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  2. Efests Recipe Book

    I really must stop visiting this site after drinking red wine and eating chicken. And then drinking more wine. Apologies.
  3. Who's watching what on tv

    Ha ha. Everyone's alive Arnold (and the rest). Before avatars were a thing, my Unix command prompts were set to randomize between Talkie Toaster (TM) phrases. Do you want some toast? How about a Bagel? Etc.. That was about '93. God I feel so old. Then I used Holly as my works windows machines wallpaper/screensaver. Everybody wanted a copy. Anyway. Back on thread. Also enjoying: The JIm Jefferies Show. One of my favourite acts seen at Glastonbury. Done well he has. OK it's your formulaic, US, late night type thing, but it's up there with John Oliver's show (which is also worth enjoying, if you don't already). I wonder if DCs Legends of Tomorrow (and its ilk) will come to be seen as our generations equivalent to TV 60's Batman. Just so camp and overacted it's wonderful (darlings). Likewise. Scorpion is the new A-Team. That word formulaic again. Every episode is basically the same. We're geniuses. But we didn't foresee that. But we can fix that. Then something else goes wrong. they fix that. Repeat for 45 minutes. Every bloody episode. Detectorists. Just watch it. I could go on. I watch way much too much TV.
  4. General News Discussion

    And ultimately neither you nor I get to decide - that’ll come out as the GR bill moves through parliament. But there should be robust debate about it without fear of being labelled a bigot.
  5. General News Discussion

    Bingo. And does the trans movement reinforce those gender norms? IMO yes it does.
  6. General News Discussion

    So from that what I take is: you’d let them go into a female toilet because it is considered a safer space, and that on some level you consider there to be a risk however small (though from speaking to a friend who worked with young people in an inpatient mental health setting, child abuse in public toilets is apparently far more common that I realised) from men towards a more vulnerable group. Which is not worlds apart from what I’ve been saying.
  7. General News Discussion

    I This is a concern of mine also. If culture didn't have such rigid binary definitions of gender appropriate behaviour, would children feel so trapped by their biology?
  8. General News Discussion

    Thanks. As to how to address the risk. Regarding public toilets, there was no way I'd let my boys go into a male toilet unattended. It's not a straightforward gender issue but I don't know a way to keep everyone happy, respect their feelings, and keep them safe.
  9. General News Discussion

    Sorry; formatting issues. I should be asleep
  10. General News Discussion

    Two other things that stand out from it: “One key area of concern is that of gamete storage for transgender youth who will lose reproductive capacity through treatment.” and ”the majority of gender dysphoric youth will not persist with their dysphoria into adulthood” This is why the use f puberty blockers and cross sex hormones (let alone surgery) is so contentious. It is not a reversible process. Can a minor make a decision which will have such major implications for their future and are they being given all the information to ensure that decision is an informed one?
  11. General News Discussion

    http://data.parliament.uk/WrittenEvidence/CommitteeEvidence.svc/EvidenceDocument/Women and Equalities/Transgender Equality/written/19471.html
  12. General News Discussion

    I agree wholeheartedly with that last paragraph. And above. Maybe our difference in opinion comes from the fact that I see trans women as struggling with the whole gender stereotype.
  13. General News Discussion

    Because clearly by social convention they don’t. If a woman sees a man in a woman’s changing room, she will rightly challenge his presence and receive support to do so. On the term “cis” - it’s meaningless because it reinforces gender stereotypes that feminism has been trying to break down for decades. “A gender identity or perform a gender role society considers appropriate for one's sex" - by that definition it’s likely neither you feral nor I are actually “cisgender” at all - I’m the primary earner, I have my hair cut short, I dress primarily in clothes that would be considered not traditionally feminine. It’s also often used as (yet another) slur by transactivists as women are told to “check their cis-privilege” - it’s a PRIVILEGE to be forced into the traditional gender roles of being paid less, abused more?! Fuck that. I’m a woman, not a ciswoman. What pisses me off about the current trend of some trans activism is the impact on girls. Already at 6 my daughter is told she can’t like Spider-Man because she’s a girl and he’s for boys. I am raising my girls to be whoever the hell they want to be. To be as non-gender conforming as possible. But in doing so it doesn’t make them NOT FEMALE. Vulnerable girls (especially those with ASD who will struggle with concepts which are delivered as shades of grey) are being told by some (including organisations that exist to support children who are questioning their gender non-conformity) that if they are railing against gender stereotypes (or just quite frankly do not want to deal with the shit that comes with being a woman - periods, sexual harassment, patriarchy) it is because they’re in the wrong body. And many of the organisations push a medical model and not a therapeutic one. Puberty blockers are no joke. They have lasting side effects including sterilisation. (And it would be great to know more about those people who’ve gone through transition and regretted it - which we would if a university hadn’t recently refused to allow that research to take place for fear of “bad publicity”). Maybe if there was more focus on breaking down gender stereotypes for both boys/men and girl/women there’d be less desire for people to identify as the opposite gender, as no matter what sex you are you could do/be whatever the hell you want to be.
  14. Primavera 2018

