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    can’t wait for the brockhampton set this year! already started preparing my makeup.
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    Woke up to news that I've won tickets to see Pearl Jam in a private box at The O2! Cannot wait!
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    Worst case scenario; you'll end up with tickets.
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    Decided to go home early and beat the rush?
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    ‘allegations’ is the key word there. Anyone can make an allegation, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. They deny it, and you’re innocent until proven guilty in this country. Bin them off because you think they’re a shit band- fine. But warning people off them because of an allegation that’s not been proved to be true? Doesn’t seem fair to me
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    Dudey’s Britain
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    Muse and Coldplay aren't big enough.
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    Christ imagine having Catfish as a secret set. Be like someone shitting in your stocking for christmas.
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    this is my third dream stage prediction. pyramid stage. Friday. arctic monkeys queens of the stone age catfish and the bottlemen Saturday kings of leon foals paramore Sunday Florence and the machine bastille jack white other stage friday stormzy boy better know the courteeners saturday disclosure two door cinema club the 1975 sunday Taylor swift katy perry calvin harris and special guests jon peel jake bugg, clean bandit, stereophonics west holts fatboy silm, secret headliner, secret headliner the field top gear live, university callange , the prime minister
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    ‘female based’
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    Yeah, it's not what it used to be.
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    Dear all! I'm organizing a musical charity event next thursday, 29th march: a night of reggae and hip-hop with food as entrance fee rather than money. All proceeds will go to an NGO. Anyway, it will be possible for anyone interested to listen to the event live. I think we have some of the best in the underground music scene in Beirut, and it will probably be new for all of you! It starts at 21h00 here, so 20h00 in France and 19h00 in the UK. I especially recommend Taxi 404 who will start at 22h15 here, so 20h15 UK time. catch the event on www.radiobeirut.net Here's the poster: Best!
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    Where's your proof?
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    Errrm I can only think the relevance of 4:20 to Hunna fans is that's when their favourite show starts on CBBC.
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    They would be my last resort.
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    I have to say I'm not even going to InMusic but this thread has been a thoroughly entertaining read most morning's! I really hope there's another decent announcement in store for you all
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    And CHVRCHES!! 2-3 of these kind of bands could take the overall line up from slightly underwhelming to decent. Beni must be resting on their laurels after last year - I definitely picked the wrong year for my first experience!
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    I'm running the new stage at Bearded Theory, so I thought I'd pop in and just give you a bit of background info - It's in partnership with the Academy of Music and Sound (an independent music college and university), who have picked (out of 2000) unsigned acts that have applied to play at Bearded Theory this year. These are Indigo Velvet, Will Whisson, Riskee & the Ridicule, F.O.X, The Winachi Tribe, Winnie & the Rockettes, Pattern Pusher, Paisley Sundae, Bleedin' Noses, Record Street, Shy Billy, Patersani, LONGY & the Gospel Trash, Baron Goodlove and the Dreadful Noise, Tensheds, Broken Bones Matilda, The Seagulls, Swanvesta Social Club.) Dan Donnelly and Rev Hammer have been kind enough to appear on Sunday 15.00-15.30 as special guest and friends of the Academy of Music and Sound. The stage crew will be supported by the students and some Academy of Music and Sound's unsigned acts will be playing as well. This is the first year it's running and we'd love to see you there. I appreciate how busy your festival schedule will be (plus festival schedules never go to plan), but if you find yourself wondering by please pop in and say hello! We'd really appreciate the support! Thanks for listening to me and look forward to seeing you at the festival! There's a Facebook event with the stage info here: www.facebook.com/events/226935297885355/ And I've created a playlist with a few of the bands on here. Enjoy!
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    mike releases an LP, so there will be less LP? come off it mate
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    I've bought tickets. No wait, no queue. I'm 100% committed now.
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    I remember when they played at Vieilles Charrues ten years ago.. Springsteen was the headliner. They already had some anthems like Mr Brightside or Somebody Told Me, but I had never imagined they would grow up like this and become that good! They looked like beginners compared to Springsteen back in the day! Now they still look like beginners compared to him but they are awesome
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    They are a fucking great live band, whatever you think of them. Also pretty much every song they played in that set was released as a (pretty successful) single - about 10 were in the Top 20 in UK back when people paid for music . Not many bands can show up and do that. Hope y'all enjoy them
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    We'd be in peak "when's the lineup dropping?" fever currently if there was a festival this June. By my calculations we'd have got the first poster by the end of this week. There would be different coloured chickens predicting a day/time of announcement, we'd be hanging on every word Neil typed, the "it's happening" gif would be primed in about 15 different users search bars ready to be deployed & we would all be waiting for that adrenaline inducing tweet of STAND BY YER BEDS. Bloody roll on a year from now
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    New addition to the family today, a baby boy.
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    Brilliant, thank you.
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    please stop posting
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    The problem I've always had with mad cool is that you definitely see less bands for you money because of staging and clashes. Plus no camping and an extra day at werchter always made it more appealing
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    Keep your fetishes off this board please.
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    Just seen that forum favourites The Hunna have postponed their May tour until July "due to timing and exams"
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    Holy moly, @ghostdancer1 - thanks for this. Hell of a set. He does crank up the bpm, doesn't he?! And Lady Starlight is always good fun, if you love modular analogue as I do. Which brings me to a couple of points: 1. Sorry to all (not that anyone gives a monkey's, don't get me wrong!) for being SO poor at posting in our lovely little thread. I am a real creature of habit and tend to hibernate from message boards when not in pre-, peri- or post-festival mode. I do lurk around and check that you're all OK and looking after yourselves, and love to read about the nights you've been to. 2. I've been reasonably busy (for me) since last posting here, including some pretty brilliant nights in the company of Joe Farr, Ansome, Rebekah, Øliver (he was phenomenal) and others. Currently most excited about seeing the British Murder Boys (YES!) in Birmingham on 5 May. If anyone was planning to go to that one, feel free to ping me a message. Stay safe, kiddiewinks. Ben
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    Haven't headlined Bloodstock.
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    I'd rather have nobody announced than Rag n Bone Man
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    there hasn’t been a trilogy as good as this since lord of the rings
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    Congrats to you all, have a great day. Or maybe something a bit less traditional
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    I was always taught you take any drugs you are offered because drugs aren't cheap and you can't really afford not to.
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    I can try for you, wanted to take a few members details for the sale this year anyway as I’ve scored tickets pretty quickly in the last few sales and felt I could of helped others if I had their info. Charm x
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    skepta dropped out cause of this post @TheWaters
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    yep all with you there worry no more is a sick tune tbh so is lil yachty new album lil boat 2 chances for 1xtra stage????
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    I made that one. What's wrong with Saturday exactly? Someone confirmed me Dua Lipa closing so, that's why. I believe there will obviously be some RW crossover aswell, since thats happening almost every year. Can see Fleet Foxes headlining the Marquee on Friday for example.
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    Yeah call centre work gives you a fucked up attitude towards phones for life, I hate calls. In my job now I don't take customer calls, but some w*nker with a grievance somehow got hold of my work phone number and posted it all over the internet saying it bypasses the call centre. It doesn't, I'm a meaningless cog with nothing of use to tell you, I just tell you to ring the call centre. But the beauty is that it's not a customer line, so it's not recorded, so when people are dicks to me I can give as good as I get.
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    I bet you’re hot shit at Harvard Referencing.
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    Found these on my old phone earlier. Miss the place like crazy.

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