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  2. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    I met Sean Hughes in the pool room of a pub that should have been closed at that moment in time (It was about 3am, and the licensing laws were more draconian in them days, a didn't allow pubs to go around the clock). Anyway, I nodded and said hello to him. He nodded and said hello back. He was drinking on his own. I was drinking on my own. I recognized that I was in the presence of a major piss head (and more than likely user of controlled 'medicines'). I'll eat my own shite if he didn't look back at me in the same way. There's no way he couldn't do so. The room was full of desperados. Everybody knew their place. Another strange thing happened that night. I was asked by this majorly out of his head bloke if I would mind holding my hand out, so that he could roll a joint. I dutifully obliged. So, there I was holding a long Rizzla with tobacco in it while this bloke sprinkled grass all over it, when two uniformed police officers walked through the door and straight in to us. They looked at what we were doing, and then just walked past us and up to the bar, where they were each immediately given two pints (on the house). Then they trotted off in to a corner, the bloke in front of me finished rolling his joint and lit it, I wandered off somewhere else, and everybody was happy. Turns out that the two coppers were on the beat, and just spent the entire time on duty visiting all the pub lock ins in the area ( I know this to be more than likely true, because they also walked in to another 'open' pub I was in at a later date, went up to the bar, were given a free drink, drank their free drink, and just fucked off again). I also had a bright orange ski jacket stolen from me that night. I was that pissed at one point that I thought I'd throw some shapes on the four foot square dance floor in the room that was holding a disco. So, I stuffed my bright red coat down the back of a fruit machine, walked on to the dance floor, and gave it my all. Don't laugh. You know that you have been there too. As an aside, but slightly linked with the above paragraph, I was once (at a totally different time and location than the above incident) told (by many a laughing person) about my 'performance' in the pub the night before. Apparently I'd been rave like dancing (on my own) to the music that was coming out of the fruit machine, in a bar that doesn't play music. It's a good job I'm better now.
  3. General News Discussion

    Yeah doesnt look desperate
  4. British Summer Time 2018

    double trouble
  5. British Summer Time 2018

    Lorde had the same praise and hype and then blew it by waiting four years to follow up her debut, I'd think. This guy's new, and he's even working with the dude who produced and co-wrote Pure Heroine, so he's having his time now. If the whole industry was based on who had the best lyrics, production and voice then we wouldn't be talking about either of these two.
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  7. Football 17/18

    Yup. And the decision will appear justified when the new manager picks up a load of decent results in the next run of games vs Swansea, Leeds, Everton, Stoke, City, West Ham, Spurs, Burnley, Newcastle, Southampton, Palace......
  8. Football 17/18

    But the 4 games they've lost were to arsenal, man utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. And it was close in a lot of those matches. Seems like the league table is all the owners have looked at.
  9. Lineup 2018

    Ahhh my bad, I misinterpreted what you put. New song is fucking great.
  10. Download 2018

    Or the original Misfits to be part of the announcement... subbing Metallica please
  11. General News Discussion

    Trump is a lying sack of shit
  12. General News Discussion

    Phoning or emailing racist abuse is a crime. As it 'shouting rude words'. Sounds like your definition of 'rude words' is very broad.
  13. Nick Cave

    If people who stand their filming the whole thing knowing full well the quality will be dirge who are the problem. And anyone who uses a tablet to take a photo of anything.
  14. Things that ur happy about

    My next door neighbour and mate is just out of hospital after an op to remove the cancerous chunks of his bowel. All went well but he's not allowed to lift anything even slightly heavy or drive for six weeks while the stitches heal. He runs a one-man-band burglar alarm company so can't respond to call outs at present. So I've agreed to drive him and do the ladder work. Despite being shit-scared of heights, this morning I climbed the ladders up the side of a house and replaced a faulty bell box while he shouted instructions from down below. He said afterwards in Apprentice-style "You're hired." Not that I want to be. Tomorrow more ladder climbing as we remove a complete alarm system from a house, to be re-installed later at the house-owner's new home. And I'm still shit-scared of heights but pleased to be able to help a mate.
  15. British Summer Time 2018

    I mean, Lorde has way better lyricims, production and a more unique voice imo... I don't really understand why he is getting so much praise and hype when in comparison Lorde's album got relatively overlooked (not critically but it hasn't sold as well)
  16. Download 2018

    Halloween announcement - Ozzy? Or Helloween.....
  17. Today
  18. Old Music Thread

    You can always try catholic contraception Yog. Put a stone in your shoe - it makes you limp.
  19. Nick Cave

    Changed my stance on gig phone photography recently, was well against it whereas now, although I don't take them, it's all our gig who am I to tell others what to do. Well Nick and the lads love them and want people's sent in, I rate this is a really cool thing to do, a better stance than the short lived 'take peoples phone off them' stance http://www.nickcave.com/news/nick-cave-bad-seeds-live-photos/
  20. Football 17/18

    They're in the relegation zone on 6 points from a possible 24. Agree they haven't disgraced themselves at all but the owners seem to just look at the league table.
  21. Liam Gallagher

    Old Trafford cricket ground would be the most likely I'd say.
  22. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yes it's very sad about Seany, I'm going to re-watch Sean's Show as soon as I get chance, I used to bloody love that!
  23. Liam Gallagher

    Reckon he could do the Etihad by himself. It definitely sounds like it's his own major gig that's in the pipeline for next year. You'd expect it to be in Manchester given Stone Roses and Courteeners' propensity to do big hometown gigs.
  24. General News Discussion

    There's excusing them, and then there's accepting that particular happenings are likely to make some people act up when they wouldn't otherwise. You know, exactly the thing you're in support of, when it's actions provoking pro-indy feelings. Fuck sake.
  25. Liam Gallagher

    Is he big enough for BST? There was that thing in Finsbury Park that Catfish played at, that could be an option if it's on again. Wouldn't shock me to see him support the Foos on their stadium gigs
  26. General News Discussion

    For the purposes of the line you want to spin on the basis of merely your assumptions, nothing at all. What you mean is to one that's not emotive enough for you, don't you? Yet there's all sorts of factors get considered for all headlines, including whether it might stir the over emotive (just think of the headlines following a terrorist attack). You welcome the fact that the BBC changed it, because you think you can 'because Scotland' it. When the truth is you don't have the first idea what editorial process led to the change, but it won't stop you doing it anyway. You don't know why they've changed it....? You could find a hundred headlines every day that get changed , but you've decided just that one should get your attention and be worthy of highlighting, where you can innocently say "I don't knoe wy they changed it" and hope the reader picks up your inference. Like you, i don't know know why they've changed it - really - and unlike you I'm not trying to put an inference on it 'because Scotland', to try and suggest it's something when you've just admitted you don't know why they've changed it. They might, but in this case it is hard to see why anyone would object to the 2nd version headline - unless they felt it wasn't 'because Scotland' enough. There's an editorial process. Which is a bigger thing than almost all tiny minded tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theories. But you stick to your certainty about the thing you lied about above when you said you don't know.
  27. Liam Gallagher

    It'll probably be a park in GM somewhere. Heaton around Parklife, I guess Either that or BST, I dunno if he could do both.
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