    Bjork is playing We Love Green (near Paris) on Sunday, June 3.
  15. Lunar Festival 2018

    No idea. Are you saying something to do with her name being Wat. I don't know if there's a connection or Wat ( gedddit?), but do know that my wife broke two ribs falling over trying ( and achieving) to get the 'most' drunken bloke back to his tent. A young lady called Portia helped, and stayed there until the end ie we got the bloke face down in his own tent in the position whereby he couldn't choke on his own vomit. As I say, enough respect to her for hanging on in there, and choosing humanity over ' it's not my problem, I can't be arsed'.
  16. Today
  17. Lunar Festival 2018

  18. Community Festival 2018

    Ignore me, it didn't. I’ve got mixed up with the Wolf Alice announcement for TRNSMT and the possibility of them potentially headlining this day.
  19. Community Festival 2018

    When did this happen?
  20. Community Festival 2018

    Looks reasonable to me! Names I wanna' see playing are The Magic Gang and Loyle Carner...
  21. General News Discussion

    Apparently men already have right of access so why bother?
  22. General News Discussion

    I tried to find the BPS response, couldn't find it on their website, do you have a link?
  23. Lunar Festival 2018

    I have been to this festival. Only once, but very enjoyable. I doubt I'd go again because it's quite expensive for what you get musically, etc. That said, I had a fab time. Me , my wife and a young lady called, get this, Portia, managed to drag some bloke back to his tent, which took about 45 minutes to do. Portia said she was a banker. Both me and my wife thought that she wasn't exactly a bank tallier that would accept cheques in / cheques out kind of thing. However, I would have it known that she was spot on. Both me and my wife thought so. She cared about the well being of an unknown. Enough respect.
  24. General News Discussion

    What is a man LJS? Because biologically it’s “of or denoting the sex that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.” Under GRA a person no longer needs to be “living as a woman” (again - whatever that means - wearing a dress and growing your hair long? What is “living as a woman”?). No cross sex hormones. No surgery. So to all intents a purposes a person who is biologically a man would be able apply for their GRC and have the right of access to women’s facilities. In their response to the GRA Bil the British Psychological Society commented on the fact some male sex offenders have falsely claimed to be trans for the purpose of gaining access to women. Do I think predatory men in their thousands are going to be applying for GRCs if the law changes? No, of course not. But I do think in its current reading it is ripe for exploitation.
  25. General News Discussion

    Because it's refusing to accept that person's gender identity, segregation, exclusion, and discrimination. Though since they are met with hostility whichever toilet they use, maybe they do need a safe space. Except they're not gender other in their own heads so will need acceptance as women. Why is cis a meaningless term?
  26. Yesterday
  27. General News Discussion

    I just can't see how the risk is increased. If a man enters a toilet with intent to rape, what difference does it make if he pretends to any version of female?
  28. General News Discussion

    How could a man pretend to be a “cis” woman ffs? “Cis” is a completely meaningless term. And why does it have to be Rape? Why can’t it just be not wanting to share a space where a woman might be taking off her clothes, with a man? I would have been fucking mortified as a teenage girl to share a school changing room with a boy who said he identified as a girl. We could barely stand to get changed in front of other females! Why does the solution to the trans debate have to mean women giving up their facilities and not the development of trans specific facilities? Seriously, there are people out there debating this in a much more intelligent way than me. The feminism board on Mumsnet is full of gender critical discussion, much of which is really worth a read (some of which is overstepping the mark). It’s not a comfortable place to be where my views on this align with right wing conservatives but it’s where I’m at and I’m yet to see good arguments to persuade me otherwise.
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