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  2. its raining everyone, has Frank Turner showed up early in Cumbria?!!!
  3. @ramragon your the leader of this rabble arent you? Could we get a definitive answer from someone as to when this gathering is due to take place, @richall will need to know when to show up and collect his pints? I was under the impression that the Saturday before the Mustards was the favoured option? there's a group over on Faceache with a few similar members to the Efests boards, I believe they are meeting on the Thursday between from 5-6ish depending on whos wanting to see british sea power at the Real Ale tent. They plan on wearing yellow if anyone from here want to meet others I'll not efests after about 5pm today so could a decision be made by then please. ta
  4. What's wrong with Friday ? Could meet up in the afternoon somewhere?
  5. Chatter seems to have got worse at most festivals in the last 10 years. I really wish they would put up signs saying 'if you want to chat, stand at the back' and maybe have a polite word with repeat offenders. At bigger festivals, seems half the people just want to be able to boast about being there to their friends on social media and not actually into the music.
  6. Yup, my kid. The cryptic was cos I didn't want to be boastful, tho I was very happy. Anyway, tis only first year, so doesn't mean much apart from a great start.
  7. hey, let's have some censorship in favour of Corbyn, too. It's no more or less off topic than plenty of the topics that people condemning this topic have creamed themselves about posting in. And people say it's the tories who are self-centred?
  8. and if you suspect/hope that someone is on, their twitter account
  9. ^ There's some laughable posts in this thread, from those who only allow praise of their hero. Mindless cultism is last year, peeps. There's still brexit to fight.
  10. But right now there's 48% of the population who have no party they feel they can vote for over the biggest political issue since WW2. Remember, no one expected Macron to go anywhere when he first came out of the woodwork. And remember what created the conditions for his success - the collapse of Europe's strongest left wing party (note: Labour claims Europe's strongest party membership), due to unfulfillable over-promises (note: have another read of the Labour manifesto). There's definitely space for someone (tho only for 'the right person', whoever that might be) to jump out and collect those votes and strongly establish a new party just as Macron has. Whether it pans out with the same success is something else.
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  12. I'd say there's more to it than just those. He got lucky that brexit created the conditions where the vast majority of the vote went to only two parties. Lucky, tory mess-up, and a unique political situation.
  13. @MrZigster I'm sorry to hear that you are full of lost love grief. I too felt that way about someone who I monumentally fucked up my relationship with. I spent an awful lot of time pining for her and wanting to be back with her. I'd think about how I'd emotionally hurt her, how I'd almost destroyed her, etc. Then I'd be selfish and dream about being back with her. This continued while I was in another relationship. When that relationship ended I spent seven years on my own. Seven long lonely years with deep regret about my lost love. Then guess what happened - my now wife came along. She turned everything upside down and, without knowing it, made me realise that up until meeting her I hadn't really known true love. I had thought I'd been in love before, but it wasn't really love. It was, on reflection, a very poor substitute now that I know what the real thing is. I mention the above because I just wanted you to know that your situation can change, just like mine did. I'm not saying it will (because I don't have supernatural powers to foresee things), just that it can. Your time on this planet is limited. Your time on earth is precious. Do you really want to spend loads of that time thinking about what could have been etc? If you think about those things over and over again (which I also did in my period of exile) do they actually get you anywhere? From my new perspective I can see that they don't get you anywhere. The only destination that they will ever take you to is that of feeling sorrowful. I'd nip them thoughts in the bud as soon as you feel them coming on. If you allow them to they will take away and squander your precious time. There is an alternative path you can take. One where you don't beat yourself up all the time. I'd urge you to take that path. Life's for living. Wishing you all the best.
  14. There was a piper at the gates at IOW this year, fortunately I had earplugs!
  15. Busted headlining FR is pretty funny. The Wombats are surely a touch high.
  16. Nah Lorde won't sub, she couldn't even sub V. I'd like it tho. Those headliners would be great for me Also Busted wouldn't come here
  17. I have mainly been listening to that song all day. Cracking.
  18. This is what I have as a prediction after that survey suggested Lorde as a potential sub (so features more alt-pop than I would normally have)... Headliners are still tricky. IMO its either Arctics, Paramore, Royal Blood or Killers. I can't see Foos coming back and doing R+L till 2019 imo.
  19. I read this and my initial thought was ooof that sounds a bit culty. Then recalled my imploring post and trying to engage with Tory voters prior to election. Not to convert but to try and understand the reason for their vote without the but Corbyn rhetoric. As in I literally invited people to try to convert me. Not one post other than other people who were interested in the answer. So maybe left can back up their views in public. Tories cant. And if you're feel uncomfortable with talking about your views maybe think about why. Why are 'you' uncomfortable with your vote if you vote Tory.
  20. I can't see The Libertines returning btw. Second stage headliner possibly if they did, but other than that, I don't see it.
  21. Sorry Frosty, now my memory is somewhat hazy but looking back on my pics that sculpture is on the below right of the stone circle coming from Pennards. Dragon is top left slightly beyond the woods. (Obviously cos we are all aware the dragon is amongst trees)
  22. Nah that was Monica's rich bf off Friends.
  23. Didn't Grimes quit music to go and become a MMA fighter or something?
  24. Yesterday
  25. Bagpipes in a nutshell explained by Danny bhoy at 1.15
  26. Heh, the optimism is coming from this year being having sod-all depth and not selling as quick because of it. Next year might see them take the opportunity to seize regular Glasto goers, but that could just be hope.
  27. I should have sacked off Blossoms and stayed in John Peel after Rews for Black Honey and Dua Lipa.
  28. Wow. Can't believe that over a fortnight ago, I started to reply to this and then abandoned it thinking "you're a bit the worse for wear". Sorry. Apologies. Most of below the line was typed two weeks ago. Only slight addition/editing. Guess the thread's moved on now. ______________ Ta for the swift and lengthy reply. But, nothing I don't already know. Thatcher years? I got chatting to a bloke at the Cider Bus on the Sunday afternoon this year. Said he had to leave soon. We talked bands for a while. As he got up to go I had to ask what was so important that he had to leave so early. Turned out he had a flight to catch to Texas for his job in The Department of Trade and Industry. He asked me what I did for a living. We ended up having a longer chat than either of us had probably planned. We didn't draw graphs, but thems graphs in that article gonna get worse was the (drunken?) conclusion we came to. DTI bloke's parting shot was along the lines of "after Brexit, five years of nasty, and it won't feel normal again for a couple of decades". To keep this track on thread: During the Jeremy Corbyn chants during the pauses between Radiohead songs, somebody turned to me and said along the lines of the generic "Why the political Jeremy Corbyn chants", rhetoric. Me: "Maybe it's because the tories are such a bunch of piss taking, lying, utter c**ts?". So, I may have contributed to the idea that tories aren't welcome at Glastonbury. Not my intention. Everybody's invited. Just be aware that it is traditionally lefty and people will try to change your mind. Please don't take offence.
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