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  2. arctic monkey shows

    Interesting... just four nights in Sheffield, or a tour elsewhere? Doing it in September rules out most of the UK's stadia. The O2 and other arenas perhaps? Seeing as the deadline for license complaints is March 14th I suspect there wouldn't be any announcements until then.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Knowledge or speculation? Would this also apply to outside the UK? (Thinking of Mad Cool)
  4. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Good spot, if the deadline for license challenges isn't until March 14th is it fair to assume there will not be an announcement before then?
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  6. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

  7. Download 2018

    Pretty sure there's no room for anybody else on main when you look at the number of bands there have been on each day and the fact that GnR are doing a 3 hour set. EDIT: Also Stone Sour are doing their own shows, so the best you can hope for from them is a secret set at somepoint.
  8. Word Association Game

    FEED One of the most original acts I've ever seen at Glastonbury.
  9. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    It’s taken 39 pages but finally a thread about a Scottish music festival has descended into sectarian chat. Good work folks! Back to the last headliner... I’m running out of ideas since Muse aren’t playing anywhere apparently. Since they aren’t playing Reading, do we think Royal Blood could feesibly headline with a decent support?
  10. 2000 Trees

    I haven't done a camper van myself but the camper vans are outside the fence and seem to have a fair bit of room (sorry can't be more specific than that!), I can't remember if I've seen tents pitched next to them. Normal campers can easily come out to visit - the vans are pitched right next to the fence and near the entry/exit points - but you can't get back into the site between 11pm and 8am.
  11. Summer Sessions 2018

    For Glasgow, I still think Calvin Harris and Foo Fighters. Probably Kings of Leon too. Edinburgh is harder because of the smaller capacity and the fact that Kelvingrove has so many bands booked that won’t play both. I’m just praying they’ve snapped up Arcade Fire since they are in Europe at the start of August anyway.
  12. Common People - Oxford

    That Jacksons day is tempting but worries about tainting how much fun I had at West holts last year
  13. Sad times

    Which suggests they will be announcing something.
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  15. Sziget Festival 2018

    Tomorrow, according to their latest Instagram post!
  16. Going to the toilet during lessons.

    My son always used to get a dodgy tummy whenever he had teeth coming through. Still gets the occasional bout at 15 with his wisdom teeth coming through, and he dreads going to school then as obviously at that age not allowed out of lessons unless medical reason, plus hates having to use their loos for that purpose. Have to dose him up with Imodium which I dont like giving a 15 yr old or run the risk of him embarrassing himself at school.
  17. 2018 New Music

    I mentioned it in the West Holts thread but you should also check out the Yazz Ahmed album for similar cosmic jazz flavours, this time with a Middle Eastern influence.
  18. Latitude 2018

    Sheeran's in Sweden on the Friday and Saturday and in Germany on the Monday so the only day he'll appear is the Sunday, if at all.
  19. NOS Alive 2018

    There was a few but we booked it last November I think it was. I’d think most are booked now but worth a look.
  20. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Arctic Monkeys, Sheffield, September??
  21. Latitude 2018

    They've changed up how they usually announce this year so its anyone's guess when we get the next announcement.
  22. General News Discussion

    ANOTHER trump aide guilty plea Lad will be devastated
  23. The Dirty Independence Question

    Morrissey fans walk out of Glasgow show after singer insults Nicola Sturgeon
  24. Main Stage

    I don't think he can hear.
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