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  2. Same here. I won't even be seeing anyone who clashes with Radioheads support act because I'll be front ans centre as much as possible to make sure I get a good spot for the main event.
  3. What's a good result for the SNP? I would have thought if they only lost say 5 seats that would be a decent night.
  4. Or you could just read where I said Roger and Mason
  5. I was too scared to come to the meet cos am shy! (This has been happening for about 4 years now but am definitely coming this time!) But Benny had come to us camp before going... and I wanted to know what Neil looked like cos I always imagined he is the dancing man! So I set Benny the task to take a picture for me. Neil is not pink or a cartoon or constantly dancing.. he's a real person! but I feel better now I know! Excellent point! Silly me what was I thinking?!!! You'll spot me a mile off then
  6. Thank heavens for that. I do hope you're right.
  7. It's depressing my old constitency of Wrexham looks like turning blue after 85 years of labour rule. My only hope to use a footballing analogy is that it's like World Cup 2006 where France nearly won the World Cup with an incompetent clown at the top. Unfortunately I'm not sure there are many Zidanes among the labour plp.
  8. That boy still haunts me to this day! If you have a spare four hours it's a good thread to read but no idea how to find it.
  9. I have it on good authority ISIS needed tickets in the resale and were unsuccessful.
  10. I can't actually think why *anyone* will be wearing wellyboots this year, considering what wonderful weather we'll be having. So you'll be easy to spot!
  11. This thread made me think of this.
  12. Could you not buy a cheap UK phone with SIM?
  13. Ah thanks Gumby I vaguely remember. The guy with his back to the camera looks naked!
  14. Think most people are currently in agreement/predicting that she's gonna sub the Other Stage one night, although I don't think we have any indication of what night. Very much hoping to catch her so hope she isn't involved in some shitty clash (which there's always a big risk of at the top end of the lineup),
  15. This sounds interesting. What was the secret task??
  16. They're in croissant neuf, if I remember correctly.
  17. Did Grumpy get a ticket in the end do you know? I was trying for some eFesters and I was stuck in the same loop for ages! Then it finally went onto the next page and said no adult tickets! So frustrating!
  18. I think the Foos will do something acoustic set somewhere maybe like they've done at other festivals
  19. Damnit, I don't get back to the UK until the 27th May. Although, I suppose the email alert would still work if I had wifi
  20. No problems using both but Neil's one is UK mobiles only I'm sorry to say.
  21. Wasn't a coach one last year only GA
  22. Oh, there any problem with using both? And also, is Neil's able to to text weird foreign numbers?
  23. If that is the only detect rate then it's easily subverted by a human too, and I think that'd be kinda the point. Honestly don't see it as anyone being wronged - it's just luck of the draw. The Glasto info section says that tickets bought using multi-hit software will be cancelled so we'll see if that happens to anyone pressing F5 constantly but I'd be amazed if it does. The Refreshinator was going at like 0.01 second a go and nobody is getting near that on their keyboard.
  24. What a shit show today was. Was trying for @grumpyhack among others and got caught in a weird loop of hitting proceed, then back, proceed then back the entire time. Sorry to those who weren't successful, we've all been there. If it's any consolation, I got my ticket in the not so secret resale last year, so there is hope! Well done to those who managed to nab some golden tickets, made up for @Yoghurt on a Stick @Mardy @FloorFiller and the other regulars.
  25. The one in Chrome sends a desktop audio & visual notification. Neil's one texts and emails you. Having used both last year I can confirm Neil's one is noticibly quicker. Good luck!
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