restart a song because she bladdy went an sang the openin bladdy bars of me old man's a dustman in the wrong key, and the reaction is "omg I can't even! Adele is my spirit animal/everything/giving me life!"
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    Mortgage comes out on Tuesday. Paid this first. I have a tent, I'll survive
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    Let's just review the bloody finesse of trolling displayed by Neil here. Firstly he plants the 10pm in our heads early in the day; we're in it for the long haul, he's got us here until 10 and he knows it. Close to 10 he reappears in the thread, seemingly just shooting the shit, knowing just the fact of his presence is a mighty cocktease when the line-up is abound. He then posts something really juicy, a System Of A Down hint. He downplayed it, true, but he knows he lends it a degree of credibility just be talking about it. We're fever pitch here, everybody's chewing their nails down to the bone. And then he comes in with the grand finish "Do you want to know a secret?" do we want to know a fucking secret. It's killing us. And BAM, yer man lands the killing shot himself, so the mere fact of the line-up not being here at 10 doesn't take all the satisfaction for itself. All in all guys, I'm going to award this an A grade. The calculated nature, mixed with the casual delivery - tremendous work.
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    <3 i'm in a good mood because I'm going glasto 2017! best feeling in the world
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    Definitely mate. Don't be sorry for anyone mate, we all have our crosses to bear. It is how we respond to adversity that makes us the people we are.