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  2. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    It's true.
  3. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Get out
  4. 2018 New Music

    Struggling to stick with the UMO one, I really like them but I'm struggling to talk myself into putting the album on. Been through it maybe 3 times since release and I've been kinda waiting for it to finish each time, doesn't help it was released around the same time as the incredibly relistenable efforts from Hinds and Confidence Man.
  5. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Happy 2018 record store day everyone .... sitting here playing some of these - is it too early to pour a gin ?
  6. General News Discussion

    In the real world the necessarily skilled consultants are never going to be available at each and every location. Is that fair.....no. Seriously ill folk in remote communities won’t ever have the same access to expertise than folk in Manchester, Cardiff, Inverness. Based on medical need you say. That may be a good soundbite but can you please outline the practical reality of your plan ? Ideally without blaming Sturgeon :-) We can then compare it with Nhs England’s which at the moment looks more achievable.
  7. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    They played the acoustic version of True Love Waits last night according to setlist.fm.
  8. General News Discussion

    There’s going to be ill folk queuing overnight for weeks on the streets of London....for a while anyway, until the money runs out. Shame making them travel in their condition. Just send the magic money tree choppers I suppose :-)
  9. Hurt / Heal Game: 2018

    Kendrick Lamar (37) Creeper (25) -5 Wolf Alice (37) Pendulum (40) -5 La Dispute (20) Death From Above (35) -5 Dream Wife (25) Sigrid (25) BROCKHAMPTON (25) +5 Black Peaks (15) The Magic Gang (23)
  10. Arcade Fire

    Just got the RSD release, can't wait to play it
  11. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Bloody best bloke for the job and an amazing person voted best Britain ever and I agree.. Then they treated him like shite.. He knew what old joe was up to and said so at yalta but hey it's all history now.. I've just finished a book on the fall of Berlin crazy..
  12. General News Discussion

    I think you’re just pretending to be daft. I back Sturgeon’s Plan A.
  13. T. DAY

  14. Parking up after festival

    Yea and it's almost always a load of want to be hippies that can't hit the things in time.. Please note other hippies are available and I don't wish to up set any hippies
  15. All Points East Festival 2018

    Yes, I'll pop them on one of those, or TicketSwap, once the E-tickets have been sent.
  16. Who's watching what on tv

    Allison Mack, Smallville actress, charged over Nxivm sex trafficking http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43846243 Anyone used to watch Smallville? This is nuts.
  17. WWE

    My problem with Lashleys first run was his mic work more than his wrestling. I haven't seen him since he came back, so don't know if that's improved. Lesnar v Lashley is the money match, because the latter can be built as a realistic thread.
  18. General News Discussion

    when Sturgeon had Barnet re-calc/reform options open to her, she went for the "most for Scotland" version and not the fairer versions - and you supported her with that. PS: there's also plenty of quotes of Sturgeon's where she boasts about Scotland being the wealthiest part of the UK. Being the wealthiest is to the detriment of somewhere else, in case you're not joining the dots. That 'wealthiest' is a consequence of barnet over-funding.
  19. General News Discussion

    This is exactly the opposite of what I support.....as fine you know.
  20. General News Discussion

    Agreed, in my view we have the weakest cabinet/shadow cabinet in my time having interest in politics. I also think the lib Dem and SNP leaders in Westminster are pretty useless. I would be interested to go back and see how often the labour government or the Tory one before fucked up. Did they do it less, or are the fuck ups just fresher in the memory.
  21. General News Discussion

    What do you think i'm ignoring? Where some people share a medical need of treatment, some people are privileged in their treatment while others are disadvantaged. That is the opposite of the equality of healthcare that the NHS is meant to be all about.
  22. General News Discussion

    I am generally quite apathetic about cabinet resignations/sackings. They give the opposition a boost, but in general I'm not convinced they make much difference to how the department is run.
  23. General News Discussion

    No shit sherlock. Where do you think I said there are? I said equitable access to treatment based on medical need. What is it about equality that you're having trouble understanding?
  24. General News Discussion

    You said... I asked for a link. There's zero about that in the link you gave. :rolleyes: Just twitter than?
  25. General News Discussion

    Neil seriously, sadly there are not enough world class consultants in every thinkable disease to populate every village hall. I understand your point about equality but you seem to ignore the other side of the discussion that Nhs England are putting forward and instead revert to bashing Scotland and calling me a brain dead zombie ( although that is quite accurate, it’s Saturday morning after all ) There is not enough money in the system as you know. That was my point about it running out before the end of a financial year. As in no money for drugs in this trust area or no money for drugs in March cause we’ve spent it all. Neither are fair but just removing postcodes doesn’t seem like the answer when the problem is money...or lack of.
  26. General News Discussion

    No, that's your stupidity talking again. Barnet over-favours Scotland and has done for 50+ years (with strong attempts at reform made for 40 years with scotland refusing). So Scotland continues to rob the Welsh and make them suffer for Scotland's privilege. And you supported that continuing.
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