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  2. There used to be a fantastic amount of wild life on the site during the festival before they started putting the Super Fence up every year. I spotted drongos, misfits, crusties, and lots of other wild animals.
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  4. No, that honour resides with skateboarding.
  5. There's still Tyler's replacement to come, I suppose. Saturday/Sunday are a little light on acts so far. Most of these placements are guesses, though some are accurate (based on the FIB post yesterday)
  6. If he says what it is reported he is going to say, then Labour is fucked. I honestly respect the guy in his conviction to long held principals, but leave the hot potato alone, now is not the time.
  7. So vote Labour. Or in the way that provides the best possibility of a Labour victory. Because you might be wrong. You might be the stupid one. And wouldn't it suck of it was far closer than you thought, and Labour did lose because people like you felt it was fine to throw a vote elsewhere because they have no chance. That was also the exact same thinking that Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party in the first place so you think you would have learned the lesson by now. All these same people saying Corbyn has no chance were saying Leave had no chance too. And Leave won. And we had the Hilary / Trump vote and those people went "yeah, Brexit was weird, but Hilary is polling far better than Remain were, she will be fine" and Trump won. And now we have another election and those same people are going "yeah but Corbyn is further behind than even Trump was, he clearly has no chance" And all that's fine, you can say that, sure. But to take it to the point of not even voting for the party you want to win. Because you're so convinced they can't. Even though you've been wrong about every big vote in the past five years... But by all means keep at it. I'm closer to switching my vote to Tory than I was a week ago as your arguments have been very good. So you could sway me yet!
  8. It's been dry.
  9. It's definitely warmer this year. Since March 1st the daily high temp has only dipped below 10 degrees twice. Same period last year it barely rose above 10 degrees. Mid Feb to end of May are very different for this year to last. Hopefully that's a good sign and is a factor in the low water table as mentioned above.
  10. This time last year Bearded Theory was a scorcher all weekend. Bone dry ground and wall to wall sunshine. Monday evening things changed and from memory really didn't improve until early July
  11. Not just that but it was a damn sight cooler too during the same period. Does the Yeovil data have temps? We've already had 3 - 4 warm & sunny periods this year. I remember my birthday (June 12) last year and it was cold & wet all day & night (NW England, but now live about 14 miles from Pilton.) Might even have had hailstones too. It was an awful wet winter & start to the year up until the Monday after Glasto 2016. It was fine after that!
  12. I understand why he's making a speech about terrorism, obviously, my issue is him doing so in a way which gives the press ammo to start talking up his lack of patriotism again. Just when it felt like they'd begun to run out of dirt to throw at him. He had an opportunity handed him on a plate to talk up how a Labour government would tackle the social divisions which led to Salman Abedi feeling so disconnected from British society, but no Corbyn has chosen to bang on about Iraq again. A ridiculously stupid own goal even by his standards.
  13. There've been leaks in previous years, but yeah set times are only ever officially announced in lanyards given out on each day. Probably because if people realised how short each set was they'd not bother turning up
  14. Yep, cmon people. Let's do this.
  15. Liam is definitely playing and I've said for a while that it could be the "big secret", even though I agree that would be underwhelming. I'm pretty sure that's not what he's announcing tomorrow though.
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  17. Have you not been watching the news in the past 48 hours you daft plant pot. Main issue? His poor presentational skills?
  18. Where can I find the lift share thread? I wouldn't mind a ride from London
  19. awful idea. Would feel contrived and cringeworthy while it was happening, and even worse when Liam inevitably went straight back to slagging off Noel the second they left the stage. Same as City fans gamely cheering on United last night, only for videos to emerge of the United squad singing anti-City songs in the dressing room.
  20. What about Liam and Noel performing together- true show of Manchesters strength and solidarity? Your home town needs you.
  21. So 43% more rain last year in January to May.
  22. Agree with you there, the light show is awesome. Personally, been looking forward to Moderat since the first poster was announced. Was a wee bit disapointed that they're going to be on in day light as I thought the light show in John Peel or at night on the Park would have been quite something + it's the kind of music to get lost to. Cinematic Orchestra into them and then into Justice may build very nicely though, have my sunday sorted I reckon.
  23. mate fuck it, if you dont have hope you dont have anything.....what is the negativity going to accomplish? really? corbyn IS the leader, that is going to get in if may doesnt, none of the others will get close so rather then going on and on and on and on about how he wont do it, hes got no chance, hes wrong on this, hes wrong on that blah blah fucking blah.....just throw your weight behind the man and see what comes of it! whats the alternative? backing may? and I know you dont want to do that! your negativity doesnt even have reality in some cases dude! statements like `to the importance being placed on how popular he is amongst the youthful demographics who don't vote.` dont vote? maybe in the past but multiple sources say young people have registered in record numbers this time around! Just one source- I fucking detest this attitude I really do....he wont win? yeah if everyone had your attitude of course he wont! because your a fucking defeatist! stand up and be counted and stop moping for fucks sake man!
  24. It's obviously Wall Of Glass and As You Were album info - first play is next Wednesday.
  25. Exactly right. This polling is showing remarkable similarities to the 2015 debacle - from how far behind he is in the leaders' personal approval ratings, to the lack of analysis of which seats Labour is actually polling well in, to the overstatement of the importance of his popularity with the youthful demographics who don't vote. I'd dearly love a Labour government for so many different reasons, but it's not gonna happen.
  26. Ha! I would prefer Corbyn to May, but im not getting my hope up after 2015
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