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  2. Nick Cave

    Fuck yes
  3. Nick Cave

    Oh man that was so good. I was honestly expecting to be a tad disappointed due to the somber low key nature of the new album/setlist but that was incredible. Rest of you are in for a real treat.
  4. The National

    Anyone solo-ing on Wednesday night at the Apollo? A friend of mine is coming but was clever enough to buy himself a cricket ticket for the same day and is stubbornly refusing to leave early in the case of a later finish... suffices to say I'm still getting don early-ish and down the front. He can fight his way through the crowds a la Matt in Mr November if he wishes!
  5. Football 17/18

    I saw the jay Rodriguez penalty 'shout' after the game. Absolute stonewaller, sounds like you were unlucky first half. I actually thought it was a pen second half, but can understand why it is contentious, especially after the lack of one for you. From what I saw we dominated and were poor in finishing that game off. Not clincal enough atm.
  6. Primavera 2018

    Roger Waters is also a possibility at this outset with a gap in his tour schedule: https://rogerwaters.com/tour.php
  7. Today
  8. The National

    A long shot here but is anyone selling a standing stalls ticket for Thursday night? Happy to pay way over the retail price, just figured I'd try and give my money to someone here instead of the likes of StubHub!
  9. Football 17/18

    First half we played really well and should have scored at least one and had a pen. The HT break completely killed us, we lost all our momentum and Arsenal composed themselves and took control back. We couldn't get near them second half. And of course Madley gave them a penalty.
  10. Knebworth 2018

    being 20 minutes away from Glastonbury would be a fecking nightmare.... having a 9 hour drive home like i have had in the last 2 years all adds to the character building.
  11. Slam Dunk 2018

    Aren't the headliner and some other big acts announced mid-November time?
  12. Latitude 2018

    i find that a shit headliner can be a real positive... who wants to be stuck at the main stage 3 nights in a row...? go explore.! 2 shit headliners and one that you like but nobody else does is/was not so positive...
  13. Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    So Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds would be filed under H? That's assuming anyone would want to include them in any possible list.
  14. Football 17/18

    That old chestnut. have only managed to catch the second half of this Arsenal game, from what I've seen it's been very comfortable. I'm assuming by all your comments it was anything but in the first half
  15. Slam Dunk 2018

    I don't think it matters having a niche headliner like Parkway or Architects or Beand New if you have someone uber-mainstream headlining second like say Pvris
  16. Football 17/18

    Yeah, agree with that. We are shaky at the back. Any balls into the box and we panic
  17. Lineup 2018

    Yeah, what's happened to them lately, gone quiet
  18. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Went to friends dads funeral. Went pub can't remember but had to leave pub.. My fault.. Still feeling fucked never again and that was Saturday evening.. Night
  19. Football 17/18

    Absolute stone wall penalty for us, J-Rod should have stayed down though. We've actually played pretty well so far. Deserve to be level.
  20. Slam Dunk 2018

    Brand New subbed by Jimmy Eat World would be incredible.
  21. Football 17/18

    We've had a couple of shouts for pens. They have had one clear pen which they still had a great chance from. Mistakes both ways.
  22. Football 17/18

    Bobby Madley is determined to ensure that Arsenal win this.
  23. Lineup 2018

    I still think Royal Blood will co-headline, they really don't need a long set, and it would be boring as fuck outright. So 21P are a decent shout, also like the idea of The Strokes sharing with them Chainsmokers can do one
  24. Lineup 2018

    Are the black keys possible?
  25. LCD Soundsystem....

    I reckon Bluedot have the potential for a brilliant line up next year, definitely feel like LCD is in their ballpark with the prices they're asking for now, almost the price of R+L/Latitude. Drooling at the thought of them booking LCD and then maybe MBV if they're active.
  26. Victorious Festival 2018

    Probably get a name or two before Christmas but the bulk will be in the new year
  27. The National

    Anyone solo tonight, drop me a message! I’m here now.
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