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  2. Good to see that Jake Bugg might be available again this year.
  3. Nothing really new here
  4. Yep that's what I'm hoping for/taking from it. Just my luck that I make it back to Primavera this year and it's the one year Thee Oh Sees aren't playing, so got my fingers crossed for a G appearance!
  5. Watched her set on TV when she last headlined and it was good, but I don't rate her more recent stuff. Beyonce should stick to Single Ladies etc. I find it all very false when she tries to be edgy and political. However, there's many that do like her and at least she'd be more of a surprise than the Foos.
  6. Seems a bit of a dip for Alt-J if true - was pretty much expecting them to be co-headlining the likes of Reading/Leeds by now
  7. I was to an ak garcinia slim impossible degree exasperates with my muscle to fat degree degrees which was looking like a continuing flick. I was asked for that have ak garcinia slim courses of action with the objective that I could lose an area of the kilos from my tummy. Regardless, they didn't help me in awesome number. By then, this ak garcinia slim came into my life and changed everything .
  8. Username: There was a flyer at my desk for Tartan Fitness, so I just took inspiration from that. Avatar: Me at Glastonbury last year with a glitter beard (never again).
  9. Wouldn't say I'm enthusiastic about his album - I mean, it's not gonna be good, is it? But I am curious to see him go it alone, and am hoping it's not just a bunch of Imagine rip offs
  10. Mega stoked for this new album - love the direction they've taken. They played high up the Park in 2010 so I'd love for them to make a return, although they have no tour dates announced as of yet so maybe it's a no-go entirely
  11. I figured it'd be announced around the same time as their usual Feb. T in the Park announcement.
  12. My ticket has now been bought. Still got dance tent acts to come, lord of the saints etc. Action packed festival ahead, possibly the best headliners they've had yet in my opinion. Thankfully they've drifted away from the electrionic headliners (even though I did love deamau5), hopefully not too many kids on drugs this time round lol. Bound to see Sunset Sons again at Boardmasters in my opinion. Maybe Craig David due to him unfortunately not being able to turn up last year? Your thoughts guys?
  13. Can't really remember Boardmasters getting many headliners on a exclusive. I'm gonna take this as a sign that they're doing the rounds at festivals this summer.
  14. Have to say for Boardmasters that's a great lineup!
  15. amusingly, elsewhere you are happy to champion Tmay's Xmas list without pointing out that negotiation is a 2 way process and the "other side" might just want something from the negotiations whilst ignoring senior EU voices stating clearly it ain't gonna happen. Meanwhile a couple of Spanish guys are enough to rule out Scotland's chances. This choice is increasingly about the sort of country we want to live in. It is becoming increasingly clear that you are perfectly happy in a Tory little Britain. I'm not.
  16. I was thinking about this yesterday and I think it'd have to get announced in the next month or so. I wonder if they'd announce all three days at once or stagger it since it's effectively three separate gigs?
  17. New Dirty Projectors LP on 24 February. I've seen them at Latitude. Are they likely of interest on the Farm? Hope so. Ben
  18. Not poor me lol - I want to see how my body reacts when I cut all out and reintroduce gradually after 30 days. (I got some ideas and it ain't gonna be pleasant ) From what I've read legumes contain lectin (?), that can create inflammation and the idea is cut out and reintroduce at the end the period. It's all far too scientific for me , so I'll just follow it and see how I feel. It's defo not a long term approach. What I can say is that cutting out the crap has given me headaches , I've been irritable but now feeling much more alert all day (no mid afternoon slump ) and I'm sleeping so much better which can only be a good thing
  19. Being this side of Christmas has increased my ticket day anxiety...
  20. There's been no statement about GF continuing, only that GF's home is worthy farm. There's been lots of statements about the difficulties of those landowners, with Michael just having added that he doesn't think Emily wants the hassle. I know that Michael is rather keen to return the farm to (just) a working farm - it's what he regards as his legacy - and I also know that Emily is keen for GF to continue at the farm. But that continuation isn't something within her control, as it needs those landowners to allow the use of their land and at a reasonable price. I take all this stuff about a new festival as part of a game of chicken with those landowners (while also being an honest intention to start another fest), so how it pans out we've yet to see. But I don't think it's impossible that no agreement will be reached with those landowners. They're just as likely to think it's a game of chicken as anyone else, while some also wouldn't be sad if the festival ended.
  21. She is, LAWN, but she's also dependent on a really good sound system, such is the delicacy and complexity of her (live) material. So it's a massive YES from me, but it has to be on West Holts. If they could reproduce the clarity and depth of sound that we got for James Blake last year it could be completely epic... I'd miss Radiohead for that. Ben
  22. I'm not sure Boardmasters has enough pull in the business to make exclusive deals, does it? I could be talking utter bollocks, of course. Anyway (a) exclusivity announcements seem, more often than not, to mean exactly nothing and (b) I do hope the uber-betitferred one makes it all the way to a WH headline slot. Jamiroquai, and then the much-discussed Bjork, and it'll be happy days for the cognoscenti of West Holts... Ben
  23. Today
  24. I'm beginning to think so too, although the 'idea' of it is to clear yourself of allergens and in my case to start to address total sugar cravings and reintroduce gradually. Doing it through the gym, and it's only 30 days so not the end of the world.
  25. I can't muster any enthusiasm whatsoever for Liam Gallagher. Not convinced about his brother managing to get an album out with David Holmes as well, though at least that sounds interesting.
  26. and she confirmed last week that it would* happen before March 2019. (*providing May triggers a50 this March). Don't go forgetting the March 2019 date, I reckon it might have some relevance for a few pisstakes in 2 years.
